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How To Change Twitter Handle On Desktop

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Things To Consider While Changing Your Handle

How To Change Twitter Handle On Desktop In 2020

Your major question might be how to change Twitter handle but another question is that what are the restrictions when you finally come to its alteration? Worry not as all of the restrictions are mentioned below for your utmost convenience and ease of mind:

1) Having fifteen characters in your Twitter handle is the limit set by Twitter.

2) Underscores are the only symbols you can use in place for special characters when making your handle.

3) If the username that you created matches any other deactivated or suspended account already existing then youll have to recreate your handle.

4) Only authorized and official Twitter accounts can contain the words Twitter and Admin in their Twitter handles.

Yes, those were all the restrictions that you need to follow every time you consider changing your handle.

How To Change Your Username And Display Name On Twitter From Any Device

Twitter allows users to change their username and display name to whatever they want, and the methods to do so are rather simple. Keep in mind that when you change your username , your old username becomes available for others to use and any tweets referring to it will not redirect. Furthermore, users wont get a redirect when clicking on your old username/handle either. Below, youll see a step-by-step guide on how to change your username/Twitter Handle and your display name on Twitter for all available platforms.

How To Change Your Twitter Handle And Username + 4 Tips To Help You Get It Right

There comes a time in the life of every Twitter account when a little change is necessary. The profile pic will change and the bio will be worked over to send the just right message to every user that happens to visit the profile. Even the banner too is not exempt change. After all, it is if you will your Twitter accounts billboard the gripping and captivating image that with one glance tells everyone what youre all about. In this article though, well look at how to change your Twitter handle.

Such changes are all part and parcel of maintaining a Twitter account capable of attracting new followers and exacting the right level of influence on your current ones.

In some cases, even your Twitter handle and name will need to be change. This is you quick and simple guide to getting it done right.

Changing any part of your Twitter account signals some sort of change. A change in profile pic, can signal a different type of aesthetic to your account or a change in the type of content people can expect from you. A tweak in the bio can show a move to attract a different kind of follower or mark a milestone in your journey. Nothing beats a milestone in the bio profile to hook newcomers.

Your Twitter handle and name are no different. Changing them should be done tactfully and as part of your growth strategy.

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What Happens When You Change Your Twitter Username

Updating and changing your Twitter handle is completely your decision. Also, the decision of when you wish to change is up to you.

However, if you are concerned about any alarming changes that may occur on changing your username, dont be.

When you change your username or Twitter handle, all that changes is the name written beside your profile picture on Twitter.

There are no changes or alterations in the number or nature of the messages, followers, following list, posts you have uploaded, or any other activity on Twitter.

Hence, there are no changes in activities you do on Twitter with your username changes. The only change is the username displayed to your follower list on Twitter is your updated username.

How To Change Your Twitter Name In A Web Browser

How To Change Twitter Username

1. Navigate to in a web browser.

2. Click your profile picture on the left side of the screen.

3. On your profile page, click “Edit profile.”

4. In the Edit profile window, type a new name in the Name field. This can be up to 50 characters long, and there’s no requirement for it to be unique.

5. When you’re done, click “Save.”

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Tips For Choosing The Right Name For Your Twitter Handle

The process of changing your Twitter username can be done lickety-split.

But what is going to be the new name of your Twitter handle is something that you need to think about so that you dont trace the same path of changing your Twitter handle again.

Here are 5 tips to help you create a Twitter username that bolsters your branding efforts and makes it easily recognizable among your prospects:

Use a relevant name

Your URL name must be relevant to your brands name. It will be easier for people to search for you on Twitter.

Also, as you know, your username shows up on your Twitter profile URL. So having a URL, which is not relevant to your company name or the company website, visiting cards, and other platforms can emanate bad branding vibes.

Look how Forbes named their Twitter account on-point!

Avoid adding numbers

Unless you are an arithmetic aficionado, seeing an array full of numbers in a username would not be a tempting sight for you.

Usernames with unnecessary numbers at the end look odd, unmemorable, and spammy.

Usually, these types of usernames are selected right out from the suggestions Twitter gives when you are creating a new profile. Going with such usernames also makes it hard for people to find you.

However, its ok to use numbers creatively when your desirable URL is taken. You can either use numbers that look similar to alphabets or use them to add underscores or initials between names.

Keep it short


Go with an actionable username

Give it a local twist

How To Change Your Username Using A Web Browser

Changing your Twitter username using a web browser on PC, Mac, Linux, or Chrome is a simple process, but the option is a little buried. First, log into using any web browser. In the sidebar on the Twitter website, click the ellipses button to reveal more options.

In the menu that pops up, select Settings and Privacy.

In Settings, click Account, then click Username.

On the Change username page, click the Username text area and type the new username youd like to use. While youre typing, Twitter will tell you if the username is already taken. Keep trying until you find one that is unique. Then click Save.

Your new username is now set. The change should take place immediately, but if you dont see it right away, see the section at the bottom of this article for advice.

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Can You Change Your Twitter Handle In 2022

Of all social media platforms, Twitter definitely seems to be the most flexible when changing your username. After all, you can change your as often as you like. And as long as you dont mind doing so manually.

Twitter counts to be the absolute platform when it comes to marketing. With over 200 million active users, Twitter makes it easier to find people you are looking for!

Well many users on the platform start their account out of curiosity. Several individuals have created their profiles on Twitter only to keep-up with the trends and activities. It did not matter to have a fitting username on their profile, back when they had generated their Twitter account.

Yes, we exist!

And now, years later, when we need to leverage Twitter for personal or professional gain, it seems like a big issue to change the username on Twitter to something meaningful that coincides with the username we use in other social media platforms.

Well, if this is your story. Then stick with us to know all the little details of Twitter profile settings.

HListen to this podcast for amplified insight!

How To Change Twitter Handle On Desktop And Mobile

How to Change Your Twitter Display Name & @ Handle

Whatever the reason you have got, you can change your Twitter username to anything that feels right.

There are many doubts regarding the change in the Twitter username. One of the most prominent doubts is Does changing username can affect the user-data of that profile? The answer is No. There will not be any change in the number of followers or the number of tweets you have on your Twitter profile. Only the site address will update.

So now, let us move on to the steps on How to change your profile on Twitter?

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What Characters Can Be Used In A Twitter Username Or Handle

Twitter allows a user to add alphanumeric characters to make the usernames unique. You can use letters from A to Z and numbers from 0 to 9 while using underscores. However, you cant use dashes, spaces, special symbols while creating the username.

You can use up to 15 characters to create or change Twitter handle.

An example of @name on Twitter with allowed characters

Do You Know?

How To Change Your Twitter Handle On Mobile

To change your username on mobile, open up the sliding menu to the left of your screen.

1. Select Settings and Privacy

2. Select Account then Username

3. Type in your new username and click save

Your username will now have been changed and people wont be able to find you using your old handle.

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Can I Add Other Customizations To The Way My Username Or Display Name Appears On Twitter

If you wish to add a bit of flair to your Twitter handle, then you can put either symbols or emojis on your name. To do this, proceed to the change display name instructions for either PC or mobile as detailed above. When youre typing in your name, right-click if youre using a PC. From the menu, choose Emoji, and pick the one that you want to use. If youre using mobile, this is simpler, as theres an emoji key right on the virtual keyboard. When youre done, save as instructed above. Do note that this doesnt apply to usernames. Only alphanumeric characters, except for underscores can be used for usernames.

How To Change Twitter Handle And Display Name

How to change your Twitter username to make yourself easier to find, or ...

If you are a Twitter user and want to change your Twitter handle/display name but dont know how to change Twitter handle and display name, then you are at the right place. Here I will tell you how you can change these two.

But first of all, let me tell you what a Twitter handle and display name are? . Twitter is a social media platform, as soon as you sign up on this app, it first asks your name, which is called display name, and after sign up, it allocates you a username, which is known as Twitter handle.

Any name or number you write after will be called your Twitter handle. If a person wants to find you on this app, he/she can find you with your display name or Twitter handle.

If you are not familiar with Twitter, let me tell you that this is an app where you can watch the latest news, follow your favorite artists, and stay connected with them.

Apart from all these, you can write your articles and blog stories and promote your talent because you will get many audiences to show your talent/product. If you are associated with a work field, you can also connect with the experts of this field and enhance your experience on Twitter. Above all these, you can also express yourself here.

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How To Change Your Twitter Display Name On Mobile

Twitter always maintained a balance in the user interface between their mobile and browser versions. You can always switch between them without guidance, which is good. Here is how to change Twitter display name on your mobile,

1. Go to your Twitter on your phone.

2. Click on your Profile picture in the top left corner.

3. Tap on Edit Profile on the right of your profile picture.

4. Change your display name in the Name section.

Use up to 50 characters for a Twitter display name it doesnt need to sound unique. Click the Save button on the top right corner of the window once you have changed your Twitter display name.

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Why Cant You Change Twitter Display Name

There can be only a few scenarios where a user cant change name on Twitter account. If you are also facing a problem in changing Twitter name, read on to find out the possible reasons.

Make sure that your account is activated. If its not, you wont be able to change your Twitter Display name. The other possible reason can be the use of specific terms in your name. For example, Twitter doesnt allow any unverified account to use Twitter or Admin in their name. These terms are for the use of official Twitter accounts only.

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How To Change Twitter Handle In Mobile

Now, lets understand the process of changing the Twitter handle. The starting process is the same as the process used to change the display name.

First, tap on the three horizontal lines located in the top left corner. As soon as you tap on it, the menu will open in front of you, you will have to choose the Settings and Privacy option in this menu.

When you select this option, the menus subcategory will open in front of you. You will see many options in this sub-category, you have to choose the account option out of all these options.

When you tap on the account option, the username option will appear in front of you, as soon as you tap on it, your old Twitter username will show, which you can easily change.

Remember here that after changing the username, click on done in the bottom right corner. After this, your Twitter username/Twitter handle will change, this username is also called Twitter handle.

Step 1: Open the Twitter

Step 2: Click on Three Horizontal lines

Step 3: Now click on the Settings and privacy option

Step 4: Tap on the Account option

Step 5: Here you will username option

Step 6: Change and save it

The Whole Process in a Convenient Way

Open Twitter> Settings and privacy> Account> Username> New Username

Even if you use Twitter on a desktop/laptop, you can easily change your Twitter handle and display name.

Effectively Losing Out On Followers

Change Your Twitter Display Name (Username) on Desktop | Edit Your Profile Settings on Twitter

You are not literally losing your follower count by changing your Twitter handle. But your following or follower base is going to be affected. People cant find your cause of change in handles. Mentions under your old handle dont link back to your account anymore.

Moreover, your following isnt just the people who follow you. There are people who consistently check out your tweets remembering your profile URL. You are going to lose out on such following too.

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What Is The Longest And Shortest That A Twitter User Name Can Be

Your Twitter username must be at least four characters long to be valid. They also have a maximum length of 15 characters. In addition, you cant use a username that is already being used by someone else, and, as mentioned above, it can only contain alphanumeric characters or underscores.

display names, on the other hand, can be a single character if you wish, and have a maximum length of 50 characters. Again, as mentioned above, symbols and emojis can be used on your display name, just not the username/Twitter handle.

How To Change Your Twitter Handle And Display Name

You don’t always think of the perfect username when you’re making an account, and that definitely applies when we’re talking about Twitter.

Maybe you want something fun, or just something with more of a ring to it, but you can’t come up with anything. So you default to one of the basic suggested handles with your first and last name, and maybe a number or something…until one day it hits you.

Damn, that would’ve been the perfect Twitter handle, you think to yourself. I wish I could change it.

Well, random Twitter user out there, we’re thrilled to tell you that you can, indeed, change it. Follow the steps below to learn how you can finally have the Twitter handle of your dreams .

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How To Change Twitter Handle In Desktop

The process of changing the Twitter handle on a desktop or laptop is also easy. When you open Twitter in the browser, the Twitter homepage opens in front of you, where you will see a lot of options on the left side.

In all these options, in the last, you will see three horizontal points in a circle, also called more options.

You have to tap on this option, As soon as you tap on it, you will see many options. You have to choose Settings and Privacy, Next, you will need to select account information.

Here first, you have to enter your password, As soon as you enter the password, the first option you will see is the username. After clicking on it, you can change your old username and enter a new one.

Step 1: Open Twitter in the web browser

Step 2: Click on the More option

Step 3: Select Settings and privacy option

Step 4: Tap on Account information

Step 5: Click on Username

Step 6: Finish this process by changing your old handle

The Whole Process in a Convenient Way

Open Twitter> More> Settings and privacy> Account information> Username> New name

Make The Right Call On Your New Username

How to change your Twitter handle and username + 4 tips to help you get ...

If youve decided its in your best interest to change your username, youll want to keep a few best practices in mind. Think about what an ideal username would be not just today, but for years into the future this will help you avoid having to go through the renaming process again.

If the username you want is taken but no longer active, try reaching out to the account owner directly to ask if they will allow you to use it. Usually, you can find a way to contact the person through a simple Google search. Twitter has a strict rule against paying for usernames, so if the account owner wants you to pay, be aware that doing so puts you at risk of being kicked off the platform.

If youre unable to secure the username you want, an alternative is to modify it slightly to find something thats available yet still memorable and relevant. For example, you could add a location or an underscore or hyphen . But be mindful of length, as your username contributes to the character count for any tweet in which its mentioned.

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