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How To Apply For Twitter Verification

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How To Get Verified On Twitter (Easy Process)

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Eligibility For Twitter Verification

Twitters new verification policy states, To receive the blue badge, your account must be authentic, notable, and active.An account must also have followed the for the past 12 months. The account must be active within the past six months and have a complete profile, including:

  • Profile name,
  • Profile image, and
  • Either a confirmed email address or phone number.

In this round of verification, Twitter is requiring that accounts must be in at least one of these six categories:

  • Government
  • Activists, organizers, and other influential individuals

Later this year, Twitter will expand these categories to include scientists, academics, and religious leaders.

You can learn more details about Twitters new verification policy at the .

Want to try for Twitters blue checkmark? Heres how to apply:

Fill Out Your Profile Completely

Your chances of beingverified on Twitter will increase significantly if you complete your profile completely. To add all the necessary information, click “Edit Profile”, then fill in each section with up-to-date and accurate information.

Remember that your name or the name of the organization must be authentic. It will help you pass the test without any problems. Entering your full name will allow you to find your account in Twitter and Google searches.

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Update Your Twitter Profile

Before applying for the Twitter verification make sure you have updated all relevant information. It can be time-taking and exhausting but its certainly worth the effort.

Update your profile and background image. Make sure to put a real photo, if you have a photo from your workplace you can it as the background image as it tells more about what you do.Update your Twitter bio and make sure that it tells what you do and what institutions or organizations you are associated with.Update all relevant information such as date of birth, email, website links, etc.Make sure that your Twitter account is public as one of the factors that impact your verification status is how relevant and helpful your account is to the public/users.

Do You Really Want Or Need Verification

How to get verified on Twitter

Verification is something many people aspire for on Twitter, but is it something youd want?

A verified badge has become shorthand for people that are worth listening to. From that point of view, a verified badge could give your presence on Twitter more impact.

However, as with any exclusive group, some negatives go along with being verified. Your tweets may now be subject to a much higher level of scrutiny. You may have to deal with stereotypes about verified users. In other words, the same social class stigmas can apply on Twitter as they do in real life.

In the end, not being verified may be better for the type of account that you run. If you arent at serious risk of having your identity stolen or impersonated on Twitter, you could very well be better off skipping verification altogether.

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What Will You Find In This Article

Throughout this article, Ive laid out step-by-step guidelines youll need to follow to get verified on Twitter. Youll find details for each category of verification ranging from government, organization, and journalist, to activist, sports star, or entertainer.

Ive also dropped in a number of select anecdotes from my own experience to help you be more prepared and to give you a better shot at getting approved. Youll find out how to better-position your account for approval as well as how to maintain your Verified status once you achieve it.

Who Reviews Verification Requests

Twitter each eligible application is reviewed “by a human” to ensure it is “thoughtfully and thoroughly” considered. Sometimes, Twitter will pause accepting applications if it experiences a backlog. It paused in May 2021, for instance, but re-opened later in the year.

Were back to rolling out access to request a blue badge.If youre planning to apply and dont yet have access, keep checking your account settings. Thanks for sticking with us.

Twitter Verified

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Meeting The Notability Requirement To Be Verified

Try to get mentioned in the media. if you are notable a Google search should yield information about people from people that are talking about you. Twitter brings up a guideline of 3 or more featured references within the 6 months prior to applying. Twitter also talks about being found on Google Trends with evidence of recent search activity, which being mentioned in the media will help with.An extension of getting mentioned in the media is to have a Wikipedia page for your organization or yourself. If youre a good writer, you can put the page up yourself. Or, you can hire someone to write it. But keep in mind that if the article appears to only present the subjects opinion of themselves, it isnt worth as much.Get more Twitter followers. One of the criteria mentioned for brands and organizations was to have a follower count in the top .05% of active accounts located in the same geographic region. This is a lot of followers, and it means that brands in larger areas need a huge follower count. It also means that even if youre a corporate account you might not qualify for this reason.

Further Reading:

Todays Twitter Verification Criteria

Twitter Verification: How To Get Verified On Twitter In 2022

Before attempting to apply, you need to ensure your Twitter account meets the updated requirements.

Authentic. The user must confirm that the account represents the declared organization or person. To do this, you need to provide one of the following proofs:

  • A link to the official website of the person/organization that links to the current account.
  • An email address on the domain of this site.
  • An identity card.
  • Notable. The organization or person that the account represents must be known outside of Twitter. As proof, it is necessary to have at least three mentions in the media within the last six months. It may be enough for politicians, athletes, activists, and similar accounts to prove membership in the relevant parties, sports clubs, and other organizations. The account must explicitly indicate the connection with a specific organization.

    Active. The last login to the account must be made no more than six months before submitting the verification application. There should be no temporary blockages in the account history for violating Twitter rules during the last year. The profile owner must provide the name/username, photo and confirm the email and phone number.

    Individuals, organizations associated with illegal or malicious activities, parodists, and fictional characters cannot pass verification.

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    Who Is Eligible To Be Verified On Twitter

    Twitter verifies accounts maintained by users in “music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business, and other key interest areas”. It’s unclear if Twitter ever verifies everyday people, but we’re assuming no. Currently, to receive the so-called “blue badge”, Twitter said your account must be “authentic, notable, and active”.

    Get Verified On Twitter

    • Sports and gaming
    • Activists, organizers, and other influential individuals

    Some common factors across all categories include having a public Twitter account and having three or more media references within the past six months. In addition, Twitter requires companies, brands, organizations, and activists to have their follower count in the top .05% of active accounts located in the same geographic region. You can read more on Twitters criteria for specific categories on the companys support page.

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    Track Engagement With Twitter Analytics

    Using will give you an in-depth understanding of who is engaging with your brands account. By tracking important analytics like top tweet, new followers, engagement and Twitter reach percentage, your brand will have qualitative data showing what content performs well.

    Tracking analytics will also give you an idea of the days of the week and best times of day for your brand to share content and for optimal engagement. Then, use a scheduling platform like Hootsuite to make sure those planned posts are always published at those ideal times.

    Find more information, check out our guide to scheduling tweets using Hootsuites Publisher.

    Significance Of Twitter Verification

    How to get Twitter verification code without your phone number

    Whether you are a celebrity, a company owner, a famous blogger, or a representative of any other profession, verification will help avoid fakes and boost confidence in the eye of your audience. With 187 million monetizable Twitter daily active users, it is worth letting people know that your account is authentic and of public interest. In addition, the blue badge gives people on Twitter more context about whom they are dealing with.

    Twitter representatives provide verification badges. Your account must be authentic, notable, and active to receive the blue badge. Any account that tries to falsify the verification badge can be suspended from the platform.

    Twitter notes that there are only six categories of accounts that can qualify for the verification checkmark:

    • Government representatives
    • Sports and gaming accounts:
    • Activists and other influential people.

    Twitter will conduct both automated verification and human verification. But, if you do not meet the criteria described above, you will most likely not even get to the manual verification.

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    Verification Form On Twitter

    As you go through theverification process, Twitterwill ask you to sign in to the account you want to verify.

    You will need to specify at least two accounts for confirmation, which will help Twitter identify the user. At the end of the form, theres a special paragraph in which you will tell the social network administration why you must go through verification. So prepare your reasons ahead of time.

    Who Can Be Verified On Twitter

    If you thought that Twitter verification was going to be available to just anyone, youd be wrong. Twitter states that theyve hired some people to handle applications, but their time is limited. For this reason, Twitter says that verification candidates must be notable, authentic, and active. This means that successful applicants are important to the community and send out Tweets regularly.Besides this, Twitter isnt going to verify people in every industry just yet. This limitation allows them to focus their resources on people who have a significant public policy role or stature in the wider community. Each of these groups need to know how to get verified on Twitter. 6 types of notable accounts currently being verified are:

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    Losing Your Verified Status

    Twitter may have taken away your verified status under two situations.

    • The first is if your account no longer fits the category for which you were verified. For example, if you were verified as an entertainer but now work as a writer, that could be grounds to revoke it. If your new vocation still fits the criteria for verification you should have the option to apply again.
    • The second is if you violate Twitter policy or break the rules that every Twitter user must adhere to. Youre more likely to get an account ban than a de-verification for serious policy violations. Youre not likely to lose verification after a single offense. It usually takes repeat offenses to be permanently punished.

    Why Should You Go For A Twitter Verified Account

    How to Get Verified on Twitter

    There are several clear benefits to confirming your status on Twitter.

    • You have a real opportunity to get more subscribers
    • Social network users will trust and respect you more
    • You will show that you can be an influencer or authority

    Youll have a deeper connection with other users. Your replies, likes and retweets can never be hidden. Moreover, your content will be visible to as many social network users as possible.

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    Make Sure Your Tweets Are Open To The Public

    Twitter users can change their privacy settings to protect their tweets. But for brands, this limits interaction and engagement. It will stunt growth and will show Twitter that your account isnt one thats of interest to the general public.

    To maximize engagement and public conversation with your brand, make sure your tweets are set as public.

    Tips To Strengthen Your Position To Become Twitter Verified

    Twitter claims to be doing its best to provide more clarity into their verification decisions, whether accepted or rejected. Here are a few ways you can improve your position and potential to get accepted, whether on your first try or on your second time around.

    Whether you are taking your first shot at verification or youre going in for a second attempt after initial rejection, there are things you should be doing to better-position yourself to be approved.

    Before you apply for verification, you should:

    • Make sure your Twitter profile is complete with name, photo, bio, website, security, and other relevant info
    • Have a quality photo and cover image
    • Focus on building a large audience
    • Write guest posts for high-authority websites
    • Build relationships with journalists to earn quotes and citations in their work
    • Post often and engage regularly with other Twitter users
    • Mention other verified accounts youre connected with in your bio

    Rand Fishkin, Founder of Moz and Co-Founder of SparkToro, drops his wife Geraldines Twitter handle in his bio.


    The good news is, if at first you dont succeed, try, try againin 30 days. Twitter allows users to submit a request for verification every 30 days, so assess where things went wrong and spend 30 days fixing the issues that led to not being approved. Then, when everything is in place, jump back in and give it another shot.

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    How To Apply For Twitter’s Signature Blue Check Mark

    The application can be found under Twitter’s application settings.

    In order to qualify for verification, the user must have a profile with a picture, as well as a confirmed email and phone number attached to the account. The user must also have adhered to Twitter’s rules within the past 12 months and been active on the platform within the last six months.

    On the application, the user needs to identify which category they fit into for verification. There are six categories: government, companies, news organizations and journalists, entertainment, sports and gaming, and activists. Twitter said it plans to add more categories in the future.

    Then the user must confirm their identity using either a government issued ID, an email address that ties them to an organization in one of the six categories, or a website.

    Once the individual’s identity has been confirmed they can submit the verification request.

    Twitter said users who are approved will immediately receive a blue check mark, while those who are rejected can apply again after a 30-day waiting period.

    Losing Your Verification Status

    How to Get a Verified Account on Twitter (with Pictures)

    Twitter verification isn’t permanent you may lose it for various reasons. Some of these include:

    • Letting your Twitter account become inactive
    • Leaving the position you were verified for, such as a government official stepping down from office, if you don’t meet other verification criteria
    • Misleading people by changing your bio or name on Twitter
    • Breaking Twitter’s rules around spam, sharing private information, abuse, and similar

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    What Is Social Media Verification

    Instagram and Twitter verification can be a powerful tool for businesses and professionals of all kinds, from doctors to CEOs to marketers and public relations professionals. By verifying your account, you can build trust with potential customers or followers, and show that you are an expert in your field.

    In order to get verified, your account must be notable, authentic, and active.

    • Notable accounts belong to a well-known business, celebrity, or public figure.
    • Authentic accounts are the real deal not fake or copycat accounts.
    • Active accounts are complete, post regularly, and follow all rules and guidelines.

    Be Active And Engage With Others

    Being active and engaging with others on Twitter helps you to make your profile of public interest, which will lead to reaching more followers. Here is how you can be active and engage with others:

    • Write and share content regularly
    • Ask questions and create Twitter polls
    • Reply to comments, mentions, and direct messages
    • Follow other verified accounts as per your interest areas and also engage with their content.
    • Like, retweet, and comment on other users content to boost engagement.
    • Use trending hashtags

    Being active is not only means regularly writing, sharing, and engaging on Twitter but you also need to maintain your account as per Twitter rules.

    This means profile completeness, active use in the last 6 months, confirmed email id and phone number, and no Twitter rule violation in the past 6 months.

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    Why Twitter Stop Accepting Public Submissions For Account Verification

    In addition to representing authenticity, having a blue checkmark badge beside a name on Twitter brings a degree of authority and importance to that account. In other words, it’s perceived as an endorsement.

    To evaluate the verification process, Twitter announced that it was halting applications for account verification in November of 2017. If you submitted a request before November 2017, it’s unlikely at this point that Twitter is going through those last few submissions and has decided not to grant your request.

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