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How To Add Promotion On Linkedin 2017

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Create Your Linkedin Group

How to Add Promotion on Linkedin | Add multiple roles to the same company (LINKEDIN PROFILE TIPS)

Once youve decided on your topic, the next step is to create your group on LinkedIn.

Creating a LinkedIn group is as simple as filling out a form. Navigate to your LinkedIn Groups and click on Create group. Or you can use this direct link if youre logged in: .

Here are the fields to fill out:

  • Group title
  • Group rules
  • Group membership

One aspect that I would recommend focusing on is the group rules. Your group rules will help your members understand whats encouraged and whats not. Having your groups rules stated explicitly will also make it easier for you to manage your group and moderate conversations.

Heres an example by :

It might sound harsh that they would delete any discussion submission which includes a link to posts and articles or are a promotion of services and Members who repeatedly submit links will be removed from the group. From my personal experience, having such rules and enforcing them seem to be the key difference between a LinkedIn Group with meaningful discussions and one that is filled with spam and links.

If you want to check out more group rules for reference, I thought Search Engine Land, Step Into The Spotlight!, and Lean Startup Circle have pretty good group rules.

Invite Your Connections And Grow Your Group

To help ensure that your LinkedIn Group remains a trusted place for you and your members to gather, you can now invite only people whom youre connected to on LinkedIn.

To invite your connections, click on Manage on your LinkedIn Group homepage and select Invited Users on the left.

If you have other marketing channels, such as other social media profiles, email, or a blog, you could use them to promote your new LinkedIn Group. Alternatively, you could also share your LinkedIn Group on your personal LinkedIn profile and encourage your colleagues to do the same.

Here are a few more ideas on promoting your group:

  • Optimize and edit your group information to include keywords that prospective members are likely to search for.
  • Encourage group members to invite people.
  • Advertise your group with LinkedIn Ads by clicking the Advertising link at the bottom of any LinkedIn page.
  • It might be tempting to think that the bigger your group is, the better it would be. Before you go about growing your group, heres a thought to consider: many of the largest LinkedIn Groups have over a million members and are often filled with just links. Its often the smaller groups with proper moderation that have meaningful discussions. (LinkedIn has now limited the number of members in a group to 20,0002

    Strike An 80/20 Balance Of Self Promotion

    Theres a good chance that youve heard this before: On social media, its best to strike that 80/20 balance where youre only directly promoting your business with a hard sell about 20% of the time. Thats going to hold mostly true on LinkedIn, too, but it can be stretched to around 70/30 or even 60/40 if youre not going for the hard sell most of the time.

    Even on LinkedIn, people dont want to be spammed with information about your business even if you think its really cool. Instead, they want the relevant highlights that could have some impact on them, and then they mostly want to hear about whats happening in the industry or the business world.

    You want to do this both with your personal profile as a business owner and with your Company Page. Try to have most of your content shared focusing on offering value, and then using the majority of that 20 or 30% of your content being story-oriented, customer-oriented, or employee-oriented content that helps you distinguish what your brand is doing. Only a very small part should be actual business promotions or announcements in order to keep your follower count up and engagement coming in.

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    Add New Media Including Your Header Image

    Images and video make your profile stand out. The large header image is like a billboard where you can utilize that real estate to brand yourself. Currently, the image size is 1400 x 425. When the new desktop redesign rolls out, which you can expect anytime the image size will be changing to 1536 x 768.Video is driving social media engagement across all social platforms. You can upload a video to your profile such as a company video and you can post videos in your status updates.

    Make Yourself Memorable With Great Stories

    How to add a promotion on your LinkedIn profile on desktop ...

    Recruiters and hiring managers are like anyone elsethey respond to story-telling rather than mind-numbing lists of facts. Plus,;research;shows that stories can aid memory. So telling a good story or two in your LinkedIn profile could make you more memorable to recruiters.

    Example: For each job you post on your profile, dont simply state your responsibilities. Weave an interesting tale about your successes in the job, Gresham recommends. Most important, explain the problems and how you solved them, especially if you came up with creative solutions to important challenges. Keep your narrative succinct; a lengthy yarn could be a turnoff to busy recruiters.

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    Tip 1: You Have To Establish The Right Company Culture

    Assess your business and the quality of your offerings.

    Are you doing amazing work that your employees are proud to be a part of? If youre producing sub-par work or products, employees wont want to share your content across their networks. On the other hand, if your team is doing amazing and remarkable work, employees will be far more likely to share your brands content. Remember, an employee share is a vote of confidence theyre vouching for your brand across their networks.

    Do you have a transparent culture of trust and freedom?

    Yes, you need to provide employees with the right tools, training and guidance, but the business also needs to trust employees judgment and offer them the freedom to make sound, solid decisions. Along with trust, a business also needs to give its employees the freedom to share what types branded content they want to share.

    Dont expect employees to automatically share and retweet every single piece of content your brand produces. Instead, encourage an environment where employees share and engage around brand content that resonates most strongly with them. It will be for more authentic, and its likely to be a more natural fit across the employees network.

    Heres a bit of insight on organizational culture and employee brand advocacy from Andrea Kennedy:

    Insider Tips To Leverage Your Job Search Using The Work Worlds Primary Search Engine And Social Network

    by James A. Martin, AARP| 0

    Plume Creative/Getty

    Get experts tips on using LinkedIn to leverage your job search.

    Most job seekers know its important to add a recent, professional-looking photo to their LinkedIn profile. But did you know that;not;posting a photo may prevent recruiters from finding your in a job search?

    LinkedIn is unquestionably;the;social network for job-seeking professionalsor even if youre not looking right now. Ninety-two percent of recruiters use social media in their work today, and LinkedIn is the social network they use most, according to;Jobvite.

    And yet, many job seekers dont maximize LinkedIn to help them find jobs. Instead, they copy and paste their resume and hope the right employer finds them. Compounding the problem: Some professionals in their mid 40s and up may not be as social-media savvy as younger colleagues and dont know how to leverage LinkedIn, says Sue Gresham, a;.

    Here are 10 LinkedIn strategies, tools and tips you might not have known about, each of which can put you one step closer to a new jobor new career.

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    Set Your Linkedin Ad Campaign Objective

    Next, choose your campaign objective.

    Your objective is what you want people to do when they see your ads. According to LinkedIn, choosing an objective helps them, “customize your campaign creation, deliver the best ROI for your stated goal, and show you relevant reporting.

    There are three overarching campaign themes: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversions. Under those themes, some available campaign objectives are:

    • Website visits will drive traffic to your website and landing pages. According to LinkedIn, this type of campaign will also boost brand awareness .

    • Engagement will increase engagement on your content and boost followers on your LinkedIn Company Page.

    • Video views will increase the exposure of your videos to people who are likely to engage with them.

    • Lead generation will show a LinkedIn lead generation form with pre-filled LinkedIn profile data to those LinkedIn users most likely to engage with the form.

    Why Have A Linkedin Profile

    How to add a Job Promotion on your LinkedIn Profile (December 2019)

    Weve discussed why having a social media presence is important, but when were talking about your professional life, then LinkedIn is a must. LinkedIn is the gold standard when it comes to professional social media accounts.

    This is instinctively where prospective employers are going to go to check you out. In fact, account on a digital resume or cover letter is a great idea. It saves them a step and ensures theyre looking at the right person.

    LinkedIn is also an incredible resource for finding jobs. It not only lets you know whats out there, but it takes care of the legwork of connecting the people you know to certain positions. This can lead you to a job reference that can make a difference.

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    How To Add A Promotion On Your Linkedin Profile On Desktop Or Mobile And Share Your New Job Title With Your Network

    Shutterstock/wichayada suwanachun

    You can add a promotion on your LinkedIn profile using a computer or mobile device.

    • It’s possible to add a promotion on and boost your professional reputation when you move up at your job.
    • You can easily update your profile to include your new job status, and even choose to share it with your network in the process.
    • Here’s how to add a promotion to your profile, for both desktop and mobile.
    • Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

    A job promotion can mean a lot of extra perks, like getting a raise and working on more important projects.

    Letting people know about your new job status on is not only a good way to celebrate your success, but it can also signal to potential employers that you may be a good candidate in the future.

    Here’s what you’ll need to do to add that promotion to your profile and let people know about it, for both the desktop and mobile versions of the platform:

    Add In Nontraditional Education

    While most people include their college and graduate school work in the education section, this can also be a great way to showcase additional seminars or workshops youve taken to improve your skills, Sherman says. Dont list every half-day workshop youve attended, but if you have completed a certificate or well-known training in leadership, or which was related to your industry, list it to show youre motivated to keep learning.

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    Set Up Message Templates

    One handy feature of LinkedIn Groups is its message templates. You can create custom messages that would be automatically sent to people interested in joining your LinkedIn Group. This is a great opportunity to let your brand tone shine. If you do not create a custom message, LinkedIn will send its default message accordingly.

    Here are the various message templates:

  • Request-to-join Message
  • Welcome Message
  • To access this setting, click on Manage on your LinkedIn Group homepage and select Templates on the left. Then, click on Create Template for the ones you want to customize. Heres how customizing the template looks like:

    Heres an example of how a custom welcome message email looks like :

    If you would like interested people to fill out an application form to join the group, you could include an application form in your request-to-join message, like HubSpot did:

    This way, you can ensure that only people that fit your target persona or people who are really interested would join your LinkedIn Group.

    Rack Up The Recommendations

    How to Add Promotion on LinkedIn?

    Remember what we said early on about how your individual employees profiles reflect on the company? This is coming into play again, especially for key client-facing employees like account managers, business owners, or co-founders.

    People want to work with businesses they trust, which means theyre going to look for people that they trust to work with. This is important, and recommendations are the best social proof you can get on the platform, especially as a business owner or account manager. Reach out to peers, past clients, current clients, and even past supervisors and ask them to leave a review for you on the platform. This will help people find you and want to work with you and your business moving forward, and goes a lot further than a simple follower count or skill endorsement.

    When your employees look good, the business does, too.

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    Set Your Tone Of Voice

    Youre eager to write content, insert photos, and get the ball rolling on your company page, but lets take one step back. Just like you have a personality, your brand needs to have one too. Establish the voice it will carry out and decide how you want to be perceived. LinkedIn is the professional social network, which means that many people mistake it for being boring. Thats far from true in the age we live in today. Take it from LinkedIns Nico Lutkins who said: humour is an essential part of all life, including professional life in Can you be funny on LinkedIn? Therefore, your tone of voice should be a mix of professional and playful this is still a social network, after all. Show your personality to the world while understanding your audiences interests and needs. Ask yourself, why would they choose my company? Then, act accordingly.

    Build Your Linkedin Ad

    This section corresponds to what type of LinkedIn ad you chose for your campaign.

    Once you establish the basic parameters for your ad in step one, you’ll be prompted to start building it and choose how LinkedIn will display and rotate your ad variations if you create more than one.

    To get started, click Create new ad.

    A screen will pop up with the title Create a new for this campaign, on which you’ll create the copy for your ad, pair it with an image, and preview the different layout options.

    Of course, there are a few guidelines around the copy that we suggest:

    • Ad image, which is the artwork or graphic that your audience will see for your ad. It must be 100×100 pixels and uploaded as a .jpg or .png file that is 2MB or smaller.

    • Ad headline, which is the main message your audience will see. It cannot be more than 25 characters.

    • Ad description, which is the body of your ad. It can be up to 75 characters long and should be relevant both to the person viewing the ad and the offer or page to which you’re sending them.

    • Destination URL, which is where your audience will go when they click your ad. Double check that the URL is accurate.

    Once you input this information, youll see it reflected in the Preview box to the right.

    Once you click Create, youll be directed back to the previous Campaign Manager screen. From there, you can create more ads and, eventually, review and submit your order.

    Here are a few of our best copywriting tips for LinkedIn Ads.




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    Decide On Your Linkedin Ad Format

    Next, choose your ad format. In the next section, we unpack you can create as part of your campaign.

    When you toggle between the ad types, youll see that the Forecasted Results box on the right-hand side will change. This feature analyzes your campaign parameters and takes into account similar campaigns and advertisers. It also stimulates the ad auction to generate the numbers displayed.

    Keep an eye on this box as you choose your LinkedIn ad type. If you’re first starting out, deciding on which ad type you want to choose may come down to budget. Outline your priorities, and then you can decide which type works best for you.

    Additionally, some ad types require you to link your LinkedIn Company Page and some tap into LinkedIn translation services.

    Should You Have Two Profiles If You Have Two Different Businesses

    How to use LinkedIn 2017

    My answer to this is always an emphatic no! For one thing, its a violation of LinkedIns terms of service, which you signed when you opened a LinkedIn account. You also open yourself up to a whole world of confusion. Unless you have two different names for each profile and pictures that are so different, even the FBIs facial recognition program wouldnt recognize you! Do let me know, though, if you think you really have a case to make for having more than one profile. Maybe youre a financial consultant during the week and a punk rock musician on the weekends. Or a CEO executive assistant who sells handmade jewelry on the side.;; While you might reference music or crafts as an interest under your LinkedIn summary, I think, in these cases, you should pick a primary business to feature on LinkedIn. Then look to promote your alternative business elsewhere .

    You can have two different LinkedIn company pages

    You might have a LinkedIn company page for your psychology practice and another for your art work and painting business.;; Youll still need to choose which to feature as your primary business.

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    Choose Your Linkedin Ad Placement

    Next, decide whether you want your ad to be displayed on the , which gives your campaign more reach and exposure among LinkedIns third-party platforms and sites. Note: This option isnt available for every ad type.

    You can also choose to exclude or block certain categories, applications, and sites in the Network if you so choose.

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