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How To Be Invisible On Whatsapp

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How To Remove Blue Ticks

How to Go Completely Invisible on WhatsApp?

The Blue tick is very useful feature for people to know whether the sent message is read by the receiver or not. In WhatsApp, when the receiver receives a message, the sender is displayed with two gray ticks on that message. However, when the receiver reads it, it becomes blue, which indicates that the message has been read.

But for many people, this feature is not acceptable and wish to disable this feature. To do so, go to Settings > > Account > > Privacy and uncheck Read receipts. It also causes harm to you as youll also not be able to see when others read your messages.

Hide Online Status On Whatsapp

This is helpful information for many users, as well.

This approach prevents others from accessing information like your profile status, and you have multiple options that you can choose once you decide on going this route.

Accessing this menu is simple, just follow this path: WhatsApp Settings> Account> Privacy> Status. You can now choose among three available options.

  • My Contacts Only share status with trusted friends and contacts.
  • My Contacts Except This shares your profile and status with all of your friends except those that you have placed on a list to remain in the dark.
  • Only Share With This keeps your profile information from everyone, but the handful of contacts that you select as the exceptions.
  • If you are looking at all of your options side by side, 2 and 3 are among the most effective at hiding information from unwanted parties.

    Frankies Take:

    The status that you can input on WhatsApp is not as important or frequently read as other social media apps like Facebook, but you might not want the whole world able to see it either.

    Can I Chat While Appearing Offline In Whatsapp

    Yes! You can use two handy tricks to read and reply to messages on WhatsApp and still appear offline.

    The first is the more direct one, and it involves replying to a message via the notification panel:

    For iPhone users, simply slide the message from your notifications panel to the left, select the view option, and reply.

    For Android, tap the message on your notifications panel, select the Reply button, and send the message.

    If you accidentally removed the message preview, you can pull down from your screen top to see unread notifications, hold the chat in question, and hit the Reply button.

    The second method to answer a message while appearing offline involves Airplane Mode. You turn on Airplane Mode, and it lets you read a message without appearing online. This way, your last recorded online time on WhatsApp is the one before you turned on Airplane Mode. This is a pretty cool feature, except that it prevents you from receiving new messages while its on.

    Here are detailed steps on how to perform this trick:

    1. Switch your device to Airplane Mode.

    2. Launch WhatsApp and open the chat to which you want to send a new message.

    3. Enter the message and hit the Send button.

    4. Switch off the Airplane Mode. The receiver will get your message without you appearing online.

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    Stealthapp : Hidden Mode Helps You Hide And Manage Whatsapp Notifications

    Shealt App is the app that could simplify your social and messaging life with WhatsApp, of course. Thanks to the functions offered by this application, it will be possible to hide WhatsApp notifications and replace them with customized ones.

    But most of all you will be able to know when the recipients of our messages actually read their content and last but not least read the messages without the flags turning blue.

    Thanks to this simple program, in fact, you will have the possibility to completely hide your activities on WhatsApp by masking them in the form of something else , for example: imagine receiving a confidential message and instead display the pop-up notification of an update.

    Hiding Your Profile Photo

    How to Be Invisible on WhatsApp

    There is a lot of clear merit in keeping a profile picture hidden from the contacts and users of WhatsApp.

    This is a very easy thing to do.

    You can start by heading into WhatsApp and choosing Settings> Privacy> Profile Photo> Nobody.

    If you choose this option, no one can see your profile picture at all anymore. There is an available option that keeps it visible to contacts, if you so desire.

    You should take a minute and read the complete guide about hiding picture from specific contacts.

    Frankies Take:

    Because your contacts can always save your profile picture in the phone easily, make certain your profile picture is only accessible to contacts.

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    Hide Typing In Whatsapp Android And Iphone

    When you are typing a message for someone, that user sees your status as typing. If you do not want this status, you can also enable airplane mode just as above. Besides, you can hide typing status on WhatsApp from Privacy. There are some third-party WhatsApp clients that you can use to chat using your actual WhatsApp account on your smartphones. These clients offer a bit more flexibility and customizations.

    • If you are on Android, you can use the GBWhatsApp app to hide your online status while chatting with someone. This app has many other features as well.
    • If you are on an iPhone, you can use the WhatsApp++ app to hide your online status.

    To remove status from WhatsApp:

    Step 1: Once installed, open the third-party app on your Android or iPhone > Verify your WhatsApp account.

    Step 2: Open WhatsApp and tap the three dots on the top-right corner > Click Privacy.

    Step 3: Find Writing Status and click it.

    Step 4: Then you can choose Hide for contacts or Hide for a group.

    Keep in mind that these apps are not fully safe to use and you should only use them as a last resort.

    On Iphone 6 Can I Make Myself Whatsapp Invisible To Only One Contact

    I don’t want one contact to see when I go online on WhatsApp. How can I do that?

  • 1Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
  • 2Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
  • 3Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
  • 4Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
  • 5Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
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  • 9Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
  • 10Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
  • 11Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
  • 12 Tap “Last Seen”, “Profile Photo”, and “Status” one after another and tap on “My Contacts” or “Nobody”.Was this step helpful? Yes | No| I need help
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    How Can You Keep Your Name Invisible On Whatsapp Read Here

    1 min read.Livemint

    Though the app doesnt allow users to keep an empty name, you can hide your name or keep it blank to maintain privacy

    Listen to this article

    Meta -owned instant messaging app, WhatsApp, has implemented a new feature that will allow users to write their names in invisible text.

    Though the app doesnt allow users to keep an empty name, you can hide your name or keep it blank to maintain privacy.

    But do you know how to do that? Let us tell you this easy trick that will help you to replace your name with invisible text.

    Here’s how you do it:

    • Open Whatsapp on your mobile and PC
    • Copy these two symbols: Symbols:
    • Go to the settings option
    • Tap on your current Whatsapp name and then on the pencil icon
    • Remove the arrow symbol i.e. and tap on the OK to change your name
    • Your name goes blank on Whatsapp

    If someone adds you to a WhatsApp group, they will not be able to see your name unless they have you added as a contact.

    WhatsApp had also recently added a new feature via an update for the desktop which will allow users to exercise more privacy.

    The instant messaging app is is rolling out a new update for the desktop client through the official beta channel, bringing the version up to 2.2149.1.

    WhatsApp has been working for quite some time on the My Contact Except” feature which will add more control over the privacy of the users. For the said update, the users will have a control to show/hide the last seen, about, profile photo to anyone.

    Disable Background Data For Whatsapp To Go Invisible On Whatsapp

    How to be Invisible on WhatsApp

    You might already know this, but your WhatsApp keeps on working in the background. In fact, it is always running. Thats why you receive messages even when you are not using your phone. The following steps will help you to disable background data for WhatsApp. However, this method only works with Android phones.

    • Step 1: Go to phone settings.
    • Step 2: Go to data options.
    • Step 3: From the data options, select disable background data and revoke all permissions for WhatsApp.

    The steps mentioned above will kill WhatsApp without actually deleting or uninstalling it.

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    The Ghostbusters Method Catching Ghosts On Whatsapp

    Wouldnt the world be a boring place if everything was just handed to you?

    Behind all of the ghost activity, there is seemingly always a dedicated Ghostbuster standing in the background looking to catch it.

    With WhatsApp ghosts, there is enough technology and software that would make Peter, Ray, Winston, and Egon blush. If you dont know thats the Ghostbuster team, seriously, watch the movie.

    If someone who wants to catch you hiding your presence or activity on WhatsApp with the right software, there is no one that can save you.

    I wrote an article about WhatsApp Spying and how you can protect yourself.

    Trick : Remove Blue Tick

    Double blue tick is WhatsApp’s one of the recent features where you can get to know when your recipient reads the message. But, sometimes this feature can be a reason for irritation when you’re not willing to reply but you are constantly getting pinged. Then go to Settings > Account > Privacy and uncheck ‘Read receipts’. But also note that this way you too will not be able to see when others read your messages.

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    Tip 1 Block The User To Hide Online Whatsapp Status

    If you are looking to prevent someone specific from being able to see your online status, one way to do that is to block that user in your WhatsApp account. This way, that person will not be able to see your online status, your stories, your display picture, and basically everything associated with your account.

    To block someone to be no status on WhatsApp:

  • Launch WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Find the chat with the person that you want to block and tap it.
  • Tap the persons name at the top of your screen.
  • Select Block on the following screen.
  • Tap Block in the prompt to block your selected contact and block WhatsApp status surely.
  • Block a User to Hide your Online Status

    Further Reading: How to Block and Unblock Someone on WhatsApp >

    Disable The Whatsapp Notification Tone By Recording Silence And Setting It As Whatsapp Ringtone

    WhatsApp 2017 modificado

    Theres no option to select No Ringtone for your WhatsApp messages or calls. By default you will have to select a ringtone. If you want to silence it then you have no other option apart from putting your mobile on silent mode. The easiest hack around this is to create your own silent ringtone. Just record pin-drop silence for 2 seconds by using your audio recorder app and save it by a proper file name . Open WhatsApp Settings Notifications. Select that silent ringtone as your Notification tone and call ringtone.

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    Go Invisible On Whatsapp Without Deleting It

  • Wrapping Up
  • As noted, theres no direct option to go invisible on WhatsApp. If you want to disconnect yourself from the online world, the only thing you can do is uninstall it for some time. But then again, it creates a mess for those having limited time or relying on chat backups. On the other hand, turning off read receipts doesnt disable the second tick hence of no use.

    Yet, there are specific methods using which you can hide from the radar of contacts and make them feel as if youre offline since ages or have uninstalled the app itself.

    So, ready for a peaceful vacation? Well, heres how you can go invisible on WhatsApp without uninstalling it.

    How To Hide Your Online Status In Whatsapp From A Pc

    If you use WhatsApp on your PC, youre probably on the WhatsApp Web version. This version doesnt allow tweaking online status through the settings page like the smartphone.

    Instead, you need to install plugins for your browser. Assuming you use Chrome, there are two plugins you can use. Just follow the steps below.

  • Navigate to Google Chromes Web Store and search for the WAIncognito extension.
  • Install the extension to use WhatsApp without appearing online.
  • Tap on the extension to tweak the settings. You can check the box next to the Dont send Last Seen updates option to hide your online status.
  • You can also install a plugin called WA Web Plus. Just add the plugin to your Chrome, access the WhatsApp Web as usual, and follow the steps below:

  • With the WhatsApp Web open, tap on the WA Web Plus plugin.
  • Check the box next to Hide online to hide your online status from your contacts.
  • If the changes dont apply right away, simply reload the WhatsApp Web app.
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    Five Tricks To Hide And Be ‘invisible’ On Whatsapp


    The keys so that nobody can deduce information from the profile include changing the photo, name and blocking the chat.

    08/29/2021 15:01

    • Technology

    WhatsApp is already part of our daily lives and, as such, it is a double-edged sword, as we expose our lives and often share personal data: a profile photo, our habits, our voice, and so on.

    For those who seek to go unnoticed,

    five tricks to hide their identity

    and prevent the curious from having access to the account data.

    How To Be Invisible In Whatsapp On Mobile

    How To Invisible WhatsApp Group Name || Hide Group Name

    The Unseen app lets you read text messages, listen to audio and view photos and videos without your contacts knowing or noticing you are online. However, the app will not let your friends respond without being seen.

    1. Download and install the Unseen app on your Android device

    2. Open Unseen, tap Next and again in Next

    3 On the screen Choose your favorite chat apps, check the box corresponding to Whatsapp . Confirm on Next

    4 The program will request authorization to access smartphone notifications. Comes Give permission

    5 You will be directed to the system settings of Notification access. Then enable the relative key option Unseen. In the box that opens, tap To allow

    6 Then open the Unseen app again. Once you receive messages, they will be displayed in the app itself. As with WhatsApp, alerts also appear in the Android notification bar. Tap on them to see the content.

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    How To Go Invisible On Whatsapp: Four Easy Steps To Stay Hidden On The Messaging App

    WhatsApp is a demanding mistress. You can’t not have it these days, given that it’s largely how everyone communicates. And if you have it, it sometimes chimes so much you just want it to shut the hell up. Well, there are a few options to do that.

    The simplest thing of course would be to just put your phone on silent mode. But maybe WhatsApp is the only thing bothering you, and you want to be alerted to your calls and emails. That could be a problem then.

    But unlike other social media apps, WhatsApp doesn’t have a ‘Go Offline’ or ‘Busy’ setting. You’re either online or you’re not. Luckily, there are some alternatives to the binary choice of deleting the app or the incessant chiming driving you insane.

    Want To Chat On Whatsapp Without Being Seen Online Know Trick To Keep You Invisible

    Facebook-owned WhatsApp is one of the most famous and preferred messaging apps used by millions all over the world. This messaging app is one of the most habit-forming apps. However, privacy on social media has become a big issue.

    Facebook-owned WhatsApp is one of the most famous and preferred messaging apps used by millions all over the world. This messaging app is one of the most habit-forming apps. However, privacy on social media has become a big issue. There are times you want to remain invisible, yet everyone knows that you are online. Well, if you are one of those who wants some privacy, alongside the ability to use Whatsapp, we know one trick with which can now go invisible online.

    If you do not want to show your last scene or online status on WhatsApp and want to chat with one of your friends, then you have to take help of third-party app for this. Here’s is everything you need to do for this particular setting.

    See Zee Business Live TV Streaming Below:

    At first, go to the Play store on your phone, then you have to download an app called WA bubble for chat. After downloading it, open the app and follow the steps given below. This app will ask for many accessibility permissions and which you have to allow.

    Another App is GBWhatsApp

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    Turn Off Mobile Data For Whatsapp

    Or maybe that’s not enough, maybe you don’t want other people to know you’re just ignoring your messages. To do that, you can just turn off your mobile data for WhatsApp. Go into the ‘Apps’ tab of your settings, and toggle on the ‘Disable Wi-Fi’ and ‘Disable Data Usage’ options. Alternatively, you can just force stop the app until you open it up again later. The problem here is people might just call you if they think you’re not receiving their messages.

    Happy disconnect!

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