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How To Add Skills On Linkedin

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How To Add Skills On Linkedin

How to add Skills on your LinkedIn Profile

1. Visit on a Mac or PC and log into your account.

2. Click on “Me” in the toolbar running across the top of your screen, then click “View profile.”

3. On your profile page, click “Add profile section” and select “Skills” from the dropdown options.

4. From the window that appears, begin by typing the name of the skill in the box provided and click on the relevant skill when it pops up. It will then be added to your profile automatically.

Note that when skills are added to your profile, you can add more at any time by following steps 1 through 3 above and then clicking the button that appears next to “Skills” in the “Add profile section” menu.

To remove skills, simply scroll down to the “Skills & Endorsements” section on your profile page and click the Edit icon, which looks like a small pencil, to launch a pop-up window. Locate the skill you want to remove from your LinkedIn profile and click on the X that appears next to that skill to remove it. When finished, click “Save.”

How Can You Get A Badge

In order to get a badge, you must score in the top 30 percent of people who have taken the exam.

Now, LinkedIn won’t tell you what the minimum score is to hit the top 30 percent, so you might score 90 percent of the answers correct but if the top 30 percent of takers score at least 94, you still won’t be eligible for a badge.

This also means that the top 30 in scoring differs depending on the subject matter you’re being tested for.

How To Manage Skills On Your Linkedin Profile

The easiest way to add skills to your is to click on your profile, scroll down to the Featured Skills Endorsements section, and then click Add a new skill.

From your profile, you can also click on Add New Profile Section under your headline and then choose the Skills tab.

Once you add skills to your profile, you can then manage them by clicking on the pencil icon of your Featured Skills Endorsements section.

Its important to keep your skills up to date by editing them regularly. Pay attention to what skills your LinkedIn connections endorse you for and whether they match your current area of expertise.

Another useful tool is LinkedIns skill assessments, which allow you to validate your skills with actual tests and then display those results on your profile.

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The Linkedin Skills Quiz

To find it, just go to where your skills are and select the Quiz. For an easier way to find the quiz that fits you, go directly to the search tab.

For example, I wanted to showcase my web writing skills. I type in SEO and find a Quiz: Search Engine Optimization Assessment. All I have to do is take the quiz and answer the questions.

Once youve answered you get a skill badge that you can proudly display on your LinkedIn profile as a testament to your awesome talents.

How To Add Skills To Linkedin Correctly

How to add skills on your LinkedIn profile in 4 steps

The LinkedIn Skills and Endorsements section does not appear automatically. That means that you will need to add this section first and then specify the skills.

First, visit the LinkedIn homepage. After that, click on View Profile. Next, you will see the Add profile section function. The social network will immediately offer to select skills from the drop-down menu. In the text box, you just need to enter the name, then select the skill from the list.

If you want to edit something in the Skills and Endorsements section, you need to follow a similar pattern. Go to your LinkedIn homepage, view your profile. Scroll to the desired section. You will see the Add a new skill function. Then enter the skill in the text field and select the one you want from the menu. If you cannot find a certain skill in the list, enter its full name in the text field and click Add. LinkedIn also creates Suggested Skills based on your profile, so you can add these skills as well.

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How To Add Volunteering Experience To Your Linkedin Profile

Heres how to add the volunteering experience section to your LinkedIn profile:

  • Go to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Click Add section.
  • 4. Fill in the information as specifically as you can .

    5. Then, hit Save and publish it to your profile.

    Wondering how to structure your volunteering experience in the above section?

    Here are some best practices:

    • Ideally, your volunteering experience should be somewhatrelated to your work experience . For example, if you work in tech, you could say you held a volunteer position at the Red Cross as a software engineer. Handled programming duties, including web design, web design, and more.
    • Be specific with your duties and responsibilities. Try to include any numbers or data. For example, how much money you saved them, what your volunteering work accomplished, and so on.
    • Include what you learned and also focus on soft skills. Things like empathy, personal development, leadership and interpersonal skills matter in any job environment.

    Even if you dont adhere to this format, its worth noting that you cant go wrong with listing volunteer experience on LinkedIn. Of course, as long as its accurate and factual.

    Now, lets take a look at some volunteer work examples on LinkedIn from influencers and thought leaders who do it right.

    Capture The Information For 20+ Relevant Job Descriptions

    Next, head over to .

    Run a search for your target roles as if you were going to apply for them. Make sure to include filters for companies, geography, and anything else you’d use if you were going to apply for the role.

    Scan each job listing to determine if the role matches your criteria. You only want to run these analysis on roles that match your criteria to ensure that the skills are relevant!

    When you find a role that matches, copy the entire job description and paste it into your document:

    Then rinse and repeat that same exact process for 20+ roles that match your target criteria. If you’re able to do more than 20 roles, even better!

    The larger your sample size is, the more accurate the skills will be.

    Finally, make sure to include every role you’re targeting. For example, if you’re eyeing Account Executive, Sales Development Representative, and Business Development roles, you want to make sure to find a mix of those roles to include here.

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    Commercial Skill N : Knowledge Of Crm Tools

    A CRM is a customer relationship management tool. It is software that structures and brings together all interactions between the company and customers . It allows you to manage contacts and sales.

    CRM is used by several departments of a company such as customer support, sales force management, marketing and of course sales representatives.

    A salesperson is required to know how to manage this type of software in order to generate leads, personalize follow-up messages, prepare for customer visits, etc. It is a technical skill to integrate into your LinkedIn profile.

    How To Take Linkedin Skills Assessments

    How to add skills to Linkedin 2018

    Head over to your LinkedIn feed and click on your profile thumbnail marked “Me”.

    In the dropdown, you want to select “View Profile” which will take you to a visual editor where you can make edits to your profile.

    Head over to the section marked “Skills & endorsements”, and click on “Take skill quiz”.

    This should bring up a dialogue box with a list of LinkedIn skills assessment tests that you can take.

    Given the current skills on your profile, the algorithm will automatically populate a recommended list of assessments that you can take.

    However, this won’t stop you from looking for individual skills tests that you can take.

    Once you’ve picked the assessment that you want to take, you will be taken to the details of the test.

    Read that part thoroughly, you’ll now be ready to “Start” the test.

    We did the Microsoft Word LinkedIn skills assessment test as an example â and we earned a badge! â it was pretty straightforward.

    When you do earn a badge, you’ll have the option to display it in the skills section of your profile, and this is automatically turned on by default.

    And, that’s about it.

    In less than 15 minutes and a couple of clicks, you’ll be able to verify a skill that you are great at and get yourself a badge that you can proudly display on your profile.

    Easy right?

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    The Bottom Line On Linkedin Skills And Endorsements

    If you have added at least half of the allowed 50 Skills to your profile, expect to be more visible to employers, recruiters, and countless profile viewsincreasing your chances of being discovered as the perfect candidate.

    About the author

    Online job search expert Susan P. Joyce has been observing the online job search world and teaching online job search skills since 1995. A veteran of the United States Marine Corps and a recent Visiting Scholar at the MIT Sloan School of Management, Susan is a two-time layoff graduate who has worked in human resources at Harvard University and in a compensation consulting firm. Since 1998, Susan has been editor and publisher of Follow Susan on Twitter at and on , .

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    Expert Tips For Making Skills On Your Linkedin Profile Stand Out

    We know how important it is to look your best professionally and be recognized for your skills, especially if youre searching for a new job. An easy way to do this is making sure that your Skills & Endorsements are up to date on your LinkedIn Profile. Here are three tips for using LinkedIn to stand out:

    1. Feature your strengths and your most in-demand skills

    Endorsements are a great way to get recognized for your skills and help build your professional reputation. Weve been working to make endorsements even more valuable and have recently rolled out updates to better surface your most relevant skills and improve targeting for suggesting endorsements so that the connections who know your work best can validate your skills.

    To take advantage of these enhancements, make sure to highlight the top skills you want to be recognized for. All you need to do is add new skills and move the most relevant ones to the top. We do the work of personalizing your endorsements to who is viewing your profile, and making sure that the most relevant endorsements from connections or experts in the field are highlighted. Heres how:

    As your role changes and your expertise grows, make sure to refresh and reorder your skills. Bonus: we just released the Top Skills of 2016, so take a look and consider featuring these in-demand skills if you have them.

    2. Keep your endorsements fresh

    3. Take courses to learn new skills

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    How To Add Skills To Linkedin

    A skills section is essential to a job-winning LinkedIn profile.

    Your Linkedin profile is your living resume. It continues to change as you learn and gain new experiences at least, it should! One of the most effective tools you have on your Linkedin profile to help separate you from others in your field is the skills section.

    If you haven’t added any skills or you’re not sure how to optimize that section to make you stand out, here’s what you need to know.

    What Tests Are Available

    Adding LinkedIn Skills to Your Profile

    These tests don’t cover every single skill on LinkedIn.

    At most they cover three major categories:

    • Business
    • Technical
    • Design

    These include tests on major applications like the Adobe suite, programming languages, and the Mircosoft Office suite.

    They also have outlier tests such as SEO, Quickbooks, and even WordPress.

    Here are some of the technical assessments that they have available for everyone:

    You can check out the full list from the

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    Cant Remove Skills From My Linkedin Profile

    If you cant delete skills from your LinkedIn profile, it may have to do with a bug that doesnt allow you to follow the instructions.

    Troubleshootf your system to identify the bug and get rid of it.

    An issue with the browser may also be to blame. Make sure your browser works at its best to be able to follow the deletion steps without any obstacles.

    Commercial Skill N 1: Knowing How To Question Yourself

    Throughout your career, you encounter successes, like failures. You dont have to have fun counting all your successes, but rather analyze why and how you reach your goals.

    We do not teach you anything by telling you that there is no real failure The salesperson must therefore be lucid about his sales, his way of doing things, but also be able to recognize the mistakes made or rather the avenues for improvement in order to be more efficient.

    Questioning yourself therefore means doing a little introspection and asking yourself the right questions to move more serenely towards your goal, leaving your ego aside a little.

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    How To Manage Skills And Endorsements On Linkedin

    Linkedin Advises: When you log in to your LinkedIn account, it sometimes comes up with a suggestion whether you are willing to endorse some of your connections for certain skills or not. In this case, you do not have to think much about which skills you need to endorse people for. A pop-up shows at the very top of your profile asking if you want to endorse your connection for said skills. You can either choose to skip them or end up endorsing your network connections in LinkedIn.

    A Shorter Way: If you do not want to write long recommendations for someone, you can simply endorse them for their skills. And if you want to get recommended, you can ask some of your endorsers to recommend you as well. LinkedIn is a platform of mutually beneficial relationship. Hence it is important to take care of your connections and nurture them from time to time rather than just creating them and forget later.

    Who can endorse you ? As a LinkedIn user, you can endorse those people who are there on your network and those who are your first connections. But here one thing should be remembered, endorsement from people, who dont know you well are not that strong. Just filling up and piling your profile with a list of endorsements is not a very good idea. Quality matters here over quantity.

    Happy Networking!

    Business Skill # : Adaptability

    How to add a skill to your LinkedIn profile

    Adaptability, what are we talking about exactly? It is the ability to adjust to a situation, a new challenge, a change of conditions, a different interlocutor

    This behavioral skill is essential for a salesperson. Indeed, this one is brought to meet various personalities throughout his career. He must therefore quickly adjust to the person in front to meet his needs.

    The business world is changing fast and the strategic decisions of prospects and customers are changing just as quickly. Their needs are constantly changing. A good salesperson knows how to be comfortable in any new situation. Thus its daily challenge is to identify new problems in order to adapt to them in order to respond to them with adequate solutions.

    If you have such a skill, dont forget to add it to your LinkedIn profile!

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    Best Skills To Add On Linkedin

    Of course, you should analyze the skills yourself and indicate only the real ones. But we understand that it can seem like a daunting task at first, especially if you have a lot of experience behind you. Therefore, we want to share useful recommendations that should be taken into account when you specify soft skills.

    How To Endorse Skills On Linkedin

    Endorsements are a feature on LinkedIn that allows you and your connections to endorse each other for certain skills. Being endorsed in a skill shows recruiters that others have observed your proficiency in that area, which increases your credibility.

    To endorse someone elses skills, first, click on their profile and navigate to the Skills Endorsements section.

    Next, locate the skill you wish to endorse and click the plus sign. A form will pop up that asks you to rate the persons proficiency in the skill, as well as explain how youve been able to observe them in action.

    Research shows that the best way to obtain an endorsement yourself is to endorse someone else. Of course, this doesnt mean that you should simply add people you dont know and spam skill endorsements.

    If youve genuinely observed a contact excel in an area, make sure to find their and do them a favor. Theyll likely return it.

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    How To Add Skills Linkedin Connections Have Endorsed You For To Your Profile

      Turn on your computer system.Open your favorite web browser.On the opened web page, type the link in the address bar and press Enter.If you are not already logged-in, provide your credentials in the appropriate fields, and click the Sign In button.On the Home page, hover the mouse over the Notifications icon from the top-right corner.From the Notifications list that appears, click the notification representing the endorsements.In the endorsement box at the upper section, click the Add to profile button in order to add the endorsed skills on your LinkedIn profile.Finally, click the Done editing button to complete the process.


    Do You Lose The Endorsement After Removing The Linkedin Skill

    How to Edit &  Add Skills On Your LinkedIn Profile

    Yes, once you remove a LinkedIn skill, all to it are lost too. That being said, you should never delete LinkedIn skills in a rush. You might accidentally click Delete next to the wrong skill which will have you lose the endorsements for it forever.

    You can recover the lost LinkedIn skill easily, by adding it back to your skill list. But, this time, it will come with no endorsements. Dont keep an old skill in the list only because it has a bunch of good endorsements.

    If you have become worse at a skill in time, you are better off removing it. Else, you will disappoint the employer and be considered unreliable by other recruiters. The list should include only the skills you are super good at right now.

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