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How To Add Multiple Photos To One Instagram Story

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How To Make A Collage On An Instagram Story: Easy Way

How To Add Multiple Pictures To Instagram Stories

Since youre here looking for the answer to how to make a collage on Instagram Stories, were going to assume that you didnt know Instagram offers an in-platform way to do just that.

But we dont blame you for not noticing this feature: its weirdly hidden away.

Heres how to find it and use it to share multiple pics in one sweet full-screen Story design.

1. Open the Instagram app and tap the + icon at the top of the screen. Select Story.

2. This will open your camera roll. But dont be distracted by all your beautiful photos! We need to activate create mode first. Tap on the camera icon to do this.

3. On the left-hand side of the screen, youll see a list of icons. Tap the third from the top: a square with lines in it. This is the Layout icon.

4. Tapping the Layout icon will open up a quadrant of layout on your screen. From here, you can fill each segment either with a fresh photo or something from your camera roll.

Option 1: Take a photo! To capture a photo, just tap the photo-capture button: the white circle in the center of the btoom of the screen.

Once you take a photo, your pic will fill that top left corner shot. Continue shooting three more photos.

To delete something and take a new pic, tap the photo and then tap the delete icon.

Option 2: Select from your camera roll. Tap the square camera-roll-preview icon on the bottom left corner of your screen to access your camera roll.

To delete something and take a new pic, tap the photo and then tap the delete icon.

Can You Combine Two Pictures On Instagram

To access the new feature, open the Stories camera and select Layout. You will then be able to choose between two and six photos to combine into a grid-based collage.

How do I combine photos into one post?

Open the Photo Gallery and locate the folder that contains photos you want to combine. Hold CTRL key to select multiple images and then click on the Photo Gallerys Create tab. Select the Photo Fuse feature and proceed to designate the area of the photo you want to replace.

How Many Stories Can Be Added On Instagram

This is another fact that is unknown to most people on Instagram. Instagram allows a user to share 100 stories in a 24-hour time span. It is a really huge number and offers a lot of scopes. However, it is also crucial that we do not spam unnecessarily on our Stories using this feature. This is where the ability to add multiple photos to one Instagram story can come in handy.

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How Can I Create Better Instagram Stories #

While creating stories in Instagram can be good, it lacks many additional features. Using a tool like story creator app or invideo will help you to create really that should get a great response from your audience.

They even have pre-made , so it’s super easy to get started. You can try it out for free here.

How To Post Multiple Photos As A Collage

How to post multiple photos on Instagram

Have you tried Instagram Layout yet? This is a great tool that allows you to create Instagram Stories as collages of your favorite photos. Heres how to use it:

  • Open Instagram Stories by tapping the camera icon in the upper left of your screen.
  • On the left side of the screen, tap the Layout icon.
  • Scroll through the different layout options located above the shutter button.
  • Tap the photo icon in the lower left to choose your photos for your collage.
  • Once youve created your collage, you can add stickers, text, music, or filters by using the icons at the top of the screen.
  • Tap Your Stories to share your creation with your followers.
  • There are also other ways to make a photo collage on iPhone, but Layout is the one best integrated with the Instagram app.

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    How Do You Overlay Pictures On Instagram

    Start by opening the app and selecting Photo Editor, then uploading a photo from your camera roll to get started. Tap the Overlays option at the bottom of the screen after scrolling through the options at the bottom. You can preview each Overlay in the mobile version by tapping on it. There are a huge variety of Overlays to choose from in the mobile version.

    How To Add Multiple Photos To One Instagram Slide

    Youâve seen your fave influencers pull this off, but rest assured, this isnât some fancy feature that only the Kylie Jenners of the world are blessed with. You have this feature available right at your fingertips, so whip out that phone, and give this a try.

    First, make sure youâre on your feed, and swipe right to open your Instagram camera. At the bottom of the camera, youâll see various options like normal, boomerang, layout, etc.

    With your finger, swipe on over to layout.

    From here, your camera will switch to a grid, where each photo can be of something different.

    Youâll also notice that you have multiple grid layouts to choose from, meaning you can have a collage of only two photos or up to six. Itâs totally your call.

    You can also select images youâve already taken from a previous date by clicking that plus sign in the bottom left corner.

    Simpler than you thought, right? And way more dynamic than just one basic sStory! Plus, when you create a Story with multiple slides that feels repetitive, your followers are much more likely to swipe through your Story. With this option, you can give them six photos, all in one slide.

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    Why Share Multiple Photos / Videos To Instagram Stories At Once

    Sometimes when you are doing something special, you take a lot of photos that you want to share with your friends on Instagram. Sure, you could make a whole series of standard Instagram posts, sharing a single image in each post. But you are far more likely to interest your audience if you combine them into a unique Instagram story.

    It makes sense, as you can use a single Story to tell the visual “story” of your event, trip, or other activity. You can even create Instagram Stories showcasing your activities on a particular day and include all the relevant images of that day to tell your tale.

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    Here Is What You Have To Do:

    How To Add Multiple Photos Or Videos In One Instagram Story

    Step 1: As usual, log into Instagram, and go to your story.

    Step 2: Now, you need the background to add your photos. You can choose a background from your camera roll/Gallery, or you can take a picture.

    Step 3: Then, click the sticker tool. Next, scroll down a bit to find the photo icon. It has two squares with a plus sign and beside a camera icon.

    Step 4: When you tap the photo icon, you will see the photos on your phone. Select a photo, and it will go to the background photo. Resize, design, and drag the photo as you like. You can pinch them with your finger to make them smaller or bigger.

    Step 5: To add more photos, follow the same steps of going to the sticker tool and adding photos.

    Step 6: After adding all your favorite photos, you can add text, stickers, music, or doodles to design your story.

    Step 7: Finally, after all the editing, you have to tap on your story on the bottom left corner of the screen.

    So, this is how you can make an Instagram story with multiple photos.

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    Reasons That You Cannot Add Several Photos To Your Story

    The introduction of multiple photo features in Instagram stories is still under process throughout the world. This is one of the main reasons that it is not available to you where you live. For instance, if you dont see the multiple photo icon whenever you are uploading your stories then try updating your Instagram app to the latest version. If the feature still doesnt appear then it means that the feature is still being introduced in your area and you have to wait in order to use this feature. But, you can use other options that are mentioned above which are also very easy to implement and can help you achieve your goal without wasting time. You should keep one thing in mind that you can only upload 10 pictures at a time, not more than that. Unfortunately, you can not add more photos to an Instagram post that has already been created and posted. If you wish to add more photos, you are only left with the option of deleting the original post and creating a new one with additional photos. Follow the above-mentioned simple steps and enjoy!

    Why Cant I Add Several Photos To My Story

    The multiple photos feature in Stories is still being introduced throughout the world, so it may not be available where you live. If you dont see the multiple photo icon when uploading your Stories, try updating the Instagram app to the latest version. If the feature still doesnt appear, hang tight. Its only a matter of time before Instagram rolls out this new feature in your area.

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    How Many Stories Can You Post On An Instagram Story

    You can post up to 100 stories.

    To add pictures, you can add stickers, use the layout feature to upload several photos or select multiple photos to upload on different Instagrams stories.

    But you can only upload 100 individual Instagram stories.

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    How To Add Multiple Photos To An Instagram Story Using Layouts

    Add More than one Photo on ONE Instagram Story

    maximum of 6 photos to one Story, and a minimum of name it! Here are a few ideas for Instagram Stories you can use layouts for:

  • Before/After Stories
  • This or that polls, where your followers can vote for their favorite image
  • My life in a day, featuring a collage of images that create a daily diary
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    Level Up Your Story By Adding Extra Elements

    Even though this step is optional, we strongly recommend you to take advantage of the extra elements available on Instagram Stories to give your Story an added value.

    Stickers, text, location tags, and drawings are a great way to make your Instagram Story relevant and modern.

    You can even look for the gifs that best fit your message and add them to your picture. This way your static image will have movement and color!

    What’s more, using the âAsk me a questionâ sticker or the poll one is perfect to encourage your followers to interact with your brand and to improve your engagement levels.

    Donât forget to check out this post we made about if you still donât know who your target audience is!

    Once youâve achieved the perfect final look for your Instagram Story with multiple pictures, all you need to do is click ânextâ to publish your Story and share it with all your followers.

    Thatâs it!

    Add Gif To Your Stories

    GIFs are a step ahead when it comes to conveying emotions. They are ruling the world. They are everywhere. Even on Instagram.

    In case you didnt know, you can add GIFs to your stories. To do so, select the photo to add to your story. On the edit screen, tap the Sticker icon. Then tap the GIF icon from the list of stickers.

    Search for the GIF that you want to upload and tap it once to insert it. Finally, hit the Send to button to upload it to your story.

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    How To Add Multiple Photos In A Single Instagram Story On An Iphone

    While you have the option to post multiple pictures as separate Stories at once, you can also fit them in one Story. This new feature is hidden in the Stories sticker section, so theres a chance you might not even have been aware of it. Its called the photo sticker, and if you dont have it, check if youre using Instagrams newest update.

    Before you add one or more photos to your Instagram Story, decide what youll use for your background. There are plenty of things you can use as your background. It depends on how creative you want to be, and what type of Story you want to post.

    For example, you can either take a picture of something, post a photo from your iPhones gallery, or choose a color for your background. If youre planning on adding multiple photos, and you want a plain background, this is what you can do:

  • Open the app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the Your Story sticker in the upper-left corner of the screen or swipe the screen to the right side.
  • Take a random picture.
  • Tap on the drawing icon in the upper-right corner of your screen. Its the second icon from the left.
  • Pick a color for your background from the color palette at the bottom of the screen.
  • Press the screen until the entire background is colored in the shade you chose.
  • Select Done in the upper-right corner.
  • Now that you have your background, its time to add multiple photos to your Instagram Story. To see how its done on an iPhone, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Sticker icon on the top menu.
  • Adding Multiple Photos As A Collage

    How to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Story

    There is an Instagram layout that allows you to create Instagram stories as collages of your favorite photos. There are several steps that you need to follow in order to create a collage in your stories. The steps are as under:

  • Open your Instagram stories by tapping the camera icon in the upper left of your screen.
  • In the next step, tap on the layout icon that is located on the left side of your screen.
  • There you will see different layouts. Scroll through them and select one.
  • Now you will have to tap on the photo icon that is placed in the lower-left corner to choose the photos for your collage.
  • Once you have created your collage you can decorate your story by adding texts, music, and any filter of your own choice that are present at the top of your screen.
  • Finally tap on share your story so you can share whatever you have made with your followers.
  • You can get other photo collage apps on your mobile in order to make collages for your story but this layout design is one of the easiest ways to make a collage for your story.

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    How To Make A Collage On Instagram Story Using Layout

    There are two ways you can make a collage on Instagram story using the Layout feature. Weve listed them below

    • The first way you can make a collage on Instagram story is by selecting how many photos you want to share on your story.
    • After selecting the photos, youll see two buttons Separate and Layout. Tap Layout and edit the photos.
    • Edit layout by clicking on the first button on top. You can add filters, stickers, or texts. Then, you can share the story.

    The other way you can create a layout on Instagram to make a collage is by simply clicking Layout on the left. Heres how:

    • Open the story section on Instagram and click on Layout.
    • Change the grid and select how many pictures you want to share.
    • Edit the photos and share your story. After creating such amazing layouts on your story, you can and share them with more people.

    Adding Photos To The Built

    1. Open Instagram Stories.

    2. Click the Layout icon located on the left side of the screen.

    3. Browse the various layout choices depending on the number of photos you want to collage.

    4. To select the photographs for your collage, click the photo icon in the lower left corner.

    5. You can add stickers, text, music, filters, and other stickers after creating your collage.

    6. Post it.

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    How To Make A Collage On Instagram Story

    The final way to add multiple photos to your Instagram story is by making a photo collage. You’ll use “stickers” of your photos, and can drag and drop them wherever you like, and make them your preferred sizes. Here’s how:

  • Swipe right on your main Instagram feed to create a story.
  • Take a picture or upload one from your camera roll, or select Create mode for a colored background.
  • Tap the Stickers button at the top of your screen.
  • Scroll down until you see the, over an image of the last photo in your Camera Roll. Tap that to access your Camera Roll.
  • Select the photo you want to include in your collage. You can only do one at a time, so repeat as many times as necessary.
  • Drag and drop your sticker to your desired location. Pinch in or out to resize, and tap the sticker to change its shape.
  • Repeat steps 46 until your collage is complete.
  • Tap Your Story at the bottom of your screen.
  • You can now view your story by tapping your icon on the top of your screen.
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    How To Make A Collage On An Instagram Story: Layering Method

    How to add multiple photos and videos to One Instagram story at once

    Feeling restricted by Instagrams layout grids? This alternative method gives you the opportunity to go rogue.

    Images can be enlarged, shrunk, tilted, or placed in an overlapping formation. Time to freestyle!

    1. Open the Instagram app and tap the + icon at the top of the screen. Select Story.

    2. This will open your camera roll. But dont be distracted by all your beautiful photos! We need to activate create mode first. Tap on the camera icon to do this.

    3. Tap the sticker icon at the top of the screen . Scroll through the stickers to find the Camera Roll sticker: itll be a circle previewing your latest photo, with a logo of a mountain and sun overlaid on top.

    4. Pick a photo and it will be added to your story. Drag it anywhere on the screen, or use your fingers to manipulate the size and tilt of the image. Then, tap the sticker icon again to add another photo.

    Repeat until all your photos are on the screen. Move them around and tweak them as youd like.

    5. To change the background color, tap the colored circle at the top of the screen.

    You can also change the shape of your images by tapping them for instance, maybe circles tickle your fancy.

    6. Ready to post? Tap the arrow icon to move on to your sharing settings. Select your audience and then tap Share.

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