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How To Add Link To Pinterest

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How to add links to your pins in Pinterest

YOURE ALREADY TAKING PICTURES, RIGHT?;Of course you are! So if you are spending the time to post all of these awesome;pics of your work, your products, your motivational quotes and your lifestyle experiences on Instagram, I highly recommend that you share them to your Pinterest account. People on Pinterest want to know how awesome you are too!

How To Create Affiliate Pins That Get Clicks

My favorite affiliate marketing course, Pin to Profits Affiliate Marketing, goes into detail about design elements that make an affiliate pin click-worthy. Unfortunately, I cant share that here because its copyrighted material. But I can give you some pointers. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Promote Relevant Products To A Specific Niche

Although youre reaching customers in a completely new platform, think about your niche market and try to help your audience rather than overwhelm them with all sorts of products of all kinds.;

This is a marketing campaign and like any campaign, youll need a strategy. Also, if customers start to see too many Amazon Affiliate links, then they may feel like youre spamming them and will just stop following you altogether.

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Update Your Existing Pins

Go through your boards and see which pins you can add an affiliate link to. Use affiliate links for products that you have used and loved. This will establish trust with your followers. To make sure you keep the quality and standards of your brand, keep this in mind before you get too focused on the cha-ching.

Create Beautiful Pins To Boost Engagement

How to Connect Your Accounts on Pinterest: 9 Steps (with ...

Here are some of our top tips for creating beautiful Pins that your viewers will want to save and share:

Use high-quality photos: Make sure they are sharp, in focus, well-composed, properly showcase your product, and match your brand aesthetic.

Use portrait shots: Because ,;taller images perform better as they fill more of the screen as a user scrolls down through the explore page. The max aspect ratio for Pins is 1:2.8 so getting creative with the length of your images could make a big difference to your engagement rates.

Create Pins with multiple images: If youre skilled in Photoshop, you can edit multiple images together to create one, long Pin. However, we suggest you keep it to less than four images for clarity.

Keep text on your Pins to a minimum: Remember that your Pin is just a snapshot of the link youre sharing, so youll want to keep the text on your Pin short and simple.

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Write Your Pin Description

Write a description using your main target long-tail keyword and 2-3 related keywords from the search results. With a regular pin, your main target keyword should be in your blog post title. meta description, pin title, and pin description. Affiliate pins dont have a blog post title or meta description so you just need to focus on the pin title and pin description. This below is my affiliate description. Notice how I weave the keywords into the description?

Thats how you make money on Pinterest with affiliate links. Uploading the pin is simple. However, getting clicks can be a challenge in the beginning. I was struggling with that until I took Pin To Profits Affiliate Marketing. It goes over design tricks you can use on Canva or PicMonkey to entice people to click on your pins. You can learn more about the course in my interview with the creator, McKinzie Bean.

How Did This All Come To Be

The cool part of the Pinterest and Shopify integration is that it has been in the works for quite some time now. Talks between Shopify and Pinterest, regarding integrations, started with the .

In short, the rich pins feature pushed additional product information into the product pins, ensuring that customers could see real-time pricing and stock availability. The system worked so that you didnt have to implement your own meta code to make this happen. Instead, all products from your store automatically received the rich pins feature.

After that, the feature changed to the name of Buyable Pins with additional tools and a streamlined payment processing interface.

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Before You Get Started

Before you create an Idea Pin, youll need to accept and agree to the Creator Code. The Creator Code is a pledge to create Idea Pins that follow our Community guidelines. If an Idea Pin violates our guidelines, you may lose access to Idea Pins. Youll only need to accept the Creator Code once.

After youve selected to create an Idea Pin, click Get started to read the Creator Code. Click I agree to accept the Creator Code and start creating your Idea Pin. You can refer back to the Creator Code at any time here.

Grow Your Number Of Followers

How To Add Links to Pinterest Pictures

Here are a few tips:

Tip #1 Create Boards & Start Pinning

If your profile is new, then you should start by creating different boards. They should be distinctive, but they shouldnt drift away from your niche. This profile is just an extension of your brand. For example, if you sell sports items, you can create fitness boards about specific topics like, workouts, nutrition, motivation for weight loss.;

People looking at your profile will relate to your content in an authentic way.

Tip #2 Get Followers

The more followers you get, the more chance youll have that theyll purchase a product using your Amazon Affiliate Links. There are two main ways to do it: following other people or repinning popular content. The good thing is you can do both.;

Once your boards are set, publish some pins first and then start to follow other profiles. Find users with profiles that can be associated to your niche market or your brand. Its not about following profiles exactly like yours, its about profiles that share the same interests.

You can also pin content that is already doing well. This may be the best way to gain the most followers and its really easy since any of the top pins is already extremely popular. Just choose whatever image you like.;

Once youve done this, you can start pinning affiliate content or pins that redirect users to your Amazon posts or to your website.;

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Finalising And Publishing A Story Pin

Once you’ve uploaded all the Pins to your Story you’re ready for the final steps.

If you’re not happy with the order of your Story Pins you have the option to re-order them by clicking on the “Reorder Pages” button at top . Hold the cursor down and drag each Pin to the correct position.

Don’t forget to click “Done” when you’re happy with the adjustments.

Now all you need to do is select which board you want to publish your Story Pin to.

Now you’re ready to hit that “PUBLISH” button!

To view your completed Story pin use the side arrows to scroll through each Pin.

Create A Pin From Your Photos

View instructions for:

Upload an image from your computer or phone to create a Pin.

  • Log into your and;click;the plus icon;at the bottom-right of your profile or home feed
  • Click;Create a Pin
  • Drag and drop or click;the directional arrow up circle icon to upload your image
  • Add a title, a description, and the destination link
  • Click;Select above the title;next to Save
  • Select the board you want to save to or click Create board to create a new one
  • Click;Save
  • Tap your profile picture to open your;profile;;
  • Swipe down slowly until the search bar appears
  • Tap;the plus icon;above your boards
  • Tap Pin
  • Select a photo to upload, then tap Next;
  • Tap;;the camera icon
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    The Importance Of Choosing The Right Boards

    Dont forget to post your affiliate pins to your own personal boards. When I share my affiliate pins, I start with my own relevant boards because theyre better optimized for SEO than my group boards. I carefully write my board descriptions to optimize them for keywords. Technically speaking, you dont even need to share pins to group boards if you have well-optimized personal boards with high repin rates. The advantage of group boards is that they help you expand your reach.

    Create A Pin From An Image You Found On The Web

    How to add a Pinterest Tab to Facebook

    Start by downloading the Pinterest browser button. This Pinterest browser button helps you easily create Pins from the images you find on the web.

    When you find an image youd like to save as a Pin, click the browser button on your browsers toolbar. Or you can press the Pin button that pops up over the images when you hover over it.

    Once you select the Pin button, a list of images from the website will appear. From this list, select the image you would like to create a Pin of from the image list and click Save. Add or edit the description and then pick the board you want to save to.

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    How To Add An Amazon Link To A Pin

    First, decide if you linking to a full Pin that you create or just to an image to the product. You already know the benefits of a tall Pin, so the choice is yours.

    • Create the pin or
    • In the drop-down box, chick Upload Image.
    • In the new window, use Upload Image to find and well, upload your image.
    • Go to Amazon to get your product link. If you havent downloaded the Amazon Associates Site Strip, do that ASAP. Once youre on the catalog page, use the Text choose in the Get Link box in the upper left-hand corner. Use the radio button to choose the shortened link and click Get Link.
    • Copy the line and then
    • Add your description. Dont skimp on the details. Oh, and make sure to add your affiliate info to keep right with the FTC.
    • Choose a board and then upload.

    You can also, go back and edit the pin if you need to make changes.

    It is easy as that. You can scatter Amazon linked products throughout your boards or add a new board that is just about the product. Theres no right or wrong.

    Now, lets go make this an amazingly profitable day,

    Upload An Image File From Your Computer And Add A Destination Link

    The first thing you’ll do is upload an image to represent your pin. You can do this in two ways:

    To upload an image file from a folder on your computer, simply click the gray box and select the image file from the window that appears on your screen. You can also drag the image file itself directly into this gray box.

    Once your image is uploaded, click “Add a destination link” on the bottom-righthand corner of the form and enter the website you want this pin to link to when users click on it.

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    Put Together Your Main Target Keyword

    Based on my research, I chose affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog as my main target keyword. This what they call a long-tail keyword, a phrase that conveys a specific idea. Its important to use long-tail keywords because then youll be giving users exactly what theyre looking for. If you use just affiliate marketing as your keyword, youll be competing against everyone on Pinterest who has ever written anything about affiliate marketing. Thanks to proper keyword research, the first and seventh pins in the search results below are my own.

    Add Your Website To Your Profile

    SEO – How to add / create links on Pinterest

    View instructions for:

    To see your website’s analytics, add a featured logo to your Pins and more, you’ll need to claim your website.

  • Log into your
  • Click the directional chevron down icon at the top-right of your screen, then click Settings
  • On the Edit profile tab, scroll down to Website URL;and enter your website link
  • Click Save at the bottom of your screen
  • Tap your profile picture at the bottom-right of your screen to open your profile
  • Tap the nut icon at the top-right of your screen
  • Tap Edit profile
  • Below Website,;enter your website link
  • Tap Done;
  • Tap your profile picture at the bottom-right of your screen
  • Tap;the ellipsis icon;the nut ico at the top-right of your screen, then tap Settings
  • Tap Edit profile
  • Below;Website, enter your website link
  • Tap Done
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    Create A Pin Using An Image Saved On Your Computer

    To create a Pin from images on your computer, follow these steps:

    • Select Choose Image and find the file on your computer
    • Pick a board for your Pin and add a description

    Heres how to schedule your Pins with Later:

    • ;Drag and drop an image from your Media Library onto your content calendar to schedule it at the date and time of your choice.

    Important: Your board settings must be set to Public in order to schedule your Pin to that board. When scheduling your Pin, you can search your boards by name, or simply scroll through a list of your boards

    • Crop your photo, enter your caption, and add a link.
    • Finally, adjust the scheduled time if needed, and hit Save to schedule your Pin!

    Not signed up to Later yet? What are you waiting for! Start managing and scheduling your Pins;now:;

    Narrow Down The Search Using Suggested Keywords

    Now, I look at the suggested keywords and pick 4-5 that are most relevant to the course. Ill use them to create my target keyword. In this case, they would be:

    • Without a blog
    • Make money
    • Passive income

    I click all the relevant suggestions to see what pins appear under them. Often times, youll find that there is a lot of overlap. I want my pins to appear under as many of these keywords as possible. At the same time, I dont want to just stuff my pin description with every keyword. It still has to sound natural and make sense.

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    Save And Schedule Pinned Images From The Web With Tailwind Browser Extension

    With the Tailwind Browser extension, you can save images from websites to your drafts, or schedule them immediately!

    Select the Tailwind Schedule buttonthat pops up. Select the Board youd like to add your Pin to.

    Type your Pin Description. Save for later, or add to your Pin Publisher Queue right then and there!

    Use Fonts That Are Easy To Read

    Learn New Things: How to Add Website Links from Any ...

    With affiliate pins, I use both script fonts and cursive fonts. I tend to tell people to stay away from cursive fonts, but I make an exception with affiliate pins because they;perform well. Before I post an affiliate pin, it goes through my sister test. Its pretty simple I just ask my sister, who wears glasses, whether she can read every single word.

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    Create Long And Vertical Pins

    Youve probably heard this a million times, but its worth reiterating. I still see square pins all the time on Pinterest. With affiliate pins, I make my pins longer than usual so that they stand out. My pins are typically somewhere between 735 x 1250 and 735 x 1400. I also experiment with smaller pins , and they do well too. There is no set rule for the exact dimensions your pins should be. Just make sure they are vertical. I use both;PicMonkey;and Canva to create my pins. PicMonkey has an edge over Canva in terms of features.;

    Six: Asses What Went Well

    Look at your affiliate-related pins: What had the highest number of saves and impressions? And what is it about this pin that you think made it so popular? Is the graphic different, did you use more relevant keywords or is it the topic itself?

    Whatever the answers to these questions, make sure that you use them to guide your affiliate pinning strategy going forward to optimise your success.

    The truth is, youre unlikely to make a living off pinning affiliate links. But thats true of using them on any platforms! The key to success is to diversify where you are sharing them, ensuring that you have a solid strategy behind you.

    Pinterest is just one part of the puzzle, but will be a brilliant addition to your arsenal. We can help you with the rest inside the hub!

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    Three: Create An Affiliate

    Its well worth considering having a board dedicated to affiliate links. Just make sure that its relevant to your niche so that people will actually want to look at it! If you blog about cleaning, a board linking to your fave bathroom cleaning products makes perfect sense, but one about your makeup favourites probably wont do as well.

    Again, make sure the name of the board and board description are full of those juicy keywords, without being too spammy about it.;

    One: Set Up Affiliate Accounts

    Pinterest – How to Upload and Add a Link to an Image

    Obviously, to have affiliate links, you need some kind of membership to an affiliate scheme. Try to focus on joining ones that are the most relevant to your niche, so that you can get as much goodness out of it as possible!

    Weve tried our fair share of programmes over the years and have four main favourites that wed recommend starting out with: Check out this blog post for a detailed rundown of them all. Plus, access our guide to the best affiliate programmes specifically for bloggers in our free resource library.;

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