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How To Cancel Linkedin Subscription

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Cons Of Linkedin Premium Account

How To Cancel LinkedIn Premium

As we specified above, LinkedIn its a great life-hack where you can find a lot of business or career opportunities, new leads and a lot of other cool stuff. However, sometimes after you upgrade you may want to roll back to your Basic LinkedIn plan.

Some of the reasons may include:

  • High Annual Subscription Price
  • Not enough premium benefits
  • You are subscribed to a ton of premium membership sites and you want to slow down for a while.
  • Like any other Premium Business sites, LinkedIn wants to keep you there, as a Premium member. The problem arrive when you want to modify the LinkedIn Premium Subscription, from Premium to Basic. They made the unsubscribe procedure a bit difficult, but in this article I will teach you how to solve it.

    How To Cancel Linkedin Premium On Your Desktop/pc

    Finally, you have reached the point where you are all set to deactivate LinkedIn premium on a computer. Well, here are the basic steps to proceed further:

    1. Open the LinkedIn office website on your desktop.

    2. Make sure your profile is logged in. From the top right corner go to the Me option and click on it.

    3. From the drop-down menu, click on the Access My Premium option.

    4. Now press Manage Subscription.

    5. Under the managed subscription options click on Cancel subscription.

    6. Youll be redirected to a new page. From the bottom tap on Cancel and Lose Credits.

    Cant Cancel Linkedin Learning

    If you are trying to cancel your LinkedIn Learning subscription through the LinkedIn app that you downloaded through Google Play, chances are you wont be able to cancel it there. You must open LinkedIn through a web browser like Google Chrome or even Mozilla Firefox.

    The reason why you cant use the app to cancel your LinkedIn learning subscription is that the billing functionality is not available in apps as only the features are there and that wont change in the near future.

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    How Does The Linkedin Sales Navigator Work

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a part of the premium account and it expands your ability to develop deeper relationships with your customers, partners and prospects.

    The best benefit of this tool is that it provides you more insights about the customer’s business which helps you understand their problem and come up with better solutions as well as validates your value proposition.

    If you are using some other platform like Hubspot for marketing then read how LinkedIn sales navigator compares to hubspot or what is better LinkedIn sales navigator or hubspot.

    It increases the time efficiency by showing you who your top leads and opportunities know so that you can easily reach out and build connections on LinkedIn with them.

    It provides you a list of people that your targeted customers have in their LinkedIn network and then it filters them by level of seniority, industry etc., to prioritize the most viable prospects for sales.

    All you need to do is just enter your customer’s company name and Sales Navigator pulls up a list of employees from the customers’ organization.

    In addition to this, LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to see which employees are influencers at your prospect companies so that you can build better relationships with those key decision makers.

    What Is A Linkedin Sales Navigator

    How to Cancel a LinkedIn Premium Subscription

    Before we discuss about how to cancel LinkedIn sales navigator, letâs talk about it really is. is a tool that helps salespeople find and connect with potential customers on LinkedIn.

    It provides a wealth of information about people who are not yet connected to your company, including their job title, company size, and other contact details.

    Sales Navigator also allows you to track leads and keep tabs on your competition. You can see which companies are active on LinkedIn, as well as the profiles of key decision makers at those companies. This information can help you target your sales efforts more effectively.

    If you’re looking for a tool to help you boost your sales productivity, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great option. It’s available as part of . For more information, visit the LinkedIn Sales Navigator website.

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    How To Cancel Linkedin Premium From A Browser

    Your options for canceling LinkedIn Premium depend on the method you used to get a subscription.

    If you bought your LinkedIn Premium subscription while you were using the LinkedIn desktop site, then you can cancel your subscription from a desktop browser, a mobile browser, or from the mobile app.

    Follow the steps below to cancel your Premium subscription from a browser:

  • From the dropdown menu that appears, select Access My Premium.
  • On the right side of the interface, you will see the Manage Premium account hyperlink. Click on this.
  • Now, you will be redirected to your profiles subscription settings.
  • Below the Manage subscription subheader, click on the Cancel subscription button.
  • Prompts will appear to confirm if you are sure of your cancellation. Follow them to fully cancel your LinkedIn Premium subscription.
  • What Does 1st 2nd And 3rd Mean On Linkedin

    People are directly connected to your 1st-degree connections. With 2nd-degree connections, you can send an introduction or InMail to make them 1st-degree ones.

    3rd-degree connections: People who are connected to your 2nd-degree connections. Youll see a 3rd-degree icon next to their name in search results and on their profile. Followers People who choose to follow your public updates in their LinkedIn feed, subject to your settings.

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    How To Cancel Linkedin Premium 3 Steps

    Step 1. Go to in a web browser on your computer. Log in to your account.

    Step 2. Next, click Me at the top menu bar and click Access My Premium from the drop-down list.

    Step 3. Then click Manage Premium account and click Cancel subscription option under it. Click Continue to cancel and select a reason for why you want to cancel it. Click Confirm cancellation button to cancel LinkedIn Premium subscription.

    Note: You can only cancel LinkedIn Premium using a web browser on your computer or mobile. LinkedIn mobile app doesnt provide a Premium canceling option. On mobiles, you can cancel it only on the condition that youve purchased the subscription service via iTunes.

    How to Cancel Premium on LinkedIn via iTunes on iPhone:

  • Tap Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Tap your name and tap iTunes & App Store.
  • Tap your Apple ID and tap View Apple ID.
  • Enter your Apple ID password to sign in to iTunes Store.
  • Tap Subscriptions and tap LinkedIn Premium.
  • Tap Cancel Subscription and tap Cancel.
  • What Options Do You Have Instead Of Canceling Linkedin Premium

    How to Cancel a LinkedIn Premium Subscription

    If you dont want to cancel your LinkedIn Premium entirely, you do have a few other options.

    One of the options is to downgrade your LinkedIn Premium subscription. Since there are four types of packages available, Premium Career, Premium Business, Premium Sales, and Premium Hiring, you can choose a Premium package of lower cost.

    Another option is to shift to Sales Navigator or Recruiter Lite, depending on your purpose for your LinkedIn account. Sales Navigator is for managing your LinkedIn network, including client management and sourcing and managing vacancies. Meanwhile, Recruiter Lite is for process management.

    Make sure to weigh the pros and cons of each package type and how they can apply to your utilization of your LinkedIn account to make the costs worth it.

    That said, if you want to switch to a new subscription, you need to go through the cancelation steps first and then upgrade your Basic account to your preferred new package.

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    How To Cancel Linkedin Sales Navigator In 7 Easy Steps

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium service that provides sales leads to help you grow your business. The service offers an average of 125,000 new prospects every month and is available for $9.99 per user, per month. But did you know that LinkedIn also lets you cancel this subscription? In this blog post we will show you how to cancel LinkedIn sales navigator.


    You may be wondering how to cancel LinkedIn Sales Navigator. You are not the only one who is confused about this! There are many different reasons why you might want to cancel it, and for each reason there is a slightly different way of going about it.

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator has been a hot topic of discussion lately. The tool is designed to improve the relationship between a sales person and their prospects, customers, partners and even employees.

    It provides a wide range of features that help you save time and focus on what’s important by making connections, understanding the customer needs and selling more effectively.

    In this article we would be explaining about what is LinkedIn sales navigator and how to cancel LinkedIn sales navigator

    What Are The Benefits And Additional Features Of Linkedin Premium

    How To Cancel Linkedin Premium? To cancel the subscription, you have to..OH WAIT! Dont you want to know the benefits before investing in it?

    LinkedIn Premium is offering different tools and benefits for job seekers and recruiters.

    Following are the 3 best features LinkedIn premium offers to the job seekers:

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    Can I Cancel Linkedin Premium Subscription After Free Trial

    Thats a good question! If the Trial expired and you still want to continue with the LinkedIn Services, after you paid the monthly or yearly fee, you can continue.

    No, what I am asking is IF I forgot about the trial , and they also didnt sent me any message about this, and the subscription renewed and I got charged for that with the regular price, how can I cancel my LinkedIn Premium Subscription?Well, as I know, LinkedIn promote their Subscription Service as Non-Refundable, so I dont think you cant get a refund. But, again as I know -, they have an awesome support team. So, if you forget to cancel the subscription and you didnt received any message from the LinkedIn regarding this, I think its worth to try with the Support Team.

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    What Happens When You Cancel Your Linkedin Learning Account

    Cancel LinkedIn Premium: How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium

    Now you know how to cancel LinkedIn learning. So, are you all set to cancel your LinkedIn learning account? But, before you do that, you must be aware of the consequences.

    When will the special features no longer be available to you? After all, LinkedIn learning comes with a bunch of unique features.

    You will be able to use learning features until the current billing cycle expires. For example, if it is a monthly plan, you can use the special features until the monthly renewal date. If you had an annual plan, you could use them till the yearly renewal date.

    Also, you will get no refunds when you cancel your LinkedIn Learning subscription. You can learn more about on their website. If you subscribed on a discount that is no longer available, you cant avail of it if you subscribe again.

    When you subscribe again, you are back to square one. You will not carry anything from your previous subscription. So, make sure you dont cancel your subscription by mistake. You will lose all the courses you were taking!

    It is a given that you wont be able to access the special features anymore. So before you go ahead and unsubscribe, please give it a thought.

    Are you hopeful you will find the course you are looking for on LinkedIn Learning? Or are you sure you want to cancel your subscription? If youre confident, you can cancel it right away with a few simple steps!

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    How To Cancel Your Linkedin Premium Sales Navigator Account

    If you made your purchase for your Sales Navigator account on the web via, follow the steps below to cancel it. However, if you purchased it through a sales team or admin, you must contact them to cancel it.

  • Go to in a desktop or mobile web browser and sign into your Sales Navigator account.

  • Hover your cursor over your profile photo in the top right corner of the screen.

  • Select Settings from the dropdown list.

  • Under the Account Type heading, select Cancel Subscription.

  • What Is Linkedin Premium

    As mentioned above, is LinkedIns paid subscription service.

    The most significant difference between LinkedIn Premium and LinkedIn Basic is how wide your reach is. If you have the Premium subscription, you get access to profiles outside of your personal network, online professional development courses, and insights on your profile activity.

    LinkedIn Premium also allows you to send InMail messages instead of just receiving them. This is akin to a direct message that will also be sent to the receivers email, giving it more reach than the Basic messaging feature, which can only be viewed on the platform.

    Also, with LinkedIn Premium, users can now view the last five people who checked their account, as well as everyone who viewed their profile in the last 90 days.

    Lastly, Premium users can also see the top 100 connections in their entire network, as well as how they rank against other users.

    The biggest downside to LinkedIn Premium is the price. It starts from around $30 per month, reaching up to almost $120 monthly fees for an annual subscription, depending on which package you pick.

    Thats why its only advisable to subscribe to LinkedIn Premium when you are actively seeking a job or seeking applicants. Once youre done, you should consider canceling LinkedIn Premium to save money.

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    How To Cancel Your Sales Navigator Account

    Before canceling your Sales Navigator account, you must know that all the critical information and data in your account such as saved leads, messages, and saved accounts will disappear forever and there is no way to recover them after your Sale Navigator account is canceled. The only exception may be if you want to transfer data between Sales Navigator accounts because you got a corporate license. Considering social media manager for your LinkedIn account? Check this for benefits.

    Also, make sure to use all the InMail credits before canceling your account as you would lose them too. In the future, you have to start with a new account if you want to resubscribe to the Sales Navigator account.

    Here are the steps that you need to follow to cancel your Sales Navigator account:

  • Log in to your Sales Navigator account and visit the homepage.
  • Hover your cursor over your photo and click on Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Follow the series of steps listed on the popup to complete the cancelation process.
  • If an admin on your team has granted you the subscription, you will see a message notifying you to contact them before the cancelation process is completed.

    Use A Virtual Card As A Payment Method

    How to CANCEL Linkedin Learning Premium Subscription?

    One of the great things about virtual cards is the ability to switch them off in just one click and have payments automatically suspended:

    You can simply deactivate the individual card linked to the LinkedIn subscription and immediately suspend the subscription and block the payment. Your company will save both time and money by doing this.

    Instead of going through the LinkedIn route yourself, youâll just receive an email stating that the payment was declined and therefore will no longer pay.

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    How To Cancel A Linkedin Premium Subscription For Recruiter Lite Account

    Step 1. Visit and log in to your Recruiter Lite account.

    Step 2. Take your mouse pointer to the More option located at the screen top.

    Step 3. Click on Admin Settings from the dropdown menu.

    Step 4. Towards the left side, find the box named Manage Your Account and click on Cancel Subscription.

    You Can Also Use The Itunes Mobile App To Cancel Your Premium Subscription Here Is How To Do That:

  • Tap this link to open the iTunes Subscription Management Settings page.
  • Sign In or verify your Apple ID.
  • Tap the LinkedIn> Cancel Subscription located on the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap Confirm to complete the process of cancelation.
  • You would be able to continue to enjoy the benefits of the premium subscription until the current billing period ends. If you encounter any problems with the above process, you can contact Apple support to get help.

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    How To Cancel Your Recruiter Lite Account

    Before you cancel your Recruiter Lite account, you should contact your LinkedIn account manager or a customer service representative to see if they can help you in any other way. Once you cancel your Recruiter Lite account, you would lose all the data associated with that account including job postings and projects. Your InMail messages would be deleted and your InMail credits cannot be transferred to your personal LinkedIn account. So, make sure to use all the InMail credits before canceling your account.

    Also, you wont receive any responses to previously sent InMail after the Recruiter Lite account is canceled. And, if you decide to use a Recruiter Lite account again in the future, you have to start with a new account. Make sure to contact LinkedIn support to transfer unused job credits. Your personal LinkedIn account wont be affected in any way after you cancel your Recruiter Lite account.

    Now, follow the steps below to cancel Recruiter Lite account:

  • Log in to your Recruiter Lite account and visit the homepage.
  • Next, move your cursor to the top and hover it over More to select the Admin Settings.
  • From the Manage Your Account box, click Cancel Subscription. Then, you just need to follow the series of guidelines to complete the cancelation process.
  • You have the option to undo the cancelation process by clicking on Undo beside the cancelation date in the Manage Your Account box.

    How To Cancel A Premium Account On Linkedin

    How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium Subscription

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