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How To Add Whatsapp Contact

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How to add new contacts in WhatsApp on android device

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Adding People From Your Existing Contacts List

WhatsApp can use the existing contacts in your phone to quickly create a contact list of people to call.

First, WhatsApp will ask permission to access the names and numbers of family and friends stored in your phones contact list.

If you agree, WhatsApp can search your contacts for people who have WhatsApp and create a list of them for you to call.

How To Add Contacts On Whatsapp

  • Sean Keach, Digital Technology and Science Editor
  • 11:01 ET, Jul 29 2021

ADDING contacts to WhatsApp is vital to enjoy the chat app and it’s easy enough too.

We’ve put together a quick guide on how to do it in seconds.

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Contacts are unsurprisingly the lifeblood of WhatsApp.

They’re integral to your enjoyment of the app. Otherwise, who else would you speak to?

Thankfully, there are several ways to add contacts in WhatsApp.

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How To Add A Contact From Your Whatsapp Calls

You can also use your call history from WhatsApp to add a contact. First, open the app on your Android and access the tab. Then, tap on the unknown number you want to add to contacts.

This opens a detailed entry, named . Tap on the More menu from the upper-right corner.

From the dropdown menu, tap on the “Add to contacts” option.

A pop-up asks you what you want to do. Tap on New to create a contact.

On the next screen, insert all the details for your contact, and then press Save.

The contact is saved, as you can see both at the top and the bottom of your screen.

How Do I Edit A Contact

How to Add Contact in WhatsApp without Using Contact App of Android

If a friend updates their phone number, or youd like to change the contacts name, you can.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAll you need to do is tap on the Chat icon as we did above. Then, tap on the name of the contact. Finally, you can tap Edit or the three vertical dots and Edit . Make any necessary updates to the contact and save your edits.

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How To Add Contacts To Whatsapp From Iphone

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, etc. to exchange messages without having to pay the fee for SMS or MMS. If you have WhatsApp installed in your iPhone 5s/6/6s, you don’t bother to register a name, just log in with your phone number and that’s it. It is even easier to add friends as all contacts on your phonebook will automatically display in WhatsApp. Even if you want to save contacts not in your address book in WhatsApp, you can accomplish it with ease.

How To Add A Contact To Whatsapp On Android

In this section, you will study how to add a contact to WhatsApp on Android phones. Closely watch out for every step discussed below to acquire the best outcomes.

Step 1: Unlock your Android gadget and open the WhatsApp tool. In the conversation screen, you will find the âContactsâ icon displayed at the right bottom corner of the screen. Tap the âContactsâ icon and choose the âNew Contactâ option on the next screen.

Step 2: On the following page, you must enter the necessary data like Name, Mobile, Phone, and finally tap the tick icon available at the top right side of the window. This action will save the newly added contacts on the contact list in WhatsApp.

You had successfully added a new contact on the WhatsApp space easily. Use the above steps to insert contacts data on this incredible chat application without any issues.

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Fix : Reinstall Whatsapp

Your app could be faulty. That is why your contacts are not being synced. Uninstall it and download it anew. A fresh install may be all you need. Perhaps theres also a new update available on PlayStore.

Follow these steps:

  • Launch PlayStore.
  • Type WhatsApp into the search bar and tap the option when it appears in the results.
  • If theres an Update button, tap on it to download and install the new version of the app. Otherwise, proceed to Step 4.
  • Go to the list of apps on your Android device. To do this, swipe up from the bottom of your screen. When you locate WhatsApp, press and drag it to Uninstall at the top of the screen. Then confirm the action.
  • Launch PlayStore and type WhatsApp into the search bar. Then tap the option when it appears in the search results.
  • Tap Install and wait for the app to be downloaded and installed.
  • Launch WhatsApp and enter your account details. Make sure to grant access to Contacts when the request pops up.
  • Fix It When There Is No Whatsapp Contact Or Chat History Displaying

    How to add new contacts to WhatsApp

    For iPhone:

    If WhatsApp display no contact on iPhone/iPad, check the settings to enable the access to WhatsApp. Go to your iPhone, click “Settings” > “Privacy” > “Contacts” > slide the bar of WhatsApp to “ON”. If not, update the software to the latest version from App store on iPhone/iPad. If you accidently delete WhatsApp chat history or attachments, you can try a reputable iOS data recovery tool, iPhone Data Recovery to help you recover lost contacts on iPhone. With that, you can handily recover WhatsApp data like messages, images, videos from iOS device, iTunes backup files and iCloud back up file.

    For Android:

    If you find a particular friends or acquaintance is not added to WhatsApp contacts list, maybe you should do the following according to your need:

    1. Update WhatsApp to the latest version from Google Play or other app store.

    2. Check whether the contact exists or not in your phone address book.

    3. Maybe the format you save the contact in WhatsApp is not quite right. Modify it to the standard format as “+” .

    4. Go to the tab of “Contacts” of WhatsApp, and then tap “Menu” button> click “Contacts” > tick the box of “Show all contacts”.

    5. In your Android address book, make sure that all contacts accounts or all contacts group are “visible” or “viewable”.

    Additionally, if you lose some important contacts from WhatsApp or other apps on Android, then visit this post: recover deleted contacts on Android.

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    How To Add Someone To Whatsapp

    Adding someone on Whatsapp lets you find and communicate with your friends. All you have to do is add a number and a name. You can also .

  • Go to the Chats tab in the app.

  • Tap the Compose icon in the bottom-right of the screen to launch a new chat page.

  • Tap New Contact to add a person.

    If you have the person’s Whatsapp QR code, press the QR symbol to scan it and add them as a contact that way.

  • Tap the First name field and type the name of the person you’re adding.

  • Tap the Last name field and add their last name.

  • Enter the person’s phone number in the Phone field. If their number is registered in a different part of the world you may need to add a country code.

  • Tap Save in the top-right corner of the page to save the contact.

  • You can now see the person’s name and their contact details.

    If the individual isn’t using WhatsApp you’ll see an option to invite them to the service. Tap Invite to WhatsApp to generate an SMS message you can send to their number . This provides them with a WhatsApp download link.

  • Tap Done to return to the Chats page.

    Adding a number on WhatsApp automatically adds it to your device’s address book. The same is true if you add a contact to the device address book. Likewise, deleting a contact from WhatsApp removes it from your device address book and vice versa.

  • Importing Contacts To Whatsapp Manually

    At times, we only wish to add specific contacts to our WhatsApp account. The process is pretty easy, but it is not recommended to follow this approach to sync multiple contacts.

    For this, you can just launch WhatsApp on your device and tap on the Contacts icon from the top . This will display a list of all the contacts that are already saved on your WhatsApp account. From here, tap on the add icon on the top of the screen to get a dedicated window where you can add a specific contact to the app .

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    Inviting A Contact To Whatsapp On An Android

  • 1Open the WhatsApp app. It’s the white phone on a green speech bubble icon.
  • If this is your first time opening WhatsApp on your phone, you’ll need to set up WhatsApp first.
  • 2Tap . You’ll see this option in the top right corner of the screen.
  • If WhatsApp opens to a conversation, tap in the top left corner of the screen first.
  • 3Tap Settings. It’s at the bottom of the drop down menu here.
  • 4Tap Invite a Friend. It’s at the bottom of the Settings menu.
  • 5Tap Messages. It’s has an icon that resembles a speech bubble.
  • 6Tap your friend’s name. It’s in your list of contacts. You may have to scroll down to find it.
  • Any names that appear here are non-WhatsApp users from your Android’s Contacts app.
  • You can use the search bar at the top of the screen to search for a specific contact.
  • 7Tap Send 1 Invite. It’s in the bottom right corner of the screen. Doing so will open a Messages window with a link to WhatsApp.
  • If you tapped more than one name, you’ll see Send Invites instead.
  • 8Tap the send button. Doing so will send your invite to your selected people. If they download WhatsApp, they’ll be added to your WhatsApp contacts list automatically.Advertisement
    • How do you add personal friends in Whatsapp?Community AnswerAdd your friend’s Whatsapp number to your Contacts. When you next open Whatsapp, just go to Contacts and you’ll be able to contact your friend.Thanks!

    How To Add New Contacts In Whatsapp

    How to Add a Contact in WhatsApp

    If youre new to using WhatsApp, you might be confused by its features. Its good to knowwhat you can do with the popular messaging app, and one of the primary functions is adding new contacts to your Contact List. Keeping your contactlist updated is one of the essentials when communicating with other people.

    This article will show you how to add new contacts in WhatsApp across all available devices.

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    How To Manually Add Contacts To Whatsapp On Iphone & Android

    Regardless of whether youre using an iPhone or Android device, the following procedure is going to be identical for adding contacts to WhatsApp:

  • Open WhatsApp from the home screen of your iPhone or Android smartphone.
  • Tap on the new chat icon located at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Now, tap on New Contact in order to manually input the details.
  • Here, enter the phone number and other details and tap Save as shown in the screenshot below. If the contact youre trying to manually add has a WhatsApp account, it will be indicated right below the phone number once youve typed it out.
  • Thats all there is to it.

    Now, you can initiate the conversation with the contact you just added.

    Alternatively, you can manually add contacts using the Phone app and wait for WhatsApp to sync it. However, with this method, you can input the details and start messaging right away, without even having to exit WhatsApp.

    If youre trying to add a contact that was sent to you over WhatsApp, you can simply hit Save Contact right below the message to quickly save the details on to your device, instead of following this procedure.

    Are you a regular WhatsApp user? If so, you might be interested in backing up all your WhatsApp chats to iCloud and make sure you dont accidentally lose them due to some error, a corrupted software update, or uninstallation of the app.

    Keep Your Contacts Close

    WhatsApp is a great app for staying in touch with your loved ones wherever they are in the world. Its not always easy to add your contacts within the app itself, but with these steps, youll have all your contacts at your fingertips without having to search for or import them.

    If you have any questions or challenges with adding contacts on WhatsApp, share with us in a comment below.

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    Did You Successfully Add Your Contact On Whatsapp

    We use WhatsApp every day on our smartphones and even have a Digital Citizen channel to share news between us. However, I find it easier to stay connected on WhatsApp from the PC. Unfortunately, since WhatsApp contacts are so closely tied to those on your Android, you can not add someone from Whatsapp Desktop or WhatsApp Web. What about you? How do you use WhatsApp? Did you manage to add the new contact? Let us know in the comments.

    How To Manually Add New Contacts On Whatsapp

    How To Add New Contacts on WhatsApp!

    When someone sends you a message on WhatsApp but you dont have them on your contact list, WhatsApp will only show the number instead of the persons name. If you want the name to appear, you have to save the number in your phone book.

    One way to do that is to copy the number, go to Contacts on your Android device, and tap on Create contact. But theres another way to save the number while still on WhatsApp. There are two methods you can use:

    Method 1:

  • Open the chat that sent you a message.
  • Tap the More Options icon in the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Tap Add to Contacts.
  • While on WhatsApp, tap on Chats.
  • Tap the New chat icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen.
  • Tap New contact.
  • Now enter the persons name and phone number. You can include other details if you wish.
  • Tap Save.
  • Whichever method you choose to use, after you have saved the number, it will also be in your phones address book. The persons name will now appear on the chat head.

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    How To Delete A Contact On Whatsapp

    You cant delete a contact from WhatsApp but you can delete it from your phones address book.

  • To delete a contact via WhatsApp, launch the app, tap New Chat and tap the contact you want to delete. Tap the contacts name at the top and then tap Options.
  • Tap View in address book.
  • In the default phone book window, tap the Options and select Delete.
  • Go back to WhatsApp and tap New Chat > Options > Refresh.
  • For iOS devices, open WhatsApp, tap the Chats tab and then tap New Chat. Tap the contact you want to delete and then tap their name at the top of the screen. Tap Edit at the upper right side of the screen and select Delete Contact.

    Tips: Chat On Whatsapp Without Saving Contacts

    In fact, you don’t have to add a contact and then send a WhatsApp message to them at all. Because of the WhatsApp’s Click to chat feature, you can make conversation with others directly without saving contacts. You can follow the steps below to learn how to take advantage of this feature:

    Step 1: Open the following link in your mobile browser and add it to your bookmarks:

    Step 2: Open this bookmark whenever you need to send a message on WhatsApp to someone who has not saved to your contact list. Then add the phone number and country code after the “=”. For example, if you want to send a message to a person with a country code of +91 and a mobile number of 1234567890, then you need to use the following link:

    Step 3: After that, you will enter the Message screen and you can click on the “Message” button to start chatting with other person on WhatsApp without saving him or her to your WhatsApp contact.

    Tip: Developers have also developed third-party applications and mobile apps to allow you to send messages on WhatsApp without saving contacts.

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