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How To Add Accomplishments On Linkedin

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Heres The Formula I Use To Create A Compelling Achievement Statement On Linkedin

Adding Accomplishments to your LinkedIn Profile to build a stronger brand online

So the formula to create a contribution/achievement statement on LinkedIn is:

Achievement statement = The value you delivered with the problem you solved or solution you introduced.

In this scenario the explicitly expressed value the CIO delivered was:

Saving $120,000 pa eliminating project duplication.

The solution she delivered was:

establishing a centralised PMO.

Putting this together this becomes:

  • Saved $120,000 pa eliminating project duplication, establishing a centralised PMO

Another measure of the value she delivered she did not explicitly express in her answers.

However you can see from her answers that in essence her work brought the management team together to think as one team. She helped the management team understand how they delivered value to the business, how their colleagues delivered value to the business and the business priorities of each management team member.

So applying my formula again the achievement/value statement becomes:

  • Aligned the executive teams to deliver business goals, leading intensive team building strategy workshops

And this is what this looks like on LinkedIn:

As I mentioned before the value of using the STAR approach in developing an achievement/value statement is that it helps my clients tease out ALL the value they delivered in a particular scenario.

Nine times out of ten I find my clients undersell themselves. Theyve usually achieved far more than they first think. So this type of process can be a big confidence booster.

Update Your Contact Info

In the example above, John Smith might change his assigned URL to something like If thats not available, he might try JohnCSmith or JohnSmithSoftwareDev.

If your contact info is out of date, you may miss opportunities. While some recruiters and connections will use the built-in LinkedIn messaging platform, others prefer emails or phone calls. By keeping your information current, you increase the chances of getting connected.

Take The Time To Request Recommendations

It’s worth the effort to . Recommendations from people you have worked with carry a lot of weight. To a potential employer, a LinkedIn recommendation is like a reference in advance.

One way to get recommendations is to give them. When you recommend a LinkedIn member, you are attesting to their qualifications, and people love being recommended. They will most likely reciprocate if you take the time to recommend them. Another way to get recommendations is to request them from your former bosses , mentors, and/or college professors.

Don’t ask people you don’t know for LinkedIn recommendations.

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How To Make A Better Linkedin Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is nearly always the most important aspect of your professional presence online.

Through the platform, you can connect with people in your network, from co-workers to people you meet at industry conferences. Plus, it’s a way for recruiters to find you when they’re sourcing candidates. You can also expect that hiring managers may view your profile prior to interviews.

Your profile is a place for you to highlight your:

  • Employment history
  • Experience

The more robust your profile, the more likely you are to get noticed.

Your LinkedIn profile can also increase your visibility online and help you build a professional brand that showcases your background to prospective employers. Spend the time to make your LinkedIn profile as comprehensive and compelling as possible.

Here’s how to make your profile stand out from the crowd.

What Is The Linkedin Featured Section

3 Simple LinkedIn Profile Tips To Attract Recruiters

was launched in February 2020. The featured section is a new way for Linkedin members to showcase their skills, experiences, and content. If your profile is made public, Visitors of your Linkedin profile will be able to see your featured posts. This is a great way to show your expertise and build credibility.

Where is the Linkedin Featured Section?

You can find the Linkedin featured section on your profile home page. If you have not added any before, go to your profile page and click on Add Profile Section.

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Linkedin Profile Headline Example : Keyword Stuffing

Im on the fence about this but it seems to work for a number of profiles. If you search on Linkedin, youll see a couple of top searches with this similar strategy.

Keyword stuffing just means putting in as many keywords as you want to be known for, in your headline. It doesnt matter if its a coherent sentence.

This could backfire because it doesnt say much about what you can do for others. It doesnt what you help with or the problems you solve.

That said, if you want to appear in the search results, your work description is more important .

So if your purpose of keyword stuffing is to rank higher, then just know it doesnt really matter.

Descriptions Of Professional Accomplishments

Filling out your professional history is much like writing a CV and, like a CV, it is rarely good enough to simply add the company names and the dates of employment.

When writing this section, you should include both information about the positions youve held and accomplishments in these positions if theyre relevant to the types of roles youre applying for, advised Wilkinson.

He said that its important to focus more on the value that you added to the company, instead of just describing the everyday tasks of the role.

Where youre talking about specific roles where you may have held responsibilities, try to use strong verbs and action words like managed, led and grew, he said. These types of action words are much more attractive to recruiters than passive raises like responsible for, or even just duties included.

These positions dont necessarily have to be professional work experience roles, revealed Wilkinson, but may be positions in a particular society or association at university where the responsibilities held are similar to those in the role youre now applying for.

Putting industry keywords into your profile can also help you stand out, said Wilkinson, even if you dont have a great deal of experience. Itll ensure that your profile shows up in many more search results, he said.

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Formatting Your Linkedin Work History Keep It Simple

You can also see how I used very simple formatting to grab attention in the screenshot above. I just typed before the descriptions, and it stands out visually in the example above.

So you can consider doing something like this too but dont overboard. No recruiter or hiring manager likes a profile flooded with symbols, emojis and other graphics making it hard to read or focus.

So find one or two small things to do thatll stand out, but then keep it very simple and focus on writing awesome content thatll make the reader want to set up a phone interview or talk to you.

Also, copy what looks good on other profiles. Borrow ideas. If you think the best writers out there dont take ideas from others, youre wrong. So you dont need to start with a blank page for any of this. Look around at other people in your industry, take an idea here or there, make note of what looks good and what definitely does *not* look good.

Now, dont go copy one persons LinkedIn profile. Dont plagiarize. But do take inspiration.

How Does A Linkedin Profile Help You With Marketing

Adding Projects to LinkedIn

Imagine you have a new technology that you want to promote to other companies.

You cant reach out to professionals who would be interested unless you have a Linkedin profile. And even if you do have one, youll need to make sure its a good profile or theyll just ignore you.

With a good Linkedin profile, you can showcase your story, your background, your company and how youre trying to make a difference.

Members around the world will be able to discover and connect with you, if you have a clear Linkedin profile.

Also, youll need a Linkedin profile to access all the advanced

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Benefits To Having All Ticket Information In One Location


There are multiple benefits to having all of the ticketing information in one central location. One key benefit is the ability to mine the data. Export and analyze the data and turn it into meaningful information! Share the information with the end users to help them be more self-sufficient.

1. Look for trends and try to determine recurring issues. For example, one specific printer that has been repaired three times in the last five months. Or you notice several password resets on Monday mornings.

2. Have the help desk team proactively take that extra step for common process errors. For that problematic printer, figure out if its more cost-effective to replace versus continually paying repair bills.

3. Post tips/FAQs on the intranet. List the password conventions for the different systems, which will make it easier for end users when they need to change their passwords. Also, since most systems warn end users that their password is going to expire in x days, have a tip that says try not to change their password on Fridays. This should help reduce the number of end users calling on Monday that they forgot their password.

Making the end users more self-sufficient regarding basic issues not only makes them more efficient but also allows the help desk team to focus on more complex tasks. Its a win-win for both sides.

For more information on creating an efficient help desk ticket process, !

How To Notify Your Linkedin Network About Your Promotion

Got a promotion?


Now, heres how to show it on LinkedIn.

When editing your work experience, LinkedIn has the option to check if youd like to notify your network.

The answer to this question is obvious.

If youre editing something substantial , then youll want to notify your network.

Are you making some quick edits or updating your old positions with the best LinkedIn marketing best practices?

Then no, you should not notify your network.

And if youre wondering, heres what it looks like when someone decides to notify their .

Most people in your network will gain a new notification about your new position and give them the option to congratulate you.

But wait!

Before you update your work experience and notify everyone, be sure to use the best practices were about to cover below.

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Take Care Of Endorsements

Listing suitable skills on your LinkedIn profile is only part of the work. You need endorsements for the skills youve listed. Only then the recruiters and the passers-by will consider you credible against those skills.

Lets say you come across a profile of a Website Developer. You see a bunch of skills listed and noticed that 10+ people endorsed the guy for his Shopify skills. However, he has no endorsements for WordPress and Magento.

In such a case, you can safely assume that he can set up a website on Shopify, but his credibility for WordPress or Magento-based website would be doubtful.

But that doesnt mean you should go on an Endorsement Request Drive to strangers.

List the skills you have. And then ask your friends, colleagues and employers, who can vouch for those skills, to endorse you.

How To Add Projects In Linkedin: A Step

4 Tips for Setting up an Agent LinkedIn Page that Sells

Did you know that you can add projects to your LinkedIn profile? Yes, you can add a different section to your LinkedIn page that talks about your professional profile in a new way: via the projects you worked on.

And you definitely should. Lets find out why and how you can use this powerful feature to boost your professional profile and make it more attractive to potential clients and hiring managers.

In this article:

  • Your next steps
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    Show Progress Or Advancement Whenever You Can

    Employers LOVE it when you advance within a company, get promoted, etc.

    So any time you can show that, do it.

    Heres a really simple example from the first recruiting job I ever had. I started as an Executive Recruiter and then got promoted to Senior Executive Recruiter. So I made sure to show this progression on my LinkedIn:

    Note that your profile should definitely have more detail than this.

    I edited this down because its very far in the past, Im not job searching, everyone knows what the job title Executive Recruiter means, and I mostly want to show the advancement I made and the leadership I started doing here.

    But in your 2-3 most recent jobs make sure to put more detail about what your job actually involves.

    Aim for around 4 bullet points like I mentioned earlier. The #1 thing hiring managers and recruiters want to see is what youve worked on and accomplished recently.

    One more note about showing advancement and progression: This doesnt always need to be an official change in job title or salary. If you had a change in responsibilities , you can still mention it on your LinkedIn and show how you progressed .

    One Solution: Mention Them In Your About Section

    You can write about your outstanding projects and other notables in your Experience section, which is a good policy. However, I suggest making note of them in your About section.

    About is most likely the first section visitors will read. Unlike your resume, it is more personal and, in my mind, more enjoyable to read.

    Enjoyable in what way, you might wonder? In About you can: provide a creative hook in your first three lines express your passion for what you do describe the problems in your industry and how you can solve them. Its a section where you can tell your story. Read what I wrote about here.

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    How To Craft The Perfect Linkedin Profile In 202: 21 Easy Steps

    Your LinkedIn profile is a place for you to build your professional brand, showcase your achievements and skills, share content with other professionals, and connect with colleagues, business partners, and potential employers.

    People come across your profile in a variety of ways. They might be searching for employees at your company or in your industry, remember you from a conference and remind themselves about your work, or simply want to learn more about your accomplishments. No matter how or why they end up on your LinkedIn page, however, theres a shared and simple goal: Your LinkedIn profile needs to capture and keep their attention.

    So what makes a profile stand out? How do you get more recommendations? What features can help you enhance your profile? Our step-by-step guide can help you craft a perfect LinkedIn profile.

    Add Volunteer Experience And Causes You Care About

    How to add Honors and Awards to your LinkedIn Profile

    You might feel this is unnecessary, but if you care about a cause or have done work in the volunteering field this offers visitors a glimpse into your interests and passions outside of the professional setting. In some cases, leadership roles in organizations outside of work can also go a long way in helping endorse your professional capabilities. Do this to get 6x more profile views compared to those without any relevant experience.

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    Why Is It So Important To Post On Linkedin

    In the current job market, it is vital that all employees are looking for ways to future-proof their career in case of a sudden or unexpected job loss, says Career and Interview Coach at Relaunch Me, Leah Lambart.

    Building a network and brand online may facilitate career progress both internally and externally. By having a professional online profile, it may help you get noticed by the key decision-makers in your organisation, which may lead to you being promoted internally or being selected for key projects.

    Lambart adds that sharing your accomplishments online also provides the opportunity to demonstrate specific expertise or skills in a particular field or career area. By sharing your work and achievements with your audience, you stay top of mind leading to them starting to recognise you for the work you do and possibly see you as the go to person on a particular topic.

    How The Button Works:

    Over the next few months, the LinkedIn pilot program will be rolled out among Coursera students who have successfully completed a course. Adding a finished course to your profile is super simple:

  • Students will receive an email about their finished courses with a reminder to add these accomplishments to LinkedIn.
  • Open the email and click the Add to Profile button and voila youve just added your profile Course to your LinkedIn profile!
  • Even better, if you earn a Verified Certificate, your LinkedIn Profile will automatically link back to your official record on Coursera!

    An important dimension of our work at Coursera is to raise the bar for continuous learning and achievement, which opens people up to new opportunities, skills and knowledge at any stage in their careers or lives. With LinkedIn, we are now able to give students the opportunity to easily update their online professional profiles to acknowledge their Coursera accomplishments.

    Even our Co-Founder Andrew Ng has added his in Introduction to Digital Sound Design from Emory University to his profile!

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    What Makes A Good Linkedin Cover Photo

    To find the best cover photo for yourself, first start thinking about your brand. What do you want other professionals to know you as? Do you want to be known as a speaker? Are you offering services? Are you a coach?

    You only have a split second to convey what you stand for and the cover photo is a great way to do that.

    Here are a couple of great examples and why these cover photos work.

    This is a clear call-out to her audience and what she offers. There is no second-guessing what she provides and how you can reach her.

    The photo on the right where she appears on stage also showcases her authority in the field. While this is overlaid with red, its still visible that shes a speaker as well.

    On the top left, you can see her logo. An overall well-branded cover photo with a great profile picture to top it off.

    Austin Belcaks cover profile is another great example. Theres a strong call to action to sign up for his podcast and visit his website. It is important to be clear, not clever.

    Other common actions that you can place in your display banners are:

    • Encourage them to join up for your newsletter.
    • Invite visitors to visit your website.
    • Offer a digital product or service for sale.
    • Encourage them to follow you on social media.

    Have you shared stages with prominent people? Do you have a picture of yourself interacting with well-recognized industry leaders? If yes, this angle of cover photos would suit you.

    These trust signals on the cover page enhance his credibility.

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