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How To Add Accomplishments In Linkedin

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What Does Promoted Mean On Linkedin

Adding Accomplishments to your LinkedIn Profile to build a stronger brand online

Jobs that appear with a Promoted tag next to the job title on the LinkedIn job search results page are jobs that are relevant to you based on your profile. These jobs are posted directly by hiring companies on LinkedIn. Jobs with a Promoted tag are typically listed at the top of your job search results page.

Disclose That Youre Open To New Opportunities

LinkedIn lets you show whether youre open to new opportunities or not on your profile.

This helps recruiters understand whether youre open to being approached or not.

Simply hit Get Started and fill in the info.

And dont worry, people in your company WONT be able to see your status, just make sure that you have Share with recruiters only on.

Linkedin Summary And About Section Examples

Here are 13 examples of strong LinkedIn summaries that use different approaches. Take inspiration from these sample LinkedIn summaries but DO NOT copy them.

Cal, Marketing & Communications Director

Contextualizes his experience with a personal anecdote, shows off entrepreneurial spirit, and peppers dollar signs and percentages throughout.

Dina, Marketing Executive

Confident opening, context into what makes her passionate about her work, keyword dense, and uses every available character. We dont advise using this many special characters, but the content is very strong.

Daniel, Customer Experience Specialist

Contains personality and a look into his interests, but most importantly demonstrates his process and allows prospective employers to see exactly how he would approach the work.

Jessica, Software Engineer

Not everyone is a writer and not every job will care if you can craft a narrative in your summary. If youre not sure what else to do, use the summary to clearly lay out your skills, tech proficiencies, and certifications.

Alaina C., Social Media Director

Short, easy to read sentences keep this summary moving while still providing important information about who the writer is beyond just a description of their job. This is an excellent example of providing a holistic viewpoint of an individual, beyond just the hard skills.

Michelle V., Software Developer

Alison H., SEO Content Writer

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How To Add Courses On Linkedin

Your CV and cover letter arent the only places you can demonstrate your skills

Whether youre actively job seeking or not, your LinkedIn profile can be a great additional selling tool to prospective employers. As well as being able to find out more about you, its also the perfect opportunity for a recruiter to ensure that your skills and experience match up to your CV.

To make sure your social media profiles arent costing you the job, heres how to add courses to your LinkedIn profile:

Write A Comprehensive And Engaging Profile

3 Simple LinkedIn Profile Tips To Attract Recruiters ...

If you haven’t yet built a profile, here’s how to get started. It’s important to be sure that your is complete, detailed, interesting and readable. In fact, you should consider your LinkedIn profile your online resume. It should have all the same information that is on your resume and more.

You should add a photo to your LinkedIn profile. Make sure the picture represents the professional you, as opposed to the casual you. LinkedIn isn’t the place to show off your dog or significant other.

Don’t forget to make your profile public – that’s how the world can find it. Also, customizing your URL will give you a link that’s easy to share on your resume and with employer and connections. If your name is available, use it.

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Show Progress Or Advancement Whenever You Can

Employers LOVE it when you advance within a company, get promoted, etc.

So any time you can show that, do it.

Heres a really simple example from the first recruiting job I ever had. I started as an Executive Recruiter and then got promoted to Senior Executive Recruiter. So I made sure to show this progression on my LinkedIn:

Note that your profile should definitely have more detail than this.

I edited this down because its very far in the past, Im not job searching, everyone knows what the job title Executive Recruiter means, and I mostly want to show the advancement I made and the leadership I started doing here.

But in your 2-3 most recent jobs make sure to put more detail about what your job actually involves.

Aim for around 4 bullet points like I mentioned earlier. The #1 thing hiring managers and recruiters want to see is what youve worked on and accomplished recently.

One more note about showing advancement and progression: This doesnt always need to be an official change in job title or salary. If you had a change in responsibilities , you can still mention it on your LinkedIn and show how you progressed .

How To Point Your Visitors To Your Accomplishment Section

Given that your About section can draw the attention of visitors, doesnt it make sense to point your audience to Accomplishments? Unfortunately, we dont yet have the ability to post links to Accomplishments, so words will have to do.

For Projects you can write a brief statement:

If you would like to read about my outstanding projects in Landscape Architecture, scroll down to Accomplishments.

Perhaps you a book or article. Offhand I can think of three of my close connections whove written books, Jim Peacock, Brian Ahearn, and Donna Serdula. I also wrote a book, which is mentioned in my About section:

Do you know I wrote a book on how Introverts succeed in the job search? Well, you can find it in the Accomplishments section at the bottom of my profile.

Many of my clients have Patents for products that theyve created in their career. This cant go unnoticed. If youve own patents, draw your visitors attention to them:

Im proud of the patients I own in the field of medical devices. Theyre listed in my Accomplishment section below.

College students should make use of the Courses theyve taken and Test Scores theyve achieved. If you earned outstanding Honors andAwards, use About to point visitors to Accomplishments.

Other types of accomplishments not obvious unless you point your visitors toward Accomplishments include: Languages, Test Scores, and Organizations. You now have the idea of how to help your visitors find what can be a bona fide feather in your cap.

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Highlight Your Experience In The Summary

Adding Projects to LinkedIn

The Summary section of your LinkedIn profile is a great way to highlight what makes you unique and indispensable to your industry.

Don’t forget the headline, since it is right at the top of the page when someone views your profile. If applicable, it is appropriate to mention key professional certifications, bilingual skills, or key accomplishments. The more robust your profile, the more you likely you are to get notice. Select an industry, because recruiters often use that field to search.

If you’re unemployed, there are several strategies you can use to present your current employment circumstances. Carefully consider options before you decide what to include and when you should update your profile.

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Fill Out Your Profile Thoroughly

Ok, theres a reason were putting this tip at number one – it is essential that you thoroughly fill out your LinkedIn profile.


Because the most filled-out profiles on LinkedIn come up first in a recruiters search.

You may be the countrys leading professional in your field, but you might never be approached for it, only because your profile wasnt thoroughly filled out. While that is not the ONLY factor that affects your place in hiring managers search, it is perhaps the most important one.

So make sure to check out all the profile sections LinkedIn lets you include and add and fill in as many of them as you can. And no worries, we will now walk you through how exactly to do that for each essential section.

The Top 5 Insanely Dumb Mistakes Job Seekers Make On Linkedin

Learn how to use your LinkedIn profile to attract attention from employers and headhunters.

and top tips from me Australias most connected career professional on LinkedIn.

Karalyn is the Founder of InterviewIQ and chief champion for all her clients. Get personal coaching to make 2021 your most successful year yet. Check out our job search booster services here> > Give me smarter ways to find a job .

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Whats The Value Of Adding Projects To Your Profile

Projects are a great way of showcasing what you can do and to provide some real data behind your work experience. People are always saying that your LinkedIn page should talk about your results, not your jobs, and projects are the evidence you can add to show the impact you made through your work.

You can add in specific information relating to a particular project. Show off your best work in a way that definitely doesnt feel like you are boasting! LinkedIn should be more than an online resume. Making use of all the available sections helps present you professionally in a rounded way, with more detail than you can include in a cover letter or CV.

Whether you are open to work or simply building your personal brand as a leader in your field, having your projects on your public profile is a way to increase your network because it makes it easier for people to find you more on adding keywords in project descriptions later.

The Linkedin Summary Is Part Of Your First Impression

LinkedIn Changes: What Marketers Need to Know : Social ...

The LinkedIn profile summary is one of the first things people see when they visit your profile. Its part of the introductory business card at the top of your profile that also includes your name, photo, headline, most recent company, education, and contact information. This information is above the fold on both desktop and mobile, meaning its one of the first elements visible on your profile and someone doesnt have to scroll down to find it.

When most users visit your profile, theyll see the first 300 characters or so of your summary (and can then click Read More to open up the full description. However, LinkedIn Recruiter shows the entire summary by default.

Left: LinkedIn view | Right: LinkedIn Recruiter view

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Do Minors Really Matter

Most employers will tell you that your college major is more important than your minor, and many employers will stress that hands-on experience gained during college is the most critical hiring variable of all. But that doesnt mean you should ignore the potential edge a well-selected minor can give you.

Pick The Right Profile Photo

First of all, yes, its important to have one. Members with a profile photo get up to 21 times more views!

Whats the right profile photo? The key here is: Aim for professional, but friendly.

You dont want to come off as a stock photo for office person smiling, but at the same time, it shouldn’t be something super casual .

Here are some of our tips on how to get your profile picture right:

  • You dont have to be wearing your best suit, but dont just be sporting your favorite worn-out tee either. Check out what other people in your profession are wearing and go for something similar
  • Make sure you look neat and clean
  • Go for a friendly look, not too stern, not too goofy
  • A profile pic accentuates your face. So, make it a close-up, not a whole-body pic
  • Your profile pic has to be recent, dont rely on that one photo from high school, no matter how good you look in it
  • Quality is key, low resolution pics are a no-go
  • Want to stand out? You can. If you have a high-quality photo of you doing something unique, like an interesting hobby or other professional interest, go for it! It will attract positive attention, as long as its not something too strange. Remember that LinkedIn is a professional platform!

On a final note, If possible, its best to get a professional headshot taken and use that. For example:

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Include Most If Not All Of Your Licenses And Certifications

If you have certifications that are highly relevant for your role , you should include them on your LinkedIn profile.

To do this, go to your profile, hit add profile section, and pick licenses and certifications.

Pro Tip

Have a language certificate or two ? You can include them too!

Whether you use the language in your job or not, knowing foreign languages is always a plus.

How To Showcase Your Value In Your Experience Section On Linkedin

Using the LinkedIn Accomplishments Section and the Projects Subsection on your LinkedIn Profile

To determine what is relevant to showcase you need to start with understanding what your intention is with LinkedIn and who you want to attract to your profile. That can help guide you with the level of detail and the nature of that detail to include, and how you may prioritise this information.

For example, lets say you are an Operations Manager and you have had project management accountabilities in your role. And lets say youre seeking to transition to that type of role for your next career move.

I would suggest that instead of focusing so much on your operations management responsibilities, that you prioritise the projects you have managed as your contributions or achievements.

There is no law on LinkedIn or on your resume either that states you need to include every small detail of your career. So keep the idea of audience relevance in mind when you put fingers to keyboard.

As I said before, to lift your profile above the thousands of other profiles out there, you need to not just list the responsibilities you have but you need to show how you have made a contribution with these.

Now that LinkedIn does not display the summary section in full , I focus on showcasing someones contributions in the experience section. I do this because LinkedIn now displays the first 5 roles in full, before people need to click down to read more.

So here we go.

For each achievement write down your answers to these questions:

  • What steps did you take in resolving that problem?
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    An Active Linkedin Profile

    There are 20 million companies on LinkedIn, with 14 million jobs posted at any given time. This makes LinkedIn an excellent tool to help you find a graduate job, but you have to make sure you use it!

    A good way to get the attention of these companies is to actively use the website. Post updates, articles, share news, comment on other peoples content, join industry groups and give and receive recommendations frequently, said Wilkinson.

    LinkedIn is not meant to be used like a CV, updated infrequently and forgotten about it most of the time.

    Use it as a living breathing tool to continue to develop your business network, Wilkinson recommended, adding: Try to make it, if not a daily habit, then something you visit two or three times a week.

    This article was originally published in September 2020.It was last updated in June 2021

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    Linkedin Summary And About Section Examples For Students Seeking Internships

    A good LinkedIn summary is also important for students who are not yet in the workforce, still working on a college degree, or applying for internships. Here are three examples of how to work with what youve got and make a great first impression on LinkedIn.

    Daniel R., Public Policy Analysis Student

    This summary is clear and direct, easy to read, and outlines both the skills gained from university classwork and a previous internship which can help boost confidence in your abilities.

    Sarah T., Arts and Culture Management Student

    This is an excellent example of leaning on your personal character qualities and providing clear examples of how they will enhance your ability to do the job well. At the internship level, you dont have to have a ton of experience to be well-suited for the roles. Sharing about your personality and values can be equally important.

    Kelly L., Digital Arts & Sciences Student

    Another clever strategy is to expound on the unique learning opportunities youve experienced in college. Study abroad experiences, volunteer work, and personal passion projects can all be useful ways to express the value you have to offer.

    Need a little extra help to create the best LinkedIn summary for your profile? Try Jobscans figure out exactly which keywords youre missing for the job youre trying to land.

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