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How To Change Your Font On Instagram

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Why You Need To Change Text/font Color In Instagram

How to change your font on Instagram

1. Highlight the text

Colored or different style text grabs the readers attention. By changing the text color, you can highlight your text or words in bio, captions, direct messages, comment, and stories.

On Instagram, there is no official text formats available for bio and post captions. Thats why you need third-party apps to highlight your text.

2. Make text more attractive

Attractive bio and captions may help to increase the followers.

How Do I Change The Font On My Instagram Bio

To change the font in your bio, you will need to use a third-party tool or keyboard extension.

Heres how it works: Just type your message into the Instagram font generator, select the font you want to use, then copy and paste the text from the generator to your profile.

Here is a step by step guide to changing your Instagram bio font using the tools well explore in this post:

  • Choose one of the Instagram font tools from the list below.
  • Open the tool and type out your new bio. Just remember you are still limited to 150 characters. Using different fonts that use unique characters might cut into the amount of information you can share.
  • Choose the font you like best. Feel free to scroll through all the options some of the tools have more than 90 different fonts to choose from.
  • Once you have the font you like, copy and paste it.
  • Head over to Instagram, then tap on the person icon in the bottom right corner. This will take you to your Instagram profile.
  • Select Edit profile, located just under your bio.
  • Tap Bio and delete your current text, then paste the text from your font tool.
  • And you are done! You can also use fonts on your name as well.

    How To Change Fonts On Instagram

    • ,

    Do you feel like your Instagram captions lack a little something these days?

    Wish there was a way to quickly grab your readers attention OR help them skim your caption copy for the main points?

    Great news there is, and the secret is a quick Instagram font change!

    Lets take a look at how some of our favorite Instagrammers are making the most of different fonts for Instagram in their captions and how you can put our new Instagram font changer tool to work!

    Contents: How to Change Instagram Fonts

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    Use This Tool To Change Your Instagram Fonts In Just One Click

    This font generator is user-friendly and requires no tutorial. It is just a simple Instagram fonts copy and paste tool. But just to provide here are some simple steps:

    STEP 1. Vist the website and Enter your name, Instagram bio, comments, or any text that you want to convert.

    STEP 2. As you enter the text the fancy font generator will provide stylish text below the input box.

    STEP 3. Choose the best font among the 100s of font generated.

    STEP 4. Click the âcopyâ button next and paste it in Instagram bio, comments, or your name.

    Cool Fancy Text Generator

    How To Change The Font In Your Instagram Bio  Blog Pixie

    The Cool Fancy Text Generator is another copy and paste font generator, but it stands out due to the huge range of fonts including tattoo fonts, calligraphy, web script, old English, and much more.

    In addition to the fonts above, they also offer several ways to add characters above and below your text, like these:

    Want to add unique emoticons or other symbols? Theyve got you covered there too with hundreds of symbols including scissors, copyright, trademark, percentages, currency, brackets, astrological signs, math symbols, and much, more.

    In addition to all those symbols and emoticons, Cool Symbols also has Text Art Pictures, which are unique art pieces created by combining text and symbols. These wont fit in an Instagram bio, of course, but they can be used for posts or post replies.

    The fonts, symbols, and art pictures can all be copied and pasted into Instagram, Facebook, WeChat, or any other platform you like!

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    How To Use Different Fonts On Instagram Username

    Adding a stylish username is a sure way to catch attention. Heres how you can add a custom font to your Instagram username:

  • Choose a text generator tool.
  • Enter your text and pick a font.
  • Hit the copy button.
  • Open the Instagram app and head over to Edit Profile.
  • Paste the text into the Username tab.
  • Instagram Stories Templates App #: Storyluxe

    Storyluxe has some of the most on-trend Instagram Stories templates, including cute polaroid, scrapbook collage, paper, and vintage film reel effects.

    Once youve chosen your favorite template, you can easily add text and customize it using the in-app text editor.

    Free download: iOS

    ICYMI: Later teamed up with Storyluxe to offer you free stories templates right from their iOS app! The Laters template collection was designed specifically with our users in mind to help you share what matters to you most!

    Ready to take your Instagram Stories to the next level? Just click below toand access the templates:

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    How Do You Get Different Fonts On Instagram

    As we have seen in this article, the way you get different fonts on Instagram depends on where specifically you want them. There are already five in-built fonts for Instagram Stories. Alternatively, you can create an image and add text to it separately, using any photo editing app. For your Instagram bio or the text in comments and captions, you can change the font by writing in a different format on an app or web-based font generator and then copy-pasting the text to Instagram.

    Lingojams Fonts For Instagram

    How to Change Your Fonts in Instagram Stories!

    This is a simple browser-based Instagram font generator. is super easy to use and offers a ton of fun and unique fonts and emoticons to choose from. Here are a few of the most unique fonts they offer:

    Simply , type out your message, then scroll through the dozens of font options. Then, copy and paste to your Instagram bio. And you are done! No downloading an app or keyboard, which is nice!

    The makers do note that the fonts are created using Unicode, so some phones might not support all the characters, but they are updated regularly and seem to work for most devices. I had no issues posting from a Chrome browser.

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    How To Add Spaces In Your Bio On Instagram

    Step 1:

    Download the free PostBuilder app in the App Store

    Step 2:

    Open up the app and write out exactly how you want your bio to look like with line breaks.

    Once you finish, simply tap the Copy Caption button in PostBuilder and the app will automatically add perfect line breaks when you paste it into your Instagram profile.

    Important note:

    The character limit for your Instagram bio in 2021 is currently a maximum of 150 characters.

    There is a character counter automatically updating while you type inside PostBuilder so just be mindful to not go over 150.

    Change Font Color In Dm

    To send the colored text in Instagram DM, follow the following steps.

  • Open BlueWords app and tap on the write your message in Blue, Dark Squared, or Dark Round words style.
  • Tap and hold on the preview to copy the text to the clipboard.
  • Open the Instagram app and select the DM icon from the top right to open it.
  • Search for the account you want to send the message. Select the account from the list and tap on it.
  • Now the conversation will be open. Tap and hold on the Message field and paste the copied message.
  • Send the message.
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    Step : Add Text To Your Story

    Once youâve started your Story, itâs time to add text. You can do this by tapping the “Aa” text icon in the top right corner of your screen. Then, use the keypad to type in the text that youâd like to appear on screen. A default font will be selected, but youâll be able to change it in the next step.

    Fonts For Instagram: Best Keyboard For Iphone

    How To Change The Font In Your Instagram Bio  Blog Pixie

    Users have already adapted to various kinds of photo editing such as filters and collage, but they skip the font thing. While font editing can be of great help as well.

    Sometimes, even the most Instagrammable photos arent impressive enough when they arent accompanied with a good text: an appropriate joke or an explanation. Especially in Stories!

    It is possible to change fonts and chose some fancy ones both within Instagram itself and with the help of other applications. Today, there are dozens of specialized platforms.

    To write cool notes within Instagram, you can use the drawing pencil tool, colour palette tool, the text icon tool, and a few others. It gives you the text effects similar to ones in .

    Basically, its totally enough to make a simple advertising poster or to surprise friends with a postcard. These tools change the font colour and style, its size, and a background colour.

    But if you want to try something more creative, you might need to download the font changer. The newest ones usually contain up to one thousand kinds of fonts, so you wont be disappointed.

    More and more Instagram users who want to be popular bloggers or promoters of goods, chose to install applications with awesome fonts and take their posts and stories to another level.

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    Fun Fonts For Instagram

    There are a lot of fun fonts you can use for various reasons on Instagram. You can use fonts to really make your account pop and draw everyones attention to it. They also can be used to stress something you are trying to say, or enhance your words, memes, or promotions. A few fun fonts that are available on Cool Fonts for Instagram Stylish Text Fancy Font are:


    Cool Fonts App For Ios

    The Cool Fonts app for iOS lets you download a font keyboard with preloaded font options. You can use them directly in Instagram by installing the app after youâve given the app permissions. Swap your keyboard for the Cool Fonts keyboard when you post, and youâll be able to choose new font options as you type on your phone.

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    Paste Your Text Into Instagram

    Now open Instagram, click on your profile picture, and click the Edit Profile button. In the form that appears, paste in your text into the appropriate box. Click Submit and you are done.

    If you don’t like the look of the font you’ve chosen, you can easily go back to step one and choose another. If you’re using an iPhone or iPad and prefer a wider selection of fonts, check out the app for OS.

    To discover other ways to tweak your account, and get more from Instagram, see our post on .

    Read more:

    Dont Change All Your Instagram Fonts

    How to Change Instagram Username Font – Easy Instagram HACK

    First of all, you dont necessarily need to change all your Instagram fonts. Just because its fun and it can help you stand out, it doesnt mean that you need to use them on all your posts.

    In fact, its better to use the new fonts strategically so that they help you stand out.

    Theres no need to go through the process of using an Instagram Font Generator for every single feed post. It will soon look repetitive to your followers.

    It can also look like youre overusing an Instagram trend. You dont want your followers to think that youre trying too hard, do you?

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    How To Change The Font On Your Instagram Bio

    1. Go to the .

    2. Type in the text you want to use in the left textbox, or paste in your current Instagram bio.

    3. Scroll through the options in the right textbox and copy the one that you like best.

    4. Go to and log into your account, if necessary.

    5. Toggle over to your profile by clicking the person icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

    6. Click “Edit Profile.”

    7. Select the font for the “Bio” section and paste in your copied text.

    8. Click “Submit” at the bottom of the screen to update your bio with your new font.

    It’s always a good idea to double-check that the font accurately translated to your profile after updating your bio, in case of error.

    How To Get Different Fonts On Instagram Story

    You can also use the same copy and paste trick from an Instagram font generator to add different fonts to your Instagram Stories!

    Simply choose the font you want to use, copy, and paste it into your Stories.

    Or, you could use the new fonts on Instagram Stories! The new font choices have been rolling out to accounts over the past year, and expand the original four font choices to nine. Check them out!

    You can change your fonts by opening a Story to create, tapping the text button in the top right corner, and scrolling through the available fonts.

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    How To Find And Customize Instagram Fonts For Your Profile

    10 minute read

    Looking to spruce up your Instagram bio or create a more branded look in your Instagram Stories? Learn how to find and customize Instagram fonts!

    Ever considered adding custom Instagram fonts to your posts and stories?

    Adding custom Instagram fonts can level-up your accounts creativity and make your content stand out from the crowd.

    In the following post, we explain how to add custom Instagram fonts to your Instagram captions, bio, IGTV descriptions, and stories. Plus, were sharing the best free Instagram fonts generators available right now:

    Five Easy Instagram Font Changer Tools To Sharpen Your Bio In 2022

    How to change the font in your Instagram Bio

    There are a bunch of Instagram font changer websites out there that allow social media users to caption their photos in all sorts of flowery and interesting ways.

    A returns almost 12,000 results, but many of them are duplicates of each other.

    If youre a regular social media user, and you want to know how to change your Instagram bio or start captioning your pics with, for example, backwards text or a typewriter-style typeface in italics, cursive or stencil or using any of the array of symbols available in Microsoft Word, heres a breakdown of some of the best tools available.

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    What Are Some Cool Fonts For Instagram

    As you can see, there are tons of fonts and styles to choose from. And while everyone’s preferences are different, weve decided to highlight a few of our favorites from the online font generator :

    Like the apps weve gone over, Instagram Fonts allows you to take a string of text, try it out in different fonts, and then copy and paste it wherever you want. It is also free to use, and there is an option to design your own font.

    Option 1 Copy And Paste Fonts For Instagram Using Font For Instagram

    By far, one of the easiest ways to get cool fonts for Instagram is by using an app that lets you simply copy and paste the text into your bio. While there are hundreds of iPhone and Android apps that have stylish fonts for Instagram, we’ll show you how to do this using . It’s free to download in the App Store and has over 3,000 4.5-star reviews.

    After you’ve downloaded the app, follow these instructions to add awesome fonts to your bio:

  • Open the app.
  • Scroll until you find a font you like.
  • Select the font.
  • Type what you want your bio to say in the empty space above the fonts.
  • You can try out a couple of different fonts to see which one you like best. Most of the fonts are available for free, but the ones with a red lock next to them are only available on the Premium and Pro versions of the app.

    After you’ve selected your font, follow the instructions below to add it your Instagram bio:

  • Copy the font.
  • Paste your new one.
  • Press Done.
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    Change Font Color In Instagram Post Caption

    You can write a post caption in a photo or video post on Instagram. So, you can change the text color in caption while adding a new post or edit an existing post. The steps are given below to change the caption text color in Instagram.

  • Open BlueWords app and select Blue, Dark Squared, or Dark Round option from the words style. Write your caption text in the Write here text field.
  • Tap and hold on the preview to copy the text to the clipboard.
  • Open the Instagram app and tap on the + icon from the bottom middle of the screen.
  • Select photo or video from the gallery and select Next from the top right. After that, select the filter and again tap on the Next option.
  • Now tap and hold on the Write a caption text field and paste the copied text.
  • Tap on the Share button to share the post.
  • If you want to change the caption text color of the post that you already posted, then after copying the text from the BlueWords app, open the Instagram app. Tap on the three vertical dots of the post you want to edit and select the Edit option from the list. Delete your old caption and tap and hold to paste the newly copied text.

    Meta Tags Font Generator

    How to Change Instagram Username Font | How to Change the Font in Your Instagram Bio

    The Meta Tags Font Generator one of the best Instagram font generators on the market, in my humble opinion. Heres why I like it so much: It allows you to preview exactly what your text will look like in your Instagram bio before you copy and paste.

    This happens on their website, so you dont have to log in to see how your brand spanking new font will look in your bio. They have a ton of font options to choose from, including underline, strikethrough, all caps, circular, black pill, and, price is wrong, which makes your text look like its on the board at The Price is Right.

    If you are looking for a no-nonsense font generator, this is one is a great place to start.

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