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How To Add Location On Instagram

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How To Add Location On Instagram Business Profile

How to Add Location on Instagram

To add location to Instagram bio in case of a business profile, it is a very easy procedure. You can consider following the below steps for the same:

1. Open and tap on the Profile icon from the bottom of the screen.

2. Tap on Edit profile> Contact options.

3. Then, tap on the Business address option.

4. Enter your desired address in the fields accordingly.

5. Tap on the Done icon twice from the top right corner to save all the changes made.

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How To Create A Location On Instagram

Adding your location on is often an underrated feature for brands.

For brands, there are two main reasons to use it: Share your business location with your followers for increased discoverability or show some personality with fun location names.

Whatever your goal is, learn how to create your own custom location on Instagram in a few simple steps.

How A Custom Location Tag Creates Exposure For Your Business

For starters, potential clients and customers will have an easier time stumbling across your business.

Locations work in a similar way to hashtags. When a user searches a particular word or phrase, any hashtags containing that word or phrase populate.

Its the same process with locations.

Lets say Im sitting in my apartment in Los Angeles, and I want a cup of coffee. Maybe I want to try out a different coffee shop I havent been to, or Im new to the area and looking for local businesses. Im going to use Instagram to find a business that sells coffee.

As you can see below, a simple search of the keyword automatically generates a list of all locations near me that make and sell coffee.

When you create your custom location, your business will appear in search results and increase the chances that someone might stumble across it and try it out.

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Why Does Instagram Use Facebooks Location System

Facebook bought Instagram in 2012. Though they have a different team of developers, since that moment, both platforms have been intertwined in many ways.

Many times, when they notice that something works especially well on one of the sites, they take it over to the other one too. Such was the case of the last seen message and the possibility of sending GIFs.

The same has happened with the new location feature. Since they noticed it worked so well on Facebook, the team decided to just integrate it with its sister platform, Instagram.

Why Is The Location Not Displayed On My Instagram Profile Page

Instagram updated with new caption and location options, bolsters the ...

There is a special setting that enables and disables the display of your business contact details on the Instagram profile page. If the location you have added is not displayed, check if the display is enabled. You can find the settings on the same page where you add the address.

The location appears in your Instagram bio if the Display contact info button is active. The active button is blue. If it’s gray, you need to tap it to make it blue.

If you want to hide your business contact details and the location from Instagram users, disable their display in your bio. You need to tap the button to make it inactive. The button is gray when it is inactive.

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Turn Off The Location On Your Phone

Facebook may prohibit creating new location tags for places that are far from your real location. Turn off the location on your phone, if you need to create a tag removed from your current place.

On Instagram, you see locations that are close to you. Turn on location on your phone if you can’t see a location near you.

How To Add Location In An Instagram Photo Or Video: Android/ios

  • First you need to download and install the Instagram app from the App Store or the .
  • Once you have to installed, launch the application. As shown in the image below, click on the add button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now, you will get the option to add photos/videos to your post. Select the desired photo or video and click Next at the top-right corner of the screen. If you want to select multiple photos or videos you can tap on the Select Multiple option. Do note that you can share upto 10 photos/videos only.
  • When you tap on the Next button, you will be asked to try out a filter. So, as per your preference, you can choose a filter for a photo/video or even choose to disable the sound of the video you want to share.
  • After you are done setting up the photo/video, simply hit Next. Now, you will observe the screen which asks you to input the caption and add the location . As you can notice in the image below, you simply need to tap on any suggested address or tap on the Add Location option to search for the desirect location you want to add.
  • Thats it! You are done geo-tagging your photos/videos. In addition, if you need to add a location to any of your existing posts, you can do that by referring to the image below.
  • Additional Note:If you are using the Instagram app from Microsoft Store on your Windows 10 machine you will be able to edit your post and add a location to it but you will not get the functionality of uploading the photo/video from the computer.

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    How To Edit An Instagram Post

    Editing posts you’ve already added to your profile is a simple process.

    1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile device.

    2. Tap the small circular icon of your profile picture .

    3. Tap on the post you want to edit.

    4. Tap the more icon the three horizontal dots in the top right corner of the post.

    5. In the pop-up menu, tap Edit.

    6. Edit the caption as you see fit from this screen, you can also tag people , edit the alt text , and add a location marker .

    7. When you’re finished, tap Done in the top-right corner of the screen to save the changes you’ve made to the post.

    You Have More Chances To Be Found By Instagrammers

    How to Add Location on Instagram Bio! (Quick & Easy)

    Moreover, Instagram and other social media platforms such as Facebook have algorithms that show photos or videos in peoples feed based on their prior searches and the likelihood of liking that content.

    If your caffeine-loving Instagrams users are searching for coffee shops or coffee-related products, they are going to be shown more posts about this. The likelihood of your business appearing in their feed increases when you have a custom location turned on.

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    You Need To Have A Business Account

    Only professional accounts can set a location tag in their profile bio on Instagram.

    Any user can tag a media post with the location relevant to it. This tag can be automatically generated through Instagrams location tracker and manually edited afterward.

    Luckily, location tags in posts only display the city rather than coordinates. This fully respects the privacy of personal and creator accounts.

    On the other hand, professional accounts are generally considered public entities by Instagram. They cannot change their privacy setting from Public.

    Professional accounts also can prominently display their location in their bios, exact address, and all. This is on the presumption that the represented firm is safely open to the public.

    Because individuals can designate themselves as businesses, such accounts have the right not to declare their full addresses.

    Whether your professional account represents an individual or a public brand, it has many benefits beyond precise location tagging.

    Why Do You Need a Business Account?

    Again, although Instagram is strictly dedicated to the privacy of its users, professional accounts are considered public entities.

    That is why these accounts are easier to find, down to the location of the firm they represent.

    Again, professional accounts are mandatorily public to all users. Besides, they have as much right to discretion as to any personal account.

    What Is An Instagram Location Tag And Why It Is Important For Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

    In order to find products or services close-by, many people search for local businesses on Instagram.

    Luckily, the platform offers just the right feature for your businesses – location tag.

    So if you want to be found, you have to make sure your location is correctly tagged. Your will thank you.

    Lets say you have a coffee shop and you serve a wide variety of coffee, so you want to be found from people around the world who are visiting your city for the perfect coffee tasting experience.

    When you post pictures of your serving, not only are you inviting them to recreate the experience, but you also want to invite them to taste everything for themselves at your shop.

    You want to make your business to be easily found. This is the stage when the Instagram location tag does the magic.

    Therefore, an Instagram tag is a specific location based on latitude and longitude of where your brand decides to store all your Instagram content.

    Locations are displayed at the top of every post once theyre published, right underneath the username or the brand.

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    Can You Create A Location On Instagram Without Facebook

    Currently, there is no way to create a new location on Instagram without relying on its parent app, Facebook. The only locations you can access are the ones already available on the app.

    However, thats not necessarily a bad thing. So many brands and individual users have done the hard part for you, creating fun and relevant custom names that you can use on your posts.

    For instance, this brand used the “Coffee Time” location name to add to an image featuring various coffee beverages.

    In this case, the location name serves as another signal of what the post is about and can create some more interest in your brand.

    Some brands and users also use location tagging as another branding opportunity.

    He created a custom location name to add to his Instagram posts, which can help with brand recall.

    What Does This Mean For Your Business

    Instagram launches Story Search for hashtags and locations  TechCrunch

    All this, again, means more exposure for your business without you having to lift a finger .

    A custom location can be set up in no time, but it will have long-reaching effects on your customers finding you and how, in turn, your business will go forward.

    It only takes one location tag to lead to an inquiry, leading to a new customer, who makes a new location tag, and your reach will grow on.

    If youre a brand trying to grow your business, and you havent created a custom location for it yet what are you waiting for? Its a great way to gain more exposure and spread the word about your products with minimal effort on your part.

    How many times have you checked out an interesting new location because you saw it tagged on social media?

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    How Can A Custom Location On Instagram Help You

    You can use any location tags that have already been created on Instagram with ease, but did you know you can even create your own custom location tag for Instagram?

    Once you create it, your location can be tagged by other users, as well as shared and followed by IG users that are interested in your content.

    This is a huge plus as it gives you the opportunity to build a real-life portfolio of your business through a location tag!

    If youre not a business owner, dont worry, you can still create a custom Instagram location tag. You can add more flavor to your posts or your own unique tough through custom Instagram location tags.

    For example, if a group of roommates or a family wants to create a custom location tag for their house and call it something like, the pad, they can definitely do that.

    People can then tag that and all of their content will be there under the custom tag.

    This is a fun way to build a community and also have a solid feed of your posts on Instagram.

    If youre a business owner, this is even more important! Its a vital component of your strategy to get more exposure and generate interest around your location.

    Lets learn the simple steps in creating your own location tag on Instagram.

    Why Cant I Add Location On Instagram

    If you are wondering Why Cant I Add Location to Instagram bio? you have come to the right place. Instagram is a popular photo-sharing social media service, and it has a location feature for its business accounts. Although the feature is only available for business accounts, it can be a great advantage for personal accounts as well. With this feature, users can see where a business is located and easily find it.

    The first step to add a location to your Instagram profile is to switch to a professional account. Go to your profile and click Edit Profile. Tap the button Switch to a professional account. Select a category, such as business, and click Ok when the confirmation message appears. This step is very simple, but can be frustrating for users if they want to add a location to their bio.

    You can add your location to your Instagram bio using public business information. If you are a business owner, you can choose a street address. If you are a consumer, you can also include your zip code. Just be sure to include it in the appropriate place field. Once your profile has been created, click on Edit in the top-right corner of the screen. You can now edit the location of your business.

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    Instagrams New Algorithm Makes It Essential To Keep Your Posts Complete Heres Why You Need To Start Consistently Adding Your Location

    Instagram is a social media mountain to climb- a huge mountain actually. Its new algorithm is useless for the casual Instagram user, and favors those who interact constantly with their followers and consistently post well rounded and solid content. One way to start climbing the mountain is to begin utilizing locations. If the following adds to your long laundry list of things to keep in mind when managing your social media account, Responsival can help you manage all of these, too!

    Locations are linked to your physical locations and add it to a collection of photos that have the same location. When people search that location, your photo will appear with the others that added the same location. With this new algorithm, posts with a location result in 79% more engagement⦠need we say more?

    How To Add A Location To Your Instagram Bio On A Business Account

    How To Create A New location Instagram

    1. Launch the Instagram app on your Android or iPhone.

    2. Using the menu on the bottom of the screen, tap the profile icon, which resembles a person.

    3. Under your account’s bio information, select “Edit Profile.”

    4. Under “Public Business Information,” select “Contact Options.”

    5. Next, select the “Business Address” text box to add a location.

    6. Fill in the text boxes for street address, city/town, and zip code.

    7. Once you’ve entered all of your location information, make sure it is accurate and then select “Done” from the top-right corner of the screen.

    8. To finish, select “Save” at the top-right.

    9. After you’ve exited from the Edit Profile menu, your business profile will now reflect the location you’ve entered. This location will be visible to anyone who views your profile, whether they follow you or not.

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    How To Add Google Location On Instagram Bio

    If you have a personal or a business account and want to add your Google location link to your account, then the only part is where you can insert the location link in the website section. This is because Instagram allows the link insertion only in the website part of the Instagram profile.

    1. Open on your device.

    2. Tap on the Profile icon> Edit profile.

    3. Paste the Google Map link of your location in the Website field.

    4. Tap on the Done icon from the top.

    How To Create A Custom Location Tag On Instagram

    In order to get a custom location on Instagram, youll need to head over to Facebook? Yes, you heard correctly. Since Facebook bought out Instagram in 2012 , the two social media titans operate on the same system.

    This means you often need one to access certain functions on the other. Creating a location is a prime example. You will be setting it up on Facebook so that you can use your new location on Instagram.

    Lets get started!

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    Check In To Custom Location On Facebook

    Once your location services are turned on, you can create a custom check in location on Facebook. Follow these steps to check in on Facebook:

  • On your homepage, click Check In under the status update box. You may have to click the . . . on the browser version to see the Check In button.
  • Type in your custom location as you want it to appear on Instagram. The first letter must be capitalized, and the location cannot begin with a symbol or an emoji.
  • There may be other locations with similar names but in different locations. You can still create a new version for your geographical location, if you wish. Whether the name exists elsewhere or not, click Add Your Location Name at the bottom of your screen.
  • Choose a category for your location it can be for your restaurant, your home, or Just For Fun.
  • Search for the physical location you want your geolocation attached to. You can search by city and then choose to add more specific details like address and zip code. You can also click Im currently here to simply connect to your current location.
  • Check in to your new location to confirm its creation.
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