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How To Best Use Pinterest For Business

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Avoid Faces In Your Pin

Easy Way How To Best Use Pinterest For Your Business

This is a personal choice. For my Twins Mommy profile, I try not to use too many faces, but Ive been playing around with using more faces. For Smart Mom Ideas, I use a lot of faces.

So, do some A/B testing and see if faces convert for you.

You can try showing partial face, the back of the head, or full face.

Carefully Plan Your Boards

As , your brands boards can help reach new Pinners interested in specific topics or learning specific things.

For example, Oreos boards include Pins with inspiration for upcoming seasonal holidays like its Spooky Sweet Halloween board and Holidays with Oreo board as well as recipe ideas, like its Oreo Cupcakes and Oreo Cookie Balls board.

In other words, the brand skillfully mixes useful, engaging and inspiring content boards with boards that are more promotional:

And Aveeno has boards for their own products, like Aveeno Body and Sun Care boards:

But the brand also has other boards, like the Earth Day board that includes Pins indirectly showcasing the brand while showing an understanding of what their audience values and supports.

Bonus: Consider Using Story Pins

Not every pinner will benefit from doing story pins and once you do start this strategy, your home feed will have more story pins and at this moment, Im not sure if that will cause a de-prioritization of your regular pins.

So far, it hasnt. I have been creating story pins and regular pins and my regular pins are still generating traffic. Here are recent pins I created after creating story pins.

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Create A Strong Content Strategy

Content is what will help you win an audience for your brand. Therefore, its important that along with links and posts, you should focus on creating a strong content strategy for your business. A well-defined goal can help you build the exact content strategy that you need. While there are many options out there, the following you can include in your list:

  • Attractive imagery: Just like Instagram, images have a greater value on Pinterest too. So, accounts having eye-catchy imagery will always attract peoples attention more. Therefore, you must add relevant and attractive images to your account.
  • Informative content: Informational content will also help you gather more audience. So, create infographics that will help people learn new facts and hack about gadgets, technology, and others.
  • Inspiring content: Another type of content is inspiring content. Since people turn to Pinterest to learn new ideas and how-to-do things, therefore, give your audience a regular dose of inspiring content to keep them hooked.
  • Optimise For Mobile Devices

    Use Pinterest For Business

    With 85% of Pinners using a mobile device, be sure that your content is easily viewable and shareable on phones and tablets. For example, pin descriptions may not be seen by mobile users until they click on a pin, so consider other ways of ensuring people understand what a pin is about. Also, ensure that image sizes are small enough , and that the text is large enough to be easily viewed on a mobile screen.;;

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    Publishing At The Right Time For Increased Engagement

    Seasonal and occasion-related content is huge on Pinterest, with plenty of ways to source ideas for everything from recipes to decor. Pinterests own seasonal research shows that many Pinners start engaging with occasions months in advance such as summer-themed Pins gaining traction in early spring, and winter holiday Pinning starting in June.

    As with almost any form of content, though, posting at the optimal time to get in front of an active audience can help your Pinterest content get off to a running start. Sprouts ViralPost technology is available for Pinterest posts, using your own accounts data about your historical top times for engagement to suggest the best times for future posts.

    After you start publishing on Pinterest, you can start analyzing your post performance at different hours and on different days of the week. Use to see how your content is performing and continue to refine a posting strategy that works specifically for your brand.

    Create Your First 3 Boards

    Believe it or not, youre now ready to start creating your own boards.

    I recommend creating at least three boards with a few pins on each, before you really start promoting your page. You dont want to tell people youre on Pinterest, until youre actually;on;Pinterest.

    Here are three ideas you can use to get started

    A board about your products or services:;This board can be a great way to start contributing to the Pinterest community and to showcase your business. Be careful not to be too promotional, even when youre just starting off. Make sure to give your board a better name than Services and make sure your pins all have descriptions and link to your website.

    A board designed to help:;A key to not being too promotional on Pinterest is creating boards that your customers can actually use. If youre a clothing store or boutique, that could be a board about fashion tips for the upcoming season, or if youre a marketing company, that could be a board with infographics or pictures that link to blog postsanything that will showcase your expertise and get people involved.

    A board thats just fun:;I know getting started can be a little stressful, but try to lighten up. The beauty of Pinterest is that you can showcase your business;and;have fun while you do it. Think of something you love and that your customers will find entertaining. Dont be afraid to think outside the box.

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    Place Your Blog Name On Each Pin

    Its a good idea to place your blog name in each of your pins. This can help pinners know where the pin comes from, grow your brand and blog and helps pinners know if your pin has been stolen.

    For example, if your pin says but when a pinner hovers over your pin it goes to some weird blog, then they know that your pin was stolen or doesnt lead to what the pin states.

    Website Social Media Feed

    How To Use Pinterest For Business Tutorial | Setting Up A Pinterest Business Account

    Another great way to feature all of your fantastic pins is to set up a social media feed on your website. Juicers social media feed aggregates all of your pins, posts, images, hashtags, and videos from your social media sources into one beautiful, clean feed you can embed on your website.

    As you pin and repin, Juicers social media aggregator will automatically display your pins on the feed in addition to your other social media chatter. This gives your website viewers an insight to your social side without ever having to leave your webpage.

    Juicer is completely free to sign up, set up, and use. Once you set up Juicer, you simply add Pinterest as a source and then your username.

    Juicer will automatically pull the pins and repins associated with your account. Additionally, you can add any board that you would like by clicking on the BOARD tab. You simply add the URL fragment of the board you want to feature. For example to feature this board: , you would add fooddaze/travel.

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    Create Beautiful Pins To Boost Engagement

    Here are some of our top tips for creating beautiful Pins that your viewers will want to save and share:

    Use high-quality photos: Make sure they are sharp, in focus, well-composed, properly showcase your product, and match your brand aesthetic.

    Use portrait shots: Because ,;taller images perform better as they fill more of the screen as a user scrolls down through the explore page. The max aspect ratio for Pins is 1:2.8 so getting creative with the length of your images could make a big difference to your engagement rates.

    Create Pins with multiple images: If youre skilled in Photoshop, you can edit multiple images together to create one, long Pin. However, we suggest you keep it to less than four images for clarity.

    Keep text on your Pins to a minimum: Remember that your Pin is just a snapshot of the link youre sharing, so youll want to keep the text on your Pin short and simple.

    Nearly Half Of Total Ad Spend Used Automatic Bidding In Q4 2020

    Pinterest rolled out automatic bidding for shopping in October 2020. By the end of the year, thats how almost 50% of ad spend on the platform was being funneled.

    Pinterest also told investors that the majority of advertisers using automatic bidding increased their budget allocations on the platform, which suggests the process is effective.

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    Design Pins That Win: Best Practices To Keep In Mind

    If youre not a designer, you may be wondering how you will create Pin-worthy graphics to capture attention. Adobe Spark makes it super easy to create great content for Pinterest, even if youre not a trained designer. Start from thousands of templates and easily modify the content to make it your own. Keep these design tips in mind when creating visuals for your Pinterest page.

  • Use large type that is easy to read. Be explicit in your headline or use the curiosity gap to compel clicks. Either way, you want to make sure your Pin grabs attention.
  • To get you started, we are including some of our Adobe Spark templates for you to remix and modify to fit your brand. Weve set them up using basic design principles and optimized them for Pinterest.

    Engage To Build Relationships And Gain New Followers

    How to Write the Best Pinterest Descriptions

    As we all know, more reach = more success.

    Knowing what users look for when following other accounts will allow you to give them what they want and, in turn, grow your following. A little mind-reading never hurt anyone.

    found that the three main factors that Pinterest users take into consideration in the should-I-follow-or-not decision-making process are:

    • how many accounts you are following / are following you
    • how many pins you have
    • how many boards you have

    To be on top of those factors and build relationships to grow your reach, you need to:

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    Brand Your Pins And Link To Your Website

    According to Hootsuite statistics, 97% of pins are unbranded.

    You spend a lot of time perfecting your boards, optimizing your content, and creating the perfect image to share – make sure people know where its coming from!

    Using high quality, sharp photos with your personalized branding helps your business stand out from the crowd. Include your product name, business logo, style, or brand colors in your images. Dont be afraid to let people know who you are.

    How To Curate Pins

    When Pinning, abide by the 80/20 rule: Share 80% of other peoples content and only 20% of your own.

    For every piece of content that you share, that is yours, save four Pins from others.

    As you begin, your goals will be:

    • Make connections with other pinners by following them, liking, saving, and commenting on their Pins.
    • Build your content foundation with curated content to find your audience and build a following.
    • Know what your niche likes so you can share more of that.

    Record the topics your curated content should cover in your template.

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    Claim Your Other Accounts

    When you do this, you get some great features like:

    • Grow your monthly views. Your monthly views are the analytics of how many people have seen or engaged with your pin. This number can grow when you claim other accounts as the monthly views will be aggregate across accounts.
    • You can . With a claimed account, when others pin your pins, they get to see your profile and a red button to follow you

    For more on this, check out Tailwinds post.

    The Art Of The Pin: Images


    Use unique, eye-catching images

    Images that stand out, are colorful, unique, and say something specific about what you have to offer will give you a major edge compared to other content on the platform.

    Use high-resolution, uncluttered images

    Youll also want to steer clear of cluttered images.

    According to Pinterest, , so check out your Pin on mobile to make sure the message is easy to digest

    Use a vertical aspect ratio

    As Pinners and marketers know, Pins are organized into columns. Meaning that vertical images take up more space and stand out more in the feed.

    The ideal aspect ratio for a vertical Pin is 2:3600px wide x 900px high.

    Heres a great example from the Social Media Examiner Pinterest account:

    Square images 600px wide x 600px tall can work well, too!

    Consider adding a little copy

    But as we mentioned before, try to keep the copy simple and dont let it clutter the overall image.

    Add tasteful branding

    To convey credibility, build a brand, and help people understand who or where the Pin is coming from, try including your product, packaging, or logo in your image.

    Heres an example of an infographic we created to promote our blog post on Pinterest including the Buffer logo directly at the top:

    Pro-Tip: Avoid logo placement in the corners of the Pin, or it will get covered up by our visual search icon.

    Use multiple images

    It also works well for outfit, roundup, and before/after Pins!

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    Follow Others In Your Industry

    Their pins will come up in your home feed, and you can pin anything you find inspiring or relevant to one of your boards in addition to the content that youre creating yourself. These will in turn show up in your followers feeds! Neat, huh?;

    Remember what I said earlier, check out anything that you pin to make sure it is what it appears to be so that you keep your boards full of quality posts. When youre pinning relevant and helpful content, whether created by you or shared by other users, you will establish yourself as an authority and people will naturally flock to your account to see what youll pin next.

    How To Find Your Business Objectives

    Your business objectives are the overarching goals that have been created by upper management that need to be met by the end of the year.

    These are the objectives that every team in your company helps contribute to.

    Some example business objectives could be:

    • We want 60% of our audience to be millennials.
    • We want to be the number one soft drink for women over 40.
    • We want to sell more ski resort passes to college-aged vacationers.

    Because these objectives are so high level, theyve probably already been decided by your CEO, CMO, etc.

    Schedule a meeting or email them to find out exactly what those objectives are .

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    Following Creative Best Practices To Create Pins That Stand Out

    If you want to create more visually compelling pins, make sure you follow the . These Pinterest best practices include:

    • Maintaining a 2:3 aspect ratio
    • Including your brand logo
    • Adding text overlay with concise, targeted copy to tell better stories
    • Choosing images that show context this includes showing a product or service in a lifestyle setting or showing a use case in action that brings it to life.

    Create Some Boards With Descriptions

    8 Ways to Be Better at Pinterest

    Next up, create some boards! Youll want to put a little thought into this, so I think its helpful to strategize a little first before you sit down to create them. So, brainstorm them out, or or your favorite accounts for more inspiration.

    Boards;are where you save, collect, and organize your Pins. You can create new;boards;from your profile or when you create a new Pin. Use;boards;to organize your business Pins so that people can easily browse your profile or explore your ideas.

    Its normal practice to pin each of your pins to multiple boards in fact, pinning to up to 10 boards is considered safe and not spammy. This means each pin gets a good chance of being seen, depending on the exposure each board may be getting and who it reaches.

    For example, if I have one pin that showcases a blog post of my favorite boho wedding dresses on Amazon. This could be relevant to multiple boards, like beautiful wedding dresses, planning a wedding, wedding budgeting tips, bride style and intimate wedding inspiration. There will be crossover between the different boards.

    In the same way that one pin can appear on multiple boards, youll also want to create multiple variations of pins for each blog post.

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    Be Creative In Your Pin Titles

    For example, lets say you wrote a post called: 5 Instant Pot Meals Your Toddler Will Love.

    In this post, you share 5 dinner ideas using the Instant Pot.

    You can create different Pin titles around by upping the curiosity and using emotional words:

    • 5 Yummy and Delicious Instant Pot Meals Your Toddler Will Devour
    • 5-15 Minute Instant Pot Dinners for the Busy Mom
    • The Best Instant Pot Meals that Are Toddler Approved

    Why You Should Join Select Group Boards

    Group boards are like regular boards except that the board owner can invite collaborators to also pin to the board.They used to be an amazing way to generate traffic until Pinterest introduced the Smart Feed.The Smart Feed is the algorithm that Pinterest;uses to determine what a user sees in their;home;feed. It prioritizes and ranks pins based on their quality and engagement.One problem with group boards is that sometimes collaborators dont repin other members content. Without this interaction, Pinterest assumes the pins are not popular and they dont show up in the Smart Feed.Choose active, niche boards with one topic and less than 100 contributors. Too many contributors that are too active can mean low quality content.The important thing to remember when it comes to Pinterest is that quality is much more important than quantity.Mutual sharing in group boards is crucial. The group boards I belong to make it a policy that you need to repin two pins for every post of yours. The board owners monitor for this.

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