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How To Change Cover Photo On Facebook

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Prince Charles Special Bond With Baby Lilibet

How To Change Cover Photo On facebook

It has been claimed by a source that the Prince of Wales was “absolutely thrilled” to see Harry and Meghan and family.

A senior royal source spooke during the Clarence House’s annual review, said it was ‘wonderful’ to have the Sussexes back in the UK during the Jubilee in June.

They said: “It was fantastic to see them. It was wonderful to have them back in Britain.

“The prince, of course, hasn’t seen his grandson Archie for a bit of time and so it was very, very, very special to have some time with him.

“He hadn’t met Lili, his granddaughter, and so to meet her was very emotional, a very, very wonderful thing.”

Prince Williams Spat With Photographer And Youtube

The Royals are rowing with Googles YouTube after a video surfaced of Prince William arguing with a photographer.

The footage showed the Prince having heated words with the photographer who was snapping him on a bike ride in Sandringham.

Kensington Palace says the video breaches his privacy.

However the video has already been viewed by thousands of people.

Prince Charles Picks Up New Title In The Wake Of His Father’s Death

The late Prince Philip passed away a year ago and was the patron for the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

Prince Philip was highly regarded for his role as patron which has now been given to Charles.

Reportedly, Michael Griffin, who is the President of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, said having Prince Charles as the new patron is a privilege.

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Queen’s Legacy Is Being Trashed By Prince Charles

THE Queen’s 70 year long legacy on the throne could be trashed after allegations emerged that Prince Charles accepted cash-stuffed bags from a rich Sheikh.

Her Majesty has spent 70 careful years on the throne curating a strong and trustworthy relationship with the British public.

Sadly, this could come crashing down for the royal family once again after a shocking revelation was made about Prince Charles.

A charity watchdog is currently investigating how payments of 1 million each totalling more than £2.5million were accepted by the heir to the throne during private meetings between 2011 and 2015, according to a Sunday Times report.

But critics say the heir’s risky behaviour will ruin the Queen’s remarkable legacy.

The newspaper says: “The outpouring of love for the Queen that characterised the Jubilee celebrations should not be misconstrued as unconditional support for the monarchy.

“If one family is to reign by birthright in the 21st century, it must recognise that it does so under licence from the public. It would be foolhardy for Charles to take that licence for granted.

“His mother has guarded it with care since 1953. There is a danger that her son will fray it if he continues his past pattern of behaviour on the throne.”

The news comes after Her Majesty recently celebrated an incredible 70 years on the throne and weathered the storm of the assault allegations shrouding Prince Andrew.

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  • In Pictures: Crowds Of People Wait For A Glimpse Of The Royals In Scotland

    How To Change Cover Photo On Facebook ?

    Scots lined the streets of the Royal Mile in wait of Prince Charles and Princess Anne.

    Prince Charles is known as the Duke of Rothesay while he is in Scotland.

    Fans waited patiently to see Prince Charles and Princess Anne as they made their way to The Order of the Thistle.

    The Order of the Thistle is the Scottish version of the Order of the Garter.

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    Prince Andrew Could Be Next On Fbi List He Should Be Concerned

    Ghislaine Maxwell has been convicted for 20 years for sex trafficking.

    Following her sentencing, Brad Edwards to bagged Virginia Giuffre £12 million in settlement fees from Andrew, urged the FBI to investigate the Prince.

    The attorney told The Mirror: Obviously, Andrew is one of the targets they will be looking into.

    He should definitely be concerned about it.

    Here We Go Again Meg And Harry Spotted At Oprahs 81 Million Mansion

    Harry and Meghan have sparked fear amongst royals fans that they could be preparing for another BOMBSHELL interview with Oprah Winfrey.

    The couple were spotted entering the stars £81 million mansion this weekend.

    They were seen driving into the massive house, with Meghan in the back, next to a baby seat and Harry sitting upfront next to who many believe to be Janina Gavankar.

    Could this mean another interview is on the way?

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    How To Create A Facebook Cover Photo

    The minimum dimensions for a Facebook cover photo are currently 400 x 150 pixels. Any less and your image will appear stretched and blurry. Other rules to follow with cover photos include:

    • PNG files provide the best quality image, .
    • For the best resolution, stick to at least 820 x 312 pixels
    • Make sure youre not violating any copyrights
    • Make sure your photo or video is safe-for-work
    • Ensure youre not breaking any Facebook advertising rules with your cover photo

    Cover photos are public, so its important to choose something that appeals to everyone. Additionally, getting the resolution and size of your image right will help to convey a more professional image for your brand. A great way to make sure that your Facebook cover photo looks perfect is to use a service like Landscape by Sprout for quick and effective resizing.

    In Pictures: The Order Of The Thistle Service

    How to Change Your Facebook Cover Photo

    Prince Charles and the Princess Royal were snapped entering the service earlier today .

    The Prince of Wales is known as the Duke of Rothesay while in Scotland, during the Holyrood week.

    Part of Holyrood week saw the Order of the Thistle, which is the highest order of chivalry in Scotland, the equivalent to the Order of the Garter which was held in Windsor recently.

    Himself and his sister, Princess Anne, were spotted wearing the traditional dress for the installation of The Right Honourable Dame Elish Angiolini and The Right Honourable Sir George Reid, at St Giles’ Cathedral, Edinburgh.

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    How To Upload A Facebook Cover Photo

    Once youve created an , go to your Facebook business page and hover the mouse cursor over the cover photo space. Click add a cover in the left corner and upload the photo youve created. A preview will appear in the cover space. When youre happy, click publish. Depending on what type of image you use, your cover photo can:

    • Introduce your team, improving the transparency of your business.
    • Showcase your products or services.
    • Demonstrate your brand and enhance your professional image.
    • Highlight upcoming events.

    The Real Cost Of The Royal Family: 102 Million A Year

    A report has been released TODAY that reveals UK tax payers spent £102.4 million on the Royals last year.

    The Sovereign Grant Report also shows that last year, as in-person royal visits resumed following the pandemic, their travel costs rocketed from £1.3m to £4.5m.

    Royal finances expert Norman Baker told The Mirror: The Government should have a complete rethink of how taxpayers money is allocated to the Royal Family.

    We have no say in how the royals choose to use private jets or helicopters, which are all paid for out of the public purse, and while ordinary people are struggling it isnt right.

    The 10-year Buckingham Palace renovation project appears to be on target to cost £369million.

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    Meghan Markle Hints At Visiting Washington Dc

    It seems Meghan might take a strong political stance amid the Roe v Wade overturning.

    The Duchess has been very vocal about the criminalisation of abortion in the US.

    Speaking to Vogue, she said: Well Gloria it seems as though you and I will be taking a trip to DC together soon.

    The comments were made as Meghan was talking to feminist activist Gloria Steinem who is 88 years old.

    ‘it’s Not Right’: The Cost Of The Royal Family Amid Living Cost Crisis

    How To Change The Cover Photo in Facebook

    The Royal family costed a whopping £102.4 million last year, a recent report has revealed.

    Royal finances expert Norman Baker told The Mirror: Its not right, while many British families are struggling to make ends meet.

    He said: “The Government should have a complete rethink of how taxpayers money is allocated to the Royal Family.”

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    Prince William Accused Photographer Of Stalking His Children

    The Duke of Cambridge fumes in the viral video, telling the pap off for following his family.

    A three minute video shows him telling the photographer not to snap his children.

    He tells the guy to stop stalking around his family.

    The video was taken in 2021 but has only just surfaced.

    Meghans Gesture To Harry Suggests Anxiety From Her Part

    Body language expert claims she noticed the signals from Meghan to let her husband know she wasnt feeling 100 per cent.

    Judi James, said Meghans body language was well balanced and impeccable during their most recent visit to the UK.

    She told the Express: Just once placing a hand on Harrys back to hint he should avoid any anything bordering on attention-seeking.

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    Could There Be Another Return On The Cards

    Her Majesty the Queen is set to host a joint birthday party, later this summer, for Prince William and Kate Middleton.

    This has sparked the discussion as to whether or not Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would make an appearance.

    Speaking on a latest episode on his YouTube channel, royal expert Neil Sean claimed: claimed: It does appear that theres a bit of, shall we say friction, between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, according to a very good source, and as ever we say allegedly because he would be keen to return for his brothers 40th birthday.

    He, of course, knows about royal duty and how things would look if he doesnt return, its as simple as that.

    He added: according to the good source, Meghan Markle is not keen at all, to go back into a room, you know some may say a hornets nest which she did her own stirring, to spend an evening, afternoon, day whatever, that might be celebrating someone that clearly has got issues with her, and likewise, visa versa.

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  • Princess Diana Would Have Been Mortified At Prince William And Harrys Rift

    How to Change Facebook Cover Photo Without Notification

    Royal author Andrew Morton claimed she would be so disappointed that her sons are no longer close.

    The author spoke to podcast Pod Save The Queen, and made the claim that she would be so mortified over their emotional tangle.

    He said she hoped Harry would support William when he becomes King, as it is a lonely job and she would find it difficult that they arent speaking publicly.

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    Palace’s Bullying Investigation Outcome To Remain A Secret

    It has been revealed that the findings of the investigation will never be released to the public.

    According to a senior source speaking to the Independent it has been reported that the findings will not be released.

    It is understood that this is to protect the anonymity of those who made the complaints about Meghan, saying she “humiliated” them.

    Prince Charles Wont Accept Any More Big Cash Donations To Charities

    It has been reported he will not be taking further huge amounts of money for his charities.

    Reportedly Prince Charles will no longer take big cash sums for his charities.

    The Guardian has reported that a source has said he operates on advice and that the incident where he accepted millions of pounds from a Sheikh will not happen again.

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