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How To Add Hashtag In Linkedin

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Monitor Social Media Influencers And Competitors

How To Use Hashtags On LinkedIn

Start by doing a competitive analysis on social media. Gather intel about your competitors and any relevant influencers within your brands niche.

Make note of which hashtags they use most often and how many hashtags they use in each of their posts. This will help you learn how your competitors are engaging with your shared target audience and which keywords they tend to use.

Hashtags Help Users Find Content On A Specific Topic

Consider LinkedIn hashtags to be like street banners. They are something people may come across accidentally and might attract their attention. Hashtags work in the same way. People searching for a particular topic can find you more easily and, as a result, you will get users interested in what you write about.

How To Best Use Hashtags For Marketing On Linkedin

While adding a hashtag is extremely simple, choosing the right ones can be trickyespecially if you want to get the best results. Use them correctly and you can reach your ideal targets more easily. It takes a bit of practice to optimize your hashtag usage, and it might take you a bit of trial and error. But here are a few tips on how you can best use hashtags to your advantage.

First, learn how to follow hashtags on LinkedIn. Look for hashtags that are relevant to your personal interests so you can follow them and see updates in your feed that include these hashtag topics. You can also use this method to discover industry news and even new trends.

Go to the Search bar at the top of your LinkedIn page and enter a hashtag you are interested in. Clicking on a hashtag will show you all the content related to that topic. Click the Follow button to follow that hashtag.

People can do the same thing to find your content on LinkedIn, which is why it is important to choose the right hashtags when posting. Think of keywords that relate to your industry, whether it is #Fashion, #Art, #Engineering, #Science, #Business, etc.

Consider using a few popular hashtags when posting content on LinkedIn. Popular hashtags get a lot of views because many people are using them. However, their popularity also means that many people are using these hashtags, so your content can easily get lost in the sea of new posts. Dont rely on popular hashtags too much: one or two of these should be enough.

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How To Find Hashtags For Instagram

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags in each post though you dont need to add all 30 of them since that can come across as spam. 5-10 hashtags are optimal on the visual network. In fact, research indicates using too many hashtags can reduce your engagement.

As for where to add hashtags, you can add them both to your caption or in your first comment. The latter is a better option though considering a study concludes that slipping in hashtags in your first comment actually increases the posts reach.

Whats more, you can add hashtags to your Instagram Stories by either using the hashtag sticker or the text tool for writing the hashtag text .Plus, use hashtags in your bio. Its a good way to get your custom hashtags or any campaign that youre running eyeballed.

Now, on to how to find out which hashtags to use on Instagram? You have a handful of options:

  • Look at the hashtags your top followers are using

With every post you publish, you have some followers who are always interacting with your content. There are also followers with an engaged audience.

Either way, take the time to study your followers and zero down on hashtags relevant to your business that they are using. Then, use those hashtags.

  • Identify hashtags influencers are using

Head over to your competitors Instagram account and make a list of the hashtags they use. Check their Stories as well as posts. Repeat these steps as you study profiles of industry influencers that your audience follows.

Linkedin Hashtag Best Practices:

Using hashtags on LinkedIn
  • Avoid spacing between words. If your hashtag is a multi-word phrase, write it like so: #DigitalMarketing.
  • Stick to one or two hashtags per update. Otherwise, LinkedIns algorithm bots may see your content as spam and punish you by reducing said posts reach. You also want to avoid annoying your connections!
  • Make sure your hashtag could not be construed as meaning something else. The most unfortunate example of this was when Susan Boyles marketing team released her new album with the social media tagline of Susan Album Party. Now when you splice that into a hashtag which they of course did you get #susanalbumparty. Well let you figure that one out
  • Avoid punctuation. This ends a hashtag prematurely in the same way as a space. So, instead of #YoullNeverWalkAlone, you should write YoullNeverWalkAlone.
  • Keep hashtags short and simple you want people to use these in their own content so dont make it more of a chore than it needs to be.
  • When creating and using a hashtag unique to your brand and/or campaign, check that it isnt currently being used anywhere else. You dont want your messages lost in other, irrelevant discussions on LinkedIn.
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    Dont Take Hashtag Literacy For Granted

    #TFW no one likes your LinkedIn update because they dont know TFW stands for that feeling when.

    #DYK skew slightly older than other social media sites? So dont assume everyone in your audience will be familiar with hashtag acronyms like #TFW, #DYK , #ICYMI , or others.

    Stay on tone for your brand and for your audience. #TFW may work on Twitter, but not on LinkedIns more professional platform.

    Use to make sure youre familiar with your audience demographics. If youre not sure a hashtag acronym will succeed, run it by someone who matches your audience profile.

    I Might Be The Lucky One

    Till yesterday, even I wasn’t aware of this new feature to follow, manage, and to discover hashtags on desktop. Because LinkedIn started testing and exploring all possibilities for a month ago. Today, when I woke up and logged-into LinkedIn account on my desktop, a popover surprised me saying “Personalize your feed by following hashtags”

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    How Do Linkedin Hashtags Differ From Twitter And Instagram

    Now most of you may have skipped over that last section, having already learned the basics of hashtagging via Twitter and Instagram. But what you may not know, is that hashtags on LinkedIn should not be seen or used in the same way as those channels. Why? Because of the nature of the social channel, for starters.

    LinkedIn is largely a professional network although some may say this is up for debate these days and therefore some hashtags used on the likes of Twitter and Instagram may not have a place here.

    The functionality of hashtags on LinkedIn is similar to that of Twitter and Instagram, in that they usually increase the reach and potential engagement of your content. Like Instagram, you can also follow hashtags on LinkedIn to ensure certain content and updates finds its way onto your feed. To do this, simply type the hashtag into the search bar at the top of your feed and click Follow.

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    To discover what specific hashtags mean to an audience, try Tagdef. This site allows you to easily search for hashtags or phrases to discover their definition and popularity. A quick search can ensure that your hashtag doesnt have a hidden message you didnt know about.

    Pro Tip: To develop a hashtag strategy, you must first find the hashtags that best connect you with your ideal audience. As you discover relevant hashtags, keep a running list of them in a Google Doc so you can quickly update your Linkedin Hashtags You Follow list as needed.

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    Help You Create A Library Of Your Content

    Posting under particular hashtags means all your social content gets automatically shelved under those categories. This way, you can easily find all the content youve shared. This is specifically helpful on LinkedIn and Instagram where custom hashtags can help you create a collection of your posts that others can easily follow.

    Do Hashtags Work On Linkedin

    Yes, hashtags do work on LinkedIn. You can add them to your status update, your published article, and your business page to reach an audience beyond your network. You can also browse through hashtag feeds to see what conversations are happening surrounding those topics.

    Let’s get into the basics of using hashtags on the platform and dive into how to find the top trending ones in your industry.

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    How To Create And Use Hashtags

    Begin keywords and keyword phrases with the symbol # with no punctuation or spaces between the words, such as:


    When Im using hashtags on a phrase, I usually capitalize the first letter of each word, so its easier for humans to read. Search engines dont care whether or not you capitalize.

    When you share an update or publish a post on LinkedIns Pulse platform, add hashtags to your commentary that tell people what your update or post is about.

    LinkedIns Help pages describe how to add hashtags, and explain:

    Once youve added hashtags to your article, members will be able to find it by searching for that word or phrase on LinkedIn. Hashtags will not be added to the article itself, but can be found in the commentary that shows above your article in the LinkedIn feed. After your article has been published, hashtags cannot be edited or added.

    There are no limits to the number of hashtags that can be added to each article.

    Editing your public profile settings to Make my public profile visible to everyone will enable anyone who searches for that hashtag to find your article.

    Search hash-tagged relevant words when youre gathering competitive intelligence on your target industry, companies, and employees, or to identify people to connect with on LinkedIn . . . or when you want to keep up with trending topics. Youll discover posts on LinkedIn containing that hashtag or topic.

    Do Hashtags Work On Linkedin Profiles And Company Pages

    LinkedIn Hashtags Increase Your Visibility

    You can add hashtags to , but they dont behave in the same way. Theyre not searchable, and they dont highlight as a blue clickable link, which makes them a non-tagged keyword.

    For example, when I search for #socialselling in People I see these results:

    My first result shows Sarah Santacroce, who doesnt have the hashtag in her Profile Headline and Summary, although she does reference the term social selling without the hashtag in the Experience section of her profile:

    The second result shows Steve Jones, who does have the hashtag in his Headline and Summary:

    The same happens if you search for hashtags in Companies. For example, DigitalMarketer uses #socialselling in the About us section of their company page:

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    Explore The Hashtags You Follow Feature

    LinkedIn is encouraging users to post and search for specific hashtags using the Your Communities section on the left-hand side of their LinkedIn feed.

    If you see the Your Communities box on your home page, you have the ability to manage hashtag use and conversations more easily, right from a convenient location. to start adding hashtags to your list.

    youre following to monitor and easily join the conversations built around them.

    to see the full list of Linkedin hashtags youre following. To customize the abbreviated list to show the top three LinkedIn hashtags you want to use, you want to show.

    If you pin the hashtags that are most relevant, it will save you the extra step of clicking Show More. Seeing the pinned hashtags every time you visit LinkedIn will also reinforce using those hashtags when you post updates.

    Finally, you can to find new hashtag suggestions. This is a great way to see the number of followers for specific hashtags, which can be a good indicator whether you should be using those hashtags too. Find a hashtag you like and .

    The Best Hashtag Strategy To Use Right Now On Linkedin

    • Use 3 hashtags
    • Use LinkedIn search to identify hashtag frequency
    • Place hashtags at the end of content
    • Go big & broad with 2 hashtags and use 1 niche hashtag
    • Use keywords to signpost your content themes

    The rest of the article will be explaining WHY this is the best hashtag strategy to use in LinkedIn’s current content climate!

    How to use LinkedIn search to identify hashtags to use

    When creating content, LinkedIn will suggest to you hashtags to use. Most people don’t know whether to go big and broad with hashtags, for example #socialmedia or whether they should be using hashtags that are more ‘niche’ like #socialmediatips. You can find the answer to this question by using LinkedIn’s search bar.

    Head to the top of your screen and type in the hashtag that you are considering. You will see how many posts have used this hashtag already and how many accounts follow the hashtag.

    When you follow a hashtag you will see content in your feed using this hashtag. Content will appear from personal profiles and company pages outside of your network.

    “Your news feed is your library. Follow hashtags like #goodnews to see more positive content in your feed every day.”

    Steven Bartlett, CEO of Social Chain

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    Make You Post Trending On Linkedin

  • You are seen by a lot of people that might NOT know you today
  • Your engagement will rise because of the interest of the people following this hashtag
  • The team of storiesincorperated have shared that I think are noteworthy. Here are 3 tips they figured out:

    A) Post content that motivates to start a conversation

    B) Add a engaging video or image to your post

    C) Engage with the commentators right after you post

    Add Linkedin Hashtags To Your Content

    How to Use Hashtags on LinkedIn 2020 | LinkedIn Marketing | Trending Posts

    Have you spotted more and more people are using hashtags in posts, articles, and status updates? By adding hashtags to your content, you can dramatically increase views and engagement.

    While adding hashtags to your content, make sure youâre not hampering readability. Create a list of hashtags around the topics you discuss and add a maximum of 3-5 hashtags to each post and updates. When it comes to LinkedIn articles, you can add selected hashtags to the end of the item.

    Hereâs an example of using LinkedIn hashtags to status updates without distracting readers from the main content:

    Apply the above tips and use hashtags on LinkedIn to boost your profile, content, and brand visibility. Don’t know which hashtags work best for your niche? Generate hashtag suggestions using the Hashtag Expert app. It gives you hashtag suggestions based on intelligent algorithms so that you reach out to a wider audience on LinkedIn.

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    Hashtags On Company Pages

    LinkedIn encourages you to add up to three hashtags to your company page. LinkedIn gives instructions for how to do this here.

    One reason for adding hashtags to your company page is that your company will be able to share, like and comment on posts from other people and organisations who are using that hashtag. If you are a page administrator or content administrator for the page, you will see your three hashtags listed on the admin view of your company page. Clicking on one of the hashtags will take to your that hashtags feed, but youll be viewing it as your company profile, not as your personal profile. Any actions you take here will be made on behalf of your organisation rather than you yourself. In this way, you can get your company or brand to take part in the conversations on the network.

    For example, if your organisation has a strong commitment to the environment and you follow the relevant hashtags on your company page, you will have a chance to comment on issues and share relevant content officially as your company – raising peoples awareness of your brand positioning on these issues. Hashtags are often used on social media platforms as part of campaigns for ethics, equality and social justice, and this feature gives your brand a further opportunity to have a role in these if you wish.

    The Most Popular Hashtags Of 2021

    The most popular hashtags out there arent necessarily the best hashtags.

    For example, the hashtag #followme has more than 575 million posts on Instagram. Hashtags that solicit likes dont engage your followers and dont add any meaning to your social media post.

    They also look really spammy. And you dont want that.

    But dont ignore popular hashtags, either. For example, #throwbackthursday or #flashbackfriday orother daily hashtags can be fun ways for your brand to join a wider social media conversation.

    As of June 2021, some of the most popular Instagram hashtags of all time include:

  • #love
  • #nature
  • #happy
  • Of course, popular hashtags differ depending on what social media platform youre using. On LinkedIn, popular hashtags include #leadership and #productivity.

    While there are millionseven billionsof posts using popular hashtags, theyre relatively universal. They arent specific to an industry or a theme. And dont say a lot about your brand.

    So, try to identify niche hashtags that are relevant to your brand and what you represent.

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    Use Linkedin Suggested Hashtags

    Now that weve established LinkedIn hashtags are an important factor that must be taken into consideration when you create a post, well just go a bit beyond that and stretch that more than just using a couple of hashtags for the sake of looking good, for actually optimal results, creating a hashtags strategy is the key.

    Because the platforms algorithm tries to deliver qualitative and relevant information to its users, youll find a bit of help from that direction as well, through the networks hashtags suggestions.

    When you upload something on the platform , you’ll see that LinkedIn will suggest some hashtags according to the topic you’re sharing.

    First go through that list of LinkedIn hashtags and if they look like a good fit, you can try them and adjust your strategy through the results obtained.

    Or, of course, there’s the option to write your own hashtags, using the # symbol.

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