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How To Ask For Endorsements On Linkedin

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Tip #: Focus Your Endorsements On Your Top Skills

How To Ask For Recommendations On LinkedIn

If you head to any LinkedIn profile, you’ll notice that LinkedIn defaults to showing the three skills that have the most endorsements on your profile:

We obviously want our most relevant skills to be most the most visible, but that’s only one reason to pay attention here.

The other is that we are going to see more visibility when we have more endorsements for relevant skills.

If your top three skills aren’t relevant, you won’t show up in as many relevant searches and people viewing your profile won’t see relevant skills right off the bat. That’s a negative double whammy that we want to avoid.

So what should you do? Easy!

When requesting endorsements, mention the specific skills that you want to have endorsed.

Instead of just asking someone to endorse your skills, ask them to endorse Skill 1, Skill 2, and Skill 3. Then repeat with the majority of people you reach out to for endorsements.

If you do that, you’ll take control of the top skills on your profile and reap the benefits.

How To Endorse People On Linkedin

  • Once logged in, click My Network at the top of the home page.
  • Select or search for the person you want to endorse.
  • Scroll down to the Skills & Endorsements section of the connections LinkedIn profile, view the skill they listed, and choose which skill to endorse.
  • This step is an option but if you want to specify how you know this person, click the Select a relationship dropdown menu and then Submit to make the endorsement.
  • A user will know if the connections skill is endorsed once they see a checkmark next to that skill.

    How To Give & Receive Great Linkedin Endorsements Tips

    • Recommendations, skills and endorsements are a way of demonstrating social proof on LinkedIn for you and your abilities. Recommendations are long-form testimonials that people provide about you.
    • The more people who see your profile, the better. You’ll get more endorsements, and then more viewers actually seeing those endorsements. There are plenty of resources around for how to use SEO to optimize your LinkedIn traffic. Say Thanks. When people endorse you, a wee thank you is a very nice touch
    • How to Ask Someone to Endorse You on LinkedIn. Displaying endorsements from former employers, clients or suppliers on your LinkedIn network profile can help get you noticed and further your career, particularly if you are applying for new jobs and want to stand out to prospective employers. The LinkedIn network’s.
    • Skill endorsements are a great way to help build your professional brand. In fact, you’re four times more likely to be viewed on LinkedIn if you’ve been endorsed, says Peter Rusev, associate.
    • The same principle applies if you want to make endorsements. To endorse your connections, simply go to the ‘Featured Skills & Endorsements’ section of their profiles and click on the + icon. If you want to see who has endorsed you for a particular skill, just click on the skill to see the list. You can opt to hide or unhide an endorsement

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    Who Should You Ask

    Artis suggests that you get a variety of voices, including but not limited to senior leaders youve worked with or who are familiar with the work youve done, your current and previous managers, immediate team members, and clients.

    This will give anyone reading your recommendations a well-rounded view of how you show up with different audiences and the ability to see you have senior-level advocates, she adds.

    Of course, you want this person to be able to give you a glowing review. But you also want them to be able to speak to specific things youve done and your particular work ethic and passions. A short and vague response is almost as useless as having no recommendation, so be sure you can trust them to be thorough and thoughtful.

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    How to Ask for LinkedIn Recommendations

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    Can You Buy Linkedin Data

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    Are You Using Linkedin Endorsements For Your Social Media Strategy



    If you want to use LinkedIn to generate more business leads and find better business opportunities, there is one thing you should consider first LinkedIn endorsements.

    Dont make the mistake of overlooking this feature. Even though it looks like a small detail on your profile, it carries a lot of weight and value. After all, details make the difference.

    So, keep reading to find out how a simple practice can help you , optimize your business profile, and boost your overall social media strategy.

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    How To Get Endorsements On Linkedin

    The best way to get endorsements is to endorse people youve worked with in the past. A lot of LinkedIn users will endorse you back almost as a thank you for endorsing them.

    A more direct approach is to ask for endorsements from people youve worked with. Reach out to your closest colleagues, clients, or first-degree connections in your network through LinkedIn and ask them to endorse a specific skill for you.

    If youve made the effort to make a connection with them in the past whether through the premium InMail feature or regular messaging they will more than likely be happy to click over to your profile and endorse you because its easy to do.

    There Are Ways To Boost The Value Of Linkedin Endorsements

    How To Ask For LinkedIn Recommendations

    Its important to note that you can increase the relevance of LinkedIn endorsements in certain circumstances. In particular, the above benefits are especially important if you can get to the maximum of 99 endorsements for a given skill. That means that if 99 people can say you are good at something, then this is the highest level of social proof available on that particular skill. It also means that you have a relatively wide support base.

    With that said, theres more than one way to get LinkedIn endorsements. While Endorsements havent changed over time, LinkedIn more recently announced a new skills assessment feature that allows you to verify your skill by taking an online quiz. If you pass in the 70th percentile or above you will get a skills badge to display on your profile.

    This is a great way to go in a few situations. For instance, if you havent built up your network yet, assessments are a good way to document your skills. In addition, its highly effective in very competitive or technical occupations. Finally, check out this option if youre looking to switch careers then showing what you know can go a long way. Of course, anyone can use this tool in combination with LinkedIn endorsements from other professionals.

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    Choose The Contacts Wholl Endorse You

    In his post, Tousley suggests you Select All your connections. For those of you who think that approach is a little too aggressive, heres my suggestion: Follow his instructions, up until the part where he says, This will now only show your connections.

    Since your connections are already sorted according to Recent Conversation, its easy to figure out which of them are most likely to endorse you. Tick the boxes next to your top contacts, and send them your Request for Endorsement. LinkedIn will allow you to send a message to 50 people at once just make sure you uncheck the box that says, Allow recipients to see each others names and email addresses so you dont seem spammy!

    If you have time, you can personalize each message and send them individually, beginning with Hey, . Again, you want endorsements to be rooted in strong, genuine relationships with your contacts not in your desire to game the LinkedIn system.

    Ask Past Employers Clients Contacts Etc

    Realistically, nobodys going to endorse you if they dont know you. Or more importantly, if they havent personally seen evidence of the skills and experience, youre looking to verify. As a result, it simply makes sense to reach out to anyone in your network youve worked closely with at some time in the past.

    Get in touch with past employers, clients, business partners, customers, teachers and so on anyone who can genuinely verify your talents and capabilities. Unless youre new to the employment market, there will probably be quite a few people you can approach. After which, its simply a case of asking them to verify your skills accordingly.

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    Receiving Linkedin Endorsements Problems

    • You get endorsements for skills you dont have
    • You get endorsements from people you barely know and who certainly dont know about those skills
    • You feel like you have to accept the endorsements people give you because LinkedIn keeps shoving them in your face

    You can take control back.

  • You can decide to not have endorsements on your profile at all.
  • Look at all the choices you have! If you choose to not be endorsed at all, you are missing a valuable opportunity to engage with people on LinkedIn, to rank higher in searches for your expertise or for others to notice your endorsements. Some people in the financial industry are prohibited from showing recommendations or endorsements due to legal constraints. If youre simply irritated by the endorsements, consider the other methods you have to control them.

  • You can decide to not accept some of the endorsements you receive. And you can delete them if theyre no longer relevant to you.
  • LinkedIn makes suggestions to your connections about what to endorse you for and can make some odd or irrelevant suggestions. I had literally hundreds of endorsements for non-profits based on my many years working for the University of California system. It was nothing to do with any skills I used or wanted to focus on so I just deleted it. I still get endorsements for that skill and LI now offers me the choice to add skill to my profile and I just skip it/delete it from the list of suggested endorsements.

    How To Add A Section To Your Profile

    The Ultimate Guide To Use LinkedIn For Business

    If your profile does not already have an endorsement or recommendation section and youd like to add one, click on the blue Add profile section button in your bio and select the section you want to add.

    Once the section is added to our profile, you can start working on getting those endorsements added!

    Make sure the rest of your LinkedIn profile matches the rockstar status of your endorsements by running it through .

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    What Are The Benefits Of Linkedin Premium

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    Do Linkedin Skill Endorsements Really Matter The Mus

    List your skills. Linkedin has a special section for skills called Skills & Endorsements There are any obvious medical ones you can put down. But also think about skills that are important outside of medicine. You want to highlight these so people know what else you are good at The most efficient way to ask for a recommendation is from the Request Recommendations selection that you can find under the Profile tab on your LinkedIn home page. There will then be three selection tabs from which to choose. Choose the Request Recommendations tab. LinkedIn will take you through a three-step process Highlight Relevant Skills in the ‘Skills’ Section. You have the option to pin three top skills in the Skills & Endorsements section of your profile. LinkedIn will automatically sort this to show the skills with your most endorsements, but these may not be relevant to the jobs you are now applying for

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    How To Manage Skills And Endorsements On Linkedi

    • Skill Endorsements Having endorsements helps a bit with your LinkedIn search rankings, but I wouldn’t put too much effort into this section because any experienced LinkedIn user knows that the way LinkedIn pushes people to make skill endorsements encourages gratuitous and false endorsements
    • Tatiana De Almeida, a member of LinkedIn’s corporate communications team, agrees. In an email to Fast Company, she wrote, Skills endorsement and recommendations are how we validate and.
    • 7. List your relevant skills. It’s one of the quickest of quick wins on LinkedIn – scroll through the list of skills and identify those that are relevant to you. Doing so helps to substantiate the description in your Headline and Summary, and provides a platform for others to endorse you. However, the key here is staying relevant
    • You don’t need to ask a first-degree LinkedIn connection to endorse one of your skills, although you can. It’s generally a good idea to endorse the skills of some of your connections on the site to recognize the abilities they’ve demonstrated. They may return the favor by endorsing one of your skills

    Tip #: Get Endorsements From Other Highly Qualified People

    How to Ask for LinkedIn Recommendations

    Not all endorsements are created equal.

    When you get an endorsement from someone who also has many endorsements for the same skill, you get a big boost with the LinkedIn algorithm.

    LinkedIn even makes sure to call it out on your profile:

    When you’re requesting endorsements, try to ask as many people as you can who are already highly endorsed for that same skill.

    For example, want to get endorsements for Marketing? Find people who have a lot of endorsements for Marketing on their own profile.

    If you do that, you’ll get additional prioritization in LinkedIn’s search algorithm!

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    The Difference Between Endorsements And Recommendations On Linkedin

    While we said an endorsement was sort of like a recommendation, theres a clear distinction on LinkedIn. Lets start with endorsements. When you created your LinkedIn profile, you will have noticed that you were asked to select your skills to be displayed on your profile. You had the choice of up to 50 skills, and they were placed under a section called Skills and Endorsements. From there, connections are able to verify your skills whenever they see that list. Recommendations on the other hand are similar to a traditional reference. They are written statements by your connections vouching for your skills and capabilities. These are displayed on your profile or are available in the form of a virtual recommendation letter. Endorsements are usually easier to come by so dont feel too pressured to ask for them. In this article, well focus on how to ask for endorsements on LinkedIn when your profile is fresh and you havent had many visitors.

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