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How To Add An Article On Linkedin

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How to post an article on LinkedIn

Publishing content on LinkedIn is a great way to impress both your existing and future professional contacts and earn their trust online. Start posting your articles on LinkedIn and use them to create a smarter resume that could land you a job in the future.

Have you ever posted an article on LinkedIn? What was it about? Share your LinkedIn knowledge with us in the comments below.

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How To Publish An Article

Once youve written your masterpiece, its time to share it with the world . To publish it on LinkedIn, you need to

  • Put in your Headline at the top of the article.
  • You can also add images, hyperlinks and other elements to spruce up your article.
  • Youre then ready to press Publish. Youll be given the option to write a relevant Post copy to introduce your article. Pro tip: Make sure to add hashtags to your message, this can help you get more views on the link.
  • If you arent quite ready to publish your LinkedIn article and want to leave it until another time, you can save it as a draft. As you create your article, LinkedIn automatically saves it as a draft.

Create A New Linkedin Article

From your LinkedIn page home view, youll see a blank update. Click on the Write Article option.

This will bring up a blank article.

At the top of the blank article, you have simple text formatting options to add headings, bolding, italics, underlined text, bullet points, quotes, and links to your copy.

As you work more with LinkedIn company page articles, you can use the Publishing drop-down menu to access or share your drafts, access or edit published articles, and create a new article.

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Can I Preview My Articles Before Publishing

Unlike other editor programs, you cant view a preview of your article before publishing from anywhere other than the creation editor. Your published post should look nearly identical to the content in the editor once its live on LinkedIn. You can, however, share a link to the draft of the post before its published to get feedback from your team members. Those people can view the post as if it was live online, even if the article is still in the draft phase. If you want to use this feature to preview the article before publishing, follow these steps:

  • From the menu bar at the top of the editing window, click the drop-down arrow next to the words Publishing menu.
  • Select Share draft from the list.
  • Copy the generated link from the pop-up box.
  • Open a new window or tab in your browser.
  • Paste the link into the address bar.
  • Preview your post.
  • How To Post On Linkedin On Your Computer

    Getting Started with Linkedin: How To Publish an Article on Linkedin ...

    1. Open your preferred browser.

    2. Go to .

    3. Near the top of the page, find where it says “Start a Post” located next to an icon of a pencil to a notepad. Click it. If you have a photo, video, or document you want to share, you can click the corresponding icons at this step, or the next.

    4. Begin typing your post you can include a link by pasting it inside the post, or a photo, video, or document by clicking the icons at the bottom.

    5. Once you are finished composing your post, click the dropdown menu at the top where it says “Anyone” this will take you to the settings where you can decide who sees your post. If you are satisfied with the sharing settings, tap “Post” at the bottom right hand corner.

    6. If you’ve clicked on the sharing settings, select your preferred audience for this post whether it’s public, shared on your connected social media profiles, or with your connections only.

    7. After you’ve selected your post’s audience and everything looks good, click “Done” at the bottom right hand corner.

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    Whats The Difference Between A Linkedin Article And A Linkedin Post

    Most updates posted to LinkedIn are posts and posts can be uploaded from desktop, mobile apps and also third-party scheduling tools like Hootsuite.

    This is an example of a LinkedIn post:

    Articles on LinkedIn on the other hand are usually longer, have a headline and a cover image and can also be used for . Heres an example:

    I used to publish LinkedIn articles all the time and have over 50, according to LinkedIn. More recently I focused the majority of my time on podcasting, posting to my blog and .

    A few years ago, I had decent success with LinkedIn articles but admittedly had de-priorized that strategy especially since it was harder to implement from mobile. But I found a way to make it easier.

    Why Would You Use Linkedin Newsletters

    Whats really interesting about the LinkedIn newsletters is their potential to reach beyond your first-tier connections, but also create a static audience of subscribers who actively want to see your content. Its fluidity in this regard is unique.

    But how? LinkedIn favours content that people engage and interact with, so the more interest your newsletter generates, and the more people interact with it using likes, shares and comments, the more the LinkedIn algorithm is likely to share your content with people beyond your first-tier connections. Good articles are often shown to second and third-tier members, so the same will happen with your newsletters.

    It really is the best of all worlds.

    When youve written your LinkedIn newsletter and youre ready to publish it, you must first create a standard post in order to publicise its existence, and you have to do this with an article too, thereby creating the perfect storm for reach, as every newsletter is the combination of a post, an article and a newsletter.

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    Ensure Articles Are Visible Outside Linkedin

    When publishing articles on LinkedIn, make sure they can be seen outside of LinkedIn too in order to give it maximum visibility, such as:

    • In Googles search results, and on other search engines.
    • On your public profile:
    • Go to your public profile settings page.
    • In the right-hand column, check the Your profiles public visibility switch is On.
    • Scroll down, and make sure the Public radio button is selected, and that Articles & Activity is turned on.

    Measure The Roi Of Your Linkedin Articles

    How to post an article on LinkedIn – Tutorial Step By Step Articles

    Outside of your own Google Analytics, if you have links back to your website, LinkedIn has detailed analytics about how each of your posts performed. To view LinkedIns analytics for your blog posts, navigate to your profile. Under the activity section, select articles, then pick the one you want to see information about. Click on the x views item, and youll get who has read your article, along with who engaged, and more. From here, you can determine if your article is reaching the right people, and how effective it is overall.

    Learning how to publish an article on LinkedIn is relatively easy. If you compose your content in a word processor like Google Docs or Word, posting it on LinkedIn is little more than drag and drop. However, posting your article is just the beginning. Rather, you need to use blogging best practices and promote your posts effectively. If you are successful in both those areas, you can get significant ROI with minimal hassle and few overhead costs. For professionals that want to distinguish themselves online, there are few options that are as effective, or as easy, as LinkedIn blogging.

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    Promote Published Articles Across The Platform And Beyond

    After sending your article out into the LinkedIn universe, dont just expect the platform to circulate it for you.

    Promote it across your LinkedIn profile, any LinkedIn groups youre a part of, your Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as email or InMail. If you use automation tools, just be sure to follow proper .

    How To Write And Post Linkedin Articles

    Wondering how to post an article on LinkedIn?

    The first step is to go to the LinkedIn Home tab and select “Write an Article” from the top of your profile.

    The LinkedIn publishing tool will open, and this is where you will write the article.

    Make sure you write a headline that will grab your readers’ attention, and write the article to make the information easy to read.

    Add subheadings, bullet points, and bold text to improve readability. You can also add images, videos, or link’s to promote other articles you wrote.

    Include a call to action in your article: ask your readers their opinion, invite them to share the article, like it, leave a comment.

    Writing articles on LinkedIn is easy, but before you press “Publish,” make sure the articles you post on LinkedIn are relevant to your audience otherwise, they won’t engage with that content.

    Sharing LinkedIn articles is easy!

    The best part here is that when another user comes across your LinkedIn article, they can share it in several ways:

    • In a LinkedIn message

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    How Is A Linkedin Newsletter Different From A Linkedin Article

    In terms of reach , the hierarchy from least reach to greatest reach is Post > Article > Newsletter.

    LinkedIn Post: Standard posts will be delivered to the feed of only first-line connections to the author, but many will not see the posts, partly because of how posts on all social media platforms are controlled by the platforms algorithms, and partly because of the limited amount of time individual members have available to scroll through their feed. Youre there one second gone the next.

    LinkedIn Article : Articles are published via LinkedIns Pulse platform. Pulse has simply become articles now, but if you look at the URL of an article, youll see it still contains the word pulse. The reach of an article can extend beyond connections, so more people are likely to see it because the content is pushed to them. However, whilst they may read one of your articles and find it really interesting, theres no guarantee theyll see future articles as theres no automated mechanism for members to request them.

    Linkedin Articles Vs Linkedin Posts: What Is The Difference

    How to Post an Article to LinkedIn  The No

    While and status updates are limited to 1,300 characters, LinkedIn articles can be up to 125,000 characters in length, which gives you more opportunity to showcase your expertise and knowledge. Writing articles is also a great way to start conversations and raise your visibility on the platform.

    When someone viewing your scrolls past the About section, theyll see an Articles & Activity box. In this box, the last article you wrote will take up half of the box. This prominent placement highlights content thats central to you and your brand.

    If you havent published any LinkedIn articles, this box will simply show your last four activities, which may be sharing or liking other peoples content. Your brand doesnt get the same exposure if youve only published posts and not articles. In fact, other peoples brands may get the attention.

    When you open a LinkedIn article to read it on desktop, an Articles link appears to the persons byline. Clicking that link will display all of the LinkedIn articles theyve written. If youre viewing an article on the mobile app, simply swipe left to read the next article by that person.

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    How Can My Audience Engage With My Article

    People can share your article in the methods we explained above, the same way you could share it with other sources if you choose. Each article has a host of reactions people can choose to show that theyve read or noticed your content. The reaction options include:

    • Like
    • Curious

    Users can add comments if you leave them enabled. Comments can include text, emojis, and photos. Besides interacting with the article itself, if the piece is part of a weekly newsletter that you send through LinkedIn, theres an option at the top of the article to subscribe and to follow the author at the bottom of each post. All these options matter because they can help you track engagement with your posts and peoples interest in what you have to say through a variety of means.

    Show Your Expertise In More Detail With An Article

    Articles have the advantage of being much longer in terms of typeface and they offer you the possibility of formatting your text. But LinkedIn articles generate fewer views.

    This format is ideal for developing a tip, an opinion related to your domain in the image of a blog article for example. You can also insert an image or a video in the body of the article when this is not possible in the post. The visuals in a post appear as attachments and thumbnails.

    To write an article, simply click on write an article. You will be able to add a cover image, insert quotes, images, or videos for more visual impact.

    Unlike posts, you can keep your articles in draft form and post them when youre done. However, it is not possible to schedule them directly from LinkedIn.

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    Make Sure Your Articles Are Viewable By The Public

    A lot of people appreciate that LinkedIn limits the information that people can get from casual browsing. However, if youve written a LinkedIn article, then you probably want everyone to see it. After all, part of the purpose of these posts is to share your ideas, or your branded content, with others. To that end, youll want to set your privacy preferences so that everyone can read your blog posts.

    Of course, LinkedIn has a procedure to make your posts accessible without exposing all of your private information. You can but briefly, you can make just your content public, or your content AND your profile public.

    What Should You Post On Linkedin

    How to write an article on LinkedIn

    One of the most obvious article topics for LinkedIn is sharing your professional expertise. After all, your LinkedIn page is all about showcasing your skills and experience. By way of sharing your professional knowledge in a form of LinkedIn articles, youre giving your audience insight into just how much experience you have on the topic. That in turn will help you build your reputation as an expert.

    However, thats not all you can post on LinkedIn. In fact, you shouldnt focus on just the content related to your professional field if you want to attract different types of people. Its likely that most of your connections share the same hobbies and interests with you. Posting about things that you enjoy is bound to attract their attention.

    Some other topics that make for a good LinkedIn publishing material are trends, tips & tricks type of articles, and interesting lifehacks. Articles like that tend to perform well and have a high engagement rate on social media.

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    How To Use Linkedin Articles And Your Blog Together

    An intelligent trick of every content marketer is using each piece of content in as many ways as possible and through as many channels as possible.

    In this case, using LinkedIn articles and your blog together can be a very useful tool.

    You can publish a shorter version of the content that you post on your blog on the LinkedIn article with slight changes and link back to your website or blog. However, be cautious not to publish exactly the same content from your blog, as it can hurt the search engine rankings of your blog posts.

    Use a shorter and rewritten version to use the LinkedIn article as a channel to drive additional traffic to your blog.

    Now that we have a solid grasp of the differences between a LinkedIn post and a LinkedIn article and when to use which option, lets see how to create them on LinkedIn.

    The Ultimate Guide To Writing Linkedin Articles That Go Viral

    Influencers on LinkedIn Pulse like my man Richard Branson, have over 13 million followers.

    But youre not Richard so how do you make your content go further and get people reading?

    According to LinkedIns latest available figures, more than a million people have published posts on s platform.

    More than 130,000 posts are published every week and the average post reaches LinkedIn members in 21 industries and nine countries.

    After all, there are now over .

    So how do you stack the deck in your favour when it comes to publishing LinkedIn articles.

    Here are 4 ways to hack the algorithm when writing LinkedIn articles.

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    Publish The Article On Linkedin

    When youve finished writing your article and adding additional media, click the blue Publish button in the top right corner of the editor. Your article must have a title before you can click the button. In the new Share window, add additional text information as you would for a regular LinkedIn post. You can also add hashtags related to your industry or article topic.

    Change the audience on your post, showing who can view the article, or change the audience for who can comment on it. When youre satisfied with your post and settings, click the blue Publish button in the bottom right corner of the pop-up window.

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