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How To Cancel Linkedin Recruiter Lite

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How Do I Cancel My Linkedin Premium On Mobile

Introduction to LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

You cannot cancel your LinkedIn subscription from a mobile device. However, you can cancel your LinkedIn subscription from your iPhone if you had purchased it from iTunes. Heres how:Step 1. Visit the Settings app on your iPhoneStep 2. Tap your name located on top of the mobile screen and then look for iTunes & App Store.Step 3. Tap your Apple ID and visit the View Apple ID from the pop-up window.Step 4. Enter your Touch ID and tap the Subscriptions option.Step 5. From the Subscriptions option, click on LinkedInStep 6. Tap on the option and confirm the cancellation procedure

Can You Cancel Linkedin Premium And Get A Refund

Even though the companys FAQs page states Prime services are nonrefundable, thats just what LinkedIn would like you to believe. You can get a refund on a charged LinkedIn subscription when you cancel itjust stick with us, and youll find out how.

LinkedIn lures you in with a one-month free trial to a number of different Premium subscription categories, such as:

  • Business
  • Sales Navigator
  • Recruiter

They sound tempting enoughafter all, you are on LinkedIn to boost your career prospects and professional networking skillsbut they are each rather costly, ranging from $29.99 to a staggering $119.95 per month.

A subscription to any of the LinkedIn Premium options is automatically renewed the second your free trial ends. If that wasnt bad enough, you are instantly charged an annual sum of these fees! LinkedIn naturally doesnt previously inform you of the free trial period coming to an end, so you end up losing hundreds of dollars in a heartbeat!

Its only fair you should be offered a choice to cancel the service and get your hard-earned money back.

No matter what its seemingly strict refund policy states, LinkedIn will give you your money back if you didnt intend to make a purchasethe free trial ended, and you were charged automaticallyor if youve been subscribed to a Premium account for only a short time. Its why they give you the option to submit your account for reviewto see if you qualify for an exception to the no-refunds rule.

Build Your Own Keyword

Thought keyword-rich profile is only for job seekers? Well, absolutely not!

If you are searching for the right candidate, he/she is also searching for the right employer to know more about them, their company, and requirements, and finally compile a list of companies they would like to work in. So, develop a complete, keyword-rich profile of yours and your company on LinkedIn.

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Cancelling Career And Business Plus Accounts

You will need to cancel the payment with LinkedIn.

To do this go to your LinkedIn account and click on your profile picture in the top right hand corner.

A drop down menu will appear, click on the Account Type option and then choose cancel subscription.

You will be asked to provide a reason for the cancellation and can then click continue. You will then be asked to confirm cancel my subscription. Press that button and it is done.

You may want to keep a close check on your bank statement for the coming month to ensure that the payment is not taken.

If it is you should repeat the process and confirm the cancellation with your bank.

You will lose access to all Premium features at the end of your last billing cycle.

How Linkedojet Helps In Your Linkedin Recruitment Strategy

How To Cancel Linkedin Recruiter Lite

LinkedIn outreach to massive number of candidates is a part of your LinkedIn Recruitment Strategy.

And needless to say, will involve a considerable part of your time and resources!

Linkedojet is a cloud-based automation tool that helps you:

  • Save 20 man-hours in managing your LinkedIn outreach campaigns
  • Tag your candidates based on their response
  • Reply to the suitable candidates from within the dashboard
  • Avoid hassles in managing multiple LinkedIn accounts and organizing your recruitment process at one place

Further, its more economical and cost-effective than LinkedIn recruiting tools.

Dont believe us on this! Yes, we are right! But, just read to what this hiring manager, Rachel Budiong has to say:

Linkedojet is perfect for us in terms of managing LinkedIn campaigns for our team of 7 members. With Linkedojet managing our campaigns now, we invest more time performing our core business activities and streamline our hiring process.

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Benefits Of Linkedin Premium Membership

All premium membership options have their own benefits. Premium career makes you increase your connections and find a job.

For jobseekers LinkedIn premium features like insights into your profile views, more job information of a particular opening, and InMail credits are helpful.

They increase the chance of selection on a particular job. In addition to this, a resume builder and a larger profile picture stand you out from the list of other candidates.

InMail helps you connect to managers or viewers of your profile who could be possible employers. You can connect to industries you are interested in. Its a great tool for networking.

You cannot send a message to someone not in your connection without having a premium account.

With In Mail you dont see a padlock beside the message icon means that you can communicate with them without adding them to your network.

The importance of whos viewed your profile cant be overlooked, you can connect to these people and reach out to the future boss, grow your business.

You can check who is has shown interest in your profile and find possible clients for business and marketing. Sales specialists can increase their sales using this option and connecting through InMail.

Linked-in suggestions might be helpful to recruiters and lead builders. This option is not available in the basic account.

This option is good for job seekers that after you met our goals you can cancel the premium subscription.

Use Prospectin With Your Linkedin Account

In order to take advantage of your premium LinkedIn sales account, you will be able to download as many prospects as possible into your ProspectIn CRM.

Whether you are a manager, salesperson, recruiter, or other This tutorial will really help you segment your searches.

  • First of all, go to your ProspectIn account.

If you dont have one, here are the 4 offers that you will find on the site, 3 of them exist in trial versions.

For setting up our little hack to have the Sales Navigator for free, I invite you to start the trial of Advanced ProspectIn.

  • Then, in the price tab, click on start the test. Of course, you can start a free trial and see for yourself if you like the tool.

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Personalize Your Connection Invitations

When contacting members not currently part of your network, such as job candidates or freelancers youd like to employ, you should personalize your invitation to connect. LinkedIn allows you up to 300-characters to use in your connection invitation request to share who you are and why youd like to connect.

LinkedIn provides a generic connection message however, you can personalize this to highlight your company.

Determine Your Best Linkedin Plan

Learn more about LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

Each LinkedIn plan provides a unique set of features and benefits. For instance, while you can make posts to your individual LinkedIn page when searching for candidates, it isnt until you reach the Recruiter Lite level that you can post to LinkedIns job board. Below is a features comparison to help you determine which LinkedIn plan may be right for you:

LinkedIn Basic

*Disclaimer on LinkedIn website states prices vary by region. You must sign up to see your local pricing.

Well go more in-depth on the plans later in our article.

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What Happens After You Cancel Linkedin Premium

After you cancel LinkedIn Premium, there’s not much more that you need to do. At the end of your billing cycle, your account will revert back to a basic one and you’ll lose access to your Premium features.

The one major thing that I’ve noted—as someone who has cancelled LinkedIn Premium more than once—is that for the first few months after you unsubscribe, LinkedIn will send you lots of emails asking you to resubscribe to Premium.

These emails are frequent enough to get annoying, but if you ignore them they will eventually stop.

How To Cancel Linkedin Premium Cancel Linkedin Premium

How can I cancel LinkedIn Premium subscription plan? In this article, you can learn the simple step on how to cancel LinkedIn Premium. First of all, LinkedIn is one of the popular American business and employment-oriented services accessible through the website and on the mobile app. LinkedIn is considered a social networking service thats designed for business and personal use. Marjory, its used as a professional networking tool that allows people to post jobs and also to find jobs.

Furthermore, the LinkedIn Premium offers you the best professional networking tools where you can build your career, connect with people at a very high rate, and lots more. The LinkedIn Premium plan comes in two which includes the Premium Career and the Premium Business. This offers you a free trial that comes with an upgrade of your LinkedIn account free for 1 month. However, you can decide to unsubscribe LinkedIn Premium, the service offers you no commitment which indicates, you can stop your premium plan.

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What Is Linkedin Recruiter Lite

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite is a premium feature that allows hiring managers to search for potential employees based on their skillset and location. A persons LinkedIn profile will be linked through the recruitment software, so if they are not actively looking for work then it can act as a passive candidate sourcing platform.

Do You Get A Refund If You Cancel Linkedin Premium

LinkedIn Recruiter Premium Account : God Mode That Works!

No, you will not get a refund if you cancel your LinkedIn Premium. Once you cancel the subscription, you will be able to avail all the services until the end of your billing cycle. For example, if youre paying on a monthly basis for this service, all services will be active until the end of the month, after which the premium services will revert to your regular account.

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How To Choose My Premium Linkedin Account

LinkedIn is a BtoB social network allowing you to exchanges with professionals. Thanks to LinkedIn, you can, among other things, develop a clientele, reach out to existing clients, develop a useful network and assert your employer brand.

Due to its multiple opportunities, you have to ask yourself the following 3 questions, in order to understand your needs on the network:

  • How often do I use LinkedIn?
  • What is my goal in using the network?
  • What are my targets?
  • For example: if you are a freelancer and you offer online training, your goals will be multiple: maintain your network, promote your offers, gain new markets The answers to these questions will allow you to define your needs on the network.

    If you use LinkedIn a lot for business purposes, youre probably going to invest in a good tool. The purpose of this article is to help you find the tool that works best for you.

    You Can Also Use The Itunes Mobile App To Cancel Your Premium Subscription Here Is How To Do That:

  • Tap this link to open the iTunes Subscription Management Settings page.
  • Sign In or verify your Apple ID.
  • Tap the LinkedIn> Cancel Subscription located on the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap Confirm to complete the process of cancelation.
  • You would be able to continue to enjoy the benefits of the premium subscription until the current billing period ends. If you encounter any problems with the above process, you can contact Apple support to get help.

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    Factors To Consider Before Cancelling Linkedin Premium

    Since a LinkedIn Premium subscription can be pricey for some, people often try it but cancel before taking full advantage of its features.

    Before you arrive at a final decision, you may want to consider the following factors:

    • Once you cancel your subscription, your billing will end immediately, and your access to Premium features will also be removed when the current billing cycle ends.
    • You will also lose access to all the accumulated InMail credits at the end of the billing cycle. It wont be granted back.
    • Basic profiles have limited free people searches every month. A warning is displayed as you approach your free people search limit and LinkedIn will not display the exact number of searches or views you’ve left. You will need to upgrade to LinkedIn Premium Business plans or above to increase the number of profile searches and views you have available.

    They Subscribed By Accident

    Linkedin Recruiter Lite Training – Is It Worth Buying?

    If you are in the same situation, we recommended that you dont panic and cancel the subscription right away. There is no risk of being charged if you cancel the subscription 2-3 days before the trial period ends. During this period, you can get familiar with the features of the plan to understand whether canceling is a good idea.

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    They Subscribed To The Wrong Plan Or Want To Change The Current Plan

    Currently, there are 4 types of LinkedIn premium plans that you can subscribe to Career, Business, Sales, Hiring. Each of these offer unique features that are suitable for different purposes. Sometimes, a user may accidentally subscribe to a different plan than the one they intended to subscribe to. In such a case, they have to cancel the current plan and subscribe to the plan that they want.

    Sometimes, a user may have different expectations when using a plan. For eg., if a user wants to boost their revenue, both the Sales and the Business plan can be helpful in the long term.

    The Recruitment Account Or Recruiter Lite

    The LinkedIn recruiter Lite is aptly named, since it allows recruitment experts to have access to a mini sourcing CRM.

    Among these options, automatic candidate tracking and integrated recruitment are really great for optimizing your organization.

    The price of this option is the highest, Hiring is $119.95 per month, or $1,199.40 annually.

    I am quite divided about the idea of recommending such a tool, because it is very expensive and lacks essential features.For example, there is no option that allows you to have a online contact book or create appointment reminders.

    So if you use LinkedIn a lot for your recruiting and receive more than 10 messages a day, you can quickly get lost.A mini CRM like Piwaa is free and essential if you are an organized recruiter.

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    Differences Between Recruiter Recruiter Linkedin Help

    LinkedIn Help Differences Between Recruiter, Recruiter Professional Services , and Recruiter Lite. Attention screen reader users, you are in a mobile optimized view and content may not


    Get the training you need to stay ahead with expert-led courses on Recruiter Lite. Learning LinkedIn Learning. Recruiter Lite Expand search. Learning LinkedIn Recruiter


    Heres your lightweight recruiting tool that will deliver top candidates. Download datasheet Get started. of recruiters said they were more successful with Recruiter. Get access to LinkedIn 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree connections. InMails per month to engage with top talent.


    Does Linkedin Provide Refunds After Cancellation

    How to Cancel a LinkedIn Premium Subscription

    No, LinkedIn subscriptions are non-refundable. All LinkedIn subscription products like Premium Career, Business, LinkedIn Learning, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter, are included in this policy. If you cancel any of the above subscriptions, all the Premium features will expire once the billing cycle ends and you wont get a refund.

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    How To Cancel Linkedin Premium Through Apple

    Now, it should be noted that according to , there is currently no way to cancel LinkedIn Premium through the LinkedIn mobile app on either iOS or Android.

    The only exception to this rule is if you buy LinkedIn Premium directly through an Apple subscription service, such as iTunes or the App Store.

    The reason for this is because Apple has very strict user privacy policies: the company keeps the purchasing history of its users centralized. You can read about Apple’s full instructions for cancelling any of your subscriptions on Apple’s help pages.

    If you want to cancel your LinkedIn Premium subscription through the App Store on your Mac:

    • Open up the App Store.
    • Sign in with your Apple ID.
    • At the bottom of your left-hand sidebar, you’ll see your account name. Click on it, or sign in.
    • Once you’re signed in, click View Information at the top of the App Store. If prompted , sign in again.
    • Once you’re on your information page, scroll down until you see Subscriptions.
    • Click Manage.
    • Click Edit on your LinkedIn Premium subscription.
    • After you click Edit—and you’re taken to the details on your subscription—click Cancel Subscription.

    To cancel your LinkedIn Premium subscription through your iOS device:

    Find Candidates In Groups

    LinkedIn Groups are where youll find thought leaders, available workers, and people who can help you network to find your next employee. If youre looking for a project manager, an HR rep, or a social media guru, the best of them are likely active members within their relevant industry groups. You can join groups, read posts, weigh in on conversations, and contact those you feel might be a good addition to your team.

    For example, if youre looking for a marketing expert, join a group like Social Media Today or if youre looking for a project manager, try joining the Project Manager Network. Its as simple as typing the kind of industry such as engineering, or job type, such as project manager, into the search box and then selecting Groups as shown below.

    Groups is free and one of many business product offerings on LinkedIn.

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    Your Job Seeking To Need Ends

    You subscribed to the LinkedIn premium version to connect with a variety of employers and apply for suitable job offerings. Now that youve already received your offer letter, you have zero need for the premium version. So in order to be unnecessarily charged, you would definitely initiate canceling the subscription.

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