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How To Backup Whatsapp To Google Drive On Iphone

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How To Back Up Whatsapp To Icloud

How to Restore WhatsApp Messages from Google Drive to iPhone

How to back up chat history to iCloud or how to backup WhatsApp on iPhone? Just follow the below guide.

Similarly, there are also automatic backup and manual backup.

Automatic WhatsApp Backup to iCloud

To automatically back up to iCloud, you should ensure to sign in the Apple ID of the target iCloud, upgrade your system to iOS 9 or later version, turn on iCloud Drive, and spare out at least 2.05 times free space on your phone than the actual size of your WhatsApp history.

Step 1. Open WhatsApp.

Step 2. Switch to Settings > Chats > Chat backup > Auto Backup.

Step 3. Specify how frequently youd like to back up your WhatsApp messages.

Then, it will back up your chats and media to your iCloud account. You can choose to exclude or include videos from the backup. It will take some time to complete the backup task, depending on how much data you set to back up and how fast your bandwidth is.

Manual WhatsApp Backup to iCloud

  • launch WhatsApp.
  • Transfer Whatsapp Android To Iphone Using Phonetrans

    There is also another that you can give a try to, which is PhoneTrans. It helps transfer WhatsApp messages and other attachments from Android to iPhone. The tool also supports transferring WhatsApp from one iPhone to another easily. Moreover, other social media apps like Line, Viber can also make of this.

    As we already mentioned above, Android uses Google Drive to backup WhatsApp messages and iPhone uses iCloud to back up WhatsApp messages and therefore it can only download chat backups from iCloud. But you can do it without any hassle.

  • Now click on App Transfer from the left menu and then select Whatsapp.
  • Now click on Start Transfer
  • No on the new screen check the Source and Target Device, the first one should be your Android device and the target device should be your iPhone for ansfer whatsapp android to iphone. And once everything is verified, click on Transfer. And on the next screen click on Transfer Now
  • Now follow all the steps mentioned on the screen, this includes to backup your whatsapp chats on your Android device, And then second allow phonetrans to allow and install and enchanced version of Whatsapp on your smartphone. Now finally click on Restore and wait.
  • Once the process is complete all your WhatsApp chats will be transferred from Android to iPhone.
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    Indirect But Simply Ways To Restore Whatsapp From Google Drive To Iphone

    But this doesnât mean that there is no way to restore WhatsApp from Google Drive to iPhone. There are indirect ways to do this and weâll look at four of them, beginning with the most effective.

    First, lets check the comparisons of the 4 solutions and choose the most suitable one.

    Bulk Transfer
    Complicated Need

    The four alternatives have their uniqueness. When you compare the three, both the email and WhatsAppTrans method are slow and requires an active internet connection. Moreover, email canât help with bulky messages. You have to do it one after the other. You only have access to the TXT file in your email. This canât be seen on your WhatsApp. You can only view it in your email.

    Although WhatsAppTrans can support bulky messages, it is complicated to use. As for the email, there are restrictions on the number of chats you can move. There is also a restriction on some countries.

    Contrariwise, Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer does not need an internet connection for you to restore your WhatsApp from Google Drive to iPhone.

    Mobitrix is better compared to the email and WhatsAppTrans options because it allows you to move all your chats to your new iPhone and continue having those critical conversations like before. On the other hand, the email option canât make this possible because chats can be viewed on your iPhone WhatsApp through the email method, and WhatsApp Trans is risky to use and can lead to you losing your data.

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    How To Back Up Whatsapp On Iphone To Google Drive

    Backup WhatsApp on iPhone to Google Drive will take you three steps.

    • 1. Back up WhatsApp messages on the iPhone to the computer.
    • 2. Restore your WhatsApp messages from iPhone backup to Android.
    • 3. After completing this process, you can back up the WhatsApp messages to the Google Drive platform using the built-in setup of WhatsApp.

    The above step 1 and step 2 should be done with MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer. It is a sophisticated toolkit with many built-in features to assist the customers in the safe handling of social app data. You can make use of WhatsApp Transfer feature to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android directly. Except that, you can choose to backup your WhatsApp messages to the computer to avoid data loss.

    Can You Backup Whatsapp On Iphone To Google Drive Directly

    How to Backup &  Restore WhatsApp Data with Google Drive

    There is currently no way to backup WhatsApp messages on your iPhone to Google Drive directly.

    Google Drive can only be used to back up photos, contacts, and calendar on your iPhone. The photos can be backed up in Google Photos, the Contacts in Google Contacts and Calendar in Google Calendar. WhatsApp for iPhone only offers you the option to backup messages to iCloud.

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    How To Backup Whatsapp To Google Drive On Iphone

    In this section, we will guide you about how to backup WhatsApp on iPhone to Google Drive as manually and automatically. In manually, you can take backup WhatsApp Chats and Media separately. In automatically way, you can backup WhatsApp entire data at once.

    • Backup WhatsApp Chat on iPhone to Google Drive
    • Backup WhatsApp Media to Google Drive on iPhone
    • Entire Backup WhatsApp Chats & Media on iPhone to Google Drive

    Can I Restore Whatsapp Messages From Google Drive To Iphone

    In short, YES you can restore WhatsApp messages from Google Drive to iPhone, but not directly.

    The encryption protocols which are used by Google Drive aren’t compatible with the iOS system. For the WhatsApp backup on Google Drive there is only a line telling you that when the backup was made, you wouldn’t be able to see any of the WhatsApp data in it.

    Transferring WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone using Google Drive and directly is not an option either. If you are looking for a way to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone and the WhatsApp messages are already backed up on Google Drive, keep reading.

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    Option : Backup Whatsapp Data On Iphone With Itunes/finder

    The traditional way to back up your iPhone to a PC or Mac computer is using iTunes. Local iTunes backup contains almost all of your devices data and settings, including WhatsApp data. In macOS Catalina, Finder has taken over the device management capabilities of iTunes. But the backup mode doesnt change much.

    • Open iTunes on your computer. If you use a Mac with macOS Catalina 10.15 or later, open Finder.
    • Connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB/lightning cable. If asked, enter your device passcode and tap Trust This Computer.
    • When your device appears in the Finder sidebar or iTunes interface, select it.
    • Stay connected and wait for the backup process to complete.

    Note: You are not allowed to access and view your WhatsApp data in iTunes backup directly unless you restore your iPhone. So you may use Jihosoft iPhone Manager to freely preview and extract your WhatsApp chats.

    How To Restore Whatsapp Backup From Google Drive To Android

    How to Restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iPhone 2021

    In this section, well elaborate on how to restore Whatsapp messages on the new phone. To restore your older Whatsapp backup, you just need to use the same phone number. Once youre all set, perform the following steps to restore your important backup:

  • Uninstall and install WhatsApp on your android phone.
  • Now, follow the on-screen installation instruction and verify whether you entered the correct number.
  • WhatsApp will ask you whether you want to restore your older WhatsApp messages and media files. Click on the Restore button to confirm it.
  • After successful completion of the restoration, you just need to click on the Next button to continue.
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    First Stage: Creating A Backup On Your Android Device

  • Open the WhatsApp on your Android device.
  • Tap the More icon to access settings. Then, select Settings.
  • 3. Next, tap on Chats to view Chat Options.

    4. This time, to select all chat data, tap on Chat backup.

    5. You can select the preferred settings like the Google Drive account or whether you want to include videos in the backup

    6. Tap on the Backup button to send the information to your Google Drive account.

    7. Wait for the backup to finish.

    Now your chat history has been successfully updated to your Google Account.

    Restore Whatsapp Backup From Iphone To Android

    1. Open your MobileTrans and connect your android phone with the PC.

    2. Next, select the “WhatsApp” tab from the “Backup& Restore”.

    3. Then you will see the former backups you have made on your computer. Just select your iPhone backups to restore.

    4. After that, you can see the backup file on your iPhone has been restored to your Android phone.

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    Take Whatsapp Backup On Iphone

    • Firstly you have to need any third-party tool, we use MobileTrans, you can download it from its official website and install on your iOS device.
    • Once done it, open this tool and connect iPhone along with your computer.
    • Next you will come on home page of MobileTrans and choose < WhatsApp Transfer> option.
    • Select < WhatsApp> from left side bar, and then choose < Backup WhatsApp messages> option.
    • MobileTrans will take sometimes for detecting your WhatsApp on your system and click on < Start> button to start back up on your iPhone.

    How To Backup Whatsapp To Google Drive

    5 Easy Ways to Backup WhatsApp Messages on iPhone and ...

    To backup WhatsApp to Google Drive, you need a Google Drive account and enough storage space. Once you have registered a Gmail or other Google services, you will get 15GB free storage of Google Drive. Here is the detailed process you should know.

    Step 1

    Launch the WhatsApp app on your iPhone or Android phone. The backup feature is available to both iPhone and Android. It has a similar process on handsets.

    Step 2

    Tap the Menu button with a three-dot icon. Go to the Settings menu. Choose the Chat Backup option from the Chats option to backup WhatsApp messages and media files.

    Step 3

    Choose the Google Drive settings option and enter your Google account, password, and other information. Go back to the Chat backup screen and tap the Back up option.

    Step 4

    It will automatically backup WhatsApp to Google Drive. Once you have backed up the messages and media files to the Cloud service, you can log in to the account to check the files.

    Note: In addition to manually backup, you can save the files from WhatsApp to Google Drive automatically. Go to the Settings app and choose the Chat Backup option from the Chats option in the WhatsApp menu. After that, you can set the frequency in the Back up to Google Drive section.

    You may need:

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    How To Back Up And Restore Whatsapp From Google Drive To Iphone

    As an Amazon Associate and affiliate of other programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

    WhatsApps versatility has made it one of the most popular messaging apps in the whole world. It features voice and video calls, voice chats, and messaging and its available on a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, and desktop, making it a wonderful medium for communication for different kinds of people.

    Sometimes though, you might need to switch from an Android to an iPhone. Unfortunately, backup files from the Android version of WhatsApp arent compatible with the iOS version of WhatsApp.

    But dont worry! Thats what we are here for. This tutorial will provide you with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on how to backup and restore WhatsApp from Google Drive to iPhone.


    Restore Whatsapp From Google Drive To Iphone With Mobiletrans

    Here you are going to make use of MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer to transfer the backup WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. This tool has amazing features in the phone to phone data transfer field. Before going into detail with steps get to know about this tool to some extent.


    You can install the windows version to try out these steps. Carefully watch out for the steps without any skips to ensure the successful completion of the procedure.

    1. The first step is similar to the above-discussed as in the free method. You must transfer the backup content from Google Drive to Android Phone. Make use of the step by step guide given earlier in this guide.

    2. Visit the official website of MobileTrans and download the Windows version. Install it and tap the icon to commence the transfer process.

    3. Connect both phones with your PC using the USB cable. You can make use of a normal charging cable to connect your Android phone with the PC. Ensure the connection is proper until the process ends, or you will receive an error message stating “connection failure”.

    4. On the home screen of MobileTrans, select the “WhatsApp Transfer” option under the “Phone to Phone” tab. It will lead to the next window as follows in the below image.

    5. If you hope to make a change to the source phone and the destination phone, you can click the “Flip” button.

    7. Then you will receive a message that your phone is restored.

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    Option : Export Whatsapp Chats From Iphone Through Email

    If you want to back up a single or several WhatsApp conversations, its recommended to email them to your mail account. But this method is not ideal when you intend to save chats of multiple contacts. Anyway, lets see how to export WhatsApp chats via email first.

    • Open WhatsApp on your iPhone, tap Chats tag, then navigate to the conversation you want to save.
    • Tap on the contact name at the top of the screen.
    • Select Export Chat option, then choose to email your chats Attach Media or Without Media based on your need.
    • Tap the Mail icon to export chats.
    • Type in your email address and click Send.
    • Now you can log in to your email account on your Android device or PC and view the emailed chats.

    What You Need To Backup Whatsapp To The Google Drive

    How to Restore WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive to iPhone

    Before we get to the process of backing up all your WhatsApp data to Google Drive, there are certain requirements to meet. They include the following

    • Begin by activating your Google account. If you have been using it regularly for a while it should already be active. But if you haven’t used in a while, take a moment to activate your account. You may need to sign in first.
    • Ensure that there is adequate storage space on your device. You can delete photos and other media to create more space if you need to.
    • You also want to ensure that you have adequate storage space on your Google Drive. Typically, you should have up to 5GB of storage space free. You may need to purchase more if you’ve run out.
    • Finally, install the Google Drive app on your phone to facilitate easy creation of the backup.

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    Export Whatsapp Messages From Android To Iphone With Email

    The second option is free and provided by WhatsApp but is complicated. And there are limitations, for example, you can only export one chat at a time, and only the latest 40,000 messages of this chat can be exported .

    Moreover, with this method, you only can view them as a text document through a file reader on your phone, rather than in the WhatsApp app.

    If you’d still prefer to transfer your WhatsApp chat histories by email, follow the steps.

    Step 1.Unlock your iPhone and open the WhatsApp application.

    Step 2.Tap on the chat that you want to transfer and then on the group chat name or the contact’s name at the top of the display.

    Step 3.Swipe down and tap on “Export Chat” You’ll be given the option to attach your media.

    Step 4.Select the “Mail” option, enter email and tap “Send”.

    As I said before, the export chat feature only allows you to export one chat at a time and it is unavailable for German users due to some policy.

    iTransor for WhatsApp has an export chat funtion that allows you to export WhatsApp data selectively or all.

    Below is a conclusion chart to compare the two options. Hope this will move you another step forward to help.


    How To Backup Whatsapp On Iphone Via Email Feature Without Pc

    If you want to get back up conversations and individual chat, then WhatsApps native feature is most useful because it allows you email conversations to any contact and yourself as well. So here we will guide you how to backup WhatsApp through email chat feature without iCloud:

    • Open WhatsApp on your iPhone or iPad, but make ensure your devices have a better internet coverage, and must be linked Email ID to your device.
    • Next you have to need go individual chat or group conversation that you want to keep saves.
    • Swipe right to left the conversation icon on your WhatsApp, then you will come on < More> option and find out < Email Chat> .
    • Press on < Chat> icon, proceed to its Info and choose the < Email Chat> option.
    • This will open two options include/exclude attachments of your chat.
    • Further, it will prompt you choose email app of your choice, now you can send this email to yourself or other contact.

    Note: Your sending chat and all other attachments should be less than 25 MB, and you are able to send email once chat at once, instead of send multiple chat at a time.

    Important!! It doesnt allow you to restore your chats back to WhatsApp.

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