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How To Change Linkedin Url

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How To Change Linkedin Profile Url On A Computer

How To Change or Customize Linkedin URL – 2020
  • Open a browser on your computer.
  • Open , and sign-in or sign-up if you havent done it already.
  • On the top-right corner of the screen, click me and select View profile.
  • On the right side, click Edit public profile & URL.
  • Next, you will be redirected to the Public profile settings page where you will see the option Edit your custom URL.
  • Now, click the edit icon next to your public profile URL.
  • Here, you can first erase the previous entry and type your custom URL.

It Gets You Identified Easily

Unless you have a particularly unique or fascinating name, there are chances for someone with the same name as yours.

It’s your job to make sure that recruiters find the right ‘Steve Smith’ profile. If you have a common name, you can make a slight modification, including the middle initial.

Just use a varied version of your name, try out different variations, or you can also add your professional brand to your URL to make it unique.

How Do You Change Your Linkedin Url

You can change your LinkedIn URL in five easy steps. It’ll take you less than 30 seconds:

First, log into LinkedIn and navigate to your profile.

Second, find the Edit public profile & URL button on the right hand side of your profile:

Third, on the new page, find the Edit your custom URL section:

Fourth, type in whatever you’d like your new URL to be.

Fifth, hit the Save button.

Boom! Now you’re all set up with a brand new, custom Linked URL that you can start using anywhere and everywhere.

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How To Change Linkedin Business Profile Url

Company Page on LinkedIn is different from the brand pages on social media or personal LinkedIn Profile Pages. All the profiles on LinkedIn are geared towards professionals and businesses, which makes it totally different from other social media sites and profiles. Business Profile URL helps the organizations to share job postings, share content and news, showcase company pages and many other things.

Follow below mentioned steps to make changes to your Business Profile URL:

  • Login to the Profile with Admin Access: Login to your LinkedIn Account and go for the option Admin access.

  • Click on Me option at the top right side that shows your profile picture.

  • In the dropdown, you will see your company name. Select the one you have admin access to, and it will take you to the company profile.

  • On the company profile page, there is an option Admin Tools next to the cover picture in the top right-hand side corner. Click on the icon to open-up a dropdown list for you.

  • In the list, select Public URL and you will see the company profile page URL address in the bar.

  • Enter new custom URL: Remove the old URL address from the bar and enter the new one.

  • After you enter the new URL, click on Save Changes. Refresh the browser window and check if the URL has been updated or you can also try re-login to your account.

  • The LinkedIn profile URL starts with and the part following this, is your unique username.

    Considerations Before Editing Your Linkedin Vanity Link

    what is my linkedin url how to find your linkedin url

    SEO: Since were dealing with a redirect here, I dont see a real issue with PageRank, unless you have some high authority sites linking to your LinkedIn profile via the vanity redirect you are thinking about changing.

    Links from news and other large media sites might be tough, if not impossible, to get changed.

    If LinkedIn profile pages hold PageRank, and I believe they do, that rank should be assigned to the original profile URL, e.g., not the vanity redirect.

    Thats not to say, however, PageRank hasnt been flowing through those redirects to your actual profile URL.

    Think PageRank is dead? Dont confuse one of the metrics Google uses for their algorithm and what we see in our browser toolbar add-on or extension. Its apples and oranges. ~ Brian D. Hawkins

    Backlinks: Now links youve setup over the years is another story. You should know that youre old vanity URL WILL NOT work once youve changed it and, after 180 days, it will become available for another LinkedIn member to use. So if you have a bunch of links to your old vanity URL across many social media networks and you dont update the links, they will get a 404 or possibly someone elses profile.

    Are you going to break a bunch of links on your blog by changing that URL? What about guest blog posts? How many links will need to be updated if you do?

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    Find Your Linkedin Url In Your Profile Settings

    The second method to find your LinkedIn URL is to go to your profile. On the right side of the profile, you will find a box that offers you to Edit Public Profile & URL. Click on it and you will be sent to a page that allows you to modify the information in your profile.

    On your right hand is a new box: Edit your custom URL.

    It shows your personalized URL on LinkedIn!

    Should I Edit My Linkedin Url

    Of course, most people keep this default URL. And it isnt always because they dont know how to change your LinkedIn URL. Rather, it doesnt occur to most people to change it at all, because they dont understand the reasons that they should. Armed with the right information, however, you may decide that this is advantageous for you.

    The computer-generated URL that LinkedIn provides you upon signup serves you no purpose.LinkedIn gives you a URL for one purpose: letting people view your profile. In fact, everything on the Internet needs a URL to be visited. And of course, each URL must be unique so that the right page is pulled up at the right time.

    Generic URLs, while serving their basic purpose, dont do anything special. They dont have specific value or relevance to the topic on each page. While a website administrator will typically assign the URL in part based on topic or keyword, LinkedIn only uses a name and numbers. This means that each profile address for people with the same name can only be distinguished by different numbers.

    In practice, this means one thing: default URLs dont have any branding for LinkedIn members. This means that, while the generic URL doesnt hurt your brand, it doesnt help you either. If you know how to change your LinkedIn URL, then you can make that URL work for you.

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    Customizing Your Linkedin Public Profile Url

    You have to understand your own personal DNA. Dont do things because I do them or Steve Jobs or Mark Cuban tried it. You need to know your personal brand and stay true to it.~ Gary Vaynerchuk

    Did you know you can change your custom LinkedIn Profile URL ? You can, .

    Not only did I update much of my profile information this morning, I changed the custom profile URL LinkedIn allows us to have.

    I had csc4u as my LinkedIn custom URL extension for many years. My original brand was Common Sense Communications and I was using for the company domain. Ive re-branded to Mighty Mix Media but since were talking about a personal LinkedIn profile here, I changed from csc4u to BrianDavidHawkins. Its a little long but BrianHawkins and brianDhawkins were both taken. I feel very fortunate to find BrianDavidHawkins available after waiting so many years.

    Navigate To Your Linkedin Profile

    How to change Linkedin Page URL

    In the top right corner of your profile, you should see a link saying: “Edit public profile & URL”. Now click the link to get to the next page.

    On this quite similar page, you find once again in the top right corner the symbol that lets you edit your URL . After pressing the blue icon you should be able to completely customize your URL ending. Personally, I would recommend using your name.

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    Boost Your Job Search With A Custom Linkedin Url

    If you are using the default URL that LinkedIn assigned your profile when you create it, you don’t look like a member of the “In crowd” because the default URL is full of numbers.

    The In crowd members have URL’s that look like this:

    Rather than a URL like this:

    You will look like a much more savvy LinkedIn user, and the URL will look better whenever and where every you post it.

    Here’s how to make this change:

    It’s easy to do:

    1.Go to your LinkedIn home page .

    2.Click on the “Profile” choice, and

    3.Select Edit Profile on the drop-down menu.

    5.Click on the “Edit” link , and a new page will open containing a great deal of information about your Profile. The right column of that page is entitled, “Customize Your Public Profile.” Scroll down near the bottom of that column, and you will find…

    6.Clicking on blue pencil circled above will open this dialog box:

    7.Type in your name or your personal marketing message in the box beside “” and you’re done. Pick the name carefully! Read Your Most Important Keywords for help.

    Pick something that will be applicable and you’ll be happy using for a long time. If your name is available – like “marysmith” – that’s probably your best choice.

    Using only your name is common, if it’s available.

    Add your middle initial or middle name if your “real” name is already being used by someone else.

    Bottom Line

    ‘what Is My Linkedin Url’: How To Find Your Linkedin Url Or Change It To A Custom Address

    REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

    You can change your LinkedIn URL to a custom address to make your page easier to find.

    • It’s important to know what your URL is in order to share your profile page with others, including potential employers.
    • Your original URL is automatically assigned by , but you can also change your URL in your account’s settings.
    • Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

    is a fantastic resource for professionals to connect with colleagues, business associates, and potential employers.

    The site basically allows you to create a publicly accessible resume that highlights your best work, and it can help expedite your job search and career.

    But how do you share your profile with other users, or people you’re not connected to on the site but would like to be?

    Thankfully, makes it easy to find out your unique profile URL, in order to share it with other people, include it in job applications, or for any other reason you might want or need it.

    Finding your URL takes only a few seconds and can be done via your profile page with just a couple of clicks. Here’s how.

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    On Desktop And Mobile Web Browser

  • Sign in to your account and click any of your profile pictures on the left of your screen. Alternatively, click on your profile picture labeled Me at the top of the page, then on View Profile.
  • Your LinkedIn profile URL will now be visible in your browser’s address bar.
  • To copy it, simply right-click the address bar and click Copy.
  • On the mobile web browser, your profile URL will include an additional “/mwlite/” element.
  • To view another member’s profile URL, enter their name into the Search box and click on the appropriate result.

    What Is A Linkedin Url

    Creating a Custom LinkedIn URL

    A LinkedIn URL is your LinkedIn profiles unique web address. If someone were to plug your URL into the address bar on their internet browser, they would be directed right to your LinkedIn profile page. Heres an example of my LinkedIn URL and where it leads:

    Note the URL in the address browser at the very top

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    Make It Easier To Remember And Thus Share With Customers Hiring Managers Or Your Network

    On the other hand, by claiming your name and the URL that goes with it, you have an instantly recognizable LinkedIn profile. This means that you wont have to remember it or through other means. In fact, you could even add the link to your business card or email signature. Both of these options boost the presence of your LinkedIn brand across other channels.

    Another great way to benefit from a custom URL is when you are nurturing sales leads. Depending on the kind of sales youre doing, establishing yourself as a subject matter expert can be especially valuable. In addition, its always important to project a professional image. With a custom URL, you boost a professional image as an individual. If your URL reflects your brand affiliation, it also helps project your SME status.

    Why You Might Want A Custom Linkedin Url

    There are several reasons to create a custom URL on LinkedIn. One is for search engine optimization . Search engines, including Google, use keywords within a URL to help it decide what web pages to deliver in search results. A URL of would have a better chance of ranking well in Google for a search using the keywords “freelance writer Ohio” than would the first URL of

    Another reason to create a custom Linkedin URL is ease of use and recognition. Having a line of numbers at the end of a URL looks messy and difficult, and it’s more likely to be ignored. Whereas, a URL with your or your business’ name at the end will be clear what it’s linking to. While LinkedIn URLs aren’t as straightforward as they could be, the custom URL is still easier to remember than the default one.

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    Linkedin Profile Url Restrictions

    As with many other websites, LinkedIn has specific rules for your public profile. This includes the choice of your profile URL, which are outlined on their website. Lets take a look at their specifications.Your custom URL can be 3-100 characters long. Dont use spaces, symbols, or special characters. In practical terms, this makes it harder for you to pick your name in a slightly altered format. For instance, I couldnt use The customizable part of the URL is case insensitive. This means that you cant use capital letters to try and differentiate your choice, either. One example of this principle is that nealschaffer and NealSchaffer would form the same URL.You can change your URL up to five times within six months. Once you have changed your URL for the fifth time, you wont be able to change it for another six months. Moral of the story: know what you want as your LinkedIn URL. Mastering how to change your LinkedIn URL doesnt mean it can be done constantly just to be cool.If a member uses a URL and then changes it, the original URL will be unavailable to members other than the original owner for six months. From LinkedIns perspective, this is very practical: if a URL has been used, then reassigning it too soon will make for plenty of confusion. The first owners contacts could use it and then get a different profile. This wouldnt provide a good experience for anyone.

    It Can Be Used In Professional Materials

    How to change your LinkedIn profile URL – How to customize your company page URL on LinkedIn 2021

    It’s important to include your LinkedIn profile URL on your professional materials. This means it should be on your resume, your email signature, and your business cards. A messy looking URL with random symbols or special characters isn’t going to cut it, but a personalized URL? Perfect.

    Follow the LinkedIn profile tips below to customize your public URL to promote your professional brand.

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    How To Utilize A Linkedin Url

    Your LinkedIn profile is like an ever-evolving version of your resume, with a portfolio and online Rolodex included. In other words, its the Bible of your professional life. USE IT!

    You can use your LinkedIn URL to help guide other professionals to your profile. Use your LinkedIn URL on your:

    • Email signature
    • Resume
    • Professional website/portfolio

    While professionals within your industry and hiring managers can learn the basics from your resume, business cards, website, and more, your LinkedIn profile provides a wealth of information including endorsements from past managers, coworkers and clients, accomplishments, interests, links to published works, and more. Make it great and share it everywhere you can!

    How To Endorse Someone On Linkedin

    One of the major benefits of growing your LinkedIn network is the ability to leverage your connections for endorsements. As previously mentioned, endorsements help boost your credibility since your peers are validating your skills.

    A great way to start getting endorsements is by giving them, heres how:

    1. Go to your connections profile by searching their name2. Scroll down to the Skills & Endorsements section3. Click the blue plus sign to endorse a skill4. In the pop-up, select a skill level and how youre familiar with your connections skills

    Its important to note that your connection will be notified of the endorsement and will have to accept it before it appears on their profile.

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    What Is My Linkedin Url

    A lot of you might be wondering, What is my URL for LinkedIn? Below is the screengrab of the URL from Bill Gates LinkedIn profile.

    Notice how the URL matches his original name. This URL has been customized to suit his profile, which makes it easier for people to search and look him up.

    You can add your LinkedIn URL resumes, business cards, and email signatures, so your contacts know how to reach you. This LinkedIn URL is specific to your user profile.

    The Steps To Edit Public Profile Url:

    How to Change Your LinkedIn URL
  • Then click View profile.
  • Select Edit your public profile and URL to the right.
  • Under the Edit your personalized section to the right, click the Edit icon next to your public profile URL.
  • name must be a similar address.
  • Type the last part of your new personalized URL in the text box.
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