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How To Add Pictures On Twitter

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Twitter Adds New Option To Add Background Video And Images In Fleets

How to Upload pictures in Twitter | How to Add Pictures in Twitter 2017

Are Twitter Fleets catching on as an option, or is it a lesser version of Stories that’s not really adding much to the overall tweet experience?

It’s probably still too early to say, but Twitter is slowly but surely looking to add more Fleets features in order to improve engagement through the tool.

On this front, today,;Twitter has added a new Fleets option which enables users to add a background video or image;to their Fleets frames, via their device camera or Camera Roll, which significantly expands your visual communications options.

As you can see here, now, when you go to compose a Fleet, you’ll be able to tap on the camera and camera roll access icons within your Fleets composer tools . That will then enable you to add a larger visual element to your Fleet, providing more options for presentation and engagement.

Twitter designer ;recently provided some further context;on this function in testing,;along with an example of how it might be used.

Definitely, it adds something more to the Fleet process, but with most other Stories tools incorporating AR and advanced visual elements, it does feel like Fleets is still a step behind.

I mean, the only way for Twitter to catch up is by releasing new features like this, so it should still get praise for advancing the tool. But it still seems odd that Twitter released a Stories tool that was behind the others from the get-go, as opposed to a more developed, polished option.

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How To Create And Share An Image On Twitter

We did a bit of research into to find the best sizes for sharing in the Twitter stream.

On desktops, Twitter images appear in the timeline at 506 pixels wide by 253 pixels tall.

This size works out to an aspect ratio of 2:1, meaning that for every two pixels wide, your image is one pixel as tall. If you create images at 800 x 400 or 1,000 x 500any size within the 2:1 ratiothe image will appear fully in tact in the Twitter stream.

The default Twitter image size we use at Buffer is 1,024 pixels wide by 512 pixels tall.

If the dimensions fall outside the 2:1 aspect ratio, Twitter crops the image to fit, and the full size can be viewed only by clicking the image.

Twitter crops these images from the top and bottom, leaving the middle of the image as-is.

How To Add Pictures On Twitter To Your Profile

A picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words, and because Twitter limits your tweets to only 140 characters, many Twitter users choose to express themselves by adding image files to their tweets and profiles. You can personalize your Twitter profile by adding a photo, a header image as a background for your bio, and a background image for your layout. Uploading an image with a tweet adds a link to the photo in your Twitter media gallery. This further limits the number of characters you can tweet down to 117, but the visual impact the image provides may be worth it.

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How To Add Images To Your Tweets On Twitter

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Social media is a great way to share your thoughts and ideas with your friends and even complete strangers. More than just ideas, you can also share pictures. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and that is still true to this day. The social media website Twitter, just like any of the other popular social media websites, allows you to share images either using your computer or your smartphone.

Where Is The Pictures Folder On A Mac

How to Add Accounts on Twitter on PC or Mac (with Pictures)

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If you recently got a new Mac, you might not see your Pictures folder in the Favorites sidebar of Finder anymore. But dont worry, its still there. Heres how to find the Pictures folderand how to add it to your sidebar again.

First, bring Finder to the foreground by clicking its icon in your Dock.

In the menu bar at the top of the screen, select Go, then choose Home from the menu that appears. Or, alternately, you can press Shift+Command+H on your keyboard.

When your Home window opens in Finder, locate the Pictures folder. Double-click the icon to open it.

For easier access to the Pictures folder in the future, click and drag the Pictures folder icon to the Favorites section of the Finders sidebar.

While youre hovering over the sidebar, the folder icon will turn into a small placement indicator. When you have the indicator pointing where youd like in the list, release your mouse button. The Pictures folder will appear at that spot in your Favorites list.

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Twitter Image Post Size On Mobile

You need to prioritize;Twitter images on mobile. According to the Wall Street Journal, 85% of the time Twitter users spent on Twitter happened on a mobile device. So it doesnt really matter what shows on desktop.

Additionally, you need your image tweet to look good in the news feed. While its great that you can click an image for the full view the huge majority of people wont.

Catch their eyes in the news feed with a properly sized image!

When Twitter added image tweets in 2011, there was a lot of noise in the Twitterverse about best sizes.

The most-recommended size was 1024 x 512. Im not certain that originated with Twitter. But the 2:1 proportion did work best on mobile. At least, up until September 2017.

2:1 is no longer the correct;Twitter news feed image size!

Resizing Your Pictures On Twitter Has Never Been So Easy

Now you know how to change the size of your profile photo, heading, and photos for individual posts on Twitter on all devices. Editing your photos dimensions only takes a couple of steps, but it can make a world of a difference. Your photos on Twitter will never be out of proportion again.

Have you ever resized a photo for Twitter? Did you use any of the programs mentioned in this article? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Twitter Profile Picture Doesnt Fit

Larger businesses that are not represented by an individual will use a logo. These add another layer of complication.

If your logo is strongly horizontal, it may be unreadable when reduced to profile image size. Consider having your designer create a stacked version so it wont become a tiny stripe of mouse type in your avatar.

Got a squarish logo? It looks great in a square. In a circle, not so much.

If you have a squarish logo, before uploading youll need to reduce it and place it in a larger square that wont get the corners cut off when cropped into a circle.

How Do You Fit A Whole Picture On Twitter

How to add pictures on Twitter [Easy Steps]

There are loads of ways you can fit a whole picture on Twitter, without having to crop it. If you dont want to use any additional apps, you can do it on your phone by following the instructions above. If you are on your computer, you can use programs you might have already installed, like Paint or Photoshop.

When it comes to online programs, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some of the easiest to use are Pixlr, Free Image Resizer, Resizemyimg, Onlineresizeimage, Sproutsocial, etc.

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How To Add A Twitter Profile Picture

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Twitter is a social networking tool in which users provide real-time information updates through 280-character messages, called “tweets.” After creating an account, new users can set their profile picture. Here are the steps to add a Twitter profile picture.

How To Resize Pictures Properly For Twitter

Lee StantonRead more April 13, 2021

Similar to other social media platforms, Twitter imposes certain limitations and recommended dimensions for images. To make sure your picture retains its original quality and doesnt end up cropped in all the wrong places, you will need to resize your image in advance.

In this article, we will show you how to change the size of your profile photo, your header, and pictures that are attached to your posts on Twitter.

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How To Add Image Descriptions In Twitter

You can add image descriptions for any and all pictures you post to Twitter. It’s especially useful and important ;for images that don’t benefit from any context or clarity already in the tweet itself.

  • Tap the Compose button to start a new Tweet.
  • Tap the Image button to pick an image.
  • Tap Add a description at the bottom left of the image.
  • Type in your description.
  • Tap Apply.

  • Whatever description you add will be what any low or no vision users will hear via VoiceOver or other screen reader technology.

    Tweet A Link With A Preview Image On Twitter Using A Social Sharing WordPress Plugin

    Add multiple Twitter accounts to new Tweetdeck

    Some WordPress social sharing plugins, like Social Warfare, will automatically create a tweet with a clickable image.

    For instance, when you tweet using a sharing button from the plugin, youll get a Twitter card with a clickable image, a headline of the article, a brief description, and the website URL.

    These elements get;set by fields in the WordPress plugin at the bottom of the page where you edit blog posts.

    If your blog is set up on WordPress, this is a super easy way to create Tweets with a clickable image.

    But;what if your blog isnt built on WordPress? Or even if it is, what if you want to create other Tweets with a clickable image? Then you can use a Twitter website card to make a custom Tweet with a clickable image.

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    How To Upload And View 4k Images

    Follow the steps below to get access to high-resolution 4K imagery in the Twitter app for iOS and Android:

  • Open the latest version of the Twitter mobile app.
  • Go to the data usage section of the settings menu.
  • Enable high-quality images for viewing 4K images.
  • Enable high-quality image uploads for tweeting them.
  • Note: You can select whether you’d like higher-resolution images to be enabled for both cellular and Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi only, or you can disable the feature.

    Once you’ve enabled high-quality images under settings, feel free to start scrolling on Twitter, and all your images should appear super crisp. If you’d like to tweet out a 4K image, just upload an image like normal , and it will tweet out in high resolution. Easy-peasy!

    Twitter Round Profile Image Size

    Twitter switched from square to round profile picture in June 2017. The recommended dimensions are still 400×400 pixels.

    While the profile image will appear at 400×400 pixels when clicked on desktop, any square or round shape of at least 400px square will work.

    The aspect ratio for the Twitter avatar is 1:1.;Maximum file size for profile photos is 2MB.

    I recommend you keep your avatar consistent across all business social media accounts, and that you use a close-up photo of your face.

    Here are some great tips to achieve a compelling portrait:

    READ:;How To Make A Brilliant Profile Picture

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    Previous Twitter Size Info From My Readers

    I thank these readers for their help in solving the image size riddle!

    According to my reader Jeffrey:

    To have images not crop on Twitter, you need an aspect ratio of 533:300 This means at 1066 the height should roughly be 600. Or as per your example, 1024×576 not 512. They keep changing the system, but at this moment, this is what works.

    Tweeter @RobLathamUK pointed me to the Twitter Business Help page:

    Image width/height: Minimum 600 x 335 pixels, although larger images will be better optimized for when users click to expand images.

    Aspect ratio: 16:9.

    Image file size: Max 15mb on and 3mb on

    File types: PNG, JPEG, or GIF. We do not accept BMP or TIFF files.

    Yes! This is exactly what I found, too.

    And note their note:

    Note: When using the same image across desktop and mobile, we recommend sticking to the mobile specs which will work across both. Selecting desktop specifications may result in cropping on mobile.

    Since mobile devices vary widely in pixel display, theres not one perfect width. I always recommend bigger as better. Images look better scaled down than scaled up, when they could appear pixelated.

    Im currently recommending 1200 pixels wide by 675 pixels tall for tweeted images. This shows in full in the tweet stream on mobile as well as desktop.

    Its a bit taller than the Facebook link size of 1200 x 628, and the Twitter card size.

    Or multiply your width times 0.562 to get the appropriate height.

    Twittercom On A Computer

    How to add story in twitter | twitter for stories | enable stories for Twitter
  • 1Go to in a web browser. You can use any web browser on your computer, including Chrome, Edge, and Safari, to download photos from Twitter.
  • If you’re not already signed in to your Twitter account, you’ll want to do so now.
  • 2Scroll to the image you want to save. You can save an image from your feed or by visiting the profile of the person who shared it.
  • 3 This opens a larger version of the photo.
  • 4Right-click the photo. A menu will expand.
  • If your computer doesn’t have a right mouse button, hold down the Control key as you click the image.
  • 5Click Save image as. This opens your computer’s file browser.
  • 6Choose a saving location and click Save. This downloads the image to your computer.
  • If the tweet contains multiple photos arranged in a gallery, you can click the arrow to the right of the photo you just saved to view the next one. To save that photo, just right-click it and select Save as.
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    How To Resize Your Header Photo For Twitter

    Headers on Twitter are similar to cover photos on Facebook. They are horizontal pictures, which are located on your profile, behind your profile picture.

    Taking into consideration its specific size recommendations, you can choose banner templates that are available online . On the other hand, if you want to resize a picture that you already have, you can use the Free Image Resizer. This is how you can use it to change your headers dimensions:

  • Open the online program and drag your picture into the blank area.
  • In the Custom resize section, youll see the Width and Height boxes.
  • In Width type in 1500px.
  • In Height type in 500px.
  • Twitter Moments Cover Images

    Choose an eye-catching cover image for your Moment.

    Your cover image can be from one of the tweets you include, or you can upload a different image from your computer.

    If adding an image from your computer, tall is probably best, 9:16 proportion ideal. Regardless of the image shape used, youll be able to choose a mobile preview.

    Whether a tweeted image or uploaded, I recommend choosing a photo rather than a graphic with text on it, since the Moment title and other text will be overlaid on your cover image .

    Click Set cover to choose a cover image from one of your selected Tweets, or to upload an image. Drag your selected image to set a Mobile preview, click the Next button, then click the Save button.

    To change your selected image, hover over the cover image and click on Change cover media. After youve set your cover media, the source will be credited below the image.

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    Twitter Image Website Card Size

    There are currently two types of website image cards for Twitter ads: landscape and square.

    These will link to your website. Below are the ad creative specs.

    Website title length: 70 characters. Depending on device and app settings, this description may truncate. Limiting the description to 50 characters should ensure that truncation wont occur across most devices.

    Image size: 800 x 418 pixels for 1.91:1 aspect ratio, 800 x 800 pixels for 1:1 aspect ratio .

    Aspect Ratio: 1:91:1 or 1:1. The 1×1 aspect ratio is not currently available to self-serve advertisers.

    File types: PNG and JPEG are recommended. Twitter does not accept BMP or TIFF files.

    How To Use Twitter For Your Business

    How to use HTML widget to add Twitter feed on your Wix ...

    It’s important to establish your brand and business presence on Twitter. First impressions count, and your profile is your chance to make a lasting, positive one. Each element of your profile should accurately reflect your brandâs purpose and values, and persuade a potential customer to follow you.

    We’ll break down the four key parts of a Twitter profile, along with tips and suggestions for each field.

    1. Your profile and header photos

    Choose a profile photo that visually represents your brand and fits well in a small, circular space â typically your logo. This doesnât just appear on your profileÂ;â it’s the icon associated with every Tweet you post. Recommended dimensions are 400×400 pixels.

    Your header photo should be an ever-changing billboard showcasing whatâs new. This can be an upcoming launch or campaign, or a new photoshoot that nails your current vibe. Update it each quarter to keep things fresh and interesting. Recommended dimensions are 1500×500 pixels.

    Make sure both photos are clear, high-quality, and create visual consistency. Upload photos in JPG, GIF, or PNG formats.Â;

    3. Your bio

    Channel your go-to elevator pitch here. In these 160 characters, youâll be introducing yourself to the world. Tell people what you do, what value you bring, and why they should follow you.Â;

    4. Your pinned Tweet

    To pin a Tweet, simply click the down arrow at the top-right corner of the Tweet and select âPin to your profileâ.

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