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How To Change Whatsapp Background

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How To Change The Whatsapp Wallpaper

How to change WhatsApp wallpaper / background image – Tutorial

The following guide walks you through the process of changing the wallpaper of the popular messaging software WhatsApp.

While many users of the messaging application know about the possibility of changing the wallpaper of the interface already, there are still many who don’t know about it.

You could change the default interface color to a photo of your loved ones, any other photo, a solid color that you prefer over the default, or one of WhatsApp’s official wallpapers.

WhatsApp comes with capabilities to change the default background of the chat interface to any image that is on the phone, a solid color, a selection of official wallpapers by WhatsApp, or no wallpaper at all.

Here is how that is done

  • Open WhatsApp Messenger on your device.
  • Select Menu > Settings if you are on the home screen.
  • Go to Chats > Wallpaper.
  • WhatsApp displays all available options to pick a new wallpaper or a solid color
  • Select gallery to set any photo that is on the device as the wallpaper. Other options include selecting a solid color, or no wallpaper.

    Wallpaper Library is special as it is an add-on that you need to install before the designs become available. These designs are optimized for WhatsApp and can be applied as backgrounds just like any other image.

    The wallpaper is only visible on your device, it is not visible to contacts unless you happen to share a screenshot of the interface.

    How To Change Dark Mode Wallpaper On Whatsapp

    On Android:

    • Turn on dark mode from your device settings or from WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Theme .
    • Then follow the above steps to change your wallpaper
    • The two choices should be saved for their respective modes

    On iOS:

    • Turn on dark mode from your device settings
    • Change your wallpaper using the steps above
    • Again, your choices for light and dark mode should be saved

    How To Change The Background In Whatsapp

    Jessie RichardsonRead more April 25, 2021

    WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging and video calling apps in the world. Light, with great features, and a user-friendly interface, most likely you or someone you know is currently using it.

    Whats cool about WhatsApp is that It can also be customized to fit a users personality. Changing the background of your chats is one of any number of great features available. .Whats more, its really easy to do. Read on for all the tips and tricks you need to know.

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    How To Make Other Changes

    What are some other things you might feel inclined to change on WhatsApp from time to time? Well, you might want to change your profile picture quite often. If you use WhatsApp all the time, changing your image is almost like posting new photos for your friends to see. But how exactly do you do that? Just follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp and go to the Main menu .
  • Tap on Settings.
  • At the very top, youll see your name and current picture, or no picture. Tap on the picture.
  • To change the image, tap on the little camera icon at the bottom of the image.
  • Now either choose a photo from your gallery or take a new picture. You can also just remove the current photo.
  • If you select a photo from the gallery, youll be prompted to crop and edit before you set it.
  • Your entire WhatsApp profile, not just the picture, doesnt have to be set in stone. You can always alter it. You can change your name, phone number, and theres even room to write a little bit about yourself. Or you can just add an emoji that describes you well.

    Also, when it comes to WhatsApp conversations, apart from the background, you can change the size of the font of your messages. This change will affect both the messages from the sender and yours. Its a helpful tool and can further help customize your WhatsApp chats. Just follow this route Menu> Settings> Chats> Font Size. You can choose between Small, Medium, and large.

    How To Change Your Whatsapp Background

    Change WhatsApp Home Screen Wallpaper

    Looking to add a little personal touch to your WhatsApp? Guess what: You can change your chat background to anything you want. Heres how:

    1. In WhatsApp, navigate to your settings .

    2. Tap Chats.

    3. On the next page, tap Chat Wallpaper at the top.

    4. Tap Choose Light Mode Wallpaper at the top .

    5. Choose which category of background you want. You can pick Bright, Dark, Solid Colors, or even a custom photo from your phones gallery. Just ensure youve given WhatsApp access to your photos in your phones WhatsApp settings. The app may also prompt you to do so.

    6. Select the photo you want. WhatsApp will give you a preview image and you can adjust it to your liking.

    7. Tap Set on the bottom right. The photo you chose will now appear on all your chat backgrounds.

    You can also change the specific chat background for each individual contact. To do that:

    1. Select the contact/chat thread for which you want to change the background.

    2. At the top, tap the contacts name.

    3. Tap the Wallpaper & Sound option, marked by a pink icon.

    4. Tap Choose a New Wallpaper and youll be given the same options as above: Bright, Dark, Solid Colors, or a custom photo. Again, ensure youve allowed WhatsApp access to your photos if you want to pick a custom photo from your gallery.

    5. Adjust the image to your liking on the preview page.

    6. Tap Set on the bottom right. The photo you chose will now appear as the chat background for that specific contact.

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    In This Article Were Going To Walk You Through The Steps On How To Change The Background Of Your Chats


    WhatsApp, the worlds most common instant messaging app offers its users many customisation options. Changing the backdrop of your conversations is one way to personalize WhatsApp. WhatsApps feature that allows users to change the background of their chats on both iOS and Android smartphones. Users can choose between pre-loaded wallpapers, solid colours, or your their own images.

    Apart from this, WhatsApp also allows you to set unique background wallpaper to individual chats. Furthermore, the wallpapers are compatible with both the Light and Dark settings. As a result, anytime you update the settings on your phone, the wallpaper will adjust as well.

    In this article, were going to walk you through the steps on how to change the background of your chats.

    How to Change the Background of All WhatsApp Chats

    WhatsApp allows you to change your background in two ways. You have the option of changing the wallpaper for all of your conversations or just a subset of them.

    Simply follow these instructions to change the wallpaper of all chats:

    Step 1 – Tap the three dots in the top-right corner of WhatsApp and select Settings.

    Step 2 – Select Chats.

    Step 3 – Choose Wallpaper.

    Step 4 – Then, to change the current wallpaper hit Change.

    Step 6 – Choose one of the options provided.

    Step 7 – If you select a new wallpaper, you will be sent to a Wallpaper Preview” screen. There, you may customize it to your desire.

    How to Change the Background of a Certain Chat

    Is It Possible To Make Different Backgrounds In Different Chats

    The ability to set different images for chat is implemented on smartphones. You need to go into a separate conversation, go to settings, select Wallpaper and select the desired image.

    Such an action can be done with each dialogue. This feature allows you to better navigate in the correspondence, to separate friendly and business correspondence and just change the design for a change.

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    How To Change Wallpaper On Whatsapp

    Changing the background in WhatsApp is quick and easy in the chat settings of the messenger. It can always be returned to the standard and configured individually for different contacts..

    WhatsApp allows you to set both standard color wallpapers for chat and your own wallpaper from the gallery.

    There are several ways to change wallpapers on your PC and smartphone in Votsap:

    • standard installed by default after installation
    • color selection solid fill without patterns and patterns
    • the choice of themes from special applications entire catalogs with a large selection of topics that you need to download to your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play.

    All wallpaper installation options work in the messenger itself and are independent of the operating system. They are similar for Android and iPhone. Only some details differ. In the computer version, this function has some limitations..

    You can use special applications, such as WhatsApp Wallpaper, to select beautiful chat wallpapers. After installation, the backgrounds from it will be available in the messenger. When changing the design, you will need to click on the name of the application.

    Change Whatsapp Background Color

    How To Change Home Screen Wallpaper In Whatsapp & Set Your Own Photo For Background

    After selecting the theme from the app, you need to change the background color. Below are the steps to change WhatsApp background:

    • Open WhatsApp Settings by a tap on the three vertical dots from the top right of the screen. After that, tap on the Chats option.
    • Now tap on the Wallpaper option, and you will see the 5 options.1. Gallery Set an image background from a gallery.2. Solid Color Select any solid color.3. WhatsApp Library Set background from the Whatsapp Library .4. Default Set WhatsApp default bubble background.5. No Background Remove Whatsapp background and set light grey wallpaper.
    • Select any color from the solid color and tap on the Set button that you want to set as background. . If you select the dark mode, youll see only a few color options. But dont worry, you can select the image as a background. So, create an image with your favorite solid color with a photo editor and select it from the gallery.

    Now, open any chat thread and you will see the changed background color. But, it may dont look good because of poor color contrast. So, you need to change the keyboards color that matched your WhatsApp background.

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    Whatsapp Wallpaper: How To Change The Background For A Specific Chat

    You can also use a custom background for specific chats in WhatsApp.

    Heres how you do that:

    Image Gallery

  • Launch WhatsApp and access the chat you want to change the wallpaper for.
  • Tap the three-dots in the top-right corner and select Wallpaper.
  • Choose the category you want to choose your new background from.
  • Select a wallpaper and then tap Set Wallpaper at the bottom.
  • Your selected image should now be the default background in your chosen WhatsApp chat.
  • Strikethrough Font In Whatsapp

    You can also strikethrough your messages in WhatsApp. Heres how to do it.

  • Launch WhatsApp and open a chat where you want to send your message.
  • Type a message as youd normally do.
  • Enclose the part of the message that you want to strikethrough by surrounding it between two single ~ characters. For example, to format the word This is a sample strikethrough in strikethrough, type:~This is a sample strikethrough~
  • Finally, hit Send to send the message.
  • Alternatively, theres also the built-in option for strikethrough text formatting. Before sending the message, just select the part of the message you want to format and tap on the selected text to reveal the contextual menu. On iPhone, choose BIU followed by Strikethrough. On Android, tap on the meatballs menu icon and choose Strikethrough.

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    How To Change Your Chat Wallpaper On Whatsapp

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    WhatsApp is a fun program and is also customizable. Tired of the default beige image in the background behind all of your chat messages? Change your chat wallpaper in the Settings menu by tapping Chat, Chats then Wallpaper.

    Bonus: Additional Whatsapp Font Tricks

    How to change the WhatsApp background in your chats ...

    In the previous section, weve said that the third-party font styles usually work on both iOS and Android platforms. Well, one particular font style bears an exception.

    Send blue-font messages in WhatsApp

    Certain third-party apps on Android have the ability to send blue-colored text in WhatsApp messages. This is something that is exclusive to WhatsApp for Android. iOS users can neither create, nor read such messages written in the specific blue font.

    Change font size and language in WhatsApp

    This is also an Android-exclusive feature, which is rather local and has no effect on how the other party. The font size setting is more of an accessibility feature meant for improving visibility within the chat screen. You can optionally increase or decrease the size of the text within the app depending on your convenience.

    This can be done by clicking on the kebab menu icon on the WhatsApp home screen, choosing Settings, then going to Chats > > Font Size, and selecting the appropriate font size.

    Note: You can also modify the App Language from the same screen if you wish to use a local language within WhatsApp.

    These are some of the popularly sought WhatsApp tricks related to font styles. If you know of additional text style-based tricks not mentioned in this article, you can share them in the comments below.

    All posts on 7labs, including this one, are compliant with our Content Disclosure policy.

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    How To Change Chat Wallpaper On Whatsapp Web

    First things first:

    • Active internet connection on both the devices
    • You must be running the latest version of WhatsApp
    • WhatsApp web must be logged in into your computer
    • Open Google Chrome or any other browser and type in the address bar
    • Now, open WhatsApp on your phone and tap on the three-vertical dots
    • Select the option WhatsApp web and scan the QR code showing on the browser

    Coming back to changing chat wallpaper on the web version:

    Personalizing Your Whatsapp Chats By Using A Custom Wallpaper

    If you dont like the default WhatsApp background, you dont have to live with it. Using the methods outlined above, you can set pretty much any image as the background for your WhatsApp chats. It’s one way of personalizing this popular instant messaging app according to your taste.

    WhatsApp offers more features than what most users know about. Digging a bit deeper helps you reveal these features and should help make your daily tasks with this app more convenient.

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    How To Change Your Background On Whatsapp

    Posted September 12, 2020 by Sheraz Ali in Android, WhatsApp

    Choosing a background for your WhatsApp chats can truly brighten up your day. You can choose different sorts of media for a wallpaper, from a personally owned image to a solid color to WhatsApps own wallpaper collection. Its not just a creative, fun feature, but an easy one at that, too. The process follows the same steps whether it is a group chat you are setting a wallpaper for, or a single contacts chat. So, find out below the easy and quick method of how to change your background on WhatsApp. Steps shown are for the Android version of the app.

    How To Change Whatsapp Wallpaper

    How to change the background in WhatsApp [HOW TO]
    • 1. Open WhatsApp on your iOS or Android device and select a conversation from the Chats screen..
    • 2. Tap on the chat title, available at the top of the screen.
    • 3. Notice that instead of the Custom Tone setting, you now have the Wallpaper & Sound option. Tap it.
    • 4. Go for Choose a New Wallpaper and use one of the available categories: Bright , Dark , Solid Colors or .
    • 5. Select the desired background and tap on Set.

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    Change Font Type In Whatsapp

    Finally, WhatsApp natively supports an alternative font called Monospace. To write your message in Monospace font, follow the steps below.

  • Launch WhatsApp and open a chat where you want to send your message.
  • Type a message as youd normally do.
  • Enclose the part of the message that you want to change to Monospace by putting three ` characters on either side of the text. For example, to format the word This is WhatsApp Monospace font in Monospace, type:“`This is WhatsApp Monospace font“`
  • Finally, hit Send to send the message.
  • Alternatively, theres also the built-in option for Monospace text formatting. Before sending the message, just select the part of the message you want to format and tap on the selected text to reveal the contextual menu. On iPhone, choose BIU followed by Monospace. On Android, tap on the meatballs menu icon and choose Monospace.

    How To Change The Chat Background In Whatsapp

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    Were using an iPhone in our example here, but the process is pretty much identical on Android.

    Open WhatsApp, and then head to Settings > Chats > Chat Wallpaper.

    You have three options here. Wallpaper Library is a collection of WhatsApps built in backgrounds. Solid Colors are the simplest, single color backgrounds. And Photos are all the photos you have on your phone.

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