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How To Change Sensitive Content On Twitter

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Remove Sensitive Content Label From Your Tweets

How To Change Sensitive Media Settings On Twitter – View Sensitive Content On OR Off

At times, Twitter may mark the media you upload as sensitive based on its sensitive media policy. However, you can stop it from doing so by tweaking the settings, as shown below.

  • Open Twitter and click More in the sidebar.
  • Select Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety.
  • Click on Your Tweets.
  • Uncheck the box for .
  • You can repeat the same steps in the Twitter mobile app. Although, the option is not available yet on the iOS version.

    Note that if you regularly post media having sensitive content, keep the option enabled. Otherwise, Twitter may permanently disable the option for your account.

    Change Sensitive Content On Twitter App

    It is up to the wish of every Twitter user whether to see and respond to the sensitive content. If you do not want to see the content related to violence, nudity or sexual harassment, you can flag such contents by customizing your settings. Here are the steps to do so:

    • Open the Twitter app on your device. Sign-In to your account by providing your Log-In credentials.
    • Tap on your Twitter Profile icon, you can see many options such as accounts, help, settings, highlights, and view list. Choose settings from the options and then privacy and content.
    • Among the options, choose privacy and safety and the scroll down to the safety section.
    • If you tap on the safety section, you will get to see two different options such as display media that may contain sensitive content and mark media I tweet as containing material that may be sensitive.
    • You have to checkmark the second option if you do not want to see the sensitive content that is posted by other Twitter users that may or may not be in friends list.
    • You can check mark the first option if you want to check the content that may be sensitive.

    How To Remove The Warning From Your Own Tweets

    To stop Twitter from marking media you upload as sensitive, choose More > Settings and Privacy > Privacy and Safety > Your Tweets. Ensure Mark Media You Tweet as Containing Material That May Be sensitive is unchecked.

    This option is available on the web and in the Android app but not in the and iPad.

    Note: Twitter reserves the right to permanently enable this option for your account if you abuse this option and upload sensitive media without tagging it as such. If you cant disable it, thats why.

    If you dont want to see sensitive content, dont worrythats the default setting on Twitter. Just ensure the Display Media That May Contain Sensitive Content option is disabled and the Hide Sensitive Content option for searches is enabled.

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    What A Sensitive Content Warning Does

    As you can see, if your account is flagged to have its media listed as sensitive, it means that a significant portion of the Twitter userbase will not see that media. It will not appear in search, and it will not appear in organic feeds to users who do not allow it.

    This only applies to media tweets, not text-only tweets. However, it DOES apply to ALL media tweets, regardless of the actual content of the tweet. You could post a picture of a puppy under a rainbow and it would be marked as sensitive because everything on your account is marked as sensitive.

    What this means is that media tweets on your account get a lot less exposure than they would if you were not flagged as an adult account. Plenty of users either do not want to see such content or are legally not allowed to see such content, and Twitter doesnt want to get into any legal hot water.

    This is important because of Twitters tests for a new flagging system.

    How To Show Sensitive Content In Searches

    How To Change Sensitive Media Settings On Twitter

    Tweets with sensitive content are normally hidden from searches, but you can enable them if you prefer.

    Just like above, you can follow these steps in the , but the setting isnt available for iPhone or iPad.

    To do so, go to the and click More > Settings and Privacy > Privacy and Safety > Content You See > Search Settings. Uncheck Hide Sensitive Content here.

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    Select Content You See

    Your Twitter activity > Content you see.

    Once youre on the Privacy and safety page, youll see a ton of settings and options.

    There are three section headingsYour Twitter activity, Data sharing, and off-Twitter activity, and Learn more about privacy on Twitter.

    Under Your Twitter activity, select the Content you see option.

    The Content you see option allows you to decide what you see on Twitter based on your preferences like topics and interests.

    It also has the option where you can turn on or turn off sensitive content.

    Congrats, youve successfully navigated to your content settings!

    Now, all that youre left with is turning off the sensitive content setting on Twitter.

    Disabling Censored Content On Twitter

    If youre ready to disable censored content on Twitter, well show you how below.

    1) Click More on the left side of the Twitter web page.

    2) Click on Settings and privacy.

    3) On the top left of the screen, below Settings, click Privacy and safety.

    4) To the right, under Safety, check the box for Display media that may contain sensitivecontent.

    You can then use the left-hand menu to head back to your Profile or Home.

    And, you can easily change this setting later if you like by following the same basic steps and unchecking the box for sensitive content.

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    On Android And Iphone

    Launch the Twitter app and log in. Now, tap on the hamburger menu button at the top-left corner of your screen.

    Now, go to Settings and privacy.

    Youll see your username at the top and some options underneath. Go to Privacy and safety.

    Finally, under the Safety banner, toggle on Display media that may contain sensitive content.


    Why Should You Mark Your Tweets As Sensitive Media

    Change Sensitive Content Settings On Twitter (2021)

    Appropriately marking that you post sensitive media is a way to create a users-safe environment for everyone.

    Twitter asks all its users to label potentially sensitive media on their platform. If you dont mark media you tweet as containing material thats potentially sensitive, two things may happen:

    • Twitter has automated techniques to identify if you regularly post potentially sensitive content, so they label accounts automatically.
    • If you fail to mention that you make tweets containing material that may contain sensitive content, Twitter will permanently adjust your account setting.
    • If you repeatedly upload media with potentially sensitive content, all your future posts will be automatically labeled, and, in the case of a live video, it will be permanently deleted.

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    Why Cant I See Sensitive Content On Twitter

    You cant see sensitive content on Twitter because the setting for Display media that may contain sensitive content is turned off.

    Users who post NSFW content on Twitter will

    As long as the Display media that may contain sensitive content is turned on, you wont be able to see media that are marked as sensitive.

    How To Filter Block And Report Harmful Content On Social Media

    Social media privacy and safety tools update constantly and while this is a good place to start for ideas, the best place to learn about how to enact features is on each social media platform. Here are some tips for filtering, reporting, and blocking harmful content or users on social media platforms.

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    How To See Sensitive Content On Twitter Part 2

    This second and final part on how to see sensitive content on Twitter is related to tags. Here, you are letting Twitter display content that is tagged as sensitive. So, any media post that mentions mature, sensitive tags will also be displayed on your feed after these steps have been executed:

    1. Follow steps 1-3 from part 1 above.

    2. Tap on Content preferences.

    3. And then select Search settings.

    4. Make sure the Hide Sensitive Content feature is deselected.

    Furthermore, next time you carry out a search related to any topic, sensitive content posted under that topic will also show up in your search results.

    And thats all there is to it. After completing these steps, you need to go back to your Twitter homepage and refresh. The next time any sensitive content is posted on Twitter, it will be displayed on your feed.

    If refreshing the app does not work, simply log out then log back in. That should solve it.

    How To Remove The Sensitive Content Warning On Twitter

    How to Hide Sensitive Content on Twitter: 11 Steps (with ...

    Twitter has long had a sensitive content setting you can use for your profile. If you plan to share adult content, its generally recommended that you enable this setting to avoid Twitter suspending your account. Its a way for Twitter to allow adult-themed profiles without needing to block the people who would like to use the site.

    Because of this, Twitter is one of the few social networks that can be broadly used by porn stars, adult product production companies, the sites that distribute such content, and people who are simply enthusiasts of adult content. Its a great benefit to Twitter to allow a unique audience other sites dont, but it does lead to an interesting set of settings.

    Dont worry Ill cover the automatic filter as well, just bear with me.

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    Skipping The Sensitive Content Warning

    You can actively disable the warning about sensitive content from the privacy settings of the platform. You will also find these options in the same area in the Android app, according to AdWeek.

    However, they are not available in the Twitter app for iPad and iPhone. If you change the settings on the Twitter web, the apps on your smartphone and other devices will show you the content without any label or warning.

    To be able to disable the warning tag, go to the website and select “More,” which is located on the left side of the screen–represented by three dots inside a circle.

    From the menu, choose “Settings and Privacy.” Select the “Privacy and Safety” from the list of options on the left and choose “Content You See.”

    At the top of your screen, tick on the box next to the label that says the display media may contain sensitive content so you can disable the warning when you tweet and when you look for tweets.

    Navigate To Settings And Privacy

    Profile icon > Settings and privacy.

    Once youre logged in to your Twitter account, select your profile icon on the right of the top navigation bar.

    After youve selected your profile icon, the account info menu will be opened.

    Under your account info, therell be an option that says Settings and privacy.

    Select Settings and privacy to go to your Settings.

    Congrats, youve found the Settings and privacy option!

    In the next step, youll have to navigate to the Privacy and safety page where you can control your privacy and safety settings.

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    Removing The Warning Label From Your Tweets

    To stop Twitter from marking media that you upload as sensitive, select “More” and “Settings and Privacy.” Choose “Privacy and Safety,” and select “Your Tweets.” Uncheck the box that prompts to mark your tweet that contains material that may be sensitive.

    The option is available on the web, and it is available in the Android app, but it is not available in the Twitter app for iPhone and iPad.

    Twitter reserves the right to permanently enable this option for your account if you abuse the option and intentionally upload sensitive media without properly tagging it. If you can’t disable it anymore, that is the reason why.

    How To Turn Off The Sensitive Content Warning For Your Own Tweets

    How To Turn Off Twitter Sensitive Content Setting

    Sometimes, Twitter flags tweets as sensitive even though it does not contain any media as such and the account tweeting that might even get banned. Note that this option is not available for Twitter iPhone and iPad. Also, note that Twitter reserves the right to permanently enable this option if you post sensitive tweets without flagging them.

    Here are the steps to turn off the content sensitivity warning on your own tweets.

    Step 1: Tap on the navigation menu icon on the top-left corner and tap on Settings and privacy. For iPhone, log in to Twitter account on any browser, go to your profile icon on the upper-left corner and tap on Settings and privacy. For Desktop, go to the navigation bar on the left, click on the three-dotted option and select Settings and privacy.

    Step 2: Now, select Privacy and Safety from the menu.

    Step 3: For Android, just scroll down and slide the bar to the left next to . For iPhone and Desktops, click on Your Tweets under the Privacy and safety bar and uncheck the box next to.

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    How To See Sensitive Content On Twitter On Iphone Ipad And Web

    Twitter is a social media platform used by people of all ages and backgrounds. In an effort to filter tweets consisting of adult content, violence, or nudity from kids under the legal age of 18 or to warn users who are not interested in such tweets, Twitter flags such tweets as Sensitive Content.

    But, there are many users who want to see sensitive content on Twitter and dont appreciate seeing the warning. Thats why Twitter lets you enable or disable the sensitivity flags on your tweet based on your preferences.

    This article answers all your questions related to Twitters Potentially Sensitive Content feature and guides you on how to see or skip such tweets on the site.


    What Is In Violation Of This Policy

    Our aim is to limit exposure to sensitive images and videos and to prevent the sharing of potentially disturbing types of sensitive media. For this reason, we differentiate our enforcement approach depending on the type of media that has been shared and where it has been shared.

    Graphic violence, adult content, and hateful imagery

    • you canât target people with unsolicited images or videos that contain graphic violence, adult content, or hateful imagery and
    • you canât include graphic violence, adult content, or hateful imagery within live video, profile, header, or List banner images.

    Violent sexual conduct and gratuitous gore

    We prohibit violent sexual conduct to prevent the normalization of sexual assault and non-consensual violence associated with sexual acts. We prohibit gratuitous gore content because research has shown that repeated exposure to violent content online may negatively impact an individualâs wellbeing. For these reasons, you canât share images or videos that depict violent sexual conduct or gratuitous gore on Twitter. Note: very limited exceptions may be made for gory media associated with newsworthy events.

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    Twitter Content: How To Block Potentially Sensitive Tweets On The Platform

    Twitter can now block tweets with potentially sensitive content and those with warning labels, including when you are retweeting them. The warning can be disabled, even when you are using an iPhone or iPad.

    You can also disable any sensitive content warnings on your tweets without having to create a private account.

    How Do You Notice Sensitive Content On Instagram Tales

    How to Change Sensitive Content on Twitter

    To see a blurred picture or publish, merely tap it. Whatexactly constitutes sensitive content isntclear, nor do we know if customers can be able to disable theuse of sensitive content filters in the settings menu. Furthermore, we dont know exactly when the content filterswill seem in users feeds.

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    Content Sensitive Twitter Account

    Twitter accounts that frequently send tweets containing sensitive content cannot be opened normally. The Twitter account will display a warning, this profile may contain sensitive content.

    Heres how to view Twitter accounts with sensitive content:

    • First, open your Twitter account.
    • Then visit accounts containing sensitive content.
    • Then a warning appears that the profile contains sensitive content.
    • You only need to press the button Yes, view profile.
    • Done.

    Now you have successfully opened a Twitter account that contains sensitive content. All tweets and Twitter account media can be accessed and viewed.

    How To Change Sensitive Content On Twitter

    November 17, 2021Nick Anderson 5 minutes

    Social media is ripe with useful information that keeps you engaged, but some of it can be sensitive. Such content is not intended to be viewed by audiences under 18 or people who find such content disturbing. As a Twitter user, it is expected of you that your tweets must be marked as sensitive for others. You can learn how to change sensitive content settings on Twitter through this blog.

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    How To Turn Off Sensitive Content In Twitter On Iphone

    Follow the above steps and uncheck the box for Display media that may contain sensitive content. Further, to stop sensitive content from showing up in search results, etc. take a look at how to enable safe search mode.

    Thats all, folks!

    This is all about enabling sensitive content for your Twitter account. If you have a related query, feel free to ask in the comments down below. Also, just so you know, we post informative content on our handle.

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    What Happens If My Profile Image Is In Violation Of The Twitter Rules

    How To Turn off Sensitive Content on Twitter | Twitter Sensitive Content Settings

    If your profile or header image contains content in violation of the Twitter Rules, we may temporarily suspend your account and remove the offending content. Repeat violations will result in a permanent suspension.

    Additionally, your account may be locked if media in your profile is in violation of Twitter’s media policy. In order to unlock your account, you will need to follow our instructions and remove the media in violation. If your account has been locked, see this article for more information.

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