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How To Add Certificate To Linkedin

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Add Your Ef Set Certificate To Your Linkedin Profile

Adding Certificate to LinkedIn Profile

Certification helps you set yourself apart from other applicants and increases your profile or CVs visibility. In fact, LinkedIn has confirmed that you can boost you profile views up to 6x by adding your certified skills

With completion of the EF SET 50-min test, you will receive a personalized English certificate . You can easily add your EF SET Certificate URL to your LinkedIn profile in 3 easy steps.


How To Add Certifications

Certifications are heavily valued in IT industry. Data from the IT Skills and Salary Report and from IDC found that in 2008, 46% of companies required candidates to have a certification to be considered for a job, and 38% of IT professionals held at least one certification. In 2020, 72% of companies required them for certain jobs, and 87% of IT professionals held at least one certification. Certifications get you to the door. Highlight your certifications!

Types Of Certification That Linkedin Allows

You can showcase any and all sorts of certifications regarding your field of study and work on your LinkedIn, as long as all the required information is provided.

Though you can post certifications from a number of organizations, one type of certificate sharing that is particularly easy is that of LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn Learning is a subsidiary of LinkedIn itself, acquired by LinkedIn in 2015. LinkedIn Learning offers video-based courses across a wide range of subjects from software, creative, and business.

The courses are taught by industry professionals. It has over 5000 registered courses that you can complete and showcase on your LinkedIn profile easily.

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How To Manually Add Licenses & Certification To Your Linkedin Profile

If you complete a course or certification with one of the LinkedIn partners, theyll send you an email that allows you to automatically add this accomplishment to your profile following these steps:

  • Enter the information as prompted. The certification and degree information will no longer autofill, but you can add the relevant information directly.
  • When finish Click Save.
  • Your certification will then appear under the Certifications section of your profile. If you have any questions about the certification email, including its content, please reach out to the LinkedIn partner organization.

    To Manually Add Licenses & Certification to Your LinkedIn Profile please follow these steps:

    First, go to

    Then login to your LinkedIn Profile account by typing in your email and password at top of the left side of the sing in page of LinkedIn.

    Once you login to your LinkedIn Profile, click on the me icon at top left side of your LinkedIn home page

    Once you click on the me icon, then click on view profile under your profile photo and title.

    When your profile opens, locate the Add profile section under your profile photo and title and click on it. The Add profile section once you click on it will expand and you will see Licenses & Certifications section under Background information. Next to the Licenses & Certifications click on the plus sign to input your Certifications.

    Then enter in Credential ID and Credential URL

    How Can I Add A Linkedin Certification In 4 Steps

    How to Add a Certificate to Your LinkedIn Profile ...

    Step 1: Go to the website and then, in the top right-hand menu, click on Me and then on View Profile.

    Step 2: You are now at the top of your profile page. In the box with your cover photo and profile picture, open the Add a profile section drop-down menu.

    Step 3: Once you open the drop-down menu, you will find the different sections of your LinkedIn profile, from the intro to the supported languages. Click on the Background tab, then on the Licenses and Certifications section.

    Step 4: You can now fill out the corresponding fields to add your certification to your LinkedIn profile! For each of them, you will need the following information and to fill in the corresponding fields:

    • The name of the certification / license / certificate
    • The issuing organization
    • The issue date and the expiration date, you can also check the box This credential does not expire if applicable
    • The Credential ID
    • The Credential URL .

    Once all fields are completed, click Save and your certification will be added to your profile. If you want to enhance your LinkedIn page, you can click on Save and add another and repeat the steps above.

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    What To Write Along With Your Certificate

    Its always a good idea to share the certificate on your LinkedIn profile to enable it to reach more people.

    You can add a few words alongside it, stating further details of the course, your main takeaways, and how the certification has added to your knowledge bank and would help you in your professional career.

    You could talk about your personal growth and experience during the certification, and mention people who have helped you achieve this milestone.

    Adding a description along with your certification adds a more personal touch and personality to your profile, drawing more attention and emphasis towards it.

    What Are Some Mistakes To Avoid When Adding A Linkedin Certification

    While adding a certification on LinkedIn has many benefits, several common mistakes could negatively impact your profile.

    Try to keep the certifications on your profile as clean as possible, so that you only keep the most relevant and appropriate ones related to your job and business line. For example, there is no point in adding non-professional certifications, even if you feel that your profile is not complete enough. On the other hand, it will always be relevant to fill in your language certificates, regardless of the environment in which you work.

    Similarly, focus on the most accurate certifications and be as thorough as possible. In particular, fill in the issue and expiration dates as soon as possible, although filling in these fields is optional when adding a certification to your LinkedIn profile. The same goes for the diploma ID and the credential URL if you have them: this is a guarantee of credibility for your LinkedIn page.

    Finally, never add a certification or license that you cant prove. In case of an audit during a job search, for example, this could be very prejudicial to you.

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    The Right Profile Picture

    This is not your average social media platform. You cant put your Instagram display picture as your LinkedIn profile picture.

    This is a professional space, and you must make sure that your photo also reflects professionalism. Your photo must be clear, and formal, ideally in workwear, or formal attire.

    Capture The Attention Of Recruiters And Hiring Managers By Highlighting Your Skills And Certifications

    How to add Certificate to LinkedIn for that great job in 2021

    Throughout your career no one will sell YOU like you, so make sure youre doing everything you can to showcase your knowledge, skills and abilities . Beyond the traditional resume, LinkedIn is an excellent place to be active. According to a New York Times article, when you list skills in your LinkedIn profile, youre 27 times more likely to be discovered by recruiters.

    This article shows you how boost your visibility on LinkedIn by listing your skills and certifications and leveraging the courses youve taken for professional developmentespecially when youre searching for a new job.

    • Add the skills you want listed in your profile

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    On Your Linkedin Profile Page

    Now that you have your certificate in front of you, login to LinkedIn and navigate to your profile page.

    1. Near the top of your profile, click the Add Profile Section button. Then select Background and click the + icon next to Licenses and Certificates.

    2. Scroll down to the Licenses & Certifications section. Click on the + icon to add a new certificate.

    2. A box will pop up allowing you to enter your certificate details. Enter the name of the certification name .

    3. For Issuing Organization, begin typing Coursera or the name of any other learning platform you use. Select the organization that most closely matches what your certificates issuer .

    4. If you have your certificate number, drop it into the Credential ID box . If you wish, you may also copy and paste the link to your certificate under Credential URL. Both of these are optional.

    5. Hit“Save” when youre done or “Save and add another” if you have more certificates to add.

    Bcdiploma: Diplomas Certifications And Badges On The Blockchain

    BCdiploma is a solution that allows all schools, universities and training organizations to provide their students with diplomas, training certificates, skills badges and digital Open Badges perfectly suited for sharing on your LinkedIn profile.

    These certifications are provided in the form of a unique, secure, personal URL link valid for life, which you can copy and paste into the Login URL in Step 4 of the above Add a certification on LinkedIn in 4 steps process.

    Using blockchain technology, BCdiploma delivers tamper-proof, verifiable and 100% digital certificates to universities and training organizations: BCdiploma allows you to gain credibility and trustworthiness with future recruiters and in the business world.

    Check out BCdiplomas website to discover the more than 100 institutions in 16 countries that already trust us.

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    More Ways To Improve Your Linkedin Profile

    LinkedIn is one of the best tools you have to advance your career. Its also a great way to build an online presence that will impress potential new employers. In fact, a recent study found that if you have a comprehensive LinkedIn profile, youll have a 71% higher chance of landing a job interview!

    Adding LinkedIn Certifications is just one way you can take full advantage of your profile and impress recruiters and hiring managers. What else can you do? A lot!

    • Use a high-quality and cover photo that shows your personality
    • Optimize your to pique interest and get more profile views from the right audience
    • Identify and use in your profile the keywords recruiters are using to search for candidates in your industry
    • Write your in a way that sells rather than summarizes your work experience
    • Craft bullet points in your Work Experience section that incorporate copywriting techniques to really demonstrate the value you bring
    • Get amazing recommendations by creating templates that make it easy for the recommender to know exactly what to highlight about you
    • Actively contribute to the LinkedIn community by creating content and engaging with the content of others

    Those are just 7 of the 15 tips I share in that guide! So, be sure to check out the full post to make sure youre doing everything you need to make an attractive LinkedIn profile.

    Overview Of Add Certification Fields

    How To Add LinkedIn Licenses &  Certifications

    Here is a quick overview of what each field means:

  • Certification Name: This one is pretty self explanatory but since it doesn’t auto-fill, make sure you check your spelling, grammar and punctuation!
  • Certification Authority: Enter the company, school or whoever is giving the certificate. If they are on LinkedIn, it will auto-populate and you can choose their company.
  • License Number: Like all of the fields, this is optional. Only put something here if the certificate you’re adding actually has one.
  • Time Period: You can put in just the year or the month and year. ‘From’ marks the date the certificate is effective. ‘To’ is when your certificate expires. If it doesn’t expire, click the ‘This certification does not expire’ switch which will remove the ‘To’ dates.
  • Certification URL: If your certification has a URL that explains what the certification means, put that here. This hyperlinks the Certificate Name and brings them to the URL you entered so make sure it is relevant to the certificate!
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    How To Add A Certificate To Your Linkedin Profile:

    When you pass a final, youll receive an email from us. Open the email containing the certificate

    The certificate will open in a new tab. Click the More > Add to LinkedIn:

    A window titled Add to LinkedIn profile will appear with a call to action button Add to my profile:

    A new tab will prompt you to sign in to LinkedIn. Once signed in, youll see a window where everything is automatically filled for you.

    Check the box This credential does not expire.

    Save the window and double-check the Licenses & Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile.

    Any questions? Send us a or an email to


    How Do I Add My Certificate To Linkedin

  • Scroll down to Licenses & certifications and click the add + button on the right
  • Enter the name of your certificate, for example, ISO 9001 Lead Auditor. Under Issue Organisation, type and then select Bywater. Enter the date and credential ID where relevant.
  • To stay up to date with industry news, we recommend following relevant groups. For example, if you undertake ISO training we would suggest following ISO and CQI & IRCA to ensure you are alerted to any changes, for example, updates to ISO standards.

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    Keeping Up With Linkedin

    So, if you are a fresh graduate, stepping into the professional world, make sure that the first thing you do is make an impressive LinkedIn profile. But only joining it is not the key you must also keep it updated with your recent experiences, jobs, and certifications.

    Certifications are invaluable to your profile and are one of the best ways to enhance your profile. Not only do they increase the credibility of your profile, but they also show your dedication to continuously strive to progress in your field.

    That speaks volumes of the kind of person you are, what you can add to an organization, and is bound to impress recruiters.

    People with certifications on LinkedIn get 6x more views than those who do not, naturally driving up the chances of them landing better jobs at top organizations as compared to those who do not have any certifications listed.

    How To Add A Certification On Linkedin On A Computer

    How to Add Your Certificate to LinkedIn

    1. Click the link provided in the email from the LinkedIn partner with whom you completed your certification.

    2. When prompted, sign in to your LinkedIn account with your email address and password.

    3. Enter the information pertaining to the certification you completed. While this information used to autofill, you will now be required to add it manually.

    4. When finished, click “Save.” You can visit the “Licenses and Certifications” section of your profile to see the certifications you’ve added.

    To manage your LinkedIn certifications on both desktop and mobile, locate the relevant section on your profile page, then click or tap the edit button, which looks like the outline of a pencil, to remove or edit a certification. Click “Save” when finished.

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    How To Add A Certification To Your Linkedin Profile

    Your LinkedIn profile is your online resume. A place for everyone to see your past experience, education and credentials – including your certifications. We’ve previously written about the plethora of travel agent certification options out there, now we want to show you how to display them on your LinkedIn profile for maximum exposure!

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    Locate Your Certificate Details

    How to add Coursera Certificates to linkedIn Profile

    Before you begin, make sure you have your certificate information in front of you.

    If you didnt save your certificate, you can retrieve it from your Coursera profile. First, visit the Completed Courses section of your profile.

    This page lists all of the courses youve completed. Click the Go to course button next to the course youre ready to share. This button takes you to a summary page, which includes a view your certificate link.

    Note: if you cannot find a view your certificate link, its possible you may have only audited this course. In this case, youll need to pay course fees first to unlock your certificate.

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