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How To Change Your Birthday On Instagram

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How To Change Your Instagram Display Name

How to Change Date of Birth on Instagram App!

You can change both your name and handle from your Instagram profile.

To change your display name, open Instagram on your iPhone or Android device. Tap your Profile icon in the bottom-right corner.

Next, tap Edit Profile.

Tap the text box next to Name, and then tap the Delete icon to remove your current display name.

Now, type your new name. When youre finished, tap Done.

Instagram returns you to your profile, where youll see your new display name.

What Happens If You Are Under 18 On Instagram

What Happens If You Are Under 18 on Instagram? Instagram is making changes to keep young people from interacting with adult content on their platform. By December 2019, new users will be required to enter their birth date to register, and those who are under 13 will have their account activated by default. Existing users will not be asked to confirm their age, but it is still important to note that a large portion of underage Instagram users will remain able to access the site.

One recent change to Instagrams privacy policies was the restriction on direct messages. No longer will adults be able to direct message a minor. An adult trying to DM a minor will receive a notification. Even though this isnt a complete fix, it will give users more privacy. Instagram acknowledges that its hard to enforce a strict age verification policy, but its a good start.

How To Change Your Birthday On Twitter

As Twitter is a famous platform for worldwide user interaction, you can also celebrate birthdays with your Twitter friends. Twitter makes sure that your birthday is special, so it not only sends a birthday message but also gives your Twitter handle animated birthday balloons.

But, if youve made a mistake in setting up your birthday on Twitter, how do you change it?

To change your birthday on Twitter, you have to open your profile and select the Edit profile option, from where you can edit your birthday. The birthday visibility by default is set to only you, so you can edit that as well to control who can view your profile information.

Twitter uses birthdays to ensure the user is old enough to use the services and to promote relevant content and ads. To get more details and a step-by-step guide on changing birthdays on Twitter, continue reading the article.

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How Can You Change Your Age On Your Instagram Profile In 2022

If you have linked your IG account and your Facebook profile, Instagram will automatically import your birthday and age from your Facebook profile. In these situations, you can change the day of birth on your Facebook profile to change the age detail on Instagram.

It is noteworthy that you cant remove your birthday details once it has been updated to your profile.

To Change your birthday on your Instagram account through Instagram itself, follow the steps below:

  • Head to the Instagram app and click on your profile picture.
  • Tap on the Edit Profile option on the screen.
  • Select the Personal Information Settings.
  • If there is an option , tap on it to import the data from the Facebook account. You can use Instagram without any limitation if you are above age 13.

    Why Does He Ask You To Enter Your Birth Date When Registering On Instagram

    How to Change Birthday on your Instagram Account

    When creating your Instagram account, adding your birth date is just as important as setting the language in which you use Instagram. First, this is done to verify that you are of a suitable age to create an account, as this will let the platform know what kind of information to show you.

    As with Facebook, if you are under 14 years of age, you will not be able to open an account. This measure is taken once a child of this age with an account can do wrong things or not knowing how to use it.

    The other reason your birth date is requested is to notify your followers of the date you are celebrating your birthday so they can congratulate you.

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    How To Change Your Age On Instagram In 2022

    You might have seen that recently Instagram has been asking about its users age. And if you dont answer correctly or you unconsciously choose your age under 13, this platform will block you and wont let you access your account for a considerable time.

    If you dont know how to change your date of birth on Instagram, dont be worried. This content-sharing platform has provided an option for it for quite some time.

    If you have added your date of birth incorrectly, you can delete and change it to a different and correct month, day, or year.

    Instagram is a great social platform to share what you are up to. You can connect to new people and things you love with this app. Instagram asks you for your age details to ensure that you arent an underage user. Also, it uses the users age details to bring them relevant content based on their interests.

    If you have provided the wrong date of birth on your account and want to change it, Instagram lets you do it. One of the other ways to change your birthday on your Instagram account is by connecting your Facebook profile. So without wasting any time, lets find out how.

    Why Does Instagram Want To Know Your Birthday

    Instagram is asking for your birthday in order to further personalize the experience and add protections for underage users. Currently, Instagram only allows people 13 and older to join, though there are too.

    Over time, . These include making the profiles of anyone under 16 private by default, preventing adults from messaging people under 18 if the teenager doesn’t follow the adult, and hiding teenager profiles from adults in public spaces like the Explore page.

    Of course, for Instagram to employ these protections effectively, it needs to know how old you are. By entering your birthday, you’re making it easy for Instagram to know if you’re a teenager or an adult, so it can set the protections accordingly. The company also states that it’s developing more features to protect young people, which could arrive in the future.

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    How To Change Instagram Logo/icon On The Phone

    • Open Instagram and click on your profile.

    • Now to the Settings Section and Pull it Down.

    • Once you pull it, there will be a ‘Celebrate With Us’ section.

    • It features the list of icons along with the Year in which it was functioning.

    • In case, you are not getting the option, check if you have the latest update installed on your phone.

    Here’s a Video Tutorial:

    How To Change Your Instagram Icon To The Old Logo On App’s 10th Birthday

    How To Change Instagram Date Of Birth

    Instagram is letting its users change the app’s icon in celebration of its tenth birthday.

    The photo-sharing app launched on October 6, 2010, and to mark its first decade, Instagram is throwing it back. While users can choose to change their icon to a range of colorslike rainbow or goldthe most exciting option is the now-retro 2010 icon.

    To change the icon, make sure you have the latest Instagram app, and then head to the app’s settings page. Pull the screen down and you will see hidden emojis at the top of the screen, above the search bar. The present emoji will switch to a celebrating emoji and a message will pop up.

    In the message, Instagram says: “To celebrate our birthday, this month we’re inviting you to change your app icon to your favorite below. Thanks for being part of our story and using Instagram to share yours.”

    Instagram is letting users choose which of its icons they want to display on their homescreen to celebrate its 10th birthday.

    Pop Crave

    Instagram users will then have the option to change their icon, with options including the classic 2010 and 2011 logos, the very first logowhich only lasted for three weeksor even the pre-launch “codename” icon.

    In addition to these retro icons, users can choose the current Instagram icon in a range of colors, including: Twilight, Sunrise, Aurora, Pride, Gold, Dark, Light, or Very Dark.

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    Is It Ok To List Your Actual Age In An Instagram Bio

    You arent the only one if you dont know if Instagram should display your real age.About half of Instagram users think that their birthday should always be publicly visible. It is important to understand that your birthday isnt public information.It depends on what you prefer. You can hide your birth date from the public if you dont want your followers to know.

    How To Find Someone’s Birthday On Instagram

    Instagram doesnt offer a way for you to see someones birthday. Unless theyve added it to their bio, youll have to go by other clues. Check their posts and stories for signs of a birthday party. If they tend to keep this kind of thing private, you can also look at posts theyve been tagged in to suss out how to find someones birthday on Instagram chances are, a friend or family member made a post about the special occasion!

    A lot of people dont celebrate their birthdays on the exact day, so it can be hard to pin down their actual birthday. This can still get you in the ballpark so you can send gifts or birthday well-wishes.

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    How To Reinstate An Account By Verifying Your Age

    There are a ton of reasons why you might want to learn how to change your birthday on Instagram. A big one is the Instagram age checker. The apps terms of use state that its only for people age 13 and above you can have your account disabled if they think youre underage. At that point, youll have to submit an Instagram age verification form to have it reinstated.

    How Do I Change My Age On Instagram 2022

    Instagram is letting you change its app icon on your home screen to ...

    If youd like to change your Instagram age, the process is simple. First, sign in to Instagram and tap on the profile icon. Then, scroll down to Age and enter your new age. Once youve done that, tap Done. Then, open up your profile and verify your new age. In a few years, youll be able to see your new profile picture and bio.

    Once youve logged in to Instagram, youll see an option that lets you change your date of birth. Fortunately, Instagram lets you do this without linking your Facebook account. After youve done that, you can edit your birthday and other personal information. Once youve updated your age, youll need to click save changes to make your Instagram profile look more current. Alternatively, you can change your age manually and add a new birthday.

    If youre concerned that your profile photo will show up as old, you can request to delete it. However, its important to keep in mind that Instagrams algorithm will use artificial intelligence to verify your age. This means it will analyze birthday comments and posts to determine whether youre old enough to be a member of the community. If the algorithm thinks otherwise, itll verify your age and make sure your profile photo is relevant to your age.

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    Why You Must Tell Instagram Your Birthday

    Instagram started asking for peoples birthdays in 2019, but it wasnt until August 2021 that they really started enforcing the new rule.

    To use Instagram, users must now enter their birthday, a rule that Instagram has introduced to try and make the app a safer place.

    All new users now have to enter their birthday, and existing users are being asked to add their date of birth with the message on their feed.

    Instagram said in a blog post on August 30th 2021:

    Weve been clear that we want to do more to create safer, more private experiences for young people. To do that we need to know how old everybody is on Instagram, so weve started asking people to share their birthday with us if they havent shared it previously.

    This information allows us to create new safety features for young people, and helps ensure we provide the right experiences to the right age group, they added.

    They also revealed that asking for peoples age helps Instagram to personalize your experience by showing you relevant ads.

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    How Age Affects The Content You See

    Just like any other social media platform TikTok also wants to make sure that the content their users interact with is good for them. For this purpose, the app looks into your interactions and tends to make suggestions based on the same.

    The age criteria also apply to the Ads you see on the platform. This helps the platform to not show you Ads that may not be fit for you.

    Overall, age helps to understand what content would be fit.

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    Why Is Instagram Forcing The Users To Add Their Exact Birthday

    As already mentioned, Instagram has started asking its new users to enter their birthdays. The reason is to avoid being identified as a child and under 13.

    Existing accounts were not required to provide their birth date, but now you will be asked if you want to use the platform without sharing your age. This change is meant to make the Instagram app safer for youth.

    In case youve lost access to your Instagram account for your birthday problems:

    You can add your age on the app and get your account back. The process involves sending appeals regularly using tools. The tool creates a code-written image and submits it with the correct information.

    What Other Aspects Of Instagram Private Information Can You Edit And How Is It Done

    How to Change Your Date of Birth on Instagram

    Your date of birth is not the only personal or private information we can edit. On Instagram. There are other information that you ask us to do when you register that may be subject to change and therefore we will also be allowed to edit these. This data includes email address, phone number, profile picture, among others.

    So if you have problems with this information and don’t know how to update your personal Instagram data, here we’ll tell you what to do in each case.

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    How Do I Appeal My Age On Instagram

    If you are wondering How to appeal my age on Instagram then you have come to the right place. Instagram recently changed their age policy to prevent underage users from joining their service. They did this to avoid a $40,000 fine for violating the Child Online Privacy Protection Act. The Child Online Privacy Protection Act forbids any service from collecting personal information from children under thirteen. In their defense, Instagram said that they were not aware of the age of its users and that the policy would help protect young people and create a more age-appropriate experience for everyone.

    If You Use The Ios App

    For users who use Apple-branded smartphones, they will also be able to change Instagram birthdate easily. The procedure to follow is as follows: first enter the Instagram App from your mobile phone. Once in your account, you will search for your profile picture and click on it to access a menu.

    The next step is to click on the ‘Edit profile’ option and then click on the ‘Set up personal information ‘. When performing this step, you will be taken to a window where you will find the information to register when creating your account. Find and select the ‘Date of Birth’ option and now proceed to make the change.

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    How To Change Birthday On Instagram

    As we said earlier, Instagram lets you change the date of birth only if you havent linked the Facebook account.

    . Launch the Instagram app and click on the Profile icon.

    . Tap on the Edit Profile button.

    . Select Personal Information Settings.

    . Click on Birthday and change your date of birth details.

    Note: Tap on Update on Facebook to import the data from the Facebook account.

    Changing your birthday on Instagram is that simple and easy. Make sure you provide personal info correctly including your date of birth. This will let Instagram show you age-appropriate content that isnt sensitive or inappropriate to your age. Currently, you can change your birthday only on the Instagram app. You cant do the same on web browsers.

    Hope you have been able to change your date of birth on Instagram. If you have got any queries, then ask them as comments. Visit us on our social media platforms like and for more useful article updates.

    How To Customize Birthday Visibility On Twitter


    Twitter lets users choose who they want to view their profile information. In this way, users can control visibility settings.

    One fantastic feature of Twitter is that you can separately control who can view your birth day, month, and year. You can even hide your birthday from everyone.

    To control your birthday visibility on Twitter, follow the steps below:

  • Open Twitter and log in to your account.
  • Navigate to your profile.
  • Select the Edit profile option.
  • Start editing your birthday.
  • You will see two different options under Who can see this?:
  • Month and day
  • Year
  • For each option, you will have the following audience to choose from:

    • Public. If you set your audience as public, it means anyone from around the world can view your birthday information on Twitter.
    • Your followers. Our followers are people who follow you on Twitter, and only they can view your birthday.
    • People you follow. These are the people you follow on Twitter only they can view your birthday.
    • You follow each other. Only people who follow you and those you follow back can view your birthday.
    • Only you. The only you option allows you to make your birthday visible to only you and no one else on Twitter.

    If youre under 18, the visibility settings for the birth year will be set to only you. After you turn 18, you can select from other visibility options.

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