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How To Block Someone From Commenting On Facebook

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How To Ban Someone From A Post On Your Page:

How to Stop Someone from Commenting on Facebook Posts

You will need to go into Business Manager to use this method.

You can use this same method from your inbox.

Like I said, hopefully you arent getting trolled. If you are, its really important to remember that trolls throw negative comments at you because, by definition, theyre people who deliberately provoke others online by saying inflammatory and offensive things. They live to make people upset and angry.

Its just what they do. Its how you choose to deal with them that matters.

Dont fuel the fire.

Trolls love it when you engage. Its fuel to their fire. The only way to kill the fire is by starving it of oxygen. Follow the steps above to ban their butt.

You can read more about how to deal with trolls in our blog or listen to our podcast on this topic.

How Can You Block Someone Who Has Already Blocked You

To do this, you must first view that persons profile. So its best to do this right after you notice that you are blocked because your profile will be completely disconnected from that person after a few hours. If you still find that persons profile in the Instagram search bar, log in. You may have already communicated via Instagram Direct. In some cases, you can find a profile that you have already blocked in the Instagram feed search bar. Follow the steps below to block the user via the Instagram search bar:

  • Find a persons profile in an Instagram search.
  • Tap the three-dot menu at the top right.
  • Tap Block.
  • Tap dismiss.
  • You should see the unblock button when blocking. Follow the steps below to block the user directly:

If you have previously had a direct connection with the person who blocked you, you can go to their profile and block:

  • Enter the chat page, and from the top right, tap the exclamation mark icon
  • Tap Block.
  • Then do the other block steps.
  • Ways To Find Out If You Have Been Blocked By Someone On Instagram

    If you enter that persons username in an Instagram search, you should not see it in the results. Likes and comments exchanged between you and that person will be lost. The number of people you follow will decrease. If you log in to the account of the person in question, you will not see any post that we will notice with No Posts Yet. You see the number of followers and followers empty. You will see the user not found. You will not be able to follow that person. It will not be possible to view and talk to that person directly.

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    How To Block People From Commenting On Your Ads Or Posts

    by Megan Winter

    In a recent podcast we discussed trolls and how if you have an online store, you may have encountered trolls or at least some negative comments along the way. to listen to us chat about what trolls actually are, why they do what they do, how we recommend that you deal with them and avoid fuelling their fire, and more.

    Weve had a few people ask us how do I ban someone from my page? so in todays blog were going to show you!

    You might not actually be being trolled. When the same person keeps commenting on your posts with trolly or totally irrelevant content, it could be:

    • A bot
    • Someone from your competition
    • Someone who has too much time on their hands

    Now, while sometimes these comments are nasty or malicious, if they arent from your target audience or just completely irrelevant you might not want them on your Facebook ads or posts.

    So what can you do?

    You can continue to hide or delete their comments however if they keep doing it it may be time to ban or block them.

    When you ban someone from your Page, theyll still be able to share content from your Page to other places on Facebook, but theyll no longer be able to publish to your Page, like or comment on your Pages posts, message your Page or like your Page. Facebook

    You can easily unban them at any time.

    You can do this in a couple of ways but you do need to be an admin of the page you want to block someone from.

    Can The Person Who Blocked Me Still See My Profile

    How to Block A Person on Facebook ~ TechOpaedia

    If someone blocks you on , they can no longer see your photos, followers or followers, or even Instagram DMs. However, they may access any remaining direct messages. You also can not see their profile and content, and you can access the empty profile via DM or stored Instagram history in the search bar in the first few days. So, you can use this option to block someone who has blocked you on Instagram.

    When the user is blocked, you will see the bottom of the unblock. Instagram allows you to block or block people who do not want to see or post about your posts. In this method, the user has no access to your posts and can not find any connection with you, which has already been fully discussed on the site about blocking. Therefore, if someone blocks you, you should also block it from being able to see your posts.

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    How To Ban Someone From Commenting On My Facebook Posts And Ads Via Page Settings:

  • Go to Settings of the page
  • 2. Go to People and Other Pages

    3. Select Banned People and Pages from the drop down menu

    4. Select + Ban a Person

    5. Type in the name of the person you want to block. Double check the profile picture matches that of the person you want to block. Once done, select Save.

    You can also do this via a post on your Page or a post your page has been mentioned in.

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