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How To Add Company Website To Linkedin Profile

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Add Websites to your LinkedIn Profile
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Stats That Prove The Value Of Your Linkedin Company Page

When it comes to B2B networking, LinkedIn® has some significant numbers. A study done by Neil Patel states that LinkedIn® is responsible for 97% of a business social media leads!

This data is backed up by , whose stats show:

  • 91% of executives rate LinkedIn® as their first choice for professionally relevant content.
  • 30 million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages.
  • 50% of B2B web traffic originating from social media comes from LinkedIn®.
  • 80% of B2B leads generated through social channels come from LinkedIn®.

That means LinkedIn® is crucial to your B2B success. So, you need to make sure that your LinkedIn Company Page and the profiles of employees have customer-centric messaging that addresses the needs of the modern buyer.

In fact, according to LinkedIn®, companies that:

  • Have complete information on their Company Page and Showcase Pages get 30% more weekly views.
  • Post weekly see a 2x lift in engagement with their content.

But theres more. Your LinkedIn Company Page can be the basis of your employee advocacy program. This is the perfect place to share the best posts from your employees because on average, employees typically have 10x the reach as the company. When they engage on a post, their connections will see it as well.

And dont forget to share images and videos. Images generally see a 2x higher comment rate, and video is 5x more likely to spark a conversation than any other type of content shared on LinkedIn®.

Ready To Create A Linkedin Page

You have a lot of options when it comes to promoting your business on social media. With its professional audience and unique opportunities for showing off your products and services, LinkedIn can prove well worth your time.

This guide has demonstrated how to create a high-quality in just six steps:

  • Ensure that you meet LinkedIns requirements for creating a company page.
  • Add your companys details to launch your new page.
  • Spruce up your companys profile to attract and inform visitors.
  • Post regular updates to generate industry-related content.
  • Promote your LinkedIn company page to gain followers.
  • Showcase individual products or services on their own pages.
  • Do you need a business website to go with your LinkedIn company page? At DreamHost, we offer affordable hosting services with robust features and resources to help you create the perfect website for your company. Check out our Shared Hosting plans today!

    About the Author: Ellice

    Ellice comes to us from House DreamHost, the first of her name, Gatekeeper of All Things Content, Protector of the Brand and Ruler of Social Realms. tl dr – Ellice is the Content Marketing Manager at DreamHost and oversees all social media and content efforts.

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    Using A Company Page Strategically If You Are Currently Unemployed

    Recruiters will often search for a candidate having the job title identical to the one they are searching for. If you have no current position, just past roles, that can be a big negative.

    So give yourself a job at the ‘Company of You’ with the job title of the position you are looking for. You can explain what roles you seek and what your relevant experience is in that job experience section. This makes sure you are found correctly in recruiter searches.

    Fill Out Your Business Profile

    LinkedIn: A Beginner

    Next, its time to add all of your company information.

    On this page, you need to add your company name, website, industry, company size, and company type.

    You can also upload your company logo and write your company tagline, as well.

    After filling out all of your company information, check the box to verify that youre an authorized representative of the organization and click the Create page button.

    Now you have a LinkedIn business page!

    Okay, that was easy, but if you want to stand out and get the most from your LinkedIn business page, there are a few more things you need to do.

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    Increase Your Companys Visibility

    Your Company Page is your gateway to boosting your businesss online profile. Whether you intend to build thought leadership, increase your leads, or acquire top talent, your page can help you.

    Yet, your LinkedIn Page is not the only page on LinkedIn® that you should optimize. You should make sure that your sales teams personal LinkedIn® profiles are optimized as well, with buyer-centric messaging that addresses your buyers needs, especially in their !

    Optimize Native Content To Your Linkedin Company Page

    Make the About Us section about your audience. Dont focus on your mission, years, business, or even company story here. Instead, make it about your buyer. After all, they are the hero of this story. Let them know who you help and how you solve their problem.

    Tip!! LinkedIn® Pages are SEO-friendly, just like individual profiles. Google indexes 156 characters of your page text, so be sure that your description leads with a powerful, keyword-rich copy, that way you will do SEO for a LinkedIn business page. LinkedIn members can search for companies by keyword, so include words and phrases that describe your business, expertise, and industry focus, that way you will leverage .

    Here are some keys to remember:

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    On The Homepage Select Work Then Click On Create A Company Page

    Go to your LinkedIn homepage and find the “Work” icon that looks like a small grid on the top-right of your screen. By clicking on this icon you will see a new menu with items such as Talent Solutions, Sales Solutions, and Post a job. Scroll down to the bottom of that list and click on Create a Company Page.

    Heres How To Give Your Linkedin Profile That Wow Factor

    How to Add Websites to Your LinkedIn Profile – by Aleweb Social Marketing

    How would you like to get your two most important documents or links to your best digital content in the hands of people in your target audience?

    Well, with the brand new LinkedIn profile, it’s easy to make that happen.

    LinkedIn has done most of the heavy lifting for you, but there are a few simple steps you need to take to fully capitalize on LinkedIn’s latest profile changes.

    For tips on what kind of content or links to add to your profile, check out my article ..

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    Lead Gen Forms Manager

    This role downloads leads from your Pages LinkedIn Ad account.

    To add one of these roles, click on the blue button that says Add paid media admin, then search for the team member by name and check the boxes of the roles you want to assign to that person. Then click Save.

    Check out and Building your Companys Brand for more information about leveraging your LinkedIn Company Page.

    Promote Your Linkedin Company Page To Gain Followers

    Your company page isnt very useful if no one knows it exists. Especially when youre first getting it off the ground, promotion will be vital to gathering followers. One of the easiest ways to get started is by adding your companys location to your pages About section.

    This makes your company and job postings more discoverable on LinkedIn. Your page will be more likely to show up in searches as a result. Using relevant keywords in your pages content can also help to increase your reach.

    Another key promotional tactic is engaging your employees on LinkedIn. Invite them to list your company page on their own profiles and claim it as their place of employment. This will help you tap into their already existing networks to make connections with others in your industry.

    Finally, it never hurts to promote your LinkedIn page on other social channels. This may mean including links to your company page in your Twitter bio or your Facebook About section. You could also include LinkedIn among your social sharing icons on your website and blog posts.

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    Upload An Impressive Cover Photo

    You shouldnt judge a book by its cover, right? But we instantly pick up the shiniest book off the shelf anyways because truth told, as humans we fall for attractive things. When a user enters your company page on LinkedIn, one of the first things they will see is your cover photo. Its okay that they will form opinions about this that basic fact is why brand image is a major factor in marketing. So, proceed by making an eye-catching and expressive cover photo.

    Take Nike, for example, a brand we all know that took third place in the . Although everyone knows their products, they still display shoes and apparel in their cover photo driving their brand image one step further. A picture is worth a thousand words after all. Your cover photo is an opportunity to summarize your company and market your best product and services in an image. Follow through by incorporating your companys brand colors and choosing photos that compliment your logo as these will go side-by-side. Your cover photo should be 1,536 by 768 pixels.

    Sign In With Linkedin

    LinkedIn aims to put messaging everywhere

    You have already encountered and used these functionalities many-a-times on others website. Now, it is time to use them to add LinkedIn on your website.

    This Sign-in plugin enables the visitor to register or sign in using their respective LinkedIn credentials on your business website. As much beneficial this plugin is for your business, it profits the visitors equally. That is, they get to identify themselves whenever they leave a comment on your blog/forum. Vice-verse, you get access to useful insights. It also allows website visitors to sign in on your website smoothly through LinkedIn.

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    Embed Linkedin Profile Information In Your WordPress Site

    One of the simplest ways to integrate your profile with WordPress is embedding the profile information. The exact information that youre embedding will depend on your specific situation:

  • If youre an individual, you can embed your personal profile in various ways.
  • If youre representing a company, you can embed your companys profile on your WordPress site.
  • Ill show you solutions to accomplish both. Heres how you can do it:

    How To Edit A Company Page On Linkedin

    This article was written by Nicole Levine, MFA. Nicole Levine is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. She has more than 20 years of experience creating technical documentation and leading support teams at major web hosting and software companies. Nicole also holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Portland State University and teaches composition, fiction-writing, and zine-making at various institutions. This article has been viewed 82,242 times.

    This wikiHow teaches you how to edit your company’s official page on LinkedIn. As a page Super Admin, you can edit all aspects of the page by clicking the page’s name on your LinkedIn profile and selecting Edit Page. If you’re a Content Admin, you can only create new posts and post as the page elsewhere on LinkedIn. If you don’t have a page yet, you can claim an existing listing or create a new page by signing in to

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    Cant Add A Website To Linkedin Profile

    If you cant add a website to your LinkedIn profile, here are the most common issues.

    You want to add a website link that has already been added to the LinkedIn profile. You can only add a website only once to the LinkedIn profile.

    Secondly, you can only add three websites to your LinkedIn profile. So if you want to add 4 or more website URLs, unfortunately, LinkedIn wont allow you to do so.

    So if you have multiple websites, select the top 3 most important that you want to promote for your LinkedIn connections.

    Other Links You Can Add To Your Linkedin Profile

    Linkedin Training- Adding a website to your Linked In profile

    Besides adding websites to your LinkedIn profile, you can also add the following information to the Contact Info section of your LinkedIn profile:

    • email address
    • address
    • instant messaging options.

    So even if you dont have a website, you can make sure that people who want to contact you via LinkedIn will be able to do so.

    So as a best practices, besides adding your websites to the LinkedIn profile, also add these contact information options to your LinkedIn profile as well.

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    Create And Share Original Content

    Visitors to your page won’t be impressed if they notice that your company rarely shares content on your profile. The good news is that you don’t have to dedicate all new resources towards creating content solely for your LinkedIn page. Think of your company profile as just another channel through which you can share company news, upcoming events, webinars, and blog posts. This gives you an opportunity to engage with your LinkedIn audience and give them a glimpse into happenings at your company.

    Linkedin Company Page Follow Button Code

    Once you have decided where you want your LinkedIn Follow Button to go, you need to embed a snippet of code into your website. Copy and paste the below code into a text editor.

    < script src="//" type="text/javascript">   lang: en_US< /script> < script type="IN/FollowCompany" data-id="1830623" data-counter="right"> < /script> 

    Then, log in to LinkedIn and navigate to the company page that you manage. Once there, notice the active URL. It should look something like this: Notice the string of digits.

    In your snippet of code, make sure the data-id value matches what is in your URL bar.

    Now copy and paste the snippet of code into your website wherever you have decided is the most appropriate place for your LinkedIn Company Page Follow Button.

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    Use A Company Page To Publish A Newsletter

    You can also publish LinkedIn Newsletters from your company page rather than from yourself as an individual. This is a great way to keep in touch with prospects the first edition of your company newsletter will be sent to all of the people following your company inviting them to subscribe.

    A Company Page also will allow you to used LinkedIn Advertising if you want to boost the content you are sharing on your Page to audiences which you can define and target very precisely.


    David Petherick helps make you visible, legible and credible on LinkedIn. Follow David on or on for tips to improve your LinkedIn health.

    How To Use The Linkedin Badge

    Webcast Series: How to Add the Featured Section in Your LinkedIn ...

    The LinkedIn badge can be used anywhere you can use a graphic link. You can paste it in the sidebar of your blog or have it appear at the end of all your blog posts. You can use it on your website. Another option is to add it to the signature line of your email if you use HTML email.

    Once your LinkedIn profile is done and you’ve added links to it using your URL and badges, you can then use .

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    What About Linkedin Product Pages

    LinkedIn Product Pages are a part of the LinkedIn Pages ecosystem, that focus on generating highly qualified leads and building a product community. How?

    • Showcasing customers
    • Displaying ratings and reviews
    • Adding custom call-to-action buttons for a demo request or a contact form

    Product Pages are currently only available for B2B software and are gradually rolling out to other product areas.

    Visitors can access Product Pages through a tab at the top of your LinkedIn Company Page. If you have just one Product Page, the Products tab will take the visitor directly to that Product Page.

    If you have several Product Pages , the tab will take them to the Products summary page, which lists all published Product Pages in alphabetical order. Each product on this summary page will show its logo, name, category, connections with the product as a skill, and a short summary of the product description.

    To create a Product Page:

    LinkedIn takes up to 2 weeks to review your submission. Youll receive a notification in your Activity tab once the approval process is complete.

    Once approved, you can publish your Product Page following these steps:

    Use The Notify Employees Feature To Alert Staff To Key Company Page Posts

    When you post updates to your LinkedIn company page, you can use the Notify Employees feature to alert employees about the post. LinkedIn lets you notify them once every 24 hours. Employees can opt out of the notifications in their privacy settings.

    Note: You cant notify employees about a post this way if the post was targeted to one particular region.

    Pro Tip: If appropriate, consider a reward scheme for employees who share content. The prize could be a featured spot on the company page or a physical gift delivered in the mail.

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    Use The Linkedin Teammates Feature To Connect To Employees On Linkedin

    To add an employee as your teammate, click the My Network tab at the top of your LinkedIn home page. Then click Teammates on the left side of the page.

    On the next page, select your company.

    Then click on the plus sign and start typing your colleagues name into the box. You need to be connected with them to add them as a teammate. If youre not already connected, youll see a Connect option that will allow you to send that person an invitation to connect.

    After you add someone as a teammate, theyll have to accept this request. Once they do, click on the three little dots next to their name to manage notifications from that person.

    Choose which level of notification you want to receive. Your options are All Updates, Highlights, or Only Updates Related to You .

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