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How To Add Different Positions In Linkedin

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Writing Your Education Section

Multiple Positions At Same Employer- LinkedIn Change

If your formal education feels like ancient history or your degree isnt relevant to your career, you might be tempted to leave it off your LinkedIn profile. At a minimum, be sure to list all the schools you attended and the degrees you earned. This is important for two primary reasons: networking and search filtering.


When browsing open jobs on LinkedIn, information about your network is displayed at the top of job listings. One of the insights youre likely to see is how many alums work at the company. Clicking on the link produces a list of LinkedIn users that went to your school. Using your alma mater as an ice breaker, you might be able to contact someone at the hiring company and get a leg up on the competition. Additionally, a hiring manager or recruiter might be biased in your favor after seeing that you went to their school.

Search Filtering

When recruiters search LinkedIn, they have a number of filtering options to narrow their search, including location, past companies, and education. If its part of the job requirements for the position theyre filling, theyre likely to set a filter based on education so that they only see candidates with a bachelors or masters degree. If youve had a successful career as a software developer despite being an art history major in college, failing to include your degree on your LinkedIn profile could exclude you from recruiter searches.

Formula For Changing Your Resume Work Experience For Linkedin

Here is a three-step formula you can follow to convert work experience from your resume to your LinkedIn:

Step 1: Copy the information

Copy the work experience from your resume over to your LinkedIn profile. Break it up by company or position.

Step 2: Reformat

Remove the bullet points. Select your major achievements–quantifiable if possible–and remove the rest of the content. Put the most important information in the first four lines .

Step 3: Edit

Make your content conversational and engaging. It’s okay to say “I did XYZ.” Switching to the first-person perspective might take some rewriting, but it’s worth it!

Example Of How To Add A Promotion On Linkedin

Im excited to announce that I will be taking on a new role as *name position* within the *name of team or branch of company*. During my time as a *previous position title*, I learned ____, ____, and ____. Id like to thank ____, ____, and ____ for their ongoing support and for _____. I cannot wait to see where this new chapter of my career will take me, and to grow and learn within this role.

*Attach a picture of the company logo to your post*

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Dual Careers On Your Resume And Linkedin Ask Hr Bartender

Heres an interesting and not so unusual challenge facing a job seeker:

I heard you speak recently and have since been reading HR Bartender its really good!

Ive been racking my brain over a question regarding my resume and LinkedIn profile. Many people now have two careers and Im one of them! I have a complete real estate business as well as my HR background where I do consulting. My biggest problem is trying to figure out how to present them cohesively. How can you present both and expect people to take one of them seriously? It seems as if most people expect you to have just one major thing you do

To help answer this question, I reached out to a couple colleagues of mine who deal with this subject every day. Karen Siwak is executive director at Resume Confidential, a company that helps executives, senior managers and credentialed professionals market themselves for their next career move. She shared that this situation is a dilemma facing a lot of people as more and more of us balance different career paths and multiple streams of income. Heres what Karen had to say about presenting your experience via resume and LinkedIn:

For all intents and purposes, your resume and LinkedIn profiles are marketing documents, and you need to think like a marketer. Much like companies will create different brochures for different product lines, you will want to create different versions of your resume, and write for your target audience.

Why Are Linkedin Interests Important

Make Your Experience Stand Out with the New LinkedIn ...

Birds of a feather flock together.

The centuries-old English proverb holds even today. When you walk into another persons office for the first time, the very first thing you do is look around. You look for pictures, prizes, trophies, memorabilia, and other objects that give you an idea of his/her personality. As soon as you catch hold of any commonality, you have a conversation starter. Right there.

As a result of this, you form a connection and move ahead towards building a relationship.

The truth is people like working and associating themselves with those who have a life outside of work. Hence, your interests should be real, and they should connect to your target audience simultaneously.

Your interests must be listed professionally. So, pay attention to that fine line that divides your professional interests and personal hobbies.

For example, you may love traveling, reading books, listening to music, or horse riding, but you should choose those appropriate to your job role or education when it comes to adding LinkedIn interests. They should reflect on how you want to be seen by your target recruiters.

There is no more significant way to forge rapport when you have shared interests in common. Don’t lie about your interests, but determine what you have in common with your target audience and then add interests on LinkedIn.

Being relatable to potential employers makes them more prone to contacting you.

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Writing Your Linkedin Work Experience Section

ZipJob Team

6 min read

LinkedIn is one of the most useful sites for finding a job and building your network. Most to find qualified candidates. Many hiring professionals and recruiters will also view candidates’ LinkedIn profile before inviting them for a job interview.

With that in mind, it’s important to have a LinkedIn profile that is polished and professional.

This article will focus on what to include in your LinkedIn work experience section. We’ve also included our top tips to catch the attention of a hiring manager with your LinkedIn. Finally, we share a formula for taking the work experience listed on your resume and making it suitable for LinkedIn.

How To Add A Promotion On The Linkedin Mobile App

The process is the same whether you’re using an iPhone or Android:

1. Open your LinkedIn app and log into your account, if needed.

2. Tap your profile picture and select “View Profile.”

3. Scroll down to the “Experience” section and tap the pencil icon.

4. Next to the position you want to edit, tap the pencil icon once more.

5. Make the changes to reflect your promotion .

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How To Add A New Job Title On Linkedin

Another way to add a promotion is to edit the Experience section of your LinkedIn profile without adding a new position. You can simply change the job title of the latest job that youve listed on your profile. To do that, follow the steps below.

  • Open LinkedIn and log into your account.
  • Select your profile picture to open your profile page.
  • Scroll down until you see the Experience section.
  • Find the position that you want to change the title of. Then select the pencil icon on the right side from it.
  • In the Edit experience window, delete your old title and enter your new one. You can also change any other details about your new position, like Headline, Description, Start date and more.
  • After youre finished editing, select Save to confirm.
  • Your new job title is now saved and displayed on your profile. The steps are the same no matter what device youre using: Your computer and the web version of LinkedIn, or the LinkedIn app on your smartphone.

    What Goals Do You Want To Accomplish On Linkedin

    Adding a New entry/role for the same company on your LinkedIn Profile.

    What are you trying to accomplish by using LinkedIn? The way you fill out your profile and interact with the website should be different based on your goals. LinkedIn users can log in to find a new job, grow their professional network for business opportunities, or simply use their LinkedIn profile to keep up with industry news and discussions.

    How to Find a Job with LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is a go-to source for job seekers for three reasons: LinkedIn Job Search, contact networking, and as a platform to interact with recruiters. At , you can search jobs posted on LinkedIn by job title, keyword, company, and/or location. Once you search, a number of filters are available to help you narrow your search. Click on a job for additional details and options. Inside a job listing, you can review the job description, learn about the company, browse their employees, save a job for later, or take the next step in your application.

    Some jobs allow you to apply with while most take you to a different application website. Before clicking Easy Apply, be sure to . You can also have LinkedIn curate potential jobs for you by selecting the Career interests button on the main screen.

    Here you can specify a variety of job titles, locations, industries, and other details that are of interest to you in your job search. Saving these preferences will cause LinkedIn to collect applicable jobs and display them below the search bar on

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    Editing Your Linkedin Job Title From Your Computer And App

    If your job title has changed but maybe your job didnt, or you simply dont like the way you listed your title previously, you can edit your job title by doing the following. This works the same, no matter if youre on your computer or phone.

    • Go to your LinkedIn account and log in.

    • Scroll down to the experience section

    • Hover your cursor over the job you want to update, and youll see the pencil icon in the upper right-hand corner.

    • Now you can add your new job title and additional details that may have changed also.

    • Dont forget to update your headline.

    • Then turn on the Share with Network option if you want to announce it to everyone.

    • Save.

    The Absence Of A Company Logo

    Youll also notice that there is no logo for the entry. This is a shame and something Id like to see changed. The only way to place a logo in this section is to create a company page. Daniel could create one for free and add little to no content, just to get the logo. Or he could start using the company page to share extracts and updates from fans reading the book. While I pitched this to him I was very aware that at the present time the company page for his main business Dent is not being used to its full extent. In fact, it is very underused so the chances of starting a new company and using it is not a very viable option. So for now, it remains without a logo as with other entries from his company that existed before LinkedIn was popular enough to justify a page.

    I hope the above analysis has given you food for thought. If you have any questions about your experience section please reach out.

    In the meantime here is a link to LinkedIns official commentary on the new update.

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    First Create A Linkedin Page

    To get the best value for money from posting a job on LinkedIn, youll need a LinkedIn page for your company. These pages offer public information about your business within the LinkedIn platform. Theyre free, easy to keep updated with news and events, and a great first step in strengthening your employer brand.

    If youre an existing LinkedIn user, setting up a company page is simple. If youre new to LinkedIn, then youll need to wait until your profile is a few days old to create a page and be able to post a job.

    Make sure that your profile strength is Intermediate or All star, and you have a minimum of five connections to other LinkedIn members. Youll also need to check that your own profile lists you as a company employee, and that you have a confirmed company email address connected to your LinkedIn account.

    Once you have a , youll see it has a newsfeed for sharing updates and events and a careers panel, to highlight paid job postings.

    How To Notify People On Your Network About Your Promotion

    How To Add Admin To LinkedIn

    . Among other things, this means that your network should be aware of the changes in your career. When adding a promotion to your LinkedIn resume, you can make sure your LinkedIn connections dont miss this by enabling a special notification.

    If you want to notify your network on LinkedIn about your promotion, follow the steps below.

  • Open your LinkedIn profile and find the new job role that you want to notify your LinkedIn connections about.
  • Next to the position, select the pencil icon to edit it.
  • On top of the Edit experience window, find the Notify network section. Select the toggle next to it to enable notifications.
  • Select Save when youre finished.
  • Now your network on LinkedIn will be informed about your job changes.

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    Give And Receive Recommendations And Endorsements

    Your connections can write “recommendations” for your profile, and offer “endorsements” of your skills, and you can do the same in return.

    Recommendations are personal testimonials that emphasize your professional abilities. Aim to collect a handful of these by asking people you’ve worked with to write one for you.

    Ask them to highlight the particular attributes or achievements that have impressed them, rather than making general comments such as, “Bella was fun to work with.”

    Endorsements are simple notifications confirming that you have a particular skill. They may lack the impact of custom-written recommendations, but if a connection endorses you for your leadership skills , for example, it can help you to stand out from the crowd.

    How To Add A Promotion To A Linkedin Profile

    The importance of having a social media presence is clear, having a LinkedIn account is a must, and updating your can be critical. The point where most people fall off the grid is that updating portion. One reason is that adding a promotion to your profile can be a stumbling block.

    Were here to help you do that in a few simple steps. This way you can quickly pop in when youre promoted, make the update, and then relax until you get your next job promotion. Heres how you do it.

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    Include Your Title The Company And Location

    Sign in to your LinkedIn account. Click your Me link and scroll to your Experience section. Click the plus sign to Add an experience. Click the Title field and type Contractor and the position you held, such as graphic designer. Click the Company field and type the organization you contracted with. Click the Location field and type where the business was located. Click and enter your Start Date and End Date. If you are currently contracting there, click I am currently working in this role. Click the Description field and type as much information as you would like either about your contract or the tasks you performed while in the position. Click the Save button when finished.

    Find New Hires And New Opportunities

    How to Add Promotion on Linkedin | Add multiple roles to the same company (LINKEDIN PROFILE TIPS)

    According to , 20,000 businesses in the U.S. are using the site to recruit new staff . The service allows you to search for people who have the specific skills and experience that you need on your team. It can even replace traditional recruitment advertising entirely, depending on your industry and the position that you need to fill.

    The Advanced Search facility enables you to search by many different criteria: location, company, former companies, industry, language, nonprofit interests, schools, and degrees of connection.

    LinkedIn’s paid Recruiter plans give you even more options, and can help you to source, prioritize, contact, and manage your list of candidates. Pipeline Builder allows you to contact potential recruits automatically when they visit LinkedIn, and the Find Nearby facility targets local contacts.

    You can use LinkedIn to look for jobs, too. As well as browsing the job advertisements, many people use it as a research tool. Suppose that you have two job offers on the table, for example. You can use LinkedIn to learn more about your potential new bosses and co-workers, and to get a feel for the organizations’ corporate cultures .

    A Premium Career account allows you to search even more efficiently for job opportunities that match your preferences and skill set, and to find out who has looked at your profile in the last 90 days.

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    Searching For Jobs On Linkedin

    When it comes to searching for jobs, LinkedIn can be a powerful resource. It allows employers to post job openings to the site , and you can search for these openings using the job search tool. LinkedIn also allows you to use your connections to find new positions and ask for recommendations. Additionally, you can follow companies so you’ll always be notified of their latest LinkedIn posts.

    Using the job search tool

    Because employers frequently use LinkedIn to screen and recruit potential candidates, more and more companies have begun posting job openings to the site. This is why it’s so important to learn how to use LinkedIn’s job search tool.

    Watch the video below to see the job search tool in action.

    To search for jobs, click the Jobsicon, then type what you’re looking for in the search box. You can also narrow your search results by using the filters near the top of the window, like company, recent postings, and experience level.

    To learn more about a particular job, click the job title. In addition to details like the job’s location and requirements, you’ll see how many of your connections work for that particular company.

    You can also set up preferences for your job search through the Career interests function. From your profile, scroll down until you find Your Dashboard, then click Career interests.

    Following companies

    Watch the video below to see how to follow a company on LinkedIn.

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