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How To Add Song To Instagram Post

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Instagram Now Lets You Add Music To Feed Posts Here’s How To Do It

How to Add Music to an Instagram Post in 2021

Instagram is continuously bringing new features to enhance the user experience. Recently, the Meta-owned photo-sharing app announced two new features for its Reels-Voice Effects and Text To Speech, similar to TikTok. This feature is already available on the platform. Now, the app is testing a new feature that will let you add music to your feed posts.

Presently, Instagram only allows adding music to stories and the Reels. Using the new feature, you can add music to your image or video that you share on the feed. As above-mentioned, the feature is currently being tested in three countries including India, Brazil, and Turkey. If the feature is available for you, this article will be very helpful. Here we have discussed how the Instagram upcoming feature will work.

How To Add Music To Instagram Feed Posts

The process is quite similar to the way you add music to stories. Follow these steps to add music to your Instagram feed posts.

Step 1: Open your Instagram and go to the top-left corner from where we upload our stories.

Step 2: Now, you can see the post option and click on that to upload any post.

Step 3: Then select any image or video from your gallery.

Step 4: If you want, can edit your image using multiple filters available on the app.

Step 5: Now go ahead and you can write a caption, tag your friends, and add location.

Step 6: If the feature is now available for you, you can see the ‘add music’ option below ‘add location’.

How To Add Music To Instagram Stories

How To Post A Music Video To Stories Using Tiktok

You can also post your TikTok videos to your Instagram Stories. Heres how to do that:

  • Open the TikTok app.
  • Tap the + icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Press the Sounds button at the top-center of the screen.
  • Navigate and search for the song you want to use.
  • Select it and press the red check mark that appears to add it to your video.
  • Press the record button to record your video.
  • Press the check mark when youve finished recording.
  • Add any effects, texts, or filters and press Next at the bottom-right of the screen.
  • Fill out your caption and press Post at the bottom-right of the screen.
  • Go to your newly published TikTok video and press Share.
  • Select the Instagram Stories icon.
  • Press Your Story at the bottom-left of the screen to publish your video to your Stories.
  • How To Add Music To Your Instagram Story

    To add music to an Instagram Story, tap the square smiley face icon in the top-right, and select the Music sticker in the pop-up menu. Choose a song by searching in the list and customize it using the buttons that appear at the bottom of your Story.

    Here’s a full step-by-step breakdown.

    1. Open the Instagram app on your iOS or Android device.

    2. Swipe left from your feed’s home screen to open the Stories feature. Alternatively, tap the plus “+” sign on your profile picture in the top-left corner to create a new Story.

    3. Take or select the photo or video you want to post to your Instagram Story.

    4. In the menu bar along the top of your screen, tap the square smiley face icon, which looks like a Post-It being peeled away.

    5. In the pop-up, tap the “Music” option. Then, in the search box that appears, type in a song or scroll through the listed options.

    6. Tap on the song you want to include when it appears on the list.

    7. Drag the small bar at the bottom of the screen to the segment of the song you want on your Story.

    8. Hit “Done” when finished. You can then drag the song icon to a different location, or pinch the icon outward or inward with your fingers to make it larger or smaller. Then post your Story as you normally would.

    Quick tip: You can select how you want the music to visually appear on your Story as lyrics in different fonts, the cover art of the album, or a small text box announcing the name of the song.

    Add music to Instagram Story from Spotify

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    Introducing Music On Instagram Stories

    Today, were introducing music in Instagram Stories. Now you can add a soundtrack to your story that fits any moment and helps you express how youre feeling. Instagram Stories is now used by 400 million every day, and were excited to give our community new ways to feel closer to their friends and followers.

    When you tap to add a sticker to a photo or video in Stories, youll now see a music icon. Tap on it to open a library of thousands of songs you can search for a specific song, browse by mood, genre or whats popular and tap the play button to hear a preview. When youve selected your song, you can fast-forward and rewind through the track to choose the exact part that fits your story.

    You can also choose a song before capturing a video. When you open the camera, swipe to the new Music option under the record button. Search for a song, select the exact part you want, and record a video as the song plays in the background.

    When your friends are watching your story, theyll hear the song playing as theyre viewing your photo or video. Theyll also see a sticker showing the song title and artist name.


    How To Create A Boomerang For An Instagram Post Or Story

    How to add music to Instagram story

    There are many interesting ways to share your stories and experiences with your Instagram followers. The Boomerang feature is one of the most popular ways to add fun to your Instagram videos and make them more memorable.

    In this article, you will learn how to enrich your Instagram story with Boomerangs.

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    How To Put Music On Instagram Video Stories

    If you’re sharing a video to Instagram Stories, there are built-in features to make adding music easy. You can add copyrighted music to Stories in most cases because Instagram automatically gives credit to the creator.

    The easiest way to add music to your Stories is to use the music sticker feature. Simply select your video, add the music sticker, and choose the perfect music for your clip. The sticker will mention the artist, so you’re in the clear as far as copyright goes.

    Download Your Video And Share It On Your Story

    When your musical Instagram story is fully edited and ready to go, just hit “Publish” in the upper right-hand corner of the Studio. Give Kapwing a few seconds to process your video, and press “” once it’s done processing. If you’re running iOS on your device, you’ll need to download the small Kapwing app from the App Store it allows you to organize all your Kapwing files, store them for free in the cloud, and save them directly to your camera roll.

    With your video saved to your camera roll, open Instagram and tap the “Your Story”button on the left of the Stories bar. Choose the Photo library button in the lower left corner and find your musical story it should be the most recent thing in your camera roll. Once it’s selected, you can add any edits you want using the Instagram Story tools, or you can share it directly to your followers, music and all!

    Remember to tag us whenever you share your content on social media we love to see what our creators are passionate about! And be sure to to the Kapwing Resources library were constantly writing new tutorial and features to help you make the most out of Kapwing.

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    Why Cant I Add Music To My Instagram Story

    Trying to add music to your Instagram Story but having trouble? There could be a few reasons why youre experiencing that glitch:

    • Your app isnt up to date. If you cant find the music sticker in your Stories, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Instagram app first. Sometimes a quick update is all thats needed to bring your music-adding capabilities back.
    • The music feature is not available in your country. If you reinstall the app and theres still no sticker, it could be because your country isnt on the list of those that can access music for Stories. Right now, the feature is available in only 60 countries, including the United States, New Zealand, France, Australia, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Japan, and Portugal. If your country is not on the list, you can use ClearVPN and its shortcut Unlock Instagram Music. Once you hit that shortcut, ClearVPN will connect your iPhone to the IP of a country where Instagram music stickers are available.

    How To Add Music To Instagram Reels

    How to add music to Instagram Post

    With Reels being largely driven by TikTok-like energetic music videos, its no wonder that adding soundtracks to them is pretty intuitive.

    To create an Instagram Reel with music:

  • Tap the plus icon at the top of your Instagram home screen and pick Reels
  • Open the music icon in the sidebar
  • Find the song you want to add to your Reel
  • Select the part of the song you really like
  • Record your Reel as usual
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    How To Add Music To Igtv And Regular Feed Videos

    While Instagram allows adding music to stories and reels, unfortunately, itâs not the same with other video formats like regular feed videos and IGTVs.

    If you want to add music and sound effects, itâs best to use an online video editor like VEED and source music from free sites like Mixkit or pay for a music library subscription on Soundstripe if you regularly post videos on the platform.

    Letâs look at how you can add music to your videos through VEEDâs online editor:

  • Sign up if you havenât already, or log into VEED. Click on âCreate new project.â
  • Upload your video, drag-and-drop or enter a YouTube URL for the video you want to add music to.
  • Go to the âUploadâ tab and click on âUpload Audioâ to choose the track from your device.
  • in your video timeline to reveal audio editing tools .
  • Customize your video. Besides adding audio, you can also add subtitles automatically, resize your video, add text, progress bars, and more. You can also resize your video for all Instagram post sizes with a click of a button using VEEDâs canvas resize.
  • Once youâre satisfied with the video, click on âExportâ in the top right corner to download and share your video on Instagram!
  • How To Add Music To Instagram Story

    In most countries, Instagram has a built-in “add music” feature for putting music on your Instagram Story. Creators can search for a song and add tunes to their Story video.

    Inside the Instagram app, record or upload your Story video and find the “Music” option under the stickers. Some songs will have lyrics that you can choose to show on top of your Story as an animated overlay. Music is a funny, entertaining way to make your Stories stick out and accent IRL videos.

    However, depending on your countries legal restrictions, you may or may not have access to Instagram’s full music library within the Instagram app. Also, Instagrams Music feature has a limited music library. Its not possible to add a song, soundbite, or audio from another source like YouTube or upload a specific sound you want.

    In this article, Ill explain how you can add music to your Instagram Story before uploading the video to the Instagram app. This tutorial uses a free, online video editor called Kapwing. With Kapwing, you can add any music you find on YouTube to a photo or video for your Instagram Story in three steps:

  • Upload video
  • Create and publish on Instagram
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    How To Add Any Music To Your Instagram Stories

    Instagram Stories are there to let you communicate in a variety of ways with your followers, and share less polished pictures and videos.

    IG Stories can also be great places to share the music you’re listening to your followers are always looking for new tracks and new artists, and people often post screenshots of their favorite music to share with their friends.

    Even better: you can add music directly to your Instagram Story, whether it’s a photo or a video, and give your followers a preview of your playlist. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Find the song and the photo or video you want to add to your story
  • Add the song to your photo or video in the Kapwing Studio
  • The Best Way To Upload Music To Instagram: Several Choices Available

    How to Add Music to Instagram Video Post Quickly &  Easily

    In theory, adding music to an Instagram video is as easy as recording with the music in the background. However, its not that simple, because of copyright, something that doesnât affect stories. Some apps provide users with music that can be used for anything they may need. These apps are for both iPhone and Android devices.

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    Preview The Song To Add To Your Instagram Story

    Before you pick a song to add to your Instagram Story with a Music Sticker, you can check out if it will fit in. Instagram gives you a preview before you finally add music to your Story.

    To get a preview before you add music, you can click on the play button or the arrow that you see next to the name of each song.

    If you are looking for music using the Genres and Moods options, youll first have to select what kind of music you are looking for to find the right Music Sticker to add music.

    A preview is a good way to ensure that when you add music with Music Stickers, it matches your Instagram Stories.


    After deciding on the song, you need to select the part that you want to feature in your Stories. To do that, you can hold and then drag the selection box. You can take it to the part of the song that you want to use when you add music to your Story.

    Image via Instagram

    Lomotif: Add Music To Instagram Video Post Easily

    If you crave to , you need to utilize 3rd-party apps. So, lets see how to add music to IG video posts. But before that, you need to study .

    Lomotif is a user-friendly app that adds music to your Instagram video posts. It looks like Instagrams Story feature. Its Scratch Editor is a Boomerang-like feature that allows you to add music to a video, then upload and share it on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Then, you can post your long videos on IG Story, feed, & IGTV.

    How to add music to Instagram video post utilizing Lomotif

    • Install the Lomotif app and hold +
    • Select Library to choose the video clip from your device. You can also pick multiple videos and photos.
    • Tap on tick from the top-right corner
    • Choose the background music for your video
    • Pick the My Music tab to add music from your phone
    • Add required filters and set the music timing if needed
    • Hit the save button on the top right corner.
    • Also, it quickly lets you add music to filters, text, and emojis

    After adding music to your video, its time to share it on Instagram.


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    The Spotify & Apple Music Apps

    One way to get your music on Instagram Stories is to share your music straight from the Spotify App on your phone. When you share from it your Story will display your cover art or Canvas, song title, and your artist name, along with a link which will show up under your username for fans to click which will lead them to your track on Spotify. Using the Spotify App unfortunately does not offer a way for your music to play during your story.

    The same goes for the Apple Music App. When you share to your Story, it will display your cover art, song title, and your artist name, along with a link which will show up under your username for fans to click which will lead them to your track on Spotify. Using the Apple App unfortunately does not offer a way for your music to play during your story !

    Upload Mp3 File Or Import Music From Youtube

    How to Add Music and Lyrics to your Instagram Story Posts

    Use the Audio tool in the toolbar to open the music tools and choose a way to get the music you want. To import a song from YouTube, copy and paste the URL from the YouTube page. I found a Mickey Mouse Theme Song from a YouTube video online to add to my Instagram Story of a real mouse.

    You can also upload an MP3 file or MP4 file from your computer or phone by clicking the upload button or dragging/dropping on to the rectangle.

    After you’ve imported your music, you can trim the audio, adjust the volume, or change when the song should start playing in the Instagram story. Drag the white slider to set a delay before the audio will start during the video.

    If you have multiple sound tracks that you want to add, you can open the “Timeline” tool to arrange your music. The Timeline supports multiple audio files, so drag the Mp3 onto the screen to upload and drag to set the start time.

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    Where To Find Music For Your Instagram

    Use Instagrams library. Instagram has a large selection of music available for you to use completely free. As shown above, adding audio to Stories and Reels is also pretty easy to do. The downside is that you cant yet use Instagrams library in regular posts. Youre also mostly limited to 15 seconds from any given song, which might feel a bit too constraining.

    Create your own music. In theory, you can just make any music that you find lacking in Instagrams library and create the exact experience youre looking for. In reality, making your own music is quite time-consuming and requires a lot of creativity. Luckily, n-Track Studio makes the process a bit more straightforward.

    n-Track Studio is a complete music studio right on your Mac. Its easy and intuitive enough to pick up quickly, but offers advanced music mixing and recording features at the same time. Edit any track you have available , add effects, enrich your sound with drum samples, and bring your musical vision into reality.

    License tracks. Even though music licensing is pretty complicated, there are a variety of platforms online that can help you find the right track and pick the right agreement. In the end, you can get a unique song not available on Instagram, but it could cost you quite a bit.

    To use Folx:

  • Launch the app and click the plus icon
  • Choose between URL, Torrent, and YouTube
  • Paste the link
  • Select the appropriate options below
  • Looking for a missing feature on your Mac?

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