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How To Block Promoted Pins On Pinterest

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Tip #: Promote Your Pins With Video & Rich Pins

How to use Promoted Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest recently released promoted video pins , which are targeted at mobile users. These pins feature an animated GIF and give the user access to the full video when they are clicked on. Tip: You can add up to six additional pins below your promoted video for no additional cost. These pins display in carousel format under the video, and they can be used to promote the video content or share additional information.

Though video pins send users to externals sites such as YouTube to actually view the video, Pinterest is currently developing its own native video player, which should be released soon. This will allow users and businesses to upload videos directly to Pinterest.

Similar to and open graphs, Rich Pins are a free feature that allows users to pin more than just an image. In addition, you can add information about your blog post, product or location directly in the pin. There are five variations of rich pins. Article pins that include the author and link and headline, product pins that feature availability and pricing details, film pins that feature crew and cast details and rating, recipe pins that feature ingredients and other related information and location pins that include maps and address.

Sponsored Promoted Pins Are Pins People Pay To Have Show Up In Our Feeds

. 7 points 5 years ago. I made a thing to get rid of them it s a bookmark button that you press to delete them. If you don t want to see ads from a specific advertiser you can block the advertiser s pinterest profile.

While you can t turn off ads completely you can limit the kinds of information we use to pick which ads you see. Find recipes style inspiration projects for your home and other ideas to try. Just head over to your settings and turn off the option labeled picked.

If you hide a pin on accident you can unhide it. You can prevent further spend by pausing your ads which stops your pins from serving. Viralwoot will let you schedule 100.

The best way to get followers is to pin good stuff and pin it all the time. We charge you for accumulated spend for your active ads on the first day of the following month or when you reach your billing threshold whichever comes first. Please note our list of accepted payments.

Pin On Blogging

Pin On Channeling Martha Stewart

To Block Promoted Pins Go To Your Settings And Change Your Country To South Africa I Did And Every Single Promoted Pin Is Gone Words Promoted Pins Products

Pin On Content Marketing

If You Agree Please Share Promoted Pins Products Words Quotes

Pin Af Lb Pa Stop Promoted Pins

Engage With Your Community

Similar to most social media networks, engagement is always critical to influencing people to visit your site. The interaction shows people youre interested in their opinions.

Use the comment section of your pins to answer questions and thank your followers. And encourage people to like and save pins and follow you. By doing so, youll gather information on what they enjoy most and how to better cater to those desires.

The average user stays on Pinterest for close to 15 minutes at a time. Thats remarkable since most people get bored on social media after a couple of minutes.

For your active fans, ask them to curate your board with you. Its an effective way to collaborate with people and lets their followers discover your blog.

Involve your community in the creation of your boards. It helps with engagement and brings new fans to your blog.

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Types Of Promoted Pins

In addition to promoting;product;pins, Nelson says creatives should consider running a campaign that leads users to sign up to an e-mail list. Offer a content upgrade, she says. Getting someone on your e-mail list means you can keep building a relationship and marketing to them throughout the holiday season and past.

Another idea is to create a specific landing page for Pinterest ads. A landing page is a dedicated space that is free of distractions, like header navigation bars and social icons, instead focusing on engaging images, sales copy, and testimonials. Since Pinterest is a visual-based platform, its critical to make your Pinterest landing page visually appealing, writes Stephanie Mialki of Instapage.

How Do I Turn Off Website Notifications On Android

Tips for Promoted Pins on Pinterest

Disable Notifications on Android Devices

  • Open Chrome browser and Click on Menu, under this section tap Settings.
  • Scroll Down and click on Site Settings.
  • In Site settings, again continue to scroll down and choose Notifications.
  • In Notifications section, select the site you want to allow or deny web push services.

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Finding Your Target Audience

You cant sell anything if you dont know who youre selling tothis is the primary rule of marketing. No matter what youre selling, be it toothpaste, digital products, or email marketing software, you need to have a deep understanding of your target audience.

Source: Pixabay

If you dont understand why its so crucial, lets take a look at an example.

Youve formulated the best, most high-quality nail polish in the world. Its time to start advertising the product, and you think to yourself how everyone needs this nail polish in their lives.

You dont do any research and start promoting your product all across the globe. One month has already passed, and youve made just a few sales. Its hard to believe because who wouldnt want such a perfect product? Why havent you made thousands of sales?

Claim Your Other Accounts

When you do this, you get some great features like:

  • Grow your monthly views. Your monthly views are the analytics of how many people have seen or engaged with your pin. This number can grow when you claim other accounts as the monthly views will be aggregate across accounts.
  • You can . With a claimed account, when others pin your pins, they get to see your profile and a red button to follow you

For more on this, check out Tailwinds post.

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Affiliate Link And Board:

  • First of all, you have to choose the board you want to pin, and at the same time, you have to select the Product you want to share.
  • Pin the Product, after pinning; you have to click on the edit button.
  • You can add the affiliate link to the website box by replacing the original link.
  • Now click on the Save button. Your pin with an affiliate link is live now.
  • You may repeat these steps to connect affiliate links to other products.

Choosing A Target Audience & Keywords

How to Promote Pins with Pinterest (Basics)

Pinterest recommends inputting anywhere from 30 to 50 keywords in the ads manager, but theres no limit in the number you can include. When setting the keywords for your campaign, try to attract users who search for specific terms on Pinterest with Exact Match keywords. Or use Phrase Match for a little more flexibility, and to attract users who have liked similar Pins or created boards with your keywords. Read more about Targeting on Pinterest.

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Choosing Relevant Boards For Your Pins

If you wish for your Pin to be seen, you need to find a relevant board. For example, if youre advertising social media marketing tools, and you pin your post on a general marketing board, it will get swallowed up by thousands of other Pins that are more relevant.

Its because there are plenty of more relevant, marketing-related posts than your social media marketing tool one. To get better results, create and use a board for social media or marketing tools. The keywords will find a more suitable match, and your post will, therefore, rank more successfully. You can also search for relevant Group Boards, as they will increase the visibility of your Pins significantly.

Congrats Youve Been Promoted

  • Cinematic: these Pins are animated to change as the Pinner scrolls downward, much like a flip book
  • Place Pins: these Pins show location details and a map when the Pinner pins an item from any retail location
  • Buyable Pins: these Pins have a buy button built right in, so Pinners never have to leave the site to purchase what they want. .
  • Video Pins: these Pins are exactly what they sound like! The video will play automatically as the Pin reaches the users screen. Be warned, the videos will not play with sound unless the Pinner opens the Pin and activates the speaker.
  • There are a few important rules about Promoted Pins to keep in mind. First, there cant be any promotional information, service claims, deceptive content, calls to action, or price listing in the Pins image. Its okay to have that in the caption, but dont stick in on the picture.

    Secondly, make sure all Promoted Pins have direct links. If your Pins are redirecting rather than going straight to your landing page, Pinterest will disprove your ads and may block your links. Its also important to keep your keywords on track, but well discuss that more below.

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    To put Sponsored Pins in play, first choose a Pin, then add terms. Next, set up targeting and decide who sees it. Next, set up a CPC auction. Now choose a campaign and Finally, track and analyze your Sponsored Pins to see how your campaigns are performing and determine what needs to be changed to improve results.

    Here are five ways to do it. ” improve your pinspromoted.

    # : Engage Target Audiences

    Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing

    For any sponsored pin campaign to be successful, a businessmust include its primary and secondary audiences.

    Once you’ve determined who you’re talking to, divide campaigns based on audiences to show customers what they want to see . Remember, Pinterest users are already motivated and inspired, so be proactive in engaging them.

    Pinterest targeting allows you to identify audiences by location, language, device, and gender . Therefore, targeting the right audience at the right time, based on relevant keywords, is essential.

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    Be Creative In Your Pin Titles

    For example, lets say you wrote a post called: 5 Instant Pot Meals Your Toddler Will Love.

    In this post, you share 5 dinner ideas using the Instant Pot.

    You can create different Pin titles around by upping the curiosity and using emotional words:

    • 5 Yummy and Delicious Instant Pot Meals Your Toddler Will Devour
    • 5-15 Minute Instant Pot Dinners for the Busy Mom
    • The Best Instant Pot Meals that Are Toddler Approved

    Set Up A Conversion Tag To Track Performance

    To see how well your Promoted Pins are performing, youll want to set up Pinterests conversion tracking. To do this, you add a snippet of code, called a conversion tag, to your website to track referral traffic behavior.

    To create a conversion tag, select Conversion Tracking from the Ads drop-down menu.

    You can access conversion tracking from the Ads drop-down menu.

    From here, you can review all of the conversion tags you currently have or create new ones.

    View and create new conversion tags on the Conversion Tracking page.

    When you create a new tag, add a name for it, choose an objective to track , and select time frames for clicks, engagements, and views.

    Customize your conversion tag.

    After you , Pinterest displays your conversion tag. Copy this snippet of code and paste it into the webpage or website you want to track.

    Place this snippet of code on your website.

    It doesnt appear that you have to add these tags to specific campaigns, and that theyll be applied to all of them automatically.

    As with individual campaigns, you can export the data from a conversion tag.

    Final Thoughts

    As Pinterest continues to gain new users who make buying decisions on the site, Promoted Pins will only increase in value to businesses. Having a well-placed Promoted, optimized for visibility, can help you connect with a relevant audience thats ready to buy.

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    Avoid Faces In Your Pin

    This is a personal choice. For my Twins Mommy profile, I try not to use too many faces, but Ive been playing around with using more faces. For Smart Mom Ideas, I use a lot of faces.

    So, do some A/B testing and see if faces convert for you.

    You can try showing partial face, the back of the head, or full face.

    Why Cant I Uninstall An App

    How To Use Pinterest Ad Platform – Promoted Pins Tutorial

    In the latter case, you wont be able to uninstall an app without revoking its administrator access first. To disable an applications administrator access, go to your Settings menu, find Security and open Device Administrators. See if the app in question is marked with a tick. If so, disable it.

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    Create A Promoted Pin

    To create and use Pinterests Promoted Pins, you need to have a business account. If you dont already have one, you can either create a new account or convert your current Pinterest profile to a business account.

    Once your account is set up and ready to go, hover over Ads at the top left of the Pinterest home page and select Overview.

    This article walks you through how to create an engagement promoted pin, but traffic Promoted Pins work exactly the same way. From the Ads Manager, .

    Next, select Boost Engagement With Your Pins. If you want a traffic campaign, youd choose Get Traffic to Your Website.

    Select the goal for your campaign.

    On the next page, name your campaign, select a start and end date , and choose a daily budget. I recommend setting an end date, since you can only have daily budgets instead of lifetime budgets. If you dont set an end date, make sure you keep an eye on the campaign so you dont spend more than you intended.

    Add a name, start and end date, and daily budget for your campaign.

    After you , youll see a list of your pins. Select the pin you want to use for your campaign. If you want, you can search for a pin using the search box, or view the pin thats been most clicked or the most repinned in the past 30 days.

    Select the you want to use for your campaign.

    After you select your , enter a name for your promoted pin and set a destination URL. Make sure that the URL goes to the specific page where you want users to land, not a generic homepage.

    Questions To Ask Yourself

    If youre unsure of how to find your target audience, try asking yourself some of the following questions.


    They trust their partners and coworkers.

    What triggers their buying decisions?

    Discounts trigger their buying decisions.

    How much time do they spend researching products?

    They spend 1530 minutes on product research.

    Does my product solve an issue for them?

    Yes, my product helps sharpen their SEO knowledge.

    Another excellent idea would be for you to analyze what your competitors are up to. If youre uncertain how to go about it, ask yourself the following questions once you research their campaigns:

    • Are the background colors and images appealing?

    • Does this make me curious to find out more about the product?

    • Is the information overwhelming?

    Source: Pixabay

    Through a detailed analysis of your competitors campaigns, you will get to learn what works and what doesnt. As soon as you figure it out, take the good parts, and apply them to your campaign. Dont try to copy everything they do, thoughuse the details to your advantage, but dont abuse them.

    Youre supposed to use this information to get inspired and tweak your campaign to perfection.;

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    Writing An Optimized Description

    As soon as you find the right keywords for your product, you should start writing a Pin description. Make sure that you include all of your preferred keywords so that your Pin ranks well in the SERPs, as weve mentioned. Including hashtags containing your keywords will also be of immense help.

    Search Engine Optimization is not as quick as you may thinkit takes at least a couple of months before anything you do thats keyword-related shows up. Dont get discouraged if the process drags outif youre consistent with your activities, you will get on top of it in no time.

    # : Use The Right Keywords

    How To Stop Pinterest from Posting Twitter Tweets ...

    One of the most important aspects of managing Pinterest ad campaigns is keyword optimization. As per Pinterest guidelines, you can associate approximately 150 keywords with each Sponsored Pin , in order to develop and implement a comprehensive keyword strategy.

    Start by brainstorming creative keywords . It helps to think outside the box, because Pinterest usersare great researchers. The more micro and macro your ad is relevant to what people are looking for, the higher your CTR will be. However, don’t get too crazy about keywords. If you target irrelevant keywords, ads may be disapproved during the Sponsored Pin approval process.

    The following sponsored pin appeared when searching for “shoes “.

    When adding keywords, go for specific, general, and general terms . For the LightInTheBox promoted brooch shown above, specific keywords include bow high heels, bow pumps, escBow tie arpins, round toe heels, black stiletto heels and stiletto heels. General keywords are phrases such as beautiful high heels, sophisticated high heels, formal shoes, fashion heels, formal shoes, wedding shoes, and prom shoes. The general keywords are women’s fashion, fashion trends, footwear fashion trends and formal event dress.

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