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How To Access Archived Gmail

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View All Your Archived Emails In The Gmail App On Iphone And Android

How to access archive in gmail

Archiving an email is always a good idea than simply deleting an email in Gmail or any other email service. Thats because when you archive an email in Gmail, it simply gets hidden from the Inbox and can be accessed anytime later. Whereas the delete option removes the certain email forever from your Gmail account.

We usually archive old emails and those that are of less or no importance. Having said that, those using Gmail on Android or iPhone often tend to accidentally archive an email through the swipe gesture. Such emails can include important messages that you cannot afford to miss.

For some reason, Gmail no more allows users to directly view archived messages, neither on desktop or mobile app. Earlier there used to be a dedicated Archive label in Gmail which is not present anymore. As a result, Gmail users cant find the list of emails they have archived over time, and cannot restore or delete them.

Though, one can look for archived emails or manually search for a specific email by exploring the All Mail label. Needless to say, that is a tedious and unintuitive way.

How To Archive Emails In Gmail

To archive an email in Gmail, you simply need to select an email and then click the Archive button.

When you select emails on the Gmail website, the Archive button appears in the menu directly above your list of emails.

In the Gmail app for iPhone, iPad, or Android, tap the Archive button in the top menu that appears. The Archive button has the same design as the button shown on the Gmail website.

Any email you archive will disappear from your main Gmail inbox, including from any of the focused categories you might have.

Youll still be able to view them under any separate folder you create using Gmail labels, however.

Delete Vs Archive Emails

To understand when should you archive vs delete emails, you should first understand the fundamental differences between them.

Yes, you can bulk delete either all or specific emails. Yes, you can bulk archive either all or specific emails.

Recommendation :As Gmail offers enough storage to keep thousands of emails, I would recommend you to delete emails only when you are sure you wont need them in future. If you are dicy, then its better to archive them.

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Retrieve Archived Emails In Gmail Webmail

To archive an email in Gmail, you can select multiple unread/read messages and send them to the Archive as shown here. However, there is no real folder named Archives in Gmail. Still, you can always create labels and send the emails to one of the labeled folders.

Once you send a number of emails to the archive area, you will get an alert in the webmail window. You can undo your action at this point if you want to.

Go to the side panel and select more to locate a folder called All Mail. Once you click it, you can see all the emails that were recently archived. As you can see, any recent email which does not have the inbox label is an archived email.

Select the multiple archived emails which you would like to see in your Gmail inbox, and click Move to Inbox as shown here. While this method will help you recover your archived emails, it is time-consuming to sort them from a maze of other emails in the inbox, sent, draft and other folders. Therefore, in the next section we will learn how you can neatly sort out all archived emails together for further activity.

Move Archived Gmails To Yourinbox

Then 10 best things about Gmail.

Now that we’ve learned how to retrieve archived emails in Gmail, it’s time put the retrieved messages back into the Gmail inbox. To do that, click the checkbox to the right of the emailto select it. Your screen should look like this:

Move to Inbox

Click the Move toInbox button above the email messages. Your email is moved from the Gmailarchives to your Gmail Inbox. You’ve just learned how to retrieve and restore archivedemails in Gmail.

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How To Retrieve Your Archived Emails On Your Mobile App

On the mobile or tablet app, locate All mail, and select the email you want to retrieve.

Step 1. In the email, click on the three dots at the top right of the message.

Step 2. In the menu, click on Move to inbox.

Step 3. Again, youll see a confirmation pop-up which gives you the opportunity to Undo the command.

How To View All Archived Emails Together In Gmail

To view all archived emails together, go to All Mail. Here, it is possible to use a search operator mentioned in a Gmail support ticket on this issue.

Type the following search operator in the All mail search box. Basically, it excludes all your messages in sent, inbox, draft, and chat.

has:nouserlabels -in:Sent -in:Chat -in:Draft -in:Inbox

As soon as you type the above search operator, all your archived emails can be viewed from the most recent date onward. Now, it is easier to select them and move all the emails to the inbox or other folders.

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How Do You Find Archived Emails In Gmail

Although you can archive emails in Gmail, theres no dedicated email archive folder in your Gmail account. This might sound confusing, but its actually not that complicated. Any emails that you archive in Gmail are automatically moved to the All Mail label. This folder contains all mail from your inbox and outbox as well all your drafts. The All Mail folder is basically an archive of your entire Gmail account.

Not happy with Gmails features? Some Gmail alternatives might offer better capabilities.

How To Find Archived Mail In Gmail

How to find Archived emails on Gmail

Archiving messages in your Gmail email client enables you to keep important business emails without them showing up in your Inbox. Once you archive an email however, it’s not very obvious where the message moves to, which can be problematic when you need to find an archived message. Google does not store archived messages in their own separate folder, but rather moves them to a label that is normally used for displaying all messages in your email account.



Locate the archived message among all the emails displayed. Google displays all the messages in the order received, and your archived message will not have the “Inbox” label applied to it.



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On The Other Hand If Youre Using The Mail App Heres What You Need To Do To Move It Back To Your Inbox:

  • On your iPhone, open the Mail app. Make sure your account is signed in.
  • Under the Mailbox section, open the All Mail folder. Here, you will find all your email messages, including the archived ones.
  • Use the search bar to find the specific archived email you wish to see.
  • To return it to your Inbox, open the email conversation.
  • Tap on the senders Profile icon located on the left of the window.
  • Tap on the More icon, represented by the three dots.
  • You can choose between returning the email back to your Inbox or to your Primary.
  • And that is it! Your archived email should already be back in your Inbox after following this simple procedure.

    Utilize The Search Bar

    You can also utilize Gmails search bar to recover archived email. You can filter out all the inbox, drafts and note emails in All Mail by entering a specific search operator. That search will then display just your archived emails instead.

    You can recover archived emails by entering this search operator in Gmails search bar: -label:inbox -label:sent -label:drafts -label:notes -in:Chats. Then press the blue search button. That will filter out sent emails, inbox emails, drafts, notes and chats as shown in the snapshot below. This leaves you with a list of archived emails that you can open or restore in your inbox.

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    How To Access Your Gmail Archive & Manage It Easily The Smart Way

    If youâre a true productivity geek , youâve probably wondered what does âarchiveâ mean in Gmail? We all know that this option removes emails from our inboxes . However, what does âarchiveâ do in Gmail, exactly?

    Well, know that weâre about to show all thereâs to know about Gmailâs archive folder, including what it does, how itâs different from deleting an email, how to access your Gmail archive, and plenty more. Without further ado, letâs jump right in!

    If you think about it for a second, when you archive some documents, you donât make them disappear forever. Instead, you store them somewhere safe, knowing that you can access those documents at some point in the future. Makes sense, right?

    Well, that same analogy applies to Gmail’s archive folder. This is a “safe space” for your files, opposite to what Gmail’s “Trash” folder represents. Let’s take a closer look.

    Whats The Difference Between Deleting And Archiving Emails

    How to Find and Retrieve Archived Emails in Gmail

    Deleting an email sends it to your Trash folder. It will remain there for 30 days. After this period of time, it will be permanently deleted and can no longer be retrieved or viewed.

    Archiving an email only removes it from your Inbox. It will remain so indefinitely, but the action can be undone at any time.

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    What Does Archive Mean In Gmail

    When you archive an email in Gmail, you donât actually delete that email message. Instead, it goes into your âAll Mailâ folder . And now, hereâs the crucial thing to keep in mind. If you get a reply to an archived message, it will automatically reappear in your inbox.

    Differently said, using Gmail’s archive feature is a highly useful option in certain situations. For example, when you don’t know whether you’ll need a specific email in the future. You don’t want it in your inbox, but you also don’t want to get rid of it. Therefore, you archive it instead â counting on Gmail to remind you if a reply appears.

    How Clean Email Archives Emails Automatically

    Email archiving is great because it allows you to clean up your inbox without deleting any email messages. Since all Gmail users get 15 GB of data per account for free, it simply doesnt make much sense to delete emails anymore. You never know when a message will be usefuleven if it seems completely useless at the moment.

    Ideally, you want to archive emails automatically, but Gmail doesnt have this feature. Thats why we recommend Clean Email, an online bulk email cleaner with intelligent filters that sift through your inbox for you, grouping emails into easy-to-manage bundles and automatically applying various actions, such as archiving emails.

    Apart from Gmail, Clean Email works with all other major email services, and all you need to do to get started with it is log in with your email address and password. To automatically archive emails using Clean Email, you simply choose to apply an action to all matching emails in the future with a single click. For example, you can automatically archive all social media notifications because you most likely dont read them anyway.

    To archive Gmail emails using Clean Email app:

  • Go to:
  • Log in to your mailbox account.
  • Select the Inbox option from the left pane and choose the group of emails you want to archive.
  • Confirm your choice by clicking the Archive button.
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    How Do You Automatically Archive Emails Youve Replied To

    Open your Gmail account and look for the gear icon in the top right corner. Click on it and choose See all settings.

    Search for Send and Archive and select Show the Send & Archive button in reply. Then, click Save changes at the bottom of the page.

    When you enable this setting, a new button will appear when you reply to your emails. When you click on this new button, it will send the reply and automatically archive the previous message for you.

    However, Gmail is not the only platform that offers this innovative feature. Some other email clients, such as Mailbird, also allow you to archive emails in one step when replying to a conversation. In addition, Mailbird is packed with other advanced features that will completely transform your email experience!

    Get the Best Email Client for Windows on Your Desktop Now

    How To Find Archived Emails In Gmail And Return Them To Your Inbox

    How to find archived emails in Gmail in iPhone | How to access archived emails in Gmail

    If youre looking to clean up your Gmail inbox, but youdont want to delete anything permanently, then choosing the archive option is your best bet. Whenever you archive an email, it is removed from your inbox folder while remaining accessible. Heres how to access any emails you have archived previously, as well as how to move such messages back to your regular inbox for fast access.

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    Some Emails Just Belong In An Archive

    Moving your emails from your Inbox to the Gmail archive is one of the best strategies for decluttering your inbox. By archiving all emails that dont need any further action, you make it easier to find emails that require a reply. Most importantly, archiving emails helps reduce your mental clutter, making your workday more enjoyable.

    Archiving emails is a better solution than deleting them if you ever need to access an old email in the future. You can compare archiving an email to completing a task you read it, respond to it, and then move it out of your way. In case you receive a reply to an archived email, it will pop up in your Inbox and remind you to take action.

    Last but not least, all businesses should consider archiving their emails for legal and practical reasons.

    How To Find Archived Emails Through The Search Bar

    The easiest and most straightforward way to find an archived email is through the search bar.

    While its not possible to simply select a category for archived emails, you can search for an archived email using its details. For example, you can search the senders name, email, company name, or even elements of the email that you remember.

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    How Long Do Archived Emails Stay In Gmail

    When you archive emails in Gmail, they are moved from your inbox to the All Mail folder. This process does not delete the email, and it will remain in the archive indefinitely until the user chooses to delete it.

    If the email is deleted, it will stay in the Trash folder for a default of 30 days before being permanently deleted. You can also manually clear the Trash folder by navigating to it and then clicking on the Empty Trash Now button at the top of the screen. However, you should be careful when doing this, as it is challenging to recover emails once theyve been deleted.

    When You Accidentally Archived In Gmail

    What exactly happens when you " Archive"  messages in Gmail ...

    With archiving, you will not be seeing the message in the Inbox folder. Your Inbox will no longer be cluttered by messages you have already read. The good thing is that though you cannot see it in the Inbox, the messages still exist. You can search it in the Gmail box.

    There are many instances when you archive an email accidentally. One is when you are trying to move messages into one folder but you accidentally archive them. The archive folder is unlike custom-made folders where there is a label that you can immediately go to when you want to retrieve email messages.

    You an intentionally archive a message though. For example, you might have received an email with important personal information. Instead of moving the message to a user-added folder, archiving it should be a more convenient and secure way to keep that message.

    Indeed, there is no ARCHIVE label in Gmail. For first-time users of the said web-based email application, it might be difficult for them to retrieve the messages they have accidentally archived. Unlike other user-added folders where you simply have to go to the right label to retrieve a message, the method for retrieving messages from the archive folder is different.

    Two options are available for users to recover archived emails in the Gmail account.

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    How To Find Archived Emails

    In Gmail, there is no folder called Archive. Instead, you can find archived emails under All Mail.

    Step 1: You can get to your archived emails by clicking All Mail in the left-hand navigation:

    Step 2: Can’t find the All Mail option? Try clicking More for all options, and you should find it there:

    Step 3: You should be able to see all your emails. Clicking All Mail will show you both archived emails and the ones in your inbox.

    P.S. This feature shows you all your emails, including the ones that are in your inbox and all other labels. If the email you archived is older than the email at the top of your inbox, you may have to browse for it. â

    How To Delete Archived Emails In Gmail

    If at any point you feel like you no longer need the emails you have archived, you can delete them easily.

    All you have to do is:

    • Find the archived email.

    Doing this will move the selected emails into the Trash folder. Just remember, after 30 days they will be gone forever without any way to get them back.

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