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How To Become Verified On Snapchat

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Why Get Verified On Snapchat

How to Get Verified on Snapchat

Well, before getting verified on Snapchat, you need to understand the features of a verified Snapchat account. A verified account helps you segregate your official account from other similar usernames. Your followers will be able to differentiate your account from other fake accounts using your user name.

Further, you will be able to manage multiple logins of your verified account. Usually, you cant sign into another device if you have logged in somewhere else. You are required to log out of the previous device. But with a verified account, you can have multiple logins at the same time. This is how celebrities manage to add stories through the help of their content creation team.

Another advantage is that Snapchat promotes verified accounts. Usually, you cant find your friends on Snapchat with their real names unless you know their usernames. But with a verified account, anyone can find you just by typing your real name in the search box. This lets your followers find you easily on Snapchat.

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How Many Views Do I Need To Be Verified

This may be one of the most common questions I hear when it comes to becoming a verified lens creator. The answer is that it does not matter how many views your lenses are getting. My total views were in the millions when I became an OLC, but I also know creators whose total views numbered in the billions before they became OLCs. A large number of views can certainly help put you on Snapchat’s radar, but there is no threshold of views that they are looking for.

Snapchat: Why Is It Difficult To Find Celebrities

Although it’s relatively simple to add a person on Snapchat, you must know the person’s username beforehand in order for you to search for and add him or her. Otherwise you could end up adding a stranger or the wrong person. The same can be said when it comes to adding celebrities.

For instance: Try searching for “justinbieber”. You’ll see that username appear with a “+” next to it. You can go ahead and add it, if you want, but first you should know his actual username is “rickthesizzler”. Yeah. The username “justinbieber” apparently belongs to someone else.

Because Snapchat never verified accounts, you couldn’t easily find real celebrity accounts without knowing their usernames in the first place.

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Why Does Snapchat Want To Verify My Phone Number

There are many benefits to verifying your phone number on the app. Like many other services, Snapchat tries to protect your account by verifying your identity via phone number and email address. If you provide them with this information, you can retrieve your account easily when you forget your password or get hacked.

Two-step verification adds another level of security. It prevents others from accessing your account because Snapchat texts a code to your phone directly. Unless intruders have your login credentials and the linked device, they wont be able to log in to your account. Keep in mind that you cant use a temporary number for two-step verification, as the number you provide will be used repeatedly.

Another reason Snapchat asks for your number is to prevent spam. If users made accounts with no phone or email requirement, spammers would create thousands of accounts. Phishing and fraud accounts are easier to track when theyre linked with emails or phone numbers.

Can You Get Verified On Snapchat

Do You Want To Get Verified On Snapchat?

Snapchat has its criteria for verifying the Snapchat accounts of users. Snapchat has provided verified accounts to celebrities, which means only those having a huge follower are provided with the Snapchat Verified accounts. Moreover, according to Snapchat, anyone having 50,000+ views on their Snapchat stories can get their accounts verified.

However, many users on Reddit claimed that they have got the views but still waiting for their accounts to be verified by Snapchat. This may be because Snapchat has not yet stated how often you need these views on your story. But there are users who have managed to get their accounts verified from Snapchat by appealing to the authorities mentioning that their accounts are being duplicated.

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Some Tips To Get Verified On Snapchat

Since the only criteria to get verified on Snapchat is to get a huge number of views, the most important thing to do is increase your followers on the app. Here are some tips that could help you with that.

  • Step up your content: This is an obvious one, but good HD content is pivotal in increasing your followers. No one wants to view content shot on a potato.
  • Personalize your Story: Unlike Instagram, Snapchat is up and personal. So your followers want to know the real you, what you do every day, what you like, etc. Personalizing your story will help your audience connect better with you.
  • Interact with your audience: Snapchat has some cool tools to use to create polls and other interaction on your story. Use these creator tools to engage your audience.
  • Do an SFS: Shoutout For Shoutout is a great way to reach a new audience. Set up a script and request another creator to give you a shoutout on their channel.
  • Cross-platform promotion: If you have accounts on other social media platforms , use these to promote your Snapchat account. You might have followers there that do not know how to find you on Snapchat.

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How Do You Get More Snapchat Subscribers

  • Send your QR code to any contacts you wish to invite and share it on social media and email.
  • Use Bitmoji and Augmented Reality to create viral content.
  • Participate in a Snapchat giveaway.
  • Create Engaging Blog-Style Stories.
  • Discover content ideas should be copied from the Discover page to get more Snapchat friends.
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    Are You Eligible To Be Instagram Verified

    The blue check makes eligibility requirements more coveted, as it is not given out to just everybody. Verification is generally reserved for accounts that Instagram deems in the public interest. More specifically, you must be a public figure, celebrity or global brand.

    Not only do you have to follow the networks Terms of Service and Community Guidelines but according to the website, your account must also be:

    • Authentic. Be who you say you are. Show Instagram that you are a real person, registered business, or brand. Verifying who you say you are requires some personal info for this very reason.
    • Unique. Just one single account per person or business can get Instagram verified, with exceptions for language-specific accounts. Instagram has a policy that does not verify general interest accounts like meme roundups. Fan accounts also dont qualify for verification.
    • Public. To verify your Instagram account, surely your account is already viewable to everyone, right? But although some brands have experimented with private Instagram accounts, a private account will not qualify for verification.
    • Complete info. To get verified you must have a complete bio, profile photo, and at least one post.
    • Notable. Instagram especially highlights that verified accounts must represent a well-known, highly searched person, brand, or entity.

    How Many Followers On Snapchat To Get Verified

    How To Get Verified On Snapchat in 2020 (Get A Verified Snapchat Account)

    If you are a person who holds an important post, a business organization, content creator, or a celebrity, you can get your Snapchat account verified. If you want to simply flex around with a verified Snapchat account, you could also try to apply for one. However, you will be required to have at least 1000 or more followers and a high number of views on your stories. Only then will you be able to get your account verified on Snapchat.

    As explained before, there is no direct option for anyone to fill a form and simply apply for verification as is in the case with and even for that matter. There is, however, a kind of workaround or rather a backdoor method that you can use to get verified. You will have to keep in mind that not everyones accounts get verified all the time. It is based more on luck and factors such as the number of followers and views on your Snapchat! You could try to follow these steps in the hope of getting your account verified.

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    How To Get And Maintain The Subscribe Button In Snapchat

    William StantonRead more January 13, 2022

    Once you become an official Snapchat Creator, you get the Subscribe button next to your name. What do you need to do to get that coveted button and grow your Snapchat following, and is that the same as being verified by Snapchat?

    Follow along in this article to learn everything you need to know about the Snapchat Subscribe button.

    Tip #: Engage With Your Followers Within Your Content

    One thing that separates Snapchat from other Social Media Platforms is that Snapchat is more like a personal approach to the audience. So make sure to create unique story content and engage with your followers to make them feel that youre with them. But do not overpost, as it will not be effective in engaging and gaining followers for your branded content.

    Make sure that your content has the following:

  • Personalize. The audience would love to see personalized snaps as they can see how you made an effort to create them.
  • Make sure to entertain them with your content. Loosen up a bit from being serious, making the audiences have a smile painted on their faces.
  • Inspire. You can post the before and after contents. People love to see the developments on how you or your business started from scratch.
  • Educate your followers. Aside from inspiring them on how you got started, you may also tell them tips on how you managed to persevere all the challenges up to your success. .
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    How To Get Verified On Snapchat 2022

    Snapchat is a popular social media platform among youngsters. Snapchat verified accounts are known as official stories. Since 2015, Snapchat has been offering this feature. You need to get a sufficient amount of traffic to your account before going for verification. When you are verified, youll have a special emoji next to your account name. No doubt that verified accounts will get more attention in any social media platform, and snapchat is no exception.

    Having said that, whether you are a business trying to promote your brand on snapchat, or you are an individual wanting to be a popular figure in the environment, obtaining snapchat verification status to your account must be right up your alley. The verified status acts as a powerful force in terms of marketing your brand. People think about your account very highly when your snapchat profile is in the verified category.

    How To Get Verified On Snapchat Without Being Famous

    How To Get Verified On Snapchat in 2020 (Get A Verified Snapchat ...

    Its relatively easy to get verified on Snapchat when youre a celebrity. But what can you do if you meet the requirements mentioned above and youre still not getting a verified star? Some users have reached out to Snapchat directly and complained about other people duplicating their content. Surprisingly, this information provided them with a verified star. So, heres what you need to do:

  • Open Snapchat on your phone.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on your profile icon in the upper left corner of the screen. This will open the Settings page.
  • Next, hit Settings in the upper right part of the screen. It looks like a gear icon.
  • Scroll down to Support and youll see I Need Help.
  • Tap on Contact Us.
  • Now, under various options, choose My Snapchat isnt working.
  • Then, youll need to select Other.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit Yes.
  • Youll see a question asking you to describe your issue. Click on My issue is not listed.
  • Remember the account youre using needs to have some views. Otherwise, they wont verify you even though youve complained about other people duplicating the account. Once you follow all steps, youll see a new page open.
  • Fill in the details of your account. Include the username,email,mobile device, and describe when you started having the issue.
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    Do Influencers Use Snapchat

    snapchat influencer businesses are finding that the most effective way to use influencers to market their products is to encourage them to tell their brand stories. An influencer, for example, may be willing to take photos of himself or herself using your product and post them on Snapchat afterward.

    Make Your Profile Public

    To get a subscribe button, first, your profile needs to be public. A Snapchat public profile helps you reach a large audience base. It allows you to add a bio, photo, and description. You can add location, lenses, and post stories to your public profile on Snapchat.

    Most importantly, your followers on Snapchat can subscribe to your profile. And you can keep a count of your subscribers.

    Previously, the public profile feature was limited to a few Snapchat creators and celebrities. But, at the end of 2020, Snapchat opened the feature to every Snapchat user.

    Making your profile public on Snapchat is quite easy and can be done within a minute. But, you have to meet some eligibility criteria before, for instance:

    • You must be a minimum of 18 years old.
    • Must have a Snapchat account that is at least 24 hours old.
    • You must have at least one bi-directional friend on your account. That means you must friend one user, and that user must have friended you back.
    • You have to follow Snapchats community guidelines strictly.

    Once youve matched all the criteria, follow the steps below to make your profile public:

    Step 1. Open the Snapchat app on your Android or iPhone device.

    Step 2. Tap on your profile icon, located at the top-left corner of your device.

    Step 3. Scroll down the profile page and find the public profiles section.

    Step 4. Under the Public Profile section, press oncreate public profile.

    Step 5. In the create public profile page, tap on the continue button.

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    Why Wont Snapchat Verify My Phone Number

    Many users have found that Snapchat wont verify their phone, even when they use a real number. If you receive the message We cannot verify this phone number, Snapchat might have encountered one of these issues:

    • The service is down for maintenance
    • Its not a valid phone number
    • There is heavy traffic
    • The connection has timed out

    Snapchats phone verification system isnt perfect, and it often fails to verify valid numbers.

    What Should Your Application Include

    How To Get Verified On Snapchat

    When youre applying for verification on Snapchat, the application should include a few pieces of information.

    First, youll need your name, username, and bio to be displayed on the app. The application also needs proof that you are who you say you are. You can provide this proof with copies of your drivers license or passport.

    Finally, never forget your URL! This is what will identify your account when people click it in search results so make sure its easy to read and spell out.

    The application also needs to include two snaps that are 10 seconds each in length. The snaps should show that you are who you say you are by displaying things like your location or surroundings when possible.

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    How To Get The Subscribe Button On Your Snapchat Profile

    Snapchat has become an essential part of marketing for businesses, as well as for individuals. But how can you use Snapchat to grow your brand and audience?

    The answer is by getting the subscribe button on Snapchat.

    The subscribe button is a powerful tool that allows you to grow your fanbase on the platform. Themore subscribers you have, the better your reach will be.

    When someone subscribes to your account, they tell you that they like what you are doing and want to see more of it. Also, they become a part of your community.

    But not everyone gets a subscribe button on Snapchat.

    So how will you get one?

    In this post, well show you how to get the subscribe button on Snapchat in the most easiest manner.

  • Wrapping Up
  • What Happens After Snapchat Verification Request

    It could take a couple of days before Snapchat gets back to you. When they do, theyll hopefully send you an email where they will tell you the good news that your account has been verified.

    When you get verified, youll get plenty of advantages. For instance, youll be able to add a customized Snapchat icon. The bio section will allow you to use up to 150 characters. Use it to share who you are and what you do. Doing so could potentially attract new followers.

    Finally, getting verified means youll be able to log in to Snapchat using various devices. You could be posting a story from your computer while sharing an image from your phone.

    • Tags

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    Keep An Eye On The Subscribe Status

    Always keep an eye on your subscription status by going to the Discover page. You will see the Discover icon at the bottom right corner of your camera screen. On the discover page, all the popular profiles appear.

    So, here you can monitor how your profile is performing to protect the subscriber button. Also, make sure to remember that your Snaps need to be public, appropriate, and popular to get to the Discover page.

    Why Do People Want To Be Verified On Snapchat

    How to Get Verified On Snapchat in 2020 (Get Verified Snapchat Account ...

    A verified Snapchat account is a stamp of approval from the company. Its a way to show that youre trustworthy and have grown your audience.

    Verification on Snapchat is a sign of status for social media personalities who have grown their following and gained trust with followers.

    One reason why people want to be verified on Snapchat is that it gives them more credibility in the app. This makes it easier for people to find you when theyre looking for something interesting to watch or someone they can follow.

    A verified account also shows that youre a celebrity in the app and people will want to follow you because theyll recognize you as a popular person with lots of followers.

    In addition, being verified on Snapchat means that your posts are always going to show up on the apps story feed so your followers never miss out on what you post! You dont have to worry about losing popularity or your following by not being verified.

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