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How To Add Linktree To Instagram

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How Does Linktree Work

How To Use LinkTree for Instagram

Linktree operates by creating a landing page on its website with many links to your site.

Simply copy or paste the Linktree URL to your landing page to the bio of your Instagram bio to promote awareness of other areas of your website.

The pages can be customized in various ways, contingent on the subscription you have . You can, for instance, modify your fonts, create animated backgrounds or highlights for important hyperlinks, or even schedule the release of new links.

If youre on a Pro subscription, you will also access analytics to ensure that you can determine which of your websites perform the best to create content that is tailored to the needs of your target audience.

Add Linktree To Instagram Profile

After you are satisfied with what youve done, its time to insert the Link Tree on your Instagram account profile. The link is visible at the top right of the Link Tree screen, copy that link. Then go to your Instagram profile and edit the profile settings of your account with the new link. And there you have it, youve created a link tree that actually looks like you know what you are doing.

How Do I Make An Email Link In Html5

HTML < a> tag provides you option to specify an email address to send an email. While using < a> tag as an email tag, you will use mailto: email address along with href attribute. Following is the syntax of using mailto instead of using http. This code will generate the following link which you can use to send email.

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Create Multiple Links In Your Instagram Bio With Linktree

Direct Sales, Social Media Tips

Now that youre able to be more consistent, active and strategic by scheduling to Instagram with CinchShare, we feel that youre definitely ready to add a little extra pizazz to your marketing game with Linktree!

As youve already noticed in your Instagram bio, the platform only allows one link to an outside source, and its natural to feel compelled to link to your website to drive traffic to your business and hopefully make those sales. But of course there are a bunch of places youd like to funnel your audience to have them learn more about your biz and connect with you, and that is where the beauty of Linktree comes in!

What is LinktreeLinktree is a free site that connects to your Instagram account and allows for multiple links to be listed via that ONE link in your Instagram bio. Is that genius or what?!? If you click on our link in our , youll be taken to this page with the links we have featured via Linktree:

Why You Want to Use ItThink about the possibilities! As a direct seller or small business owner, you will be able to direct your audience to not only your website, but your Facebook business page, your VIP customer group, your blog, other social media accounts that you use for your biz, its even great for linking to your newsletter, to your Flash Sale Event, or YouTube videos basically ANY link you want!

How to Add LinksIts super easy to add your links to Linktree! Simply click on + ADD NEW BUTTON / LINK

How To Add Whatsapp On Linktree

How to Link to Multiple URLs on Instagram

You can add WhatsApp to Linktree using the above methods. If you want to go with the first method, click on Add new link. Then add a title. Lets call it Message me on WhatsApp. Now in the URL, type where you need to replace the text number with your phone number preceded by the country code. For instance, where 91 is my country code followed by the phone number. You can modify the WhatsApp link to include a pre-defined message as well.

If you want to add using the second method, go to Linktree Settings > Social links. Look for WhatsApp textbox. Type your number preceded by + and country code without any spaces. For instance, +91700123456.

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Diy Linktree On Your Website

If these options don’t suit your fancy, you can always create your own mobile-friendly URL linking to a landing page with buttons to choose from, similar to a Linktree. This option is free and easy to brand according to your website design features. Also, if youre linking within your site you can track your clicks and easily link within your site. By DIYing an Instagram link on your site, you also own the tool youre using in case anything ever happens with the link in bio tools mentioned above.

The only downside to this option? It doesnt offer the unique options created with Instagram users in mind like the ability to easily rearrange your link tree by turning off live buttons or shop your feed based on your grid posts.

Whichever option suits your fancy, I recommend adding a personized URL to your bio in order to share more valuable content on Instagram. Sharing multiple links within is vital for driving traffic to your blog, shop, newsletter opt-in, or services page.

Should You Use Linktree For Marketing On Instagram

Linktree is helpful for marketing on Instagram because it helps you direct users to multiple different content offerings. So instead of only sharing, say, a link to your website, you can also link to your various social channels, your newest YouTube video, or a recent partnership you launched.

Another common use case on Instagram is if you run multiple campaigns on the platform at once, as your Linktree can contain links relevant to each of the different buyer personas you target.

When considering leveraging Linktree on Instagram, the main factor to consider is that it helps you drive additional traffic to other high-impact sources. If you dont use a Linktree, youll likely be updating your bio every time you want to direct users to a new piece of content, or you link to a website page where users can take additional action.

If driving traffic from Instagram is not a top priority for in-platform marketing, Linktree likely isnt for you as it does require upkeep to ensure you dont share so many links that users get overwhelmed by their choices.

If you want to leverage the tool in your Instagram strategy, lets discuss how you can create one.

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How To Create A Linktree On Instagram

Its a common misconception that you can natively make a Linktree page on Instagram. Thats not the case. You can only add and edit links using Linktrees dashboard. Lets see how its done.

1. Go to Linktrees dashboard andclick on Add New Link button to begin.

2. Youll get a new URL tab as soon as you hit the new link button. You have two options here first is the title and the second is URL. The title is the name thatll appear on the Linktree page and the URL is the website associated with it. In my case, Ive added my YouTube channels link and the title is Vaibhavs YouTube.

Follow the same process to add more links. Simply click on Add New Link and feed in the title and URL.

To put things into perspective, check out the Linktree page preview on the right side of the dashboard. It keeps updating as soon as you make any changes.

3. Coming to the main point, how do you share the Linktree link? You can either copy the link or download a QR code. We are going to use the first option. To do that, click on the on the top right corner. Now click on Copy my Linktree URL.

4. Open your Instagram profile and click on the Edit Profile option on the top.

5. Now scroll down to the Website option, paste the Linktree URL, and click on Submit at the bottom of the page. Voila, youve successfully created a Linktree and connected it with Instagram.

If you wish to edit, add, or delete any URLs, you can do that from your Linktree profile easily.

Register An Account And Add Your Links To Linktree

How to Make a Linktree on Instagram

The biggest plus of managing multiple social accounts is the increase of your product or services visibility. In other words, more potential clients will be aware of you and your brand.

Currently, you can attach the links to your Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter accounts on your TikTok profile. However, you may have other links like Facebook, online shops, or landing pages. Thus, adding a Linktree to your Bio would solve the problem!

Linktree enables you to shorten a list of links into one single link. It significantly makes your profile more attractive and professional. Also, your followers will find it easier to access all your social accounts as well as online store URLs.

To add a link in your Bio, you need to register an account on Linktree first. Click on Sign up and enter your username, email and password as required.

Then, youll need to answer some simple questions and choose a plan to continue. You can create a link for free or choose from three premium plans if youre seeking additional features.

After verifying your account by email, youll see the main page of Linktree. Make sure youre in the Links section, or you wont see the Add new link button.

All you need to do is enter the Title and URL of your social account or website links. Most importantly, you can add as many links as you wish as the image below:

At the top of the page, hit Share to copy your Linktree.

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How To Set Up Linktree

Once you sign-up, you can start linking! You can set-up your Linktree by: Pressing the Add New Link Button. Adding the page URL with a name . Continuing to add your links which can be dragged to determine the order. You can change the appearance of your Linktree via the Appearance option located on the navigation bar. Add a profile picture and choose a theme that matches your branding. Once youre happy with how your Linktree looks in the mobile preview , copy the generated link located above the mobile preview. Add your link to Instagram and Facebook. Double-check that your links are working correctly. You can log into Linktree to turn on or off links using the slider at the top, or you can delete a link using the bin option below.

How To Make A Linktree For Instagram

1. Sign-up for an account for free

Visit linktree/register, and complete your details.

After that, go to your inbox and follow the directions in the confirmation email.

2: Add links

After you have verified your account, youll be able to access your dashboard.

Select the purple Add Link button on the home screen. Click the purple Add Link link on your home page to create your first link.

Then, you will be capable of adding the title, URL as well as a thumbnail image to your hyperlink:

Upload your own photo or select one from Linktrees icon library:

Then youre done! Repeat this procedure until youve added all your hyperlinks.

When you add hyperlinks, youll be able to get a glimpse of your tree of links on the left of the dashboard.

3: Organize your links

At any time, you are able to move your headers and links to different locations by pressing the 3 vertical dots and moving the element until it is in its new place.

4. Modify the look that your linktree will have

With all your links set up, now is the now time for you to turn your tree completely.

Begin by clicking on the Appearance tab on the top menu.

You can also add an image or a brief description to the link trees page. You can also alter the theme of your link tree. A variety of free options are accessible. Professional users can develop their own themes.

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Add The Url Of Linktree To Your Tiktok Bio

There are two types of accounts on TikTok: Personal account and Business account.

When you join TikTok for the first time, your account status will be set as Personal by default. Its eligible for you to use full music and the commercial collection of sounds to create trendy videos. Plus, you can take advantage of the Promote feature to boost your videos visibility.

Of course, you can easily switch your account to a Business account with a few simple steps. The most significant difference between these two accounts is that Business accounts can set up automated direct messages. In addition, you can start a conversation with anyone without adding a friend.

Here is a quick tutorial that shows you how to change your account status to Business:

  • Select the Me option at the navigation bar at the bottom of the Homepage screen.
  • From the Profile page, tap the three verticle lines icon on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Navigate to Settings and privacy> Manage account> Switch to Business Account.
  • Hit Next and pick a category that best describes your accounts.
  • Tap Next once again, and youre done!

As a matter of fact, you can add a Linktree to TikTok regardless of your account status.

To add a Linktree to your Personal account, navigate to your Profile page and hit Edit profile. Then, paste the URL to the Bbio section like the image below:

Youtube Videos For Badass Boss Babes

How To Use Linktree To Add Multiple Links On Instagram

My YouTube channel is growing, and Im actively creating video content for my readers to consume on the go. Every single week I publish new videos. Since YouTube is the #2 search engine , its a no-brainer to utilize that platform. A quick YouTube tip: when you are sharing your YouTube link with others, if you add sub_confirmation=1 to the end of your link, it will pull up a subscription confirmation button for the readers.

You can only add 4 or 5 links to your Linktree profile because thats all that fits into the viewing pane. You can also customize the background. So when an Instagram follower clicks the link in your bio, that link takes them to a page that has your best links! Heres what it looks like.

Thats it! Thats all there is to it! When I found this tool , I immediately wanted to share it with you guys! Let me know what you think! If youd like more badass blogging & business tips, be sure to subscribe! Ill send you behind-the-scenes tips and tricks that have helped grow this blog fast, including how Ive ranked several posts on page one of Google within 3 months of blogging. Just enter your email below!

You might also want to check out Ashlyns post Youre Using Linktree Wrong. Heres How to Fix it. She offers a bit more into the psychology of the prospect and what makes them want to click your links. Really great stuff!

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Its An Additional Step Further From Your Website

The aim of Social Media is to get people to your website. If you are using Linktree you are just adding another step before people can reach your website. A linktree bio link is taking your audience to a site that isnt yours with the hope that all of those work smoothly. Being a 3rd party tool you have zero control over it. That extra step is totally unnecessary and makes it more likely for you to have problems getting the people to your website .

Never Change The Link In Your Bio Again

Back in 2016 Linktree solved social medias most annoying problem:only having one link in your bio.Linktree was the first link in bio platform made to solve this problem. Linktree has since become so much more. Allowing businesses or creators to get more out of their social media, grow their following, easily take payments and take back control of how your content is discovered.

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Here Is What You Should Be Doing Instead

Enough of reason as to why you shouldnt have 3rd party tools like linktree. In this section, I will be covering what you should be doing instead.

Every online business needs an effective bio link page.

Megan Newman

If you are not using a Bio-Link page and just using a simple link to your homepage, you are missing out on the opportunity to offer multiple ways to connect with your ideal client and show them how you can help them most importantly remarket yourself to them!

  • Purchase a domain name, for example via Geek Crunch Hosting
  • Host your Website with basic Micro Hosting
  • Or Create a custom Instagram Landing Page hosted on your own website!
  • Customize the page with your branding, logo, navigation bar, footer, and any other desired branding elements.
  • Include your photo or logo and bio below the links to personalize your landing page and make you STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD
  • Use FB Pixel, Google Tags etc. for each link and retarget people who click
  • Test your page. Do all the links work?
  • Get in the habit of updating this page every time you release new content.
  • Here is an example of how my Bio Link Page looks:

    If you see my bio link there is a lot more of personalization that I can do with the same space. If you are a brand you can do a lot more branding with your colors. Below is an example of a brand page

    Give Your Followers More Than One Link To Visit

    How to add Linktree to your Instagram bio | Linktree How-tos
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    Linktree is a social media landing page tool that helps users display their web links. Linktree is popular on , where users add their Linktree link to the website field on their profile page. Here’s a look at how to use Linktree and how to add Linktree to your Instagram.

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