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How To Add Someone To Whatsapp

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How to Add Contacts to WhatsApp from iPhone | How to Add People to Groups on WhatsApp

WhatsApp allows you to share texts, images, videos, etc. with your contacts which are using this application. When you add a contact in your phone book, WhatsApp automatically detects that and shows in the contact list. This is a usually an issue when you have to add someone who you do not know to your contacts list, simply to text them. From time to time, we might not know the name of the individual who we have added, as an example, the plumber, delivery agent, electrician, etc.

How Do I Add Someone To Whatsapp Group Chat On Android

The steps to add someone in a WhatsApp group chat on an Android device is easy. Check out the steps for how to add someone to group chat in WhatsApp, below.

  • Run WhatsApp and tap on ‘New Chat’. Next to it, the ‘New Group’ icon will be available.
  • Now, a window will appear. You need to select the specific contacts that you want to add to that group. Once the selection is finished, ‘Right Arrow’ visible at the bottom.
  • After that, you need to seta a name for the said group.
  • Finally, you have to tap the ‘Tick Mark’ icon, and you are done.

This is the easiest way to add someone to WhatsApp group chat if you are using an Android mobile.

How To Add Someone On Whatsapp Different Methods 2021

If you are new to WhatsApp and want to find out a way to add people , a family member or a contact to your circle using the app from your phone contacts, we have what you need. We assure you that the instruction will be easy that you wont have to read the entire page again twice.

So if you are finding us through a laptop or PC, we suggest that you ready your phone or android with the WhatsApp application and the follow the steps. It will be best if you do this step-by-step guide while reading it from this page.

Learning how to add someone on WhatsApp is straightforward. But for the sake of learning, we will be guiding you through the steps. There are a couple of ways to add a contact on WhatsApp. So we will be giving you all of the famous and common ways on how to do it. Rest assured that you will not leave this webpage empty-handed.

In this post, well explore:

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Bonus Tips: A Recommended App To Backup Your Whatsapp Data

WhatsApp can prepare backups of all your chats. However, it does not guarantee to keep all your contacts information or files. Also, you only can install WhatsApp at one device at a time using the same number. That can be troublesome if you want to synchronize two devices’ WhatsApp using the same number of information.

In this situation, you can use an external app tool to keep all your WhatsApp information with backup. We recommended iMyFone iTransor for WhatsApp. It is compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

How To Add A Contact In Whatsapp On Android

How to Stop People Adding You to WhatsApp groups

If someone hands you a business card and you quickly want to get the conversation started in WhatsApp, add them as a contact directly in WhatsApp. When you do this, the persons information will be synced to your contact book .

To do this, open the WhatsApp app for Android, go to the Chats section, and tap the New Message button found in the bottom-right corner.

Here, choose the New Contact option.

Youll now see all of the usual fields. Type in their name, company details, and their phone number. From there, tap the Save button.

You can now search for the user and start a conversation right away.

Alternatively, you can also easily add a contact from a contact card. To do this, tap the Add Contact button from the contact card.

WhatsApp will ask you if you want to add it to an existing contact or if you want to create a new one. Its best to create a new contact here, so choose the New option.

Youll now see the default screen for adding a new contact, with all the details filled it. Just tap the Save button to save the contact.

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Inviting A Contact To Whatsapp On An Iphone

  • 1Open the WhatsApp app. It’s the white phone on a green speech bubble icon.
  • If this is your first time opening WhatsApp on your phone, you’ll need to set up WhatsApp first.
  • 2Tap Settings. It’s in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • If WhatsApp opens to a conversation, tap the back button in the top left corner of the screen first.
  • 3Scroll down and tap Tell a Friend. You’ll find this option at the bottom of the screen.
  • 4Tap Message. It’s in the middle of the pop-up window here.
  • 5Tap your friend’s name. You may have to scroll down to find it.
  • You can use the search bar at the top of the screen to search for a specific contact.
  • The names in this list are non-WhatsApp users from your contacts.
  • 6Tap Send 1 Invite. It’s in the bottom right corner of the screen. Doing so will open a New Message window with a link to WhatsApp.
  • If you tapped more than one name, you’ll see Send Invites instead.
  • 7Tap the send arrow. It’s the green or blue icon in the right side of the text window near the bottom of the screen. Doing so will send an invite to your selected person ; if they download and join WhatsApp, you’ll be able to contact them through the app.Advertisement
  • How To Add Multiple Contacts In The Whatsapp Group From Excel

    Yes, you can add and import multiple contacts in the WhatsApp group directly from Excel using Whatsapp Webpro. This website looks exactly the same as;


    • Go to your browser and type on the search bar
    • Browse the site and install it on your pc
    • Log in to the application
    • Open the application and scan the barcode;


    • Open the group and click on the group info setting;
    • In the group info box an option;Import from the file;will available
    • Now You can import contacts from a VCF, XLSX, CSV type file.

    Step -3

    Now click on the Choose button and select the file from your pc. In the next step click on the;Analyze Data;option to proceed to the next step.;


    Now comes the final step is the Import of your data. Click on the Import;button.;

    At last click on the green button to complete all process and this is the last step Cheers !!

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    How To Add A Contact From Your Whatsapp Calls

    You can also use your call history from WhatsApp to add a contact. First, open the app on your Android and access the tab. Then, tap on the unknown number you want to add to contacts.

    This opens a detailed entry, named . Tap on the More menu from the upper-right corner.

    From the dropdown menu, tap on the “Add to contacts” option.

    A pop-up asks you what you want to do. Tap on New to create a contact.

    On the next screen, insert all the details for your contact, and then press Save.

    The contact is saved, as you can see both at the top and the bottom of your screen.

    How To Add And Block Contacts In Whatsapp For Ios


    Since WhatsApp is primarily a messaging app, learning how to manage your contacts is essential to get the best experience possible. The interesting thing with WhatsApp is how integrates directly with your iPhone’s contact list that means all your contacts are at your fingertips right away, no importing or searching for friends is needed. However, any editing you do to your contacts in WhatsApp will affect the contact outside of the app and vice versa.

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    How To Add Members In Whatsapp Groups

    Hey there, today we are going to share how you can add members in WhatsApp groups.;

    You must need to add members to a group otherwise the group becomes meaningless.;

    WhatsApp allows you to add up to 256 members in a single group. You can add someone in a group directly from your contacts.;

    There are some simple steps to add members in WhatsApp groups, lets check out the methods given below

    How To Add Someone To A Group Chat On Whatsapp

    As usual, the iOS version will be a bit different. We have added the steps below. Let’s check out how to add someone in a group chat on WhatsApp

    • Run WhatsApp on an iOS device and tap on ‘Chats’.
    • After that, tap on the ‘New Group’ option, below the search bar.

    • A new windows will appear, you need to set a name for the group and then add a photo as well. Then, tap ‘Next’.
    • After that, you need to add the desired people, and lastly, tap ‘Create’ to make a group.

    This is the simplest way to add someone in a WhatsApp group chat if you are using an iOS device.

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    Recommended: Backup Whatsapp With Mobiletrans

    Well, youve learnt everything about adding someone to your WhatsApp contact list. And also, to create a new group and how to add participants to it. Now, since youve switch your devices , how about learning how to backup WhatsApp to safeguard your messages and data from data loss scenarios? Well, to serve the purpose, were more than happy to introduce a highly efficient and powerful tool, MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer.

    With this mighty to you not only can perform backup of your WhatsApp chats and data. But youre also enabled to migrate chat and data to another Android or iOS device. Yes, you read it right, this tool is capable of migrating your WhatsApp chats between cross-platform devices as well and that too, without any data loss. Interesting, isnt it?

    Heres the step by step tutorial on how to make use of this tool to backup your WhatsApp.

    Step 1: Download MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer

    Now, install it and launch it over. From the mainscreen of the tool, opt for the WhatsApp Transfer option.

    Step 2: Opt for what you need to do

    Now, WhatsApp Transfer will launch up your screen. Select the function, i.e. Backup WhatsApp messages tile out of the 3 options available. Meanwhile get your device connected with your computer.

    Step 3: Wait for the backup to complete

    Once your device is detected by the tool, the backup of your Whatsapp chats and data will get started automatically. You can see the status of the process of the backup over your screen.

    How To Add Someone On Whatsapp On Android Devices:

    How to Add Someone to WhatsApp Group

    Step 1: Add the respective Contact to your Contact list

    • Keep the Phone number of the contact handy with you. And launch WhatsApp over your device.
    • Hit on the Chat icon available over the right bottom of your screen.
    • Then, hit on the New Contact option. Youll now be redirected to Create new contact screen.
    • Add the necessary details and push Save.
    • Alternatively, you can also add the respective contact to your contact list via the Contacts app of your device.
    • Launch Contacts and hit on the +/New icon at the bottom.
    • Then, add the necessary details over the Create new contact screen. Hit Save afterwards.

    Step 2: Refresh WhatsApp Contact List

    • Next, you need to launch the WhatsApp over your device again followed by tapping the Chat icon.
    • Then, hit on the 3 vertical dots over right top of your screen and opt for the Refresh option.
    • WhatsApp will now establish the sync between your contacts and its database. Within a short while, the added contact will show up on your contact list.

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    Add A Contact To Whatsapp Via Your Phone’s Address Book

    You can also add a number to WhatsApp through your phone’s contact book. To do this instead:

  • Open your contact app and save the number to your phone’s contact book. Ignore this step if you’ve already saved the number.
  • While still in your address book, search for the contact you just saved. After that,;click on them. You should now see WhatsApp’s logo appearing within that menu.
  • Tap Message next to the WhatsApp logo to establish a chat with the new contact.
  • How Do I Add A New Contact In Whatsapp

    Nowadays, WhatsApp is the most widely-used chat app around the world. To chat with more people, We often need to add new contacts in WhatsApp. It seems like a pretty simply action, but sometimes it stumped many users. For example, they may have questions about how to add an international number in WhatsApp or what to do when their contacts don’t display in WhatsApp. If you are an Android user and also have doubt about adding contact in WhatsApp, this post is right for you.

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    How To Add A Whatsapp Contact Through A Contact Card

    If someone sent you a contact card via SMS or via a WhatsApp message, you can add the contact on WhatsApp using that contact card.

  • Tap on the contact card and select Add.
  • Next, tap New to create a new contact.;
  • Youll see the contact information already filled in, but you can edit or add more details if you want. Tap Save.
  • The contact will be added to your phonebook and your WhatsApp contacts list. You can click New Chat > Options > Refresh to update the WhatsApp contacts and check if the contact youve just added appears on the list.

    How To Start A Chat


    Now that your profile is set, its time to get to the task at hand: chatting! The first time you open the app you wont have any chats open, but you can start a new chat by tapping on the chat bubble in the bottom right.

    From there, simply select the contact you want to chat with from the list. If you already have a previous chat with that contact, it will open that instead of a brand new chat. All thats left now is to type your message at the bottom of the screen. After entering your text, tap the arrow icon that appears alongside the text box to send it.

    You can also send pictures or files on WhatsApp by tapping the paperclip or camera icons at the bottom of the screen. WhatsApp has a built-in camera app, but its better to use your normal camera app to take the picture and select it in the gallery to send.

    You can also send pictures or files on WhatsApp by tapping the paperclip or camera icon.

    To start a group chat, tap the same chat bubble as before, then tap New Group. You can then select the members you want to invite, enter a name for the group, and start chatting!

    There are all kinds of additional features available, so be sure to check out our list of WhatsApp tips and tricks for more info.

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    Benefits Of Using Whatsapp Group Invite Links

    1. It is really convenient and time-saver. With links, you can add members to the WhatsApp group without adding them to your phone contacts. As you can share the link with the desired person on any platform like email, social media, etc. You do not need to spend any effort on finding this person on WhatsApp.

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    2. It is possible to add someone to a group without being an admin. As all you need is the invite link and then you can share it with the person whom you wish to add.

    3. This can also be used by admins to let other people in the group add members but at the same time not give them other admin privileges like stopping others from changing group info or sending messages, removing members from the group, adding admins and a lot more.

    Now with the pros come the cons as well. Invite links can also be used to join the group without admins permission. If someone gets access to invite link then they can easily join the group without requiring approval. This can lead to a lot of spam members in the group and things can get out of control. That said, you can stop it by revoking the link. Heres how.

    How To Add Someone On Whatsapp Group Iphone

    Adding someone on WhatsApp group over iPhone is a bit different than Android OS. Heres how to get it done.

    • Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone and then get into the Chats section available at the bottom of your screen. Next, hit on the New Group link just below the Search bar.
    • Now, a New Group window will pop up. Here, punch in the Group name as per your preference. Also, hit add photo to set a custom image for your group icon. Push Next afterwards.
    • Lastly, you need to add participants to your group. For this, you can make use of the Search bar and start typing the name of the contact you wish to add to the group. Tap on the contact name in the results below and then hit on Create over the right top of your screen. Thats about it, youre good to go now!

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