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How To Change My Photo On Facebook

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How To Change Your Profile Picture On Messenger

How To Change Facebook Profile Picture (2021)

Are you looking to change your profile picture on Messenger but you dont know how to?

Many Messenger users have no idea how to change their profile picture as there isnt a feature for it on the app.

When youre on the app, tapping on your profile will bring you to your settings.

The settings page has multiple options such as dark mode, switch account, active status, and so on.

However, there isnt a function that allows you to edit your profile picture.

In this guide, youll learn how to change your profile picture on Messenger in 3 steps.

Open Facebook And Tap On Your Profile Picture

Open Facebook > log in > menu > see your profile > profile picture > select profile picture or video.

The first step is to open Facebook and change your profile picture there.

To begin with, open the Facebook app on your mobile device.

You can also do this on a desktop, but the screenshots shown in this guide are meant for the Facebook app.

Once youve opened Facebook, log in to your account if you havent already,

The account that youre logging into should be the same accountthat youre using on Messenger.

After youve logged into Facebook, tap on the menu icon on the bottom navigation bar.

On the first tab of the menu, youll see your name along with your profile picture and a caption that says See your profile.

Tap on See your profileto view your Facebook profile.

On your profile, tap on the camera icon on your profile picture.

Then, tap on Select profile picture or video to change your profile picture.

In the next step, youll learn how to change your profile picture via your camera roll.

Change Your Facebook Profile Picture Using The Facebook App

If you access Facebook using the Facebook mobile app on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device, you can change your profile picture using the following steps.

  • Tap the hamburger menu icon in the bottom right corner of the app.
  • Tap the See your profile link.
  • Tap your profile picture or the small camera next to your picture.
  • Tap Select Profile Picture or Video.
  • Select the new picture you want to use as your profile picture.
  • Additional information

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    Up Your Messenger Game

    Like any other app with profile pictures, Messenger doesnt restrict you to just one image. You can change it whenever you want to improve your profile and allow other people to see your best side. The only problem is that you cant do it directly from the app youll need to employ your Facebook account. Luckily, the process is a walk in the park.

    How often do you change your Messenger profile picture? What version of the app are you using? Tell us in the comments section below.

    Change Your Facebook Profile Picture

    How can hide my profile and cover photo in Facebook?

    To change your profile picture on the Facebook website using a Windows or Mac computer, follow the steps below.

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • On your profile page, click the Edit Profile button below your cover photo.
  • You can also click the camera icon at the bottom-right area of the profile picture displayed on the profile cover photo. Clicking the camera icon allows you to skip step 4 below.

  • In the Edit Profile window, click the Edit link to the right of your profile picture.
  • Select a picture from the available pictures on your Facebook account, or click Upload Photo to select a picture from your computer.
  • Adjust the selected picture to fit inside the profile picture circular area, as desired. You can move the picture up and down, left and right, and zoom in or out.
  • After making the desired adjustments, click the Save button.
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    Can You Have Different Profile Pictures On Messenger

    Unfortunately, you cant have a different profile pic on your Messenger than the one on Facebook. They both will be identical. The main reason is that Facebook is connected with Messenger, and the apps have a common database.

    Nevertheless, other apps let you use a separate profile picture, even though Facebook owns them. WhatsApp is the most well-known example. The platform has its own database, enabling you to upload a different profile pic.

    How To Sync Your Contacts

  • Tap Search destination
  • Tap Import contacts at the bottom of the list
  • Tap Allow when prompted to give contacts list access
  • Now your contacts should appear as search results in the drop-off field when you search by their name or address
  • Tap a contact name to use the address as a destination
  • You can also tap on the edit button next to the contact to add or remove an addressthats it!
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    How To Change Your Messenger Profile Picture On An Iphone

    As previously discussed, changing a Messenger profile picture requires access to your Facebook account. If you dont have one or deleted your account, install the app and/or activate or reactivate your account and take the following steps to update the image:

  • Hit the menu button represented by three horizontal lines in the lower section of your screen.
  • Tap your name and the profile picture.
  • Choose the Select Profile Picture or Video option.
  • Select your image or add a new frame.
  • Press the Save button once youre happy with the changes. For the highest quality, the picture should be at least 320 pixels tall and 320 pixels wide.
  • Open your Messenger to see your new profile picture.
  • If the image doesnt appear, restarting the app should fix the issue. To do this, navigate to your phones Settings, followed by Apps, and Messenger. Tap Storage and the Clear Storage option.
  • Open Messenger, and you should see your new image.
  • You may also want to consider editing the photo before sharing it to Facebook and Messenger. This option lets you showcase your images in the best light, increasing the chances of more social interactions.

    Heres how to edit your profile picture before uploading it to Facebook and Messenger:

  • Navigate to the upper part of the News Feed and click the Photo/Video symbol. It should be below the Whats on Your Mind, question.
  • Choose the image you wish to share.
  • After making your adjustments press the Save button.
  • How To Change Your Messenger Profile Picture On A Pc

    How to Change Facebook Profile Picture Without Notifying Everyone – 2021

    If you find your Android or iPhone screen too small to update your Messenger profile picture, you can use your PC. To do so, youll need to employ your browser:

  • Launch your browser and go to Facebooks website.
  • Enter your login credentials.
  • Navigate to the upper bar and press your profile name. Youll now access your profile page.
  • Hover over your profile picture with your mouse to reveal the Update Profile Picture option. Click it, and youll see a window with several settings.
  • Select Upload Photo if you want to use a picture stored on your PC. Your other option is to scroll down and choose an image youve already uploaded to Facebook.
  • Once youve located your preferred picture, click it.
  • Start dragging the image to adjust it. This way, youll be able to modify the thumbnail position according to your preferences. Plus, you can crop, add effects, edit the image, and make it a temporary Facebook profile picture.
  • After making all your customizations, press Save in the lower-right section of this window.
  • Your profile picture should now be uploaded to Facebook and Messenger.

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    How To Change Your Profile Picture In Facebook Messenger

    One of the most important parts of your Messenger account is the profile picture. It represents your first chance to make an impression with other users who may not have visited your Facebook page. Which is why its important to have a quality of the image. Subpar and outdated pictures should be changed since they dont do you justice, but how can you do this?

    In this entry, well give you a step-by-step guide on changing your Messenger profile picture. With this knowledge, youll be able to keep your profile fresh and prevent low-quality images from ruining your chances of interacting through the app.

    Can You Change Your Profile Picture On Messenger Without Facebook

    No, you cannot change your profile picture on Messenger without Facebook.

    You cannot change your profile picture directly on Messenger as there isnt a feature for it.

    The settings that you can edit on Messenger are limited to that of Facebooks.

    Messenger is connected to Facebook, so if you want to change your profile picture on Messenger, you have to change your profile picture on Facebook.

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    Why Cant I Update My Messenger Profile Picture

    There may be various reasons why you cant change your Messenger profile picture. For instance, you cant do it directly through the app because Facebook has disabled this feature on the most current version. You can only do it on older versions of the applications.

    But you can only adjust specific settings on Messenger, such as delivery settings, privacy, notifications and sound, and phone contacts. To edit your Messenger profile , youll need to use your Facebook account.

    Can You Change Your Messenger Profile Picture Without Facebook

    How to Change Your Name on Facebook

    Unfortunately, changing your profile picture without a Facebook account is impossible if youre using Messengers latest version. Prior to 2020, this feature was accessible, but developers have removed it.

    Even though this angered a huge number of Messenger users, theres still a way to update your profile picture. Youll need to make the adjustment from your Facebook account.

    Consequently, people who havent set up a Facebook account will need to create one. Likewise, users who have disabled their accounts will need to reactivate them for the time being. Once theyve updated their profile picture on Facebook, it will be automatically changed on Messenger.

    That said, you might be able to upload a new profile picture on your Messenger account even if you dont have Facebook. This feature is only accessible if youre using an older version of the app. Heres how the process works:

  • Launch Messenger.
  • Select a new image from the gallery or capture a new one.
  • After choosing a profile pic and customizing it, tap Use Photo to save your changes.
  • Your Messenger profile picture should now be updated. However, doing this on an older version is ill-advised. Such apps dont have access to all the necessary features and may even compromise your accounts stability. Therefore, update your Messenger, and the following sections will tell you how to change your profile picture conventionally.

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    How To Change Your Messenger Profile Picture On An Android Device

    Changing your Messenger profile picture on an Android shouldnt give you a hard time, either. The requirements remain the same: you need to have an official Facebook app and an active account.

    If you meet both conditions, you can proceed to update your profile picture:

  • Open your Facebook app.
  • Go to the Whats on your mind box and tap your profile picture to access your profile. Alternatively, you can press the menu symbol that appears as three horizontal bars in the right section of your display and choose your ID.
  • Hit your ID name.
  • Tap your profile picture to access several settings about the image.
  • To change the picture with one from the gallery, youll need to press Select Profile Picture.
  • Select a photo from the gallery. You can also tweak the picture in this menu. Your options include adding frames, making avatar profile pictures, selecting profile videos, and adding designs.
  • After selecting your picture, youll be able to edit it. The process is the same for both Android and iOS users.
  • Once youre happy with your modifications, choose Done.
  • Your Messenger profile pictures should now be updated. But sometimes, the app may not show your new image. Theres a simple solution to this problem:

  • Go to your home screen and navigate to the Settings section.
  • Scroll down and tap the Apps window.
  • Find the Messenger app and press it.
  • Choose the Storage option.
  • Tap Clear Cache and Clear Data.
  • Open your Messenger and check if your profile picture has been changed.
  • Change Your Profile Picture In Teams

    To change your profile picture, click your current picture at the top right of the screen and then click the camera icon that appears when you hover over your profile picture.

    From the menu that appears, click Upload picture to access your photos.

    Note: Teams users with mailboxes hosted on premises must be synchronized to Azure Active Directory. They can change the user profile picture providing Exchange Server 2016 , or above, is running on-premises. For more details, see How exchange and Microsoft Teams interact.

    To change your profile picture, tap your current picture at the top left of your app, and then tap your name to bring up your profile. From there, tap Edit to take or access your photo.

    To change your profile picture, tap More and then tap your picture. From there, tap Edit image to take or access your photo.

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    Can I Have A Different Profile Picture On Messenger

    No, you cannot have a different profile picture on Messenger.

    Your profile picture on Messenger will be the same as your profile picture on Facebook.

    This is because Messenger is connected with Facebook, and they have the same database.

    On the other hand, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, but it has a separate database.

    Since it has a separate database, you can have a different profile picture on WhatsApp than your profile picture on Facebook.

    How Do I Add Or Change My Cover Photo On Facebook

    How to Change Facebook Profile Picture {2 Methods}
  • Click Edit Cover Photo in the bottom right of your cover photo.
  • Click Select Photo. If you don’t currently have a cover photo, click Upload Photo.
  • Click Upload Photo to upload a new photo from your computer or Select Photo to pick a photo from one of your Facebook albums.
  • Once you choose a photo, you can reposition it by clicking the image and dragging it up or down.
  • Click Save Changes.
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