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How To Ask Questions On Instagram Story

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How To Answer Questions On Ig Stories

How to Use Instagram Story Questions Stickers – New IG Feature

Viewing questions by followers is easy. All you have to do is open your IG story, then swipe up. Once you do that, you can either swipe left or right to see the responses of your followers.

Answering a question is also easy. All you have to do is tap the question, and then you can either choose to share your response as a news story or personally respond to the question via DM chat.

How To Ask Questions On Instagram Story Posts

Now that you know what to ask, we’ll show you how to ask it. Asking questions on Instagram Story post is easy. You just need to know where to look. To get started, simply create a story by clicking the little circle with your Instagram avatar and a + symbol in the top left corner of your own Instagram profile.

Create any type of Instagram Story post youâd like: Normal, Music, Boomerang, Superzoom, Hands-freeâanythin goes! You can use the Question sticker with all of these types.

Once your Instagram Story post is set up, itâs time to add a question! Simply tap on the Stickers icon that looks like a little square with a smiley face. Then, tap on the âQuestionsâ sticker.

Tapping “Questions” will add a Question box to your Instagram Story. You can tap on the Question box to edit it. Youâll be able to type in your own questionâjust note that thereâs a character limit of around 75-80 characters for questions, as they can only extend as far as three lines.

You can also change the color of the Question box by tapping on the colored circle at the top of the screen. Once youâve got your question written and your box color selected, tap “Done” in the top right corner.

You can use your fingers to resize and reposition the Question box to put it where you want in your Story, and youâre good to go. Tap “Send To > ” to add the post to your Story and wait for the responses to start rolling in!

Schedule Stories In Advance

Posting Stories regularly is a good way to keep your audience engaged, But having to interrupt your workflow throughout the day to create and post Stories can become pretty disruptive.

Fortunately, you can create and schedule your Stories in advance using the Hootsuite scheduler. You can then work your Stories into your social media posting schedule so they complement your other social posts and integrate effectively into any ongoing campaigns.

Heres how it works:

Ready to start scheduling Instagram Stories and save time? Use Hootsuite to manage all your social networks from a single dashboard.

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Ask Followers Their Thoughts On A New Product Or Service Launch

If done wisely, you might consider using the Questions Sticker to ask your followers what they think about a new product or service but conduct these Questions sparingly, since they might seem too self-promotional.

Beardbrand, a line of high-quality grooming products for men, effectively used the Questions Sticker to ask their niche audience how they felt about Beardbrand’s new shampoo and conditioner products. Beardbrand also posted their followers’ answers, and used it as an opportunity to demonstrate the brand’s sense of humor for instance, in response to a follower’s “Crafted by the gods” answer, Beardbrand posted “If you say so” with a side-eye emoji.

If you do decide to ask followers about their thoughts on your product or service, consider posting their answers with funny or unique responses as well.

Learn More About Them

Heres How To Use Instagrams Questions Sticker To Get All The Answers ...

Another simple trick is in questions such as:

  • Are you male or female?
  • Are you a cat or dog lover?
  • Have you bought something from us in the past 6 months? this question could help you create a custom audience with your already existing customers or give them a treat.

Are they Marvel fans or not? Now, these questions can be easily answered.

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How To View Your Anonymous Questions

Surprisingly, questions typed into your sticker do not appear in your DMs. In fact, you do not even receive a notification when someone sends you a question. The only way to check your questions is by going to your story.

Tap on your story to view the one with your Questions sticker. Now swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Under Responses you will see all the questions that have been asked, and by whom. Scroll left and right to view all the questions.

Q: What Are Some Questions I Can Ask My Followers To Increase Engagement

A: The prompts below are great conversation generators:

  • Make a business announcement using a few of these:
  • Tell us what you like about ____
  • What is your favorite product and why?
  • What do you want to see from us in 2022?

2. Establish industry expertise:

  • What do you want to learn about _______?
  • What topic most interests you?

3. Play with funny questions:

  • Pineapple on pizza? Yes/No?
  • Working from home or the office which is better and why?
  • Would you rather be poor doing what you love or rich doing what you hate?
  • If you could get famous for anything, what would it be?

4. Learn your audience so you can create better content:

  • How much time do you spend on social media daily?
  • How often do you post on Instagram?
  • If you could create a new social media platform, what would you call it? What would it do?
  • If you could add one brand new feature to Instagram, what would it be?

5. Conduct a pop quiz with your followers:

  • What product is our #1 seller?
  • What year did the _____ launch?
  • How many Instagram followers do we currently have?
  • Where is our business located?
  • Who is our CEO and President?

Creating a pop quiz allows your customers to get more familiar with your brand, creating brand awareness.

Want to increase engagement even more? Add a giveaway or contest to the pop quiz. This will undoubtedly grow your brand awareness and engagement.

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How To Ask With The Question Sticker On Instagram

This is another sticker that you can add to your Instagram Stories. When you get a good question idea:

01. Open Instagram and tap Your story in the upper left-hand corner. Upload a photo from your camera roll or take it with an Instagram camera.

02. After that, find the Sticker icon in the upper-right corner.

03. Choose Questions.

04. At the top in the center you will see a palette circle. Tap on it to change the color.

05. There is a question installed by default inside the form. You can leave “Ask me a question” or tap a music icon next to “Aa” for asking users to share their music recommendation. Another option is to come up with your own title.

06. Hit Done.

07. Tap Your Story.

Ask That They Send You Questions About Your Favorite Subject

How to Ask Questions on Instagram Stories

Do you have a thematic Instagram biography that talks about very few specific subjects? Then the best tip when youre completely out of ideas of what to post is to ask your own followers to create them for you!

How can you do that?

Its simple: just ask that they send you questions and doubts about a subject you master! Thats one of the best things to do when your creativity is lacking, so give it a shot and see how it goes for you.

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How To Use Instagrams New Question Sticker

Adding a question sticker to your Instagram story is just like adding any other kind of interactive sticker, it just involves a few more steps.

Start by tapping the sticker button after uploading a photo or video to Instagram Stories.

Select the new question sticker and then type out your prompt. For example, you could write, waiting for the bus ask me questions! Once youve written your prompt, place it wherever youd like and share it to your story.

When someone views your story, they can respond by tapping the sticker and then typing a question to ask you .

To view the questions people submitted, simply open your story and swipe up.

You can also respond to peoples questions by tapping a question, typing out your response, and sharing it as a new story. Just keep in mind that when you share someones question, their photo and username will not be shown.

And thats it!

Along with polling stickers and the new emoji slider, questions stickers give you another easy way to interact with your followers and its perfect for businesses!

Whether you want to collect feedback on your products or crowdsource ideas, questions stickers offer an entirely new way to engage with your Instagram audience!

What do you think of this new feature? Let us know in the comments if youve used question stickers in your Instagram Stories!

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What Are Anonymous Questions On Instagram

You have probably seen users on Instagram using the Anonymous questions sticker on their stories. Both questions and polls are applicable to your Instagram story in the form of stickers.

When added to your story, users can type in questions that they would like to ask you. The question sticker can be edited to say what you like. For example, Ask me something you dont know about me. The line is followed by a textbox into which users can type in their questions. By default, the questions are only sent to the person whose story they are typing on. To answer the questions sent to you, you must create a new story with a text box. The Anonymous questions function does not have a section for the creator to answer in.


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Ask For Some Tips From Your Followers

You might be a great influencer, but youre not an oracle. That is to say, you dont know everything, nor should you. Even better, your followers will be glad to give you some tips and tricks every now and then. Asking for tips is another answer about what are the best Instagram Stories questions!

So, again, dont be shy and ask your followers to suggest apps for you to use to accomplish some specific task. You can also ask for tips about other themes and subjects related to yours.

So For You Here Is A Step

5 Ways to Effectively Manage Your Instagram Marketing

Step 1: After logging into your Instagram account tap the circular button with your profile picture and a +sign, in the upper left corner.

Step 2: Select the type of Instagram story you want to share: Normal, boomerang, rewind etc

Step 3: Once you’ve taken or uploaded a photo or video to stories, tap the sticker with a smiley face button near the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 4: Tap the questions sticker.

Step 5: By default, the sticker will say “Ask me a question.” Tap this text to type your own question or prompt.

Step 6: By default, the sticker will be white. Tap one of the colour underneath the sticker to change its colour.

Step 7: When you’re done with your question, tap “Done” in the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 8: Now from here, you can rotate, resize and drag the sticker around the screen to best fit your post before sharing it.

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How To Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are vertical, full-screen photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. They appear at the top of the Instagram app, rather than in the news feed.

They incorporate interactive tools like stickers, polls, and Instagram Story filters to make your content really pop. Heres how to get started with the format.

Learn Your Audiences Social Media Habits And Opinions

  • How much time do you spend on social media every day?
  • If you could add one brand new feature to Instagram, what would it be?
  • Whats your favorite social media platform? Why?
  • Whats your favorite way to start a conversation with someone online?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how much do you enjoy social media?
  • How do you measure Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/etc. engagement?
  • Whats the most engagement you ever got online?
  • How often do you post on Instagram?
  • Whats your favorite way to plan social media strategy?
  • If you could create a new social media platform, what would you call it and what would it do?
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    What Are The Best Questions To Ask On Instagram Stories: All Of Them

    There are very few limits when it comes to the type of questions you should ask on Instagram Stories. So, just put your creativity to work! If it is lacking, however, just use some of the tips we talked about in this article. Some of them can net you over 10 stories from a single question, but dont use them up all at once!

    Tip: Dont forget to also check out some of our articles about Instagram, such as what to do if you think , if youre , our tips and tricks to use , and how to !

    Another great tip is to use tools such as StimSocial, an app that lets you manage your profile in many ways. One of them is post scheduling, where you can schedule regular posts and stories for the best times and days to post on the platform.

    The best part? All new users can try it out FOR FREE for 5 days! Follow this link to start testing it out!

    Know What Your Audience Like

    How To Ask Questions on Instagram Story

    IG story questions allow you to know what your followers like or prefer. Theres no better way of finding out what a person likes than to ask them yourself. This feature is beneficial, particularly for businesses. With the story questions feature, companies can quickly know their customers products and services by asking questions. With that, they would be able to serve their customers better.

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    What Is Ask Me A Question Sticker On Instagram

    Basically, with this feature of Instagram questions, users can put the ask a question sticker on their story and wait for their followers to react to it. The questions asked by the users will land directly onto the tab where you see the number of people who view your story.

    Besides, the asked question can also be shared as a story without revealing the persons identity which is preferred by many people. Other than that, users also have the option to reshare the questions along with their answers to their Instagram followers.

    Maybe the new questions sticker on the story and sharing the followers response is a little bit confusing. In that case, check out the easy way to use the Questions Sticker in Stories as the latest feature, which is explained below.

    Q: What If I Want My Followers To Ask Me Questions What Are Some Catchy Phrases To Grab Their Attention

    A: The popular one, as mentioned above is Ask me anything!, however, were giving you a few more ideas:

    • Favorite _____ products, and go
    • Ask us questions about products youve used?
    • Live FAQ ask us anything about _____
    • If you could only ask us one thing, what would it be?
    • Ask us the most unique question about our ____ and you could win ____
    • Would you like us to email you our free ____
    • Tell me about a time you ____
    • Caption this

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    Try Using An App Called Tellonym To Ask Anonymous Questions

    But all hope is not lost, here is a way to do anonymous questions on Instagram despite the story feature not actually being real.

    If you do want to ask anonymous questions then you could try using an external app.

    Tellonym is available on iOS and Android App Stories and allows you to ask questions to your friends.

    The App can also be synced with , so it acts like an anonymous story feature.

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    How To Post Anonymous Questions On Instagram Using The Ngl App

    How to use Instagram Story questions feature

    If you want to receive anonymous messages on Instagram, you can do so with the NGL app. It’s a very popular option for handling anonymous questions on Instagram, and it’s easy to use. Here’s how to set up and use NGL:

    Step 1: Download the NGL app. It’s available for both Android and iOS devices.

    Once downloaded, open NGL on your device.

    Step 2: Select the Get questions! button. Then, enter your Instagram handle when prompted. Select Done!

    Step 3: NGL will automatically generate an anonymous messages link that features your Instagram handle. This is the link your followers will use to send you anonymous questions and messages. On the Play screen, select Copy link. Then select the button.

    Step 4: You’ll then be taken through a quick tutorial on how to add your messages link to your Instagram Story. Review the tutorial and keep selecting the Next step button until you see the . Select this button.

    Step 5: You’ll then be taken to Instagram, where NGL has pre-made a Story for you that announces your request for anonymous messages. On this screen, select the Sticker icon in the top right. Then select the blue and white Link sticker.

    Step 6: On the next screen, under URL, go ahead and paste the NGL messaging link you copied earlier. Then tap Done.

    Select Your story to post your NGL link to your Story. Your followers will then view your Story and select its NGL link to send you an anonymous message.

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