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How To Advance Search On Twitter

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Don’t Forget Twitter’s Normal Search Filters

Twitter advanced search tutorial

After you finish putting in your advanced search parameters, check out Twitter’s regular search filters on the upper-right of the regular search page.

Here, you can limit your results to Tweets from people you follow only. This filter’s useful if you’re looking for a Tweet you saw on your timeline or want to look for Tweets only in your niche. You can also filter for Tweets posted anywhere near the location you set for your account.

Bonus tip: Looking for a more detailed location search? Use the “near:” and “within:” operators to find Tweets within a certain distance of a place. For example, if you wanted to find marketers within 10 miles of Manhattan, you’d put marketers near:Manhattan within:10mi in Twitter’s search box. Instead of a location name, you can also use its geocodeexact global coordinatespulled from Google Maps.

Search Tweets By Date Old Tweets Finder

Searching Twitter by date is a very common solution, in fact that is a very common request from users and clients: how to create Twitter reports filtered by dates? or also How do I search twitter by date?how to search someones tweets. Tweet Binder can do that, just use the advanced commands since and until in our search box. It is important to note that there must not be any space between the since or until and the two dots. It is also mandatory to write the numbers separated by – and with no blank space between each digit. Twitter search must be exactly like that. This can be like an old tweets finder, you can also write that on Twitters search box.

With Tweet Binder you can analyze tweets with no date limitation. This means that you can look for a hashtag since 2006. These historical reports are done under demand but they are fun! For example, lets take a look at Barack Obamas tweets. He opened his Twitter account back in March 2007, we can create a report that goes back there and we can analyze all his tweets . Take a look at the historical report for Barack Obamas Twitter account:

Don’t Just Look At Top Tweets

After a search either from the toolbar or advanced search, the first results you see are Top Tweets. , Top Tweets are based on an algorithm: it’s the Tweets that lots of people are interacting with and sharing via Retweets, replies, and more”Tweets you are likely to care about most first.”

To see all the results you’re looking for, check the Latest Tweets, toojust click Latest on the top of the results Twitter stream.

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How To Use Twitter Advanced Search To Drive 100% More Leads

There are 69.3 million U.S.-based users active on Twitter, meaning its a platform full of potential when it comes to lead generation within the states.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to know how to find leads effectively on Twitterunless you know how to use Twitters advanced search queries. Thats why Im going to tell you what advanced search queries are and how to use them to help drive more leads.

What Is Advanced Search On Twitter

Several Changes Are Coming to Twitter, including Improved

There are mainly two search features on Twitter, one being the general search feature and the other one would be advanced search feature.

The advanced search feature on Twitter will allow you to filter search results based on date ranges, people, and more. You will be able to find specific tweets with the help of this feature and use that data to tailor your marketing activities.

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How Can Twitter Advanced Search Help With Marketing And Sales

From a marketing standpoint, there are many ways that the social ecosystem of Twitter can help grow and develop your business. Twitter Advanced Search is a powerful marketing tool for implementing smart social media marketing strategies like perceiving consumer needs, engaging with audiences, researching competitors and turning your findings into content that your target audience will enjoy.

How To Use Twitter Advanced Search

Like the sound of those capabilities? Hereâs how to use the feature:

1. Start by doing a simple Twitter search on the websiteâs top, right corner.

2. When you see the results, navigate to the âSearch filtersâ menu on the right, then click âAdvanced searchâ. This will take you to the advanced search options.

3. If youâre searching for a word, phrase, or hashtag used in a Tweet or bio â start with the âWordsâ section.

4. If youâre focusing on specific accounts, use the âAccountsâ filters. You can choose whether or not youâre shown replies and original Tweets, and Tweets that include links.

Top tip: Track your own brand mentions in the âAccountsâ field. This can help you find and reply directly to questions from your audience. Of course, you can also use this to carry out some competitor research.

5. âEngagementâ, and âDatesâ can add more precision to your search. Start broad, then make your search terms more and more specific.

Using Twitterâs advanced search can amplify your marketing strategy by helping your brand cut through the noise and customize your search results. For more handy tips and tricks, plus brand case studies, take a look at our small business resources.

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How To Save A Twitter Search

If youve created the perfect Twitter search query, you might want to save it for later especially if its an advanced search query.

To do this, just click the three dots indicating a drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the page. Then click, Save this search.

Your saved search criteria will show up at the bottom of the search drop-down menu when you click to enter a new query.

Okay, before we move on, are Twitter search terms case sensitive?

In a word: no.

Twitter search terms arent case sensitive. For example, if you search Shopify, Twitter will return results including Shopify and shopify.

Okay, so weve covered Twitters search basics but what if you need to dig a little deeper to find what youre looking for?

Heres the quick version:

Use Multiple Fields To Narrow Things Down

How To Use Advanced Twitter Search To Find A Job

Internet Live Stats states that as of now, over eight thousand tweets are sent out every minute on Twitter.

With that much new data coming into the system, you have to be very specific when youre looking to find something. Luckily, even the first set of parameters youll encounter will allow you to limit the search results.

Its a far better option than having to pore over thousands of irrelevant results from the standard search bar. The basic search fields youll encounter at the top of the search form include:

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Gizchina News Of The Week

You Can Also Use A Direct Link

Instead of going through the long process of logging in and locating the advanced search tool, you can just copy and paste this link. This should take you directly to the Advanced Search Tool page.

The Advanced Search Tool presents you with a form to fill out. This helps narrow down whatever you may be looking for. So, just feed it with all the information you have about the tweet you are searching for. Also filter it out with other information like date etc.

After all is said and done, you are ready for your advanced search. Click on the Search Button on the right side of the Advanced Search Tool form.

Twitter will quickly search using the parameters you provided in filling the form. It will then present to you a couple of results that match your parameters. Just try it out, you should definitely get the exact thing you are looking for.

How To Use Twitter Advanced Search On Mobile Devices

Unfortunately, theres no option to use Twitter advanced search from within Twitters mobile application.

However, you can still access Twitters search filters. To do this, perform a search query and then tap the slider controls icon.

This will show you three of the four search filters we covered earlier sadly, the ability to filter by language has been left out.

However, all is not lost.

How to Use Twitter Advanced Search on Your Mobile Device

Although the Twitter app doesnt provide access to Twitter advanced search, you can access it through your devices web browser.

Simply head to , perform a search, and then tap the three dots indicating a drop-down menu.

Then, tap Advanced search.

The mobile browser version of Twitter advanced search has all of the same fields as the desktop version, except you guessed it the ability to refine tweets based on language.

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Find Your Most Popular Tweets

You can also use Advanced Search to find your most popular tweets.

This is especially helpful when youre reviewing your companys social media strategy. You can see what your audience reacted to and what they may not have enjoyed as much.

This helps you build your strategy around the likes and dislikes of your customers. Doing this will ensure that youre putting out content that catches your audiences attention and makes them want to interact with you and your brand.

How To Use Twitter Advanced Search In 2022

The Superhuman Guide to Twitter Advanced Search: 23 Hidden Ways to Use ...

Twitter is one of the most dynamic social media platforms and it is used by numerous marketers and brands to reach potential customers. It is a powerful network that you can leverage to your advantage, but only if you know how.

Twitters advanced search is one feature that offers numerous business advantages if you know what you can do with it. From generating leads to spying on your competitors, you can do a lot simply by using Twitters advanced search feature.

In this post, we will discuss the various search options that you can find in Twitters advanced search interface and what they mean. We will also tell you a quicker way to conduct these searches by using search operators. Then, we will end with the real-life use cases of using advanced search for your business.

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Filtering Twitter Data By Date Getting Old Tweets

On twitter advanced search, to filter tweets by date we will use the commands SINCE and UNTIL followed by : and the period of time we want to analyze. Until will indicate the day we will be stopping receiving tweets. And since will mark the starting day. You can combine both and also you can use them with other commands:

  • @Netflix since:yyyy-mm-dd
  • @tweetbinder until:yyyy-mm-dd
  • analytical tool since:yyyy-mm-dd until:yyyy-mm-dd

YYYY will be the year, mm the month and dd the day. So for the first option, if we want to analyze tweets that mention @Netflix since the 8th of November we will write on the search box: @Netflix since:2021-11-08

How To Find Twitters Advanced Search

Advanced Search is available when using Twitters websiteyou can access it directly by heading to . Alternatively, you can enter your query into the search bar on Twitters home page and then click Advanced Search located next to the search filters on the upper-right of your results page.

Unfortunately, you can not access the advanced Twitter search tool directly within Twitters mobile app. However, you can still access it through your phones web browser by visiting .

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Breaking Down The Advanced Search Functionality

opens the door to all the tweets that any user has ever posted on Twitter.

You can find any user, hashtag, or phrase youre looking for using the advanced filters.

To access it, type in a search as usual. After youve entered it, tap the three-dot icon in the top right, and tap Advanced Search. This will bring you to the Advanced Search menu.

When using this function, there are a few things to be aware of as you search. These include:

Track Conversations About Popular Hashtags

How to use Advanced Search on Twitter

Hashtags are among the most effective methods to expand the impact of your tweets organically. However, instead of posting a tweet that has the hashtag of your choice, If you participate in the right conversations, it can help you get conversations about your brand started. It will help you build awareness for your brand or even get involved in conversations with your competitors to draw the attention of your intended people.

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Optional Alternative: Download Your Twitter Archive To Search Your Tweets

Twitter’s Advanced Search is the fastest way to search through your own tweets, or for any tweets at all for that matter. But if you want, you can get access to all the tweets you’ve ever sent by downloading your entire Twitter archive. Here’s how:

Go to More> Settings and privacy> . You need to enter your password to access the page. From there, select Request archive.

You might have to wait some time before you receive your archive, but when you do, it’s in a ZIP file you can download to your computer. There you can access a list of your tweets in a spreadsheet format, which you can search through.

  • How do I search other people’s tweets on Twitter?

    To search other people’s tweets, navigate to the person’s profile and select the search icon from the top. You’ll see a list of search results. Tap Top for top tweets, Latest for latest tweets, for photo tweets, and Videos for video tweets.

  • Can people see what you search on Twitter?

    No. Other people can’t see your Twitter searches, and you can’t see other users’ searches. While Twitter keeps your search history, your search history is visible only to you.

  • How do I see my Twitter search history?

    Tap the search icon and tap in the search bar. You’ll see Recent Searches with your most recent searches underneath. You can also access Twitter advanced search via a browser and conduct searches specific to your account.

How To Use Reverse Image Search Twitter Images

Twitter users can use the Image from a Twitter post and search the image on Googles image search. This helps users to find more information about the image. It is also a good way to identify image duplicates and take action if you think your images have been used without your approval.

If you need any help, leave a message in the comment section and let us know what you think. Here is a post about someone stealing our content that we address through the . You can also do the same for your stolen images.

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Find The Most Popular Tweets About A Topic

Instead of an alternative to the Top tweets that Twitter provides for each search, this search trick allows you to create your own criteria for what is considered a popular post.

Go to the Twitter search box, type any search term and append the operator min_retweets: or min_faves: to filter your search results. For example, you can search buffer min_retweets:5 OR min_faves:5.

The result will show tweets that reference Buffer with at least five retweets or five favorites.

Social Media Marketing: How To Use Twitter Advanced Search To Increase Brand Engagement

How to Search Tweets Using Twitter Advanced Search

With more than 237 million daily active users, Twitter is a great social media platform to add to your brands marketing strategy. You can generate leads, engage with your audience, promote products and services, drive users to your website, and more!

If youre wondering how to make the most of Twitter marketing with the Twitter advanced search feature, then youve come to the right place!

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Twitter Advanced Search: What It Offers And What You Can Search For

Twitter’s Advanced Search tool is all about narrowing down your search results when you search for tweets on the bird app. So instead of just running a basic search for tweets using a single keyword, you can use the Advanced Search tool to enhance your search by doing things like adding more keywords, excluding certain words, or focusing on tweets from a specific Twitter account.

Here are some more ways you can search for specific tweets via the Advanced Search tool:

You can also set filters for replies and links and even set parameters for engagements .

Explore The Different Results

In addition to Top and Latest, you can narrow in on a few different types of results, namely people, photos, and videos. Click on the appropriate tab at the top of the Twitter search results page to filter by:

  • People: Accounts whose usernames or bios match your search query

  • Tweets that contain photos

  • Videos: Tweets that include an inline video

  • If you’re on the Top tab, you might also see a Related Topic box at the top of your results with topics that could also be of interest to you.

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    Why Should You Make Use Of Advanced Twitter Search

    The advanced search Twitter enables you to tailor your searches to precisely the individual you want, including location, hobbies, and more. You may even locate people discussing your firm without tagging you.

    Youve probably already searched for simple things like hashtags and users using Twitters search bar on the right-hand side of your desktop screen or the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of your mobile screen.

    Assume youre looking for a firm like Tesla. Using that term, youll find accounts relevant to your search and top tweets and recent tweets.

    Because of these broad searches, youre unlikely to learn anything from them. Thats incredibly disheartening if Converse is your firm or a rival. And if Converse was your company or competitor, that isnt very reassuring.

    Since millions of tweets are sent out every day, youll need some filtering techniques to funnel down your search. Twitter advanced search feature accomplishes just that.

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