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How To Change Default Email On Gmail

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Changing Your Default Sending Email Address In Gmail

How to Change Your Primary Email Account to Gmail in Chrome | Mailto: Set Default Email to Gmail

If youre the type of person who uses multiple email addresses because you feel you need one for everything , then you know that you can choose which one to send from each time you compose a new email.;

But did you know that you could save a little bit of time by setting your Gmail account to use a specific email address for every email you send? You even have the option to change it on a per-case basis if necessary.

In order to choose the account and email address that youd like to set as the default when it comes to composing a new email message:

  • Click the Settings gear icon located in your Gmail accounts toolbar.
  • From the menu that appears, select the See all settings option.
  • Next, youll want to select Accounts and Import.
  • Then, select make default next to the desired name and email address present under Send mail as.
  • You will not be able to change the default sending address using either the iOS or Android Gmail apps.
  • Those apps will, however, respect the default you set it as after changing it using a desktop web browser.
  • Your default sending account has now been set. This means that whenever you compose a new message in Gmail or forward an email, the email address that youve set as the Gmail default will be the automatic choice that pops up in the From: line of the email.;

    To have Gmail always use the default address in the From: line when you start a reply instead of the address used initially:

  • Click the Settings gear icon your Gmail accounts toolbar.
  • Why Isnt My Email Syncing On My Phone

    Clear the Cache and Data for Your Email App While these files dont normally cause any issues, its worth clearing them to see if that fixes the email sync issue on your Android device. To clear cache: Access the Settings app and tap on Apps & notifications. Find your email app, like Gmail, and tap on it.

    How To Change Default Gmail Account On Mobile

    Knowing how to change default Gmail account on an Android phone, iOS mobile, or iPad device is lengthy compared to that on a PC. Initially, you need to remove the default primary email account. Then, you have to set another account as your default account.

    1. Go To Accounts And Sync Settings

    To begin with, open your mobile Phone Settings by clicking on the gear icon in your notification bar and select the Accounts & sync option.

    2. Tap On Google Accounts Option

    Next, select the Google accounts option from the given list of options.

    3. Select The Primar Account

    Now, select the Gmail account that has already been set as the primary email account.

    4. Click Remove Account

    Now, go back to the Accounts & sync option and select Add account at the bottom.

    6. Click On Google Account

    Now, select Google from the available list of options.

    7. Sign In To The New Default Gmail Account

    In the next window, enter the second Gmail account, the new one that you want to make default. Once you enter your professional or personal Gmail address or phone number, click on Next to enter the password and complete the entire process.

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    How To Change Default Gmail Account When Using Multiple Accounts

    Nowadays, most of us have multiple e-mail addresses that we use for different purposes. It is thanks to Gmails handy Multiple Sign-in feature that were able to access all of our accounts on the web at the same time. But, were also aware that it is not the easiest task to handle so many different accounts in a single window and stuff can sometimes get mixed up in the process.

    Not only that, when you use multiple Gmail accounts in a single browser window, there are times when you cannot access certain Google products such as YouTube, Google Drive and Google+ among others;because the e-mail currently in-use is not the default one for that session. The default e-mail id when accessing multiple Gmail accounts is the one that was first one used to log in the e-mail provider. So, you may be required to change the Gmail account depending on the task at hand.

    How Do I Open A Link From Google Play

    How to Change the Setting of the Gmail Account

    You can change your settings to open links into instant apps or websites. If you turn on Upgrade web links, and click certain links, the instant app may open and youll be able to use some of its features, without actually installing the full app. If the setting is turned off, the link will open in a website.

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    I Do Not See The Service Handler Icon For My Favorite Email Servicecan I Manually Add A Web


    To add a web-based email service to handle clicks on email addresses with a new message when the service handler icon is not available:

  • Open the email service you wish to use by default in Google Chrome.
  • Select More Tools | Developer Tools;from the menu that has appeared.Keyboard shortcut: You can also press;Ctrl
  • Reasons You Might Want To Change Your Default Gmail Account

    There may be many reasons youd like to change your default Gmail account. If you have several Gmail accounts you use on different devices at different times, it can be useful to set each device with the default account that you use most often.

    For example, if you have a work Gmail account that you use exclusively on your desktop during working hours, and a personal Gmail account that you use on your tablet and smartphone, then you might want to set your work email account as the default on your desktop, and your personal account as the default on your phone and tablet.ADD_THIS_TEXT Setting a default account on your various devices in this way can help with your time management. After all, you dont want to be distracted with personal emails when youre at the office. Likewise, after a busy day, you might want to switch off from work and keep your personal devices free of work emails.

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    When You Had Too May Gmail Accounts You Can Select A Particular Account To Reply To The Mails

    Gmail is a web-based emailing service that lets you send, receive, and organize emails. A user can have any number of Gmail account in possession. But having more than one or two may email accounts sometimes lead to confusion in sending and reply to a mail. If you are struggling to manage multiple Gmail accounts, follow the below instructions to change the default email on Gmail and make sending & replying effortless.

    Change Default Sending Gmail Account

    How to Change Your Default Gmail Account

    #1: Open Gmail on your desktop and sign in with your Gmail account.

    #2: Click on the Settings icon from the top right.

    #3: Choose See All settings from the drop menu.

    #4: In the Settings window, head to Account and Import section.

    #5: At the Send mail as column, click on the Add another email address.

    #6: Now, Add the mail address through which you like to send an email and Verify it.

    #7: Once added, click on Make Default to make the email ID as your default sending mail account.

    Useful Link: Steps to Change Default Language on Gmail

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    To Install Gmail As Your Default Email Client In Internet Explorer

  • Open your Internet Explorer web browser.
  • Install the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer by clicking this link:;.
  • Once installed, click the;Toolbar Options;icon in the top right-hand side of the window.
  • Scroll down to the Web-browsing tools section, and select;Use Gmail for Mail To links.
  • Click Save.;
  • Change The Default Gmail Account In Your Android Smartphone

    When you first set up your Android mobile phone, it is . The account is required to access Google Play Store and Google Play Services, the background processes and various apps. Some people call Google account as Gmail account for the simple reason that Gmail is the most used Google service, apart from the search engine, of course! So, for the sake of familiarity, we will refer Google account as Gmail account from now on in this article.

    Your search queries and app preferences are saved in your Gmail account. Thus you can use the same preferences on all your Android devices. If you change your preferences on one device, it automatically changes on the other devices as well. However, you can always change the primary or the default Gmail account on your mobile phone. Most folks advise that on an Android device, one should have only one Gmail account. However, about a year ago, I changed my primary email to Yahoo! mail on one of my mobile phones and did not face any problems so far. I am not advising you to switch your primary Gmail account to Yahoo! mail, but, if you do change, do so at your own discretion.

    This article lists methods to change your primary or default Gmail account.

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    Choose Your Default Account

    Step 1. Go to your Gmail inbox.

    Step 2. Click on your profile image at the top right of your inbox.

    Step 3. Sign out of your account. Your Gmail account and all other linked accounts will be signed out

    Step 4. Back in, click Sign in and choose your preferred default account.

    Step 5. Enter your password.

    Step 6. Click Next.

    Step 7. Now you can add your other accounts to your new default account. Check out or video below if youre still having issues with changing your default Gmail Account.

    Make Gmail The Default Email Program When You Click Email Links In Chrome Browser

    Inbox by Gmail: Change Default Email
  • Open Chrome Browser and click More;Settings.
  • Go to the Privacy and security section.
  • Next to Site Settings, click the Right arrow
  • Scroll down to;Additional permissions and click Expand;.
  • Next to Handlers, click the Right arrow .
  • At the top, make sure;Allow sites to ask to become default handlers for protocols is turned on.

    Note: Scroll down to the Blocked section and make sure that doesn’t appear in this list.

  • In your Chrome Browser’s address bar, enter
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    Apple Now Allows Third

    One of the most-anticipated new features in iOS 14 is that it will allow you to set your favorite mail app as the default option when you tap on an email link. Android users have been able to do that for a while, and it’s one of the things that email power users have been asking for from Apple. If you’re still using the Mail app that comes with iOS, there really are better options–just don’t set your default to Gmail.;

    Look, I understand that you use Gmail as an email service. Almost everyone does–that’s fine. I know a bunch of you planned to set Gmail as your default app in the near future, which means that it’s an important time for a gentle public service announcement: Please don’t.;

    I’m not kidding.;

    You can use Gmail with almost any modern email app, so there’s no reason to use the app with the same name. It isn’t good, either in terms of design;or functionality. You can do so much better. In fact, I’m going to give you a few options you should consider instead.;I know I’m a bit of an email snob, and I’m pretty picky about design. While Google is great at making things that work really well, their design language leaves much to be desired.

    Setting Up Email Forwarding In Gmail

    Once youve created your new email account, you may want to still continue receiving emails that are sent to your old email address. To do that, youll need to forward those emails to your new account.

    To set up email forwarding follow these steps:

    1. Go to Gmail, and sign in using your previous Google ID .

    2. In the top right, click on the cog, and then Settings.

    3. Click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

    4. In the Forwarding section, click on Add a forwarding address.

    5. Enter the email address to which you want to forward messages .

    6. Click Next > Proceed > OK.

    7. Youll then be sent a verification to that new address, so click on the verification link within the email.

    8. Return to the Settings page in your old account, refresh your browser, and navigate to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

    9. In the Forwarding section, select Forward a copy of incoming mail to.

    10. Its recommended that you choose to keep a Gmail copy in the inbox.

    11. Click Save Changes.

    To reverse this and cancel forwarding, go back into Settings, and in the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, click Disable forwarding.

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    How To Make Gmail Your Default Windows 10 Email Client

    If you get a new computer or fresh install of Windows 10, you might not want Windows Mail as your default email client and instead set it to Gmail.

    Earlier, we showed you how to change the default email app in Windows 10. That is all well and good if you want to change the default app from the Windows Mail app to a different desktop email client like Outlook or Thunderbird. But a lot of people want to use Gmail from their Chrome browser. So here is how to make it open as your default email, namely for those stubborn Mailto: links.

    Migrate Your Emails And Contacts

    Change default email client on Windows 10

    When youre ready, the big step will be to migrate emails;from Outlook to Gmail. Thankfully, Google makes the Outlook to Gmail migration process relatively simple.

    When youre ready to import your old messages and contacts, head to Settings in the upper-left corner of the desktop app, and click Accounts and Import. Then, choose Import mail and contacts.

    Youll get a pop-up window asking you to sign in to your previous email address.

    You may also be required to provide your previous email providers POP server name and port number; for most major providers, Gmail will enter these settings for you, but if youre using a non-traditional provider, you may need to research these settings yourself.

    Thats really it. Once you follow the rest of Gmails instructions and click Save, your contacts and old messages will be automatically loaded into your Gmail account. Once youve done it, Gmail will automatically forward messages sent to your old address to your new Gmail address for 30 days.

    You can also learn how to export Gmail contacts here.

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    How To Change Default Email On Gmail

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    • Step 1:Navigate to Google Chrome and then sign into the Gmail account using the valid credentials and proceed with how to change default email on Gmail .
    • Step 2:Select the Settings icon at the top-right corner of the screen and then click the Settings option.
    • Step 3:Navigate to the Accounts and Import tab.
    • Step 4:Go to the Send mail as field and click the Make Default link beside the desired email address.


    • Step 1:Go to the Settings icon and select the Settings option.
    • Step 2:Select the Accounts and Import tab for changing email account for replies.
    • Step 3:Go to the When replying to a message tab and then select the Always reply from the default address option.
    • Step 4:From now onwards after using these how to change default email on Gmail, the email that you want to send, forward, or reply will be sent from the selected default email address.

    New Messages And Forwards Vs Replies

    When you compose a new message or forward a message in Gmail, your default email address is used in the From line.

    Replies work differently. Gmail, by default, uses the address from which you originally sent the message for any replies to it. This makes sense because the sender of the original message automatically receives a reply from the address to which they sent their email, instead of an email address that’s new to them.

    Gmail lets you change that behavior, though, so the default Gmail address is used in all emails you compose as the automatic choice for the;From;field.

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    Set Gmail As Iphone Default Mail App

    We lsited the steps above to set any email client as default mail app for iPhone. You can follow similar steps to set up Gmail client as a default email with iPhone. We are covering the article with Gmail app for iPhone.

  • Install the GMail app on your iPhone.;
  • Open Settings on the iPhone.
  • Go to the Gmail client app.
  • Tap Default Mail App.
  • Choose your Gmail client from the next window.
  • Once you set Gmail client as the default email app on the iPhone, it will be used to create drafts by default. When you open an email ID or trying to send an email from within an app, you can compose the draft in your favorite app.

    To Install Yahoo As Your Default Email Client In Internet Explorer

    How to Change Your Default Gmail Account: 11 Steps (with ...
  • Open your Internet Explorer web browser.
  • Install the Yahoo! Toolbar for Internet Explorer by following this link:;Yahoo! Toolbar.
  • Restart your browser by quitting and reopening it.
  • Open your computers;Control Panel.
  • Click;Internet Options.
  • Select;Yahoo! Mail;from the drop-down menu.
  • Click;OK.
  • Open your Chrome web browser.
  • Click the;Chrome menu;icon in the top right-hand corner of the window.
  • Click;Settings.
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    Utilizing The Swipe Gesture

    At last, come back to your inbox and swipe evenly on any email. If you changed the signal to erase, a red foundation would rise, uncovering white trash can symbol inside it.

    If you chose to keep the default activity of documenting, an open box with a descending confronting bolt within a green foundation will appear. In any case, when you swipe your finger to the other side, you will be told that you either erased the thing or filed it.

    With the swipe motion, its anything but difficult to expel irrelevant messages. A couple of quick swipes to one side or right, and you can rapidly dispose of all your new words to concentrate on the news that issue.

    In case youre running more than one record, its anything but difficult to get things muddled and spare an inappropriate record as default. Look at the means underneath to set the default to represent mail, contacts, and schedules, and keep yourself on track.

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