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How To Blow Up On Twitter

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Optimize Your Twitter Bio / Profile

How to BLOW Up on Twitter in 2020 and WHY You NEED to be on Twitter Now!

People look at your Bio when deciding whether or not to follow you. Its your opportunity to tell them who you are and what you do.

The more descriptive your Bio, the more chance you have of getting new followers.

Pro Tip => Use keywords in your Bio that you want to rank for in Twitter Search.

A cleverly worded Twitter Bio will do 3 things:

  • Tell the reader how you can help them
  • Blow your own trumpet about your achievements
  • Strike a humorous / personal note

Pro Tip => Include your city or region in your Bio so as to attract local users.

Also, a headshot is a must dont use a logo. People want to follow a person, not a brand.


I use 2 tools to find good hashtags for my tweets:

Hashtagify shows you the hashtags that are available in relation to a given term, based on popularity:

RiteTag offers a Chrome Extension that places a floating bar across your browser window.

Type in your main keyword and RiteTag will give you a range of related hashtags:

Each hashtag is categorized by color code:

  • green – hot now
  • red – overused
  • grey – underused

In a nutshell, hashtags get you out of the fishbowl of your own following and extend your reach.


For more tips on how to use Twitter hashtags, see this article by SproutSocial:

Scotus Epa Ruling Is A Small But Hopeful Sign For Economy

After Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump, Brian Fallon needed a job. Fallon hadserved as Clintons national press secretary during the campaign, and before that he had done the same job for my colleague Chuck Schumer in the Senate. For a while, his reputation around Washington, DC, was stellar. He was, according to a lengthy profile in the Daily Beast, one of the most sought-after operatives in Democratic politics: a brass-knuckle brawler with experience at the highest levels of government, a cellphone filled with the top journalists in town, and a reputation for being preternaturally on message.

But something changed in Fallon after Clintons loss to Donald Trump. He became less interested in traditional politics, giving up a role as a commentator on CNN, and more interested in ways of putting pressure on Democrats to take radical action.

In 2018, urged by liberal political consultants such as John Podesta, Fallon started Demand Justice, a group whose mission, at least on its face, was to stop President Trump from making more judicial appointments. After two years in the White House, President Trump had already nominated a record number of judges to the federal bench, and he wasnt slowing down.

But soon, other, more radical ideas began taking over one in particular.

The idea still isnt in the mainstream yet. At the time, even The Associated Press described Tribe and Tushnet as a couple of liberal Harvard law professors.

Follow People Who Are Followers Of Your Followers

It stands to reason doesnt it?

Someone who followed you probably shares your interests, and the people who follow them most likely also share your interests.

Sign up for a free Tweepi account.

Then enter the Twitter IDs of 4 people in your niche and Tweepi will give you a daily list of tasks that will get you more followers, such as:

  • Tweets You Should Like
  • Users You Should Follow

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Organize People Into Liststhen Engage

When you are following a lot of people, its difficult to make sense of the massive streams of information going through your stream, so make use of lists.

You can organize certain people into lists and check on that group, singling out only those people and removing the noise. For example, I have a list for influencers so I can simply check that list and all of their tweets and respond, knowing Im only engaging influencers. I then have a separate list for people with websites similar to mine so I can engage them separately. Its a great time saver since you dont have to go visiting each persons profile to see what theyre up to.

Creating a list is pretty easy, just go to your profile, click the Lists button then click on create new list

Give your list a name and description, then search for people to add to your list! Then click the cog next to their name and then Add or remove from lists. The rest is pretty self-explanatory!

How Do I Do It

BLOW_UP (@TheTrustedSLK)

If you are thinking that you do not want to worry about posting on Twitter every day, I completely agree with you. Instead, I schedule my tweets. On Mondays, I spend about an hour scheduling 18 tweets for the week. The only type of tweet you cannot schedule as of now is polls, which account for my other two planned tweets a week.

To schedule your tweet, compose a tweet like normal and then click the schedule button marked by a red arrow in the image above. This will open the second dialog box that will allow you to choose a date and time for your tweet to be published.

Using this feature is essential to being consistent on Twitter and has radically changed my tweets and impressions per week.

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Ready To Explode Your Twitter Reach

If you are trying to use Twitter to grow your business, it is important to have a Twitter strategy. Your Twitter strategy should focus on both increasing your following on Twitter and converting your Twitter followers to email subscribers and customers.

The strategies for these two things can be opposed to each other. By balancing your promotional material with your value-adding material, you can achieve both simultaneously.

From my experience with the explosion of my own Twitter reach, there are three simple methods you can employ to increase your own reach and audience for your business.

First, make sure you are posting at least once a day if not three times a day. Use the scheduling feature on Twitter to make your life easier!

Second, decrease the proportion of link-containing tweets to non-link-containing tweets. This will help you to increase your reach across the platform.

Thirdly, use 12 highly relevant hashtags per post. Including more does not mean you will have a greater reach!

The combination of these three reach-increasing methods can cause an explosion in your own Twitter reach and business audience.

Turn Tweets Into Leads How To Use Twitter To Blow Up Your Email List

Written by David Boutin | August 4, 2017

Want a heads up when a new story drops?

To turn your business idea into money, and not just a digital ghost town with pixelated tumbleweeds blowing by, you need leads that will turn into customers. This takes some work and creativity.

I think a lot of people believe that as soon as they start their businesses, it will be all:

If thats you, its time for a reality check.

In short, if you have an online business, and you want to be successful, you need an email list, and fast. Now that were on the same page there, lets talk about how to build one. There are many theories as to the best ways to generate leads, but theres one in particular that I believe is often undervaluedTwitter.

While and Snapchat are all the rage with the kids right now, the very nature of Twitter makes it a marketers dream. Think about itmore than any other social network, people go to Twitter with the intention of learning and consuming content.

Started as a micro-blogging site, Twitter has become one of the biggest news sources on the planet. Its also the social media platform with the fewest barriers to connecting and communicating with others. Learning to harness the power of Twitter can take your business to another level, whether youve got a good foundation already, or youre just getting started.

How? Well, you can use Twitter to build an email list by pairing it with whats known as a lead magnet.

Ready? Lets get started!

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Twitter : How To Get More Clicks Retweets And Reach

Last week Buffer had the great pleasure of co-hosting a

During the webinar, I talked with Jimmy Hang of about how to make your Twitter content work harder for your business, focusing on three major areas:

According to Twitter, there are 255 million active Twitter users generating more than 500 million tweets per day. Link clicks are by far the biggest way users interact with content, accounting for 92% of all user interaction with tweets.

Twitter users follow a , looking for things like interesting and fun content, news and updates, discounts and promos and more.

So we know your customers are on Twitter, ready to click some links. They want to hear from you there and take actions that can benefit your business.

Twitters research shows that:

  • 60% of respondents say theyve made a purchase from an SMB based on something they saw on Twitter.
  • 86% say they plan to purchase in the future.
  • 43% of respondents plan to make multiple purchases from SMBs they follow on Twitter.

Writing great Tweets

Conversations that you have with your customers every day can also happen on Twitter. And you can approach these Twitter conversations the same waylike youre talking to a good friend. Here are a few tips straight from Twitter:

Know the difference between voice and tone. Voice doesnt change, but a business tone should vary based on a situation. If a follower did not have a positive experience, a business tone may be more sympathetic and understanding.

Viral words and phrases

Make Your Mentions Public

Onlyfans – How I use Twitter and blew up

A tweet that begins with someones username will be sent to that person and and followers that you both share.

However by adding a period at the beginning of a tweet, before a username, your tweet will be sent to all of your followers.

. and should change their fraudulent story to say THAT I DROPPED & The Apprentice to run for President!

Donald J. Trump

Donald Trump uses this strategy and generates plenty of extra buzz as a result.

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Blowing Up Your Twitter Followers 101

Personal branding is the deal of the era.

Internet credentials do matter. If you have a few thousand people who like what you think, it surely gives you a boost. You just need to use it efficiently.

Were talking about Twitter. For those of you who dont know, Medium has the same founders as Twitter.

Your Network is your net worth.

Twitter is the place where your professional side is discovered.

Clean Up Your Follows

If you follow someone in hopes of them following back and they dont unfollow them! But give them a few days at least.

Its important to have slightly more followers than people you follow once you are following 2000 people, you need more followers than 2000 simply to follow more people. So unfollowing and cleaning up your list is important.

You can do this with Tweepi, also! Just log in and click on the button Flush.

Then go through and click unfollow on those people who dont follow you!

Need to clear up more of your follows? Back to the Tweepi dashboard and click Clean UpThen go through and find people who havent tweeted for a few months and unfollow them.

Why? If they havent tweeted for some time then chances are they havent been online to see your tweets. Plus, youre not seeing tweets from them anyway.

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How To Be More Popular On Twitter

This article was co-authored by Melissa Rodriguez and by wikiHow staff writer, Eric McClure. Melissa Rodriguez is a Marketing and Advertising Specialist and the Founder of Social Media Relations out of Los Angeles, California. With over 5 years of experience, she specializes in branding, content production, social media marketing, and public relations. Melissa holds BS degrees in Global Perspectives and Corporate Finance and Accounting from Bentley University. This article has been viewed 294,947 times.

Being a popular and influential person or company on Twitter isn’t as easy as opening an account, yet it’s also not as complicated or straightforward as following a rulebook. A lot of popularity will derive from who you are in relation to your followers, including how personable you are and the connectedness that you create. Here are some best practices to let your personality shine through, rather than your self-promotion!

Set Up An Evergreen Content Queue

BlowUp Girls on Twitter: " NEW! The sexy @Madame_Brooks7 is back in ...

Twitter moves fast. Not every one of your followers is going to see every one of your tweets. In truth, it wont even be close. Thats the nature of Twitterits like a constantly flowing river, more like a firehose, actually.

Dont believe me? Check out your Twitter Analytics and see the average impressions for any given tweet. Now compare that to your follower count. I guarantee only a small fraction of your followers will have the opportunity to see any given tweet.

With that in mind, you need to tweet out links to your evergreen content consistently. Evergreen content refers to posts that stay relevant over time.

Once youve identified your best, evergreen posts, I recommend using a tool to schedule your tweets with links, so you arent bogged down on Twitter all day.

Buffer has a free plan that allows you to set up a tweet schedule of days and times you want tweets to go out. Then you add tweets to the Buffer queue and it does the rest. They also provide great analytics for the tweets sent through Buffer. And they have a sweet re-Buffer feature where you can reschedule a tweet that did well with one click.

If you go this route, you do need to review your queue regularly to remove any tweets linking to content that is outdated or no longer relevant.

If youre interested in this option, check out thiscomprehensive guide on how the recurring queue works on Post Planner.

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Free Trial/consultation/sample Lead Magnets

These work a little bit differently in that your aim isnt necessarily to collect an email address. Rather, youre offering your product or service free for a limited time.

This gives prospects a chance to experience your offering and come back for more with money in hand.

That said, some of these strategies will require an email address to take advantage of the free trial/consultation/sample. This will build your email list with warm leads that have already expressed an interest in sampling your offering.

Use a solid email marketing strategy to organize these prospects so you can easily follow up later with an enticing offer.

For instance, if someone takes a free sample of a certain product, email them a unique offer on that product . You already know theyre interested. Now all thats left is to make a compelling offer and ask for the sale.

How Congress Fits In

House Republicans, led by Rep. Jim Banks , are already pushing to ban transgender athletes from playing on sports teams that match their gender identity.

Transgender women have been allowed to compete in womens sports in the Olympics since 2003. But the NCAA recently updated its policy on the participation of transgender athletes this year, giving the national governing body for each sport its own ability to determine eligibility requirements.

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Pick Up A Nice Audience By A Theme

You can pick up a niche according to your preference. Id say I pick UI/UX Design. You can pick anything, business, comedy, entertainment, and tweet about only that.

Remember, were looking at growth twitter here. So do not look at famous people with huge accounts that can post anything else. They are people famous in some other area of life and do not need to build another audience here.

Our intent would be to provide enough value so that we can connect to people who have similar thought processes. This can even get us in touch with some influential people, some top people in your field of expertise. Just put out your work.

If youre figuring out why you should use Twitter, have a look.

How Often Should I Tweet

10,000 Twitter Followers in ONLY 5 Months | Everything I learned

When I first came on to Twitter, I was blown away by how often some people are Tweeting. Dont worry, you dont need to pump out dozens of Tweets at the start.

Some interesting research suggests that tweeting 2-5 times a day, as you start out, is totally fine. Simply go ahead and fine what works best for you. In general, there is no rule to this, but in order to get the hook of Twitter, starting to tweet regularly has worked very well for me.

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Link Your Twitter Profile Whenever Appropriate

And finally, one of the best ways to go about getting noticed on Twitter is to make sure youre actually linking your Twitter profile when you can. Make sure links to your social media profiles are easily found on your website, include them in your email signature, and add your handles to your business card. Its a subtle way of making sure people check out your profile and follow along.

As A Matter Of Fact Make It 71

Wait, what? You just said Use 268 Characters!!

Ok, this is different the reason I recommend using 71-100 characters in some of your tweets is statistics. I stole this graphic from Neil Patel over at QuickSprout:

He did a little research and found that tweets with 71-100 characters got more retweets! Thats something to consider.

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