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How To Advertise On Pinterest

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Keep Your Landing Page Relevant

PINTEREST ADS TUTORIAL 2021// How To Advertise On Pinterest With Promoted Pins (Strategy & Tips)

This tip applies to every digital marketing advertising initiatives: your landing page should always be aligned with your ad. Make sure your branding and your copy are coherent across the board to provide a seamless experience to your users.

Holt Renfrew uses similar design on their ad and their landing page, this way, the user knows hell easily find what hes been looking for: the new Fall line.

The Description For Your Pins

It is the combination of the image and the text that makes up the entire Pin.

The description you use about your Pins is also going to allow for your Pins to be easily found, so it is important that you include any keywords that relate to your product.

In any case, lets quickly cover some tactics you can use to create text that is engaging.

How you approach the creation of text is going to depend on the style of the image.

If you have an image that is designed to raise awareness, the text is going to read slightly differently from text that is designed to raise engagement and generate clicks.

Point being that in an awareness style image, youll need to provide a lot more in the way of context, making it so that you expand on the image.

Youll often find that awareness style Pins tend to explain things in story and they often set the scene in terms of how the product can be used.

Heres an example.

See how the text is designed to explain how the item in the image can fit into someones life and it explains all of this by setting the scene.

If youre looking to drive engagement and clicks, youll want to focus more on benefits within your description.

What youll find is that some of the best descriptions out there approach things from this standpoint:

The challenge -> Why the image in the Pin tackles or helps reduce the challenge -> What needs to be done next.

Heres an example that borrows from something we looked at earlier.

Heres another example.

Choose The Target Audience

One of the most important things for an ad campaign in any platform would be the people who see this ad.

You need to make sure that you target the perfect audience for your ads. Choose the ones that will provide you with the best of the results.

There are many different ways by which you can sort out and target the audience of your liking. You could choose the audience by their interest in your product, their geographical location, the language that they speak, the device that they use and so much more.

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Promote The Best Pins

If you sell products, says that photographing them in lifestyle shots is more effective than displaying the product on its own. For example, a fashion pin should show someone wearing the clothing in a real-world setting. Home décor pins do better when they concentrate on the product instead of people. Hair and beauty products get great engagement when the items are displayed against a plain, contrasting background.

Most experts recommend promoting pins that are already doing well. Even though you might figure that boosting a low-performing pin could help it get in front of your audience, promoting a high-performing pin is more likely to give you results. Wouldnt you want to pay for results as opposed to a lackluster reception to your ad?

When youre picking a pin in step 3 of the ad creation process, you have the option of choosing from all pins, 30-day most clicked pins or 30-day most saved pins. Use this to your advantage to promote your most engaging content.

Plan For Pin Continuity

How to Advertise on Pinterest for Only $50

When a Pinner clicks on your Pin theyre looking for more information. Make sure they land on a page that can provide it and if possible, use the same image for continuity. Pins that go to pages with similar imagery have a 13 percent higher lift in online sales.

Undergarment retailer ThirdLove found success this way with its one-tap campaign, earning a 26 percent increase in traffic, and decreasing cost-par-acquisition by 14 percent.

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Engage With Others Posts

Conversations are always a two-way road. If you simply wait for others to engage with your posts, then it might take too long to get results.

But why are you waiting for others to start communications and conversations?

You can also start engaging with others posts and there are big chances that in return they will start engaging with your content as well.

Cool! this is what youre waiting for a long while.

People always look for users who have a high following to follow. Do you also think it is the right strategy?

Here are some ways to engage with other profiles:

  • Repin other users pins
  • When you see a notification about board to follow then follow the group board if they fall under your niche.
  • Whenever someone repins your pin or save, take some time to appreciate them. Simply do a comment Like thanks for sharing, glad you found it valuable or anything else so that they keep sharing your content.
  • If you find useful posts from others then leave a positive comment to build a strong relationship with like-minded people.

The more you engage with others, the more visibility you will get and ultimately you will start gaining more followers.

Select The Most Relevant Campaign Objective

  • Brand Awareness: Good option for introducing your pin to prospecting audiences and a great way to increase reach.
  • Video Views: Can be used for video pins, although you might want to try the conversion objective if your video is more sales-y.
  • Traffic: Good way to drive your audience to your site. good for driving your audience to your site, also good to use if there are not enough purchase conversion actions
  • App Install: Choose this objective if you are looking to increase app installs.
  • Conversions: Great way to generate conversions or leads. Keep in mind that you need, at least, 50 conversion actions per week. If your brand doesnt generate enough conversions, try the traffic objective instead.
  • Shopping Catalog: Good way to help people discover your products through Products Pins.

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Get Involved With Group Boards

You can see which boards are group boards by looking in the top right corner of the board. There will be a collection of all the contributors profile images, like this.

Make sure you dont over-do it with group boards though. Joining lots of group boards that dont perform that well will negatively impact your account.

Join less boards that are a better quality.

Heres what to look for in a good quality group board, according to Louise Myers:

  • The board fits your niche
  • It doesnt have too many contributors
  • Its active but not too active
  • It gets re-pins
  • The board has a good amount of followers
  • Look out for boards that encourage members to reciprocate pin-shares

For more information on using group boards on Pinterest to promote your blog, check out Louises ultimate guide to group boards.

Follow us on Pinterest for more useful information like this! Also check out our blogger hub to get lots of free blog resources straight to your inbox.

Pin this for later!

Select Your Promoted Pin

How to Advertise on Pinterest for your Shopify Store

Now, you can select the pin that you want to promote. You can only choose from items that youve publicly pinned. The pin doesnt have to be one that you have initiated through your own website, although it would probably be a good idea to use an image that youve created.

Next, youll give the promoted pin a name and set the URL of the landing page that you want visitors to end up on when they click on it.

Consider the URL carefully. Ideally, youll send people who click on your ad to a page dedicated to your Pinterest audience. The landing page should have something to do with the pin that led people to it. If youve added Pinterest tag code to your website, youll be able to track the success of each promoted pin.

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Standard Width Video Ads

Standard width video ads are the same size as regular Pins, fitting into the usual scrolling experience. Theyre available for all campaign objectives, except for Catalogue sales. Your footage needs to be at least four seconds long and no longer than 15 minutes but its recommended to keep them in the 10-30 second range or shorter. You can find the full specifications here.

How Do Promoted Pins Work

Promoted Pins run on an auction system, like many other pay-per-click systems. Advertisers select a Promoted Pin, choose an objective they want to accomplish, and enter targeting criteria. Theyll place bids on having their ads shown to their target audience, and those who bid the most could win the placement.

Promoted Pins can work in two different ways, which we touched on above.

This interest is typically gauged based on past behavior on the platform, including the Pins they’ve saved, though advertisers can target specific users based on things like email lists or recent site visits.

If someone is searching for handmade vase and you happen to sell those, your ad could actually appear in their search results.

As you can imagine, this option lets you promote your products to users who are intentionally seeking them out.

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Build Your Business Page

Lets start with the basics!

Setting up your page as a business account will be best for your art business for many reasons, a big one being you can keep track of how your account and audience are doing with Pinterests insights. Learn everything from what potential buyers are loving most about your page to what kind of fans are engaging with your art business, so then you can strategize and help your art business flourish even more.

If you have a personal account, dont worry! You can convert it to a business account here.

Once your Pinterest account is all set up with the name you consistently use for your brand and your art businesss website or Artwork Archive Public Page, add in the intriguing details about yourself and what you do as an artist. Remember to use keywords so other pinners can find you in their search. And, if you are drawing a blank writing your artist About section, follow our how-to guide!

Tangerine Meg, an Artwork Archive artist, includes a fun artist description and links to her website and Twitter account on her .

The easy, final step is to add in the links to the rest of your artist social media accounts so fans can easily peruse all the happenings of your art business while you can hook them into buying your latest piece.

Build An Audience And Then Sell

How Pinterest is selling ads to agencies

You need to build an audience first. And after you gain followers, you can start promoting your products.

On Facebook and Twitter or other social networks where you share posts every day, you might be able to promote your products more than once daily. But on Pinterest, the best way to promote items is to create a dedicated board where you pin the products you want to sell.

Remember, you want to pin your products only once because if you do it over and over again, youll appear to be overpromoting yourself.

When you first pin one of your products, you want to get as many initial likes, repins and comments as possible. This will add social proof to your products, encourage users to check out the product and increase the likelihood of more direct shares in the future.

So focus on building an audience first by sharing content regularly and then pin your products to your page.

On , you will find a board called Gracious Pantry Cookbooks where Tiffany McCauley shares pins of her books. Many of these pins have been repinned several times. The number of times the book has been repinned and liked can be found right below the pin.

These numbers add social proof, encourage users to visit the site and repin the cookbook right away. And when she pins something new to this board, she will automatically get repins and likes because she has already built an audience. The board currently has more than 15,000 followers.

So focus on building an audience first and .

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Optimize Your Pins For Maximum Traffic

So far, weve discussed how you can use SEO to be sure your Pins show up in search results. However, there are some other tactics you can try to help drive visitors to your website.

First, some days and times are better than others for getting eyes on your Pins. While youll want to do some experimentation to discover when is best for your content, CoSchedule found that 8-11 p.m., 2-4 a.m., 2-4 p.m., and 1-3 p.m. are the best times to post. Additionally, you may want to publish your content on Fridays and Saturdays.

Youll also want other people to Pin your content to their own boards to help widen your reach. You can start by adding a Pinterest button to your website. The Easy Social Share Buttons plugin enables you to do this quickly.

Of course, youll want to be sure youre including Pin-worthy images with your content and placing them strategically throughout your website. While youll likely include a Pin It button with your social share icons, there are a few other places you may want to have one.

You might also try using a Pins Call To Action to encourage people to pin your content to their own boards. The more popular a Pin is, the more likely it is to appear in search results and help solidify your reputation as an expert, which can also increase traffic to your site.

Now, any Pins created from your connected platforms will be attributed to you. Youll also get credit for any Pins you made before you connected other accounts, but this may take a few days.

Become The Social Media Marketing Rockstar For Your Business

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First, create a board with a title and description to tell readers this is where they can find your most popular products. After that, pin some images of your most popular products here and add descriptions. You could also add the rank of the product.

Make sure you write everything about the productinclude the price, whether the product is a limited edition and add a call to action asking users to check out the product or buy it.

Also make sure you update the board regularly. Remove products no longer available and replace them with hot new items.

Top 40 Best Sellers is a board on Gourmet Displays Pinterest brand page, where they pin 40 of their best-selling products for food and beverage displays. This is a great way to further increase the sales of these products.

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Stick With Lifestyle Themes

Pinners are more inspired when they see your brand in action, especially when it comes to video.

Pins that show someone interacting with your product or service are 67 percent more likely to drive online sales lift. But make sure to keep it as the focal point dont let it get lost in the mix.

Starbucks embedded its coffee right into morning routines with this Pin:

Create Your Maximum Cpc Bid

Pinterest Ads Tutorial 2020 – Pinterest Advertising 101 – Get Pinterest Traffic from $0.1 a Click!

On the page where you create your ad group, youll be asked to set a maximum CPC bid. This is the maximum amount that you want to pay per audience action, whether thats impressions, clicks, engagement or app download. You wont be charged the full bid unless its necessary to beat out the next-highest bidder.

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The Shipping First Shopper

This shopper doesnt want to be bothered at all with ordering a gift, having it sent to them, having to wrap it up, and then send it off again. They want to spend the least amount of time possible to give a thoughtful gift.

Messaging to this shopper should include things like:

  • free gift wrapping
  • anything thats Instagram-worthy.

Playful, colorful, bold, and sparkly imagery will reach this shopper.

They are also attracted to videos. So dont miss out on video and idea pin opportunities for the next-level party planner.

Now that weve talked about who is shopping and how and when to reach them, lets talk about the actual campaign itself.

Build Your Business Profile

You can skip this if you want but we recommend you start by selecting the Showcase your brand tab, which encourages you to build your business profile. Theres not much point in running ads until your profile is complete and audiences can see that youre a legitimate business.

On the edit profile page, you can add a profile photo, edit your display name and change your username. You can also write about your business, enter your website URL and provide your email address and phone number if you want users to be able to see this. If youve got a physical business location, you can also add your address and show this to users. Complete as much of your profile as you can and click the Save button.

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