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How To Change Facebook Messenger Notification Sound

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If Playback Doesn’t Begin Shortly Try Restarting Your Device

How to change Facebook Messenger Notification Sound

How to change notification sound on iphone for messenger. After you’ve made sure the sounds are on, cu iphone on , simultaneously press and hold the sleep / power off and homeuntil the black screen with the logo appears apple. Change the notification sound under sounds. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Ios restricts notification sounds being changed not the app itself. However, what it does is pull system notification sounds. In the settings> sounds section there is.

How to set custom text tones on mood messenger tap the conversation you wish to set a custom notification for. To do this, you have to open the application from the phone’s app drawer. Notification sounds are not coded lol.

Now tap the manage notifications option at the bottom. Navigate to the desired sound and set is as your custom notification sound for the messenger app. The first step to change the notification sound in messenger is top launch the application.

Tap the profile image at the top left corner of the screen.2. For example, samsung does not restrict notification sounds being changed. Steps to change the notification sound on facebook messenger1.

You will then tap on notification sound here to change the message tone and the ringtone option to change the calling tune. Open messenger on your smartphone and tap on profile pic > notifications & sounds. Thats ridiculous and doesnt even make sense.

About notifications on iphone, ipad, and ipod touch.

How Do I Change My Messenger Notification Sound On Pc

Change Messenger Sounds

  • Rename the existing sound files. Go to Start | Computer.
  • Choose new sound files.
  • Go to Start | Computer | Drive | Windows | Media.
  • Replace old sound files with new files.
  • Return to C: | Eaglesoft | Shared Files.
  • Rename the new sound files.
  • Right-click the new sound file and choose Rename.
  • Change Notification Sounds And Ringtone On Messenger

    Changing your sounds on Messenger is very simple and easy on your Android device. However, it is not the same case on your iOS device. As Messenger is a Facebook product and does not have any connections with Apple, changing the settings of Messenger on Apple devices is always hard and riddled with barriers.

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    Why Is Messenger Sound Not Working

    Notification Turned off for Specific Contacts In other words, the Messenger app wont play the notification sound when he/she sends you a message. Android Users: Open a conversation in the app and tap on the info icon visible in the top-right corner. Tap on the Notifications and Unmute Conversation options accordingly.

    How To Change Notification Sound For Messenger In Ios :

    How to change the notification sounds in Facebook ...

    To begin the process, launch the Facebook Messenger application on your smartphone and hit on the profile icon to open the settings menu. After that, go to notifications & sounds.

    In the next tab youll see two options: Notification Sound and Free Call Ringtone. Tap on each to change Messenger sound in iOS 10.

    Actually, no two smartphone models are built-in with the same specs and sounds. Messenger also does not offer ways to choose custom notification sounds. What it does is, Messenger just pulls default system tones.

    Thats why you see the list of different sound files. These vary from device to device because manufacturers show their uniqueness in every launch.

    As said above, Messenger developed by Facebook is not reliable when it comes to notifications sounds. It doesnt let you choose a sound file that you downloaded from the web or the default ones uploaded by manufacturers.

    In case youd like to apply any of them, choose a tone and tap on it to hear a preview for an idea of how it sounds. If you like the sound you selected, hit ok and leave the page.

    To choose others, try alternatives and do the same. Therefore, if someone connects to you when the app is closed, youll still hear noise other than the default ones.

    If you have an iPhone or iPad, you cant actually change the default Facebook Messenger notification sound and call ringtones. Because it controls both messages and alert tones as well.

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    How To Change Messenger Sound In Ios 10

    Facebook Messengergives a really useful platform for getting in touch with your near and dear ones as well. Not only chats, however, it also has some other features up its sleeves. It permits you in order to create Groups, browse Stories, and also even comes along with some short games to kill off your time. However, one thing that it strangely lacks is to apply custom sounds and also ringtones as the apps notifications sounds. Yes, you guys cannot set your favorite custom notification sounds for chats and calls in the Facebook Messenger app. But there exists a handy trick in order to simply bypass this restriction. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Change Messenger Sound in iOS 10. Lets begin!

    Many Facebook Messenger users are complaining about a strange issue. The app also keeps changing notification sound automatically. That can be really annoying because, after some time, you guys get accustomed to the tune. Most of the users like to use custom notification sounds because they like it, sounds better. And it helps them differentiate between different messaging app notifications as well.

    Today, we are actually going to see where this error comes from, how to fix messenger keeps changing notification sound issue. And how to change notification sound in Messenger to the one you want as well. Lets start.

    How To Change Messenger Notification Sound

    When you get a new chat notification and hear that ding sound. Believe me, its too loud and annoying. However, its the default notification sound/tone on Facebook Messenger. Android users can change it while iOS/iPhone users are stuck with the default one. Here is the easy way to change it:

    Open the Messenger app and tap your profile icon at the top left. Now tap Sound & Notifications, tap Notification Sound and select the one sound you like. Dont worry the changes will be saved automatically. You may wanna listen to each one before setting it as your default one. Moreover, the suggestion is to update your Messenger app to enjoy the latest/new notification sounds.

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    How Do I Change The Ringtone For A Song On Messenger

    To start, fire up Messenger, then tap your profile picture in the top left on either of the primary tabs. That will open the Settings menu. Now, locate and tap Notifications & Sounds. Here, youll find both Notification sound and Free call ringtone. Tap on either to open its expanded settings.

    How Do I Change My Messenger Notification Sound

    How to change Facebook Messenger Notification sound

    How to change Facebook Messenger notification sound

  • Open Facebook Messenger and tap on your profile picture in the top left, which will bring you to the main settings menu.
  • Tap on the Notifications and Sounds sub-menu under Preferences.
  • Once inside, you can pick separate tones for notification sounds and ringtones.
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    Change Messenger Sounds For Ios

    Unfortunately, there is no proper way to change Messenger sounds on your iOS device. As Messenger is not an Apple product, it is always difficult to change its settings on an iPhone or iPad.

    You can block or mute the Messenger notifications on your iOS device. But it is not possible to easily change your default Messenger sounds like that of Android. However, according to a discussion on the Apple forum, you can change the Messenger sound on your iOS device in the following way.

    On your iOS device,

    • Tap on Settings> Sounds & Haptics> Text Tone.
    • From the two sound lists, Alerts and Ringtones, you can choose the sounds for messaging apps, including Messenger.

    However, this is not a verified method and may not work on your iOS device. So, be aware of any type of failure whenever you try this method.

    How To Change Messenger Sound In Ios 10 Via App

    You need to open Messenger on your smartphone and click on Profile pic > Notifications & Sounds. You will then click on Notification sound here in order to change the message tone. And the Ringtone option in order to change the calling tune.

    Heres the actual thing. Messenger basically offers no way to choose custom notification sounds. But, what it does is pull system notification sounds. We know from experience that no two smartphones are alike and each and every manufacturer likes to ship phones along with their own customized sounds. Thats why, whenever you open the list, you will see different sound files than what I am seeing on my Mi phone actually.

    Well, notification sounds will, therefore, vary from device to device. There is actually no way to choose a sound file that you downloaded from the web here. Sad because it is, thats the way it actually is. There is no way to choose a different notification sound on Messenger for Android for group messages either actually. Messenger is not really flexible whenever it comes to notifications, eh?

    Here is the bummer as well. If you guys are using an iPhone or an iPad. You cant really change the default notification sound either. This basically goes for both messages and call alert tones as well. What you guys can do is turn off the notifications under the In-app sound option. That will turn off the sound when you have the app open on your phone.

    How to Change Messenger Sound in iOS 10 via Settings

    Have a Great Day!

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    How Do You Change Your Text Color

    Like we have mentioned earlier, unfortunately, Android devices do not have the feature to change the text color in the default messaging app. Instead, you can change the background color. If you are desperate to change the text style, font, and color, you can use a different messaging app as your texting app.

    Mute Notifications For A Single Conversation

    How to Change the Notification Sound &  Call Ringtone in ...

    For both Android and iOS devices

    • Open the conversation on the Messenger app you want to mute.
    • From the top right, click on the i icon.
    • There is a Mute icon under the Contact name on the right side. Tap on it.
    • Set the duration to mute the notifications and tap Ok.


    • Go to the conversation of the contact you want to mute.
    • On the right sidebar, under Privacy and Support, click on Mute Conversation.
    • Set the duration and click on Mute to mute the conversation for a single contact.

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    How Do I Change My Microphone Settings On Messenger

    7 Facebook Messenger cannot detect microphones.Check to see if applications have access to your microphone

  • Go to Start Settings Privacy Microphone.
  • To enable microphone access to the device, click Change.
  • Switch the toggle to the right under Allow apps access to your microphone to allow applications to use it.
  • Change Messenger Sounds For Android

    You can use the following ways to change your Notification sound settings and Ringtone on Messenger Android with the following ways.

    From Messenger App on Android

    • Open Messenger App on your Android device.
    • Tap on your Profile Picture.
    • Scroll down to Notifications and sounds.
    • There, you will get the option of changing your notification sounds, as well as the ringtone.
    • From the bunch of options, choose the one that you find most suitable.
    • Now, if someone contacts you on Messenger, you will hear a different sound than the default ding of Facebook Messenger.

    From Android Phone Settings

    Set Custom Ringtone on Messenger in Android

    You can also set the custom ringtone of your choice on Messenger. This is a new software update that Messenger has added in 2021. Here is how you can add custom sound on Messenger.

    On your Android device,

    • Go to Messenger > Profile > Notifications and Sounds > Manage Notifications > Chats and Calls > Sound > Choose local ringtone.
    • Go to Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > Notifications > Chat and Calls > Sound > Choose local ringtone.
    • A new browser window will open to your file manager.
    • You can choose your sound and add it to Messenger.
    • In this way, you can add a custom ringtone to your Messenger app on Android.

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    Can I Change Messenger Ringtone Or Notifications On Pc

    No, you cannot change the Messenger notifications and ringtone sound on PC. Because there are no settings in the preferences. Even I have checked the options in the latest version of Messenger for the desktop app. There are no settings for doing so. In short, you cannot change Facebook Messenger notifications either the ringtone on PC, on, and Facebook/messages.

    How To Change Messenger Sound

    How to change the notification sound on Facebook messenger

    Facebook Messenger is a very popular app used by a huge number of people for chatting, video calling, and other forms of communication. However, most people do not bother to change their notification sounds or ringtones on Messenger.

    Normally, this would not be a problem. However, when you are among a crowd and a Messenger notification beeps, how can you know that it is yours? You might be getting an important text which you may ignore. So, it becomes important to know how to change your Messenger sounds like the Notification beeps or Ringtones. Therefore, in this article, we shall show you how you can change sounds on your Messenger app.

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    How To Change Messenger Ringtone

    Facebook Messenger allows users to change the default ringtone sound. There are lots of ringtone sounds you can choose from. In short, you can also a custom ringtone if you want. That is what I am going to cover with another heading below. Before getting started, make sure to updater your Facebook Messenger to its latest version to enjoy new sounds. Now, here is how to change the default ringtone/call sound on Facebook Messenger:

    Open the Messenger app. Then tap your profile picture at the top left corner. Now tap Notifications & Sounds. Tap Ringtone from the list. Now you will see lots of sounds you can use as your default ringtone sound. Then select the one you like and the changes will be saved automatically. So, that is how easily you can change the default ringtone sound on your Facebook Messenger app.

    However, there are no such settings on Facebook Messenger to set a custom ringtone. Dont worry some alternative methods available for doing so. I will show you the easy method to do. You dont need to root your device or install custom apps. Read also: Fix Messenger Chat Heads Not Working.

    How To Change Ringtone In Messenger

    Facebook Messenger is the most popular yet very powerful instant messaging app. Almost every Facebook user has Messenger installed on their smartphone. It has hundreds of customization features. Users can now add their Avatars and use them as their stickers and much more. For sure, it will never let you down in terms of customization and connectivity. Also, you can fix several problems with Messenger notifications.

    However, one really annoying feature, the default notification sound, and its ringtone. When you get a notification or call, the tone/sound is loud, boring, and kind of old too. In short, you may wanna change it after some time. Thankfully, the Messenger has a lot of other ringtones and notifications sound you can choose from. Even you have the option to turn off Messenger notifications completely. Moreover, you can use and add custom ringtones. So, what are you waiting for? let get into the easy step to change it.

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    How To Change Notification Sound For Messenger In Ios 10 Via Settings

    Users all over the world are facing problems with Facebook Messenger notification sounds.

    They said that the app is automatically changing the notification sound. Many of them wrote a file name with an unknown code set as the default one even if the file is not installed on the device.

    Not all devices, only Android smartphones asking with different OEMs. However, to resolve this issue follow the lines described below.

    In iPhone, you cant change Messenger sound in iOS 10. Even if you adjust sound settings, it doesnt take any effect on the default Messenger tone ding and default Messenger call ringtone.

    Therefore, if you dont want to hear any of the alerts from Facebook Messenger, mute your iPhone. To do it, checkout the process described below on how to disable Messenger sounds in iPhone.

    1. First of all, click on your profile icon in the upper left and then tap Notifications and Sound.

    2. Up next disable the last two options.

    3. You will no longer receive any in-app sounds and alerts. But you still see the Facebook Messenger preview when you dont use the app.

    Thats it, now you wont hear any notification sounds. In case if you mute your iPhone, you cant hear the sounds. Likewise to disable the notifications period for the Facebook Messenger app, open settings and visit Notifications.

    Finally, toggle off sounds. This will only disable notification sounds, but not the ringtone.

  • First, open your device settings and click on Notifications & Status bar.
  • Can You Change The Sound Facebook Messenger Makes

    How to change the notification sounds in Facebook ...

    Yes, you can change both the ringtone and notification sound Facebook Messenger makes. Simply tap your file icon at the top left, then Notifications & Sound. You will both options to change the Messenger ringtone and notification sound. As everything is described above. Also, screenshots are provided above for your reference.

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