Monday, March 20, 2023

How To Ban People From Facebook Page

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Remove Someone From Liking Our Page

How To Ban Someone From Your Facebook Page

What does it mean to remove someone from liking your page? This is when you remove someone from liking the page, but they still have the opportunity to use all of the same functions and visibility as someone who does like your page.

When would you remove someone from liking your page? We suggest using this feature for someone who you don’t want to follow the content from your page in the timeline or newsfeed anymore. If someone comments and says, “I don’t want to see this anymore,” I would recommend removing them from liking the page.

The visitor may not see content as much. Keep in mind that Facebook pages are public; they can still go to your timeline, interact, and see your content.;

The Ultimate Deciding Factor: To Ban Delete Or Hide

Imagine you’re at a town hall, and this person walks into the room and is disruptive and is a jerk, would you walk up to them and ask them to leave? How would you approach that situation, knowing all eyes are on your reaction. Is this just loud noise, or is this beyond disruption? If you don’t have the courage to walk up to this person in a room and ask them to leave, then I’d second guess banning, deleting the comments, or taking any moderating action to their posts. If you believe what you’re doing is right, then you probably pass the test!

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