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How To Change The Color Of Messages On Instagram

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Choose Your Background Color

Change Instagram Message Color on iPhone 2021 (2 Methods)

If you’re not already there, open the Instagram Story camera. Either swipe right on the home page, tap “Your Story” in the top left of your home page, or touch the plus sign on your profile page. Then, in the Story camera, select “Create” or “Aa” in the vertical menu on the left. You should open up right to the text tool.

Tap the “color” button in the bottom right to choose your background color. There are eight flat colors or gradients to choose from, so just keep tapping the button to cycle through them until you find the one you like. If you’d rather use a photo as your background, skip down to Step 7 before continuing to Step 2.

Instagram Message Update: How To Change Chat Color Theme On Instagram

Instagram, the second-most popular social networking site on the planet, constantly looks for ways to make life more colorful for users. Its most recent attempt takes things rather literally and allows users to change the color of their chats windows. From changing the overall theme of the chat windows to adding gradients to the message bubbles theres a lot to explore here. So, without further ado, lets get to it.

How To Update Messaging On Instagram

The new chat customization features are only available if you update to Instagrams new cross-platform messaging feature . Its important to note that this update is not reversible.

First, update your Instagram app from the Apple App Store or . When you open the app, you will see a banner about the new cross-platform messaging update. This means the feature is now available to you.

You can enable this feature from Settings. To do this, go to your Profile tab.

Then, select the hamburger menu button from the top-right corner of the screen.

Here, choose the Settings option.

Now, select the Update Messaging option.

Here, choose the Update button.

The messaging feature has been updated. To confirm, go back to Instagrams home screen. At the top, youll now see a Messenger icon instead of the classic Instagram DM icon.

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Change The Chat Theme Or Color In Instagram Dms

After the new feature has been activated, you will now be able to change the Chat color or theme for any Instagram conversation.

Tap the Messenger icon at the top-right corner of the screen. This will cause all your conversations to be opened.

1. Select the conversation youre interested in changing its theme.

2. Next, tap the i icon that youll see at the top-right corner.

3. Tap Theme. Youll now see a number of themes displayed at the top. Select the one you like.

4. Next, you will see the options to change color in the Colors & Gradients section.

Select your preferred theme or chat color. Doing this will get the other participants notified and, everyone will get the theme changes.

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Using A Gradient Background

How to Change Instagram Message Color Android &  iPhone ...
  • 1Open Instagram on your phone. Tap the icon that looks like a white camera on top of a colorful background.
  • 2Tap the camera icon in the top-left corner. This opens your camera so you can add to your story.
  • 3Tap Create to create a story. It’s at the bottom to the left of Normal, the default screen.
  • 4Tap the colorful circle to change the background color. It’s in the bottom right corner.
  • Tap multiple times to switch through the options. Stop on the one you’d like to choose.
  • 5Add anything else you would like to the story. To add text, tap the middle of the screen and start typing, then tap Next.
  • Tap the emoji icon at the top to add emojis and GIFs.
  • Swipe up to add special stickers, or other extras, such as polls, quizzes, and countdown clocks.
  • 6Tap Your Story to publish to your story. It’s in the bottom-left corner with your profile picture icon.Advertisement
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    How To Change The Color Of Your Messages On Instagram

    Posted November 8, 2020 by Sheraz Ali in Android,

    Having bright, vibrant colors and gradients against a dark theme in apps is perhaps everyones choice these days. However, unlike most social media platforms today, Instagram has gone a step further than its rivals and introduced an even more exciting feature in its chat section. There, you can select themes as well as colors and gradients for your chat board and messages therein. The colors are nothing less than delicious, eye-catching shades in brights. Following is the super-easy method of how to change the color of your messages on Instagram in just under 10 steps!Changing the Color of Your Instagram Chats:

    To do so,

    1. Open Instagram DM from homepage.

    2. Select the chat you want color changed for.

    3. Tap on the information icon on top right.

    4. And then tap on Theme under Chat Settings.

    5. Scroll chat theme section upwards to view complete list of colors.

    6. Choose the desired color from Colors & Gradients.

    7. Your message color has now been .

    8. You can also change it again from update notification appearing in chat.

    Now you can make your chats section look as funky and colorful as you want, as much as you want! For Instagram lets you change theme color as many times as you want.

    Settings in Instagram for Android, iOS and Desktop

    Change Typewriter Text’s Background Color

    Use a color block or any random image from the gallery to test this.

    Step 1: Create a story and tap on the Text icon.

    Step 2: Type your text and tap on the font name at the top to change it. Select Typewriter.

    Step 3: If you want to change the text color, choose any color from the palette at the bottom. To change the background color, tap the A icon with stars at the top-left corner. Then select the color from the palette.

    Step 4: Tap on Done.

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    How To Change The Theme And Accent Color Of Instagram Dms

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    Facebook has . Once you opt-in, you can message your Facebook friends right from Instagram. More importantly, you can change the chat theme and accent color for Instagram DMs on iPhone and Android.

    You Can Finally Change The Colors Of Your Instagram Messages Heres How

    How to Change Instagram Chat/Message Color! IOS & Android

    If you havent logged on to Instagram yet this morning, hop on, because the creators behind Instagram has yet another surprise for its users.

    Most recently, it was the beloved apps birthday this month and to celebrate, they have allowed users to change the apps icon for reference, my is now bright green with notes of blue!

    Currently, Instagram has now allowed account holders to update their messages from boring old grey to a mixture of purple and blue when you exchange messages between a friend or any other Instagram account.

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    Changing Text Highlight Color In Instagram Stories

    Highlights can refer to a couple of things on Instagram.

    So, you can use the highlight feature to make your text blocks pop up more in your Stories. On the other hand, you can save your Instagram Stories on your profile in the Highlights section and select a cover for each one. Those covers make your profile look neat and organized.

    If you want to highlight your text blocks in different colors, do the following:

  • Start a new Instagram Story and tap the Aa icon to add text.
  • When done typing, tap the icon with the letter A and two stars next to the color palette icon at the top.
  • Your text will become highlighted its usually black with white letters by default.
  • Now tap the color palette and select the desired color.
  • Youll see that the letters now have the selected color but not the highlight.
  • Tap the highlight icon again to make the highlighted part of the text block the selected color. You can go through the color palette again if you change your mind about the color.
  • Note: The way the highlight looks depends on the font you choose. Some fonts cant be highlighted.

    Change Font Color In Instagram Bio

  • Open the BlueWords app on your Android phone from the app drawer and tap on the Blue from the words style.
  • Tap on the Write here text area field, and write your bio. Youll see the converted fonts.
  • After that, tap and hold on the converted text preview and the text will be copied to the clipboard.
  • Minimize the app and Open Instagram app from the app drawer.
  • Open your Instagram profile by a tap on the profile icon from the bottom right. After that, select the Edit Profile button and open it.
  • Tap on the Bio text field and the bio window will be open. Delete your old bio and tap and hold on the text area field to paste the copied blue text.
  • Tap on the checkmark icon from the top right to apply the bio.
  • Thats it. You can also highlight your words by changing the color in bio. Also, you can select the Dark Squared and Dark Round option from the words style.

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    Instagram: How To Change Your Chat Colour Latest Update Launches Customisable Message Themes

    Instagram has just added an exciting new feature to its app, giving users the ability tochange the colour of their chats but how do you do it?

    Being one of the most popular social media apps out there, is always doing things to ensure it stays relevant and loved by its users. Some recent features they have introduced are reels, changing your app icon and even the ability to shop directly from the app.

    However, sometimes its the simpler features that actually become the most popular, and thats certainly the case this month as the latest Instagram update has made users able to change the colour of their chats, and everyones pretty excited about it.

    Heres exactly how to get the new feature for your Instagram DMs.

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    Update Your Instagram Dms To Access Themes

    How To Change Instagram Chat/Message/DM Color On iPhone ...

    To use chat themes, you’ll have to manually activate the feature by updating your Instagram DMs . Here’s how to do that:

  • Tap the profile icon in the bottom-right corner of the Instagram app.
  • Tap the hamburger icon in the top-right corner and select Settings.
  • Finally, tap the Update Messaging option. If you can’t see this option, then move on to the troubleshooting section of this article.
  • A list of changes made to Instagram Messaging will be displayed tap Update to proceed.
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    How To Change Your Instagram Chat Themes And Colors

    If you want to liven up your boring Instagram chats, here’s how to add a splash of color with themes.

    Variety is the spice of life. Or so the saying goes. So, it’s a good thing that Instagram lets you change the themes and colors of your Instagram chats. It means you can liven up your boring DMs.

    Previously, the closest you could get to tweaking the appearance of your Instagram chats was by activating Dark Mode. But that got boring quickly. Now, thanks to chat themes, messaging on Instagram has become a lot more fun, customizable, and visually appealing.

    In this article, we explain how to use Instagram chat themes to liven up your DMs. And in case you can’t get chat themes working on your Instagram account, we also offer some troubleshooting tips.

    Can You Revert Back To The Normal Them Or Color

    Luckily there are options available to choose the default theme on the Chat Theme windows while selecting or picking a color. However, if you dont like the overall update at all. Then there is the only solution to that, and that is to uninstall the latest update and install an older one. Both iOS and Android users can download and install the older version. However, it is up to you how you do that.

    I will not suggest anyone downgrade the Instagram application to an older version. You may need to stick with the current version and let yourself comfortable with it. Because sooner or later you are going to the stable and amazing-looking chat UI. All you need is to wait. However, using the older version of IG can harm your privacy online.

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    How To Change The Colors Of Your Instagram Messages

    You can start by opening the Instagram app and going straight to your account profile and pressing on the 3 bars in the left hand corner above your profile picture. Then, click settings.

    At the very top of the list, you should see Update Messaging, click that!

    A new screen should pop up that will allow you to update messages with also a glimpse of what the new update entails. Once youre done reading the finer details, click the blue button at the bottom that says update.

    After this step, your messages should now be updated and you can try out the new colors for yourself with a friend or family member by sending them a quick hello!

    Now heres whats cool.

    When you scroll up and down through your conversation, your messages should turn colors between purple and blue and dont be fooled, the message icon looks slightly different and is now the same icon you would see for Facebook messages.

    But wait, theres more. If youre not in love with the purple and blue default, you also have the option of choosing between a handful of other colors that are even brighter!

    When you enter a personal chat with another individual, click the i icon in the top right corner and select theme.

    From there, you will be able to choose from a variety of different colors and gradients.

    Instagram is getting more colorful by the minute and I love it! What do you think of the new update?

    Change Font Color In Dm

    How To Change Instagram Message Color

    To send the colored text in Instagram DM, follow the following steps.

  • Open BlueWords app and tap on the write your message in Blue, Dark Squared, or Dark Round words style.
  • Tap and hold on the preview to copy the text to the clipboard.
  • Open the Instagram app and select the DM icon from the top right to open it.
  • Search for the account you want to send the message. Select the account from the list and tap on it.
  • Now the conversation will be open. Tap and hold on the Message field and paste the copied message.
  • Send the message.
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    Add Color Block To An Instagram Story

    You can add a background color while composing a text story in the Type mode. However, you can also do that in the normal mode by adding a color block.

    Here’s what you need to do:

    Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your phone.

    Step 2: Tap the Story icon at the top-left corner to go to the Story mode. Now either take a new photo or upload one from your gallery.

    Step 3: Tap on the pen tool at the top-right corner. Then select any color from the color palette at the bottom.

    Step 4: Hold anywhere on the picture until the color that you selected fills the screen. Congratulations, you have added a background color.

    Step 5: Press the Done button and use the Text tool to write anything on this background. You can also add stickers and other elements.

    What if you want to tease an image? Use the transparent effect.

    Set A Color As A Background

    If you’d rather not have a picture as your background, you can make it a solid color instead. On the main Chat Background page, tap “Set a Color.” Here, you can choose from 33 different solids. Tap on a color, and it will load into the typical preview window, but you won’t find “Blurred” here. Instead, you’ll see “Pattern” on both platforms.

    Tap “Pattern,” and you’ll see options for turning your color into an interesting patterned background. You have six pattern options, not including the solid color option itself. Tap on each one to see a preview of it. You can use the intensity slider at the bottom to show more or less of the pattern. The more to the right the slider moves, the more of the design you see.

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    How To Send Automated Dm On Instagram

    Automated DM tool is a social media management service that can send Instagram messages to Instagram followers automatically.

    Direct messaging on a social network like Instagram is one of the most effective ways of engaging with people since it is a special and more comfortable way to introduce the business or product to the audience in a direct way.

    To send automated DM online:

    • Go to the Instazood website and
    • Create an account and enter the social dashboard
    • Go to Direct Menu
    • Write any Instagram direct message and set the filters

    Keeping a consistent engagement with the audience is the key to popularity and one of the most critical factors in follower-care.

    Sending auto DM is safe and is not against Instagram policy, the tool will also consider this tool and send the limited number of messages per day.

    Like so many other Instagram actions, the DMs can also be automated, and there are lots of services that offer to automate Instagram DMs, but not all of them are trustworthy and give out the result you expect. Out of all the similar tools, Instazood has the most safety level and also the best features and is the ideal choice for Instagram messages to be automated.

    The Instazood auto-direct-message tool offers different Instagram direct message destinations options.

    After choosing an Instagram message for the automated DM, you will have to choose from the options below:

    5 tips to use auto Instagram DM to get more engagement?

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