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How To Add Two Pictures On Instagram Story

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Add Multiple Photos To A Single Story On Android Using Samsung Keyboard

How To Add Multiple Pictures To Instagram Stories On Android! (2020)

If you happen to be a Samsung smartphone owner, you dont need to download SwiftKey to add multiple images to a single photo. You can easily do so with the help of the native Samsung Keyboard app. Samsung Keyboard pins all your screenshots to its Clipboard. So, as long as you screenshot even resized ones your favorite images, youd be able to use them as a part of your Instagram story.

To add multiple images to a single story using the Samsung Keyboard, start off by adding the base image of your Insta story.

Tap on the Aa text icon at the top-right corner to bring up Samsung Keyboard. Now, tap on the icon and go to Clipboard.

Pick an image you screenshotted earlier and itll be added to your base image.

Move, resize, and repeat to add multiple images.

How To Post An Instagram Story

If you have never used Instagram Stories before, you should know that itâs the section that you see at the very top of the Instagram app.

This is where Stories posted by everyone else you follow get shown.

There are three ways to open the âNew Postâ window to post your own Instagram Story.

Option 1: Tap on the + sign at the top left of the Instagram app.

When you do this, you will launch the âNew Postâ window from where you may pick âStoryâ from among the different posting options you see at the bottom of the screen.

Other posting options you will see here include âPostâ, Reelsâ, and âLiveâ.

Option 2: I showed you where the Stories from all the other people you follow get posted. Here, the first icon you see will be your own profile pic with the text âYour Storyâ below it.

Tap on this image and you will end up on the same âNew Postâ window as earlier.

Option 3: This is the easiest alternative. While on the homescreen of Instagram, swipe left to reach the âNew Postâ window.

How To Put Multiple Pictures In One Instagram Story Using The Photo Sticker Feature

This is the first method you can use to put multiple pictures in an Instagram story. Here we will be using the photo stickers feature. Follow the steps below to know-how.

  • Step 1: Open your Instagram app on your Android or IOS mobile phone
  • Step 2: Log into your Instagram account.
  • Step 3: Open your Instagram story, by swiping right on the home page.
  • Step 4: Select the Create option Aa on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Step 5: Upload a background or choose an appropriate background by clicking on the colored circle at the bottom right corner.
  • Step 6: Once you have selected the background click on the Sticker icon on the top bar.
  • Step 7: Scroll down and select the Photo Stickers icon.
  • Step 8: Choose a picture you wish to add.
  • Step 9: Adjust the picture and tap on it to change the corners.
  • Step 10: Follow the same steps again to add another image. Sticker Icon -> Photo Sticker -> Select Image
  • Step 11: Add additional text or stickers to complete the post.
  • Step 12: Click on the send button to post it as your story

Now you know how to add multiple images using the sticker feature!

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How To Add Multiple Photos To Instagram Story

Step 1: Once you are on the Instagram âNew Postâ window, scroll at the options at the bottom of the screen to pick âStoryâ.

Step 2: Tap on the image you see at the bottom-left of the app screen.

Step 3: You will now see images from your gallery. Tap on the option on the top-right of the screen. Sometimes, you will also have the text âSelect Multipleâ displayed here.

Step 4: You will now be able to pick as many images as you would like from your Gallery. Tap on the âNextâ button once you are done.

Step 5: You are now shown the different stickers you could add to your Story. Swipe up on this screen to view all the different options.

Once you have added your sticker, tap on the âNextâ button to continue.

Step 6: Instagram will now display a list of your followers you can send the Story to. But if you want to make a public Story, simply tap âShareâ. Tap on âDoneâ to publish.

There you have it. You can now add more than one photo to your Instagram Story.

There are however times when you do not have the photos you want to share on your Gallery.

What if you want to snap several new photos right from the Instagram app and share them as a Story?

One way to directly add multiple photos to your Instagram Story from a camera is to use the âLayoutâ option.

Step 1: Launch the âNew Postâ window by tapping on the â+â icon at the top of your screen

Step 2: Tap on the âLayoutâ icon on the left side of the screen.

How To Put Multiple Pictures On Insta Story

How To Add Multiple Photos In Instagram Story [2018] How ...
Shanoon Cox

There is no such platform as a social media network that could be of great assistance to bloggers, storytellers, creative spectators, artists, event managers, organizers, and business experts who wish to express their ideas and creativity. Notably, Facebook and Instagram play a vital role in it. They help in the exciting broadcast of content, audio, creative self-built videos, branded products, and artwork to the public, intending to gather fans and potential customers towards your business.

Instagram stories have gained attention and popularity while one doesn’t need to roll the camera to capture a shot and upload it. Those days have gone for now as uploading multiple pictures on the Instagram story is now just a piece of cake. This article is all about a simple guide on how to put multiple pictures on Instagram story.

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What Else Can You Do After Posting Your Story

Aside from simply adding more to your Story, Instagram limits your ability to make edits once youve sent it to all of your friends or posted it. If you want to make edits to filters or add text you will run into some difficulty. Unfortunately, youll need to re-upload your Story.

But, if you want your story to live on forever, you can add it to your Highlights. A Highlight in Instagram will live on forever in your profile .

How To Add More Than One Photo To Your Instagram Story Using The Layout Tool

Another way you can add more than one photo to your Instagram story is by using the Layout Tool. The tool essentially splits your story into multiple sections. You can add a picture to each section. Heres how you do it.

  • Step 1: Open your Instagram app on your Android or IOS phone and log into your Instagram account.
  • Step 2: Swipe right to open the Insta Stories
  • Step 3: Click on the Layout button
  • Step 4: Select the Layout for your Insta story
  • Step 5: Click on the add photos button in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Step 6: You can accordingly add images to each partition until all partitions are filled.
  • Step 7: Once you have added all the images, save the final picture.
  • Step 8: Click on the send button to post it as your story.

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Put Multiple Pictures On Instagram Story Via Flexclip

As mentioned at the Note, only up to 10 photos can be added up to Instagram Story! What if you have more than 10 photos? What if you want to make more edits on the photos? FlexClip is what you can turn to.

FlexClip is an online slideshow maker that turns your photos to beautiful 15-second videos. It has numerous video editing tools. In clicks, you can add dynamic texts, widgets, music, transitions or make other edits. This online video editor also provides royalty-free photos, videos and music to help level up your Instagram stories. Besides that, you can use its existing slideshow video templates for free!

The above are some excellent Instagram slideshow template. Click on the View Templats button below for more excellent template. If you want to get started directly, tap on the Create a Video button with no hesitation!

Put Multiple Photos to Instagram Story – Step 1

Put Multiple Photos to Instagram Story – Step 2

Put Multiple Photos to Instagram Story – Step 3

Put Multiple Photos to Instagram Story – Step 4

Your Guide To Adding Multiple Photos To A Single Instagram Story With Instagram

How to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Story

If one image just isnt enough per screen for you, we have your solution. Heres exactly how to add multiple images to a single Instagram Story.

Note: Not all accounts have this feature just yet.

Create a stunning Instagram feed your followers will love.

Sked Social is your tool for designing your feed, growing your followers, and telling your brand story.

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How Do You Make A Multi Image Post On Instagram

Select a photo to upload to your phone’s library, or take a new photo with your smartphone’s camera. To create a message with multiple images, you can use up to 10 images in one message, tap the gray circle with overlapping squares, and then tap the images you want to use. Select the photos you want to post.

Adding Several Story Slides At Once:

If you want to use Instagrams own Story slideshow feature, you can also add many photos to your story at once, which viewers can tap through one by one. To do this, tap the Add Story button, choose the photo library option in the lower left-hand corner, and select Select Multiple option in the upper right-hand corner of the photo browser. Just choose up to 10 photos you want to add to your story, in the order you want them to appear, and click Next. This lets you make all the edits you need to each photo, and its much quicker than adding your Story pictures one by one.

Remember to tag us @KapwingApp whenever you share your content on social media we love to see what our creators are passionate about! And if you’re interested in more tips and tutorials on creating great social media content in 2021, check out the Kapwing YouTube channel, where we post multiple new videos every week.

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How To Add Multiple Photos Or Pictures To An Instagram Story

Layout tool: The best and most efficient way to add multiple photos or pictures to an Instagram Story is to use the Layout tool.

Step 1: Launch Instagram and open up the Story upload screen.

Step 2: Tap on the Layout option that should pop up in the toolbar on the left of the screen.

Step 3: Select the grid size. By default, you can add up to 4 images. Although, you can tweak it to make room for 6 images.

Step 4: When youre happy with the selected images. Tap on Next and then share it to your Story.

Clipboard: You can even add multiple images to your Instagram Story by simply using the copy + paste function on your phone.

Step 1: Copy an image from the web.

Step 2: Create a new Instagram Story.

Step 3: Tap on the Text option and click on the Paste icon to paste the copied image to your Story.

Step 4: When ready, tap on Next and share the collage of photos to your Instagram Story.

How To Post Multiple Pictures Without Cropping

How To Add Multiple Photos To An Instagram Story

Once upon a time, you could only add multiple photos if they fit the square format that Instagram is famous for. Instagram no longer requires you to use square photos for multiple photos. The caveat is that all the photos will be created in the same aspect ratio as the first photo that you choose:

  • Open Instagram and tap on the + at the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose your first photo horizontal, square, or vertical.
  • Choose all the consecutive photos that you want to post. .
  • Use your finger to drag the cropped photo around until you are happy with the positioning.
  • Tap Next to add filters and make edits to each photo.
  • Then tap Next again to add a caption, hashtags, location, etc.
  • Finally, tap Share to create your post with multiple photos.
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    Upload Multiple Photos And Videos To Instagram Stories

    Earlier, to add to an existing Instagram story, you first had to upload one picture or video. Then after the story was added, only then you could add another. However, thats not the case now. Although you can still do it the old way, Instagram has made it easier.

    Follow these steps:

    Step 1: Make sure you have the latest Instagram app. If an update is available, update your Instagram app before you proceed further.

    Step 2: Launch the Instagram app. Tap the Camera icon in the top-left corner to open the story screen. On the story screen, tap the Gallery icon present at the bottom.

    Step 3: Then on the next screen, tap the ‘Select Multiple Photos’ button at the top-right corner. Selection icons will appear at the top-right corner of each photo. Tap the photos that you want to upload to your story. Tap again to unselect a photo.


    Step 4: After selecting the photos, tap the Next button at the bottom. You can now add stickers, text, and other creative things on each photo independently. Once your story album is ready, again tap the Next button at the bottom.

    Pro Tip:

    Step 5: Tap the Share button next to Your Story to upload them. In case you want to share these pictures with your friends, tap the Send button next to the name of your friend.

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    How To Post Multile Pictures

    • Log in to your Instagram account if you haven’t already.
    • Now you can select the images you want to upload to your Instagram story.

    Splitting imageHow to split an image file?Open the free Aspose PDF app website in a browser and navigate to the Splitter Tool app.Click the file selection box to load a PICTURE file, or drag and drop a PICTURE file.Click the SPLIT button, the file will be downloaded automatically for sharing.After the IMAGE split mechanism, the link to download the IMAGE file is immediately available.How do I split my photos on Instagram?Post

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    How Do I Add Two Photos Together On Instagram

    How to share multiple photos in one Instagram post

  • From the home screen, hit the + icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap the first image you want to add.
  • Tap the Select multiple icon on the bottom right of the image.
  • Tap on the additional images you want to add and tap an image again to deselect it.
  • Can You Add Content To Your Instagram Highlights

    How To Add Multiple Pictures To Instagram Stories On Android

    Yes, you can u003ca href=u0022 and add content to your Highlightsu003c/au003e. Highlights are a more permanent option to display your Story on your profile. If youd like to add more content you can by visiting your profile page and clicking on the highlight which is located under the Edit Profile button.

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    How To Add Multiple Photos To An Instagram Story Using The Layout Feature

    Layout is a feature within the Instagram app that helps you organize multiple photos in your Instagram Stories. With this option, you can create a grid-like structure or collages and add multiple photos to your Story.

    Image Gallery

    If youve never used the option, here’s how to access it to post many photos at once in your Story:

  • Open Instagram and tap Your Story at the top.
  • Tap the down-arrow icon and select Layout.
  • Four boxes will appear on your screen. You can fill each of these with a photo.
  • To add your first photo, scroll down and tap on the photo you want to add.
  • To add the second photo, tap the Add icon at the lower-left corner of the app.
  • When youve added all your photos, tap the checkmark icon to continue.
  • You can now edit your Story as usual.
  • On the following screen, tap Your Story to post.
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    Select Your Photos / Videos

    You can choose to take new photos for your Instagram image if you wish. If so, frame your intended photo image and take your picture.

    Alternatively, you can go into your photo library/photo roll to find existing photos on your device. You will find the icon for your photo roll as the leftmost of the bottom icons. Tap on this and your photo roll will open, with your latest pictures showing first. You should also see a button at the top right of this screen with the label, SELECT MULTIPLE.

    You can now work your way through your images, clicking the ones that you want to include in this Story. Each time you click on an image, a number will appear in the top right corner of it. This indicates the order in which your photos will upload.

    Once you have selected all the photos you want to include, tap on the NEXT button in the bottom right. You can then cycle through each picture you have chosen. If you are unhappy with the order of your images, you can go back in. Deselect the pictures you wish to alter, and then reselect your chosen photos in your preferred sequence.

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    How To Post Multiple Photos On Instagram Story

    Choose the photos that you want to appear in your post.Earlier this morning, droid life broke the story that instagram is testing the ability to share multiple photos and videos in a single post.For example, if you want to post a landscape image and a portrait image at the same time, you need to.Here, tap on the + icon next to your username at the top.

    Heres how to upload multiple.Hold on the first picture and select multiple photos or videos to add on your stories.How to post multiple photos on your instagram feed.If you cant find it, just go ahead and hold down on a photo.

    In your recents, press and hold a photo until you see the number 1.Instagram literally has a tool built into the story sticker feature that allows you to add multiple photos and videos on the same story post, making it so much easier to create that collage for.Instagram stories brought life to our feeds, introducing a new way to share special moments in your day Instagrams newest stories feature allows users to post multiple photos on one screen.

    It seems that same feature is now in beta (tech lingo for external testing.Launch instagram and open up the story upload screen.Make sure the instagram app is updated to the latest version.Next, click the image icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.

    Select the collage frame that you want.Select the photos that youd like to add to your story.Select the plus icon to add photos.Select story and tap the photo icon at the bottom of the screen.

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