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How Others See Your Linkedin Activity

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Linkedin Private Mode For Growing Your Network

Viewing Recent Activity on LinkedIn

Just getting started with LinkedIn?

Then you might find private mode very useful and you should consider turning it on.

This will help you stay anonymous while youre looking around and working on optimizing your profile.

When your profile isnt fully optimized, ideally, you shouldnt be connecting with many people yet.

Its unlikely theyll connect with you if they dont know what you do, how you can help them, and so on.

So, you might want to turn on LinkedIn private mode and take a look at LinkedIn profiles that are close to what you do.

Use them as inspiration and take notes on how you can improve your LinkedIn profile.

Once you feel your profile is ready, you can turn it back on. Then, when youre ready to connect, you can mention in your connection request that you were viewing their profile and felt that you had to connect.

Not sure what to write in your connection request messages? No problem. Check out our guide on 10+ !

Once you start growing your network, you can then focus more on your outreach campaigns and advanced LinkedIn lead generation tactics.

Be sure to check out our 7 for more info on how to optimize your profile and other outreach rules you need to keep in mind.

Why You Should Update Your Linkedin Profile


  • Its Your Online Professional Identity.
  • Improves Your Personal Brand.
  • Your Profile Shows Up on Google Searches.
  • Increases Relevance to Your Prospects.
  • Helps Achieve High Rankings in Search Results.
  • Increases Visibility.
  • Camouflages Your Job Search Activities.
  • Helps You Stay Ahead of the Competition.

Why View Someones Linkedin Activity Feed

Depending on how active a person is on LinkedIn, the activity feed can provide you with a nice overview of what is going on in their world. Here are some of the things you can learn from your connections activity feed:

  • Topics of interest to them via content they share
  • Content they like that shared by other users
  • If they changed their profile photo, title, job role, etc.
  • Other LinkedIn members they are connecting with
  • Groups they join and discussions they participate in
  • Who they follow

This information can be a big help in building your personal and professional relationships. Many of my customers like to review their connections activity feed before a meeting or phone call so they can:

  • Ask them about something they read
  • Suggest books, articles, and other resources their connection may like
  • Ask them about their recent connections and refer them to similar people
  • Congratulate them on a new job. Talk to them about their new responsibilities. This can be a great way to uncover opportunities for new business.
  • Join the same or similar groups to similar connections (birds of a feather

Im sure you can think of many other ways to use this type of information to have more meaningful conversations. Certainly, more meaningful than the typical just checking in call.

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Should You Activate Private Mode On Linkedin

LinkedIn is all about networking and opening yourself for new opportunities and connections. In that regard, its better to avoid using LinkedIn Private mode too often. However, if youre someone whos concerned for their online privacy and dont want anyone to be able to track you using your LinkedIn public information, use Private mode to stay anonymous on the platform.;

Do you use Private or Public browsing mode on LinkedIn and why? Share your experience with LinkedIn in the comments section below.;

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Tip : Manage Visibility Of Your Linkedin Activity

How to Control Who Sees Your Activity Feed In LinkedIn

The Information That Is Shared With Your Network

In this tab, you can define exactly what information you want LinkedIn to share with your Network

Choose How Others See You When You View Their Profile Or Watch A Story Of Them:

Here you can choose whether you want others to know that you have viewed their profile, or change the settings so you can be in private mode

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How To View Your Connections Recent Activity On Linkedin

The activity feed is something that LinkedIn continues to update.

In the past they completely removed it.

Then, somewhere around May of 2014, they added the activity feed back, but not in the same place it was before.

When LinkedIn overhauled their look and feel, they still included the activity feed but how you get to it changed.

The activity feed is a great tool for networking and for learning about your clients and prospects. I hope your find this post useful.

Ill show you a couple of ways to view someones activity feed below, but first, lets talk about why you may want to in the first place.

Never Job Search At Work

Again, while this may seem obvious, doing or talking about your job search at work can quickly compromise your current employment.

Many employers are monitoring more than you think, including your email, your voicemail and your internet activity.

Here are a few more things to consider:

DO NOT tell anyone at workeven closer work friendsthat you are seeking employment elsewhere. They can be the first ones you tell when you submit your resignation, but until then, you dont know how far news like this might spread, so keep it to yourself.

DO NOT do anything related to your job search at work. Not even on your lunch break. Period.

DO NOT include your work contact information in your LinkedIn profile. You should make your contact information available to increase your accessibility, but it should be your personal email address and personal phone number to avoid receiving anything at work you dont want anyone to see or hear.

DO NOT make your work email address the primary address on your LinkedIn account. If you do, messages and job opportunities sent via LinkedIn will end up in your inbox at work. Choose a personal email address as your primary account email address to avoid mixing work with your job search activity.

A little extra caution and attention to detail will ensure your career success.

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How To Manage Your Linkedin Privacy Settings

Vann Vicente has been a technology writer for four years, with a focus on explainers geared towards average consumers. He also works as a digital marketer for a regional e-commerce website. He’s invested in internet culture, social media, and how people interact with the web. Read more…

LinkedIn is a great way to connect with professionals in your field, find employment opportunities, and build up your credentials. However, its privacy settings can be confusing and difficult to manage. Heres how to fix that.

Can You View Linkedin Profile Without Account Or Signing In

How to show or hide activity update on LinkedIn®

Yes, you can view, or search for any profile or users in LinkedIn without logging in or even having an account. Just head towards LinkedIn website on the browser, and scroll down. There you will see the option to Find a colleague. Here you can enter the name for the profile you wish to search.

You can even search from the member directory or browse the results as per country or region. This way you can look for LinkedIn profiles without membership. Though this option is available but has limitations. In this, you will only see just a little information for the users or profiles you are searching for. To connect with other users, or see their full profile you will need to sign up or create an account with them.

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Dont Openly Advertise Your Job Search

DO NOT post any LinkedIn status updates that would imply that you are dissatisfied with your current job and/or looking for a new job opportunity.

DO post status updates that demonstrate your expertise and;interests;and that support;your personal brand.

DO NOT include language anywhere in your profile implying that you are dissatisfied with your current job and/or looking for a new job opportunity.

DO leverage your profile as a selling document for you and your personal brand by including your;accomplishments,;skills;and more.

DO NOT post anything openly related to your job search in LinkedIn Groups, especially;. This doesnt mean you cant participate in these places. It just means you should focus your participation and contributions on building your personal brand in your area of expertise and should message people of interest directly and thus, discreetly.

DO NOT show all of your groups on your profile. When joining LinkedIn groups related to job search or any groups you dont want people from your current employer to see, go immediately to the group after joining, click on the gear wheel Settings icon and then un-check Display the group logo so that it no longer appears on your profile.

What Is Linkedin Private Mode And How To Turn It On

When you go to your LinkedIn profile and scroll down to your dashboard, you can find the list of people who clicked on your profile.

In there, youll find the analytics behind who viewed your profile.

Here, you can see who had private mode turned on or off.

If they had it on, youll see their full profile. If they had it off, people who viewed your profile will show up as just 1 LinkedIn member.

Additionally, you also get a separate notification if someone viewed your profile in the Notifications tab.

If your LinkedIn private mode is turned off, other people will also be getting notifications that you clicked on their profile.

Is that a good thing? Bad thing? Well explore below.

But for now, if youd like to turn on LinkedIn private mode, heres how you can do so:

1- Click on your LinkedIn profile picture at the top right and press Settings & Privacy.

2- Under Visibility of your profile & network, select Profile viewing options.

3- Here, you can set up your profile viewing options into 3 types:

  • Public version They see your full name, role, and can click on your profile.
  • Private profile characteristics Shows your industry, current company, or job title.
  • Private mode Doesnt show anything. Completely anonymous.
  • Anyone can use private mode, whether they have LinkedIn premium or not.

    However, those who have premium can browse profiles in private mode and still see the normal people browsing their profiles.

    If youre not sure about this feature, heres what you can do.

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    Tip : Deactivate Other People Viewing Your

    Have you seen the feature on Amazon: “Customers who bought “ab” also buy”? Basically, the exact same thing is currently happening on your profile. Hint: you don’t want that, because people will leave your profile earlier out of this reason.

    I have recorded a short video that show you exactly how to deactivate the settings tab:

    How To Job Search On Linkedin In Secret

    Simple Ways to View Your Recent Activity on LinkedIn on ...

    International Career Strategist | Linkedin Expert | Personal Brander | CV Writer | Founder of Storani Careers

    Guest post by Chris Perry at

    It would suck to lose your current job before finding a new job.

    There is a lot of great advice out there for job seekers on how to use LinkedIn to build their personal brands and find new career opportunities.

    Some of these tips include maintaining a 100% complete LinkedIn profile, building your network of connections, getting recommendations, sharing valuable and relevant content to enhance your personal brand, contributing to industry-specific and job search LinkedIn groups, following companies, applying for opportunities via LinkedIn Jobs, and more.

    However, I am often asked can my company see my job search on LinkedIn? If so, how can professionals who are currently employed can leverage LinkedIn effectively, yet discreetly, without compromising their current job security?

    The following 5 critical steps ensure your LinkedIn job search efforts are successful, yet go undetected by your current employer.

    Here’s how to look for a job on LinkedIn while still being employed.

    Whether youre already active on LinkedIn with a 100% complete profile or youre just getting started, the first thing to do is to hide your job seeking from your connections by changing your privacy settings so that your activity is not automatically broadcast to your network in the activity feed.

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    Until Now These Templates

    Thankfully, we managed to convince 10 LinkedIn expertsto reveal the exact,;personal outreach templates they use daily to generate leads and grow their brands.

    We spoke to some of the best marketers and entrepreneurs on LinkedIn and found out what they were doing differently;from everyone else.

    The rules of LinkedIn outreach have changed.;

    You can apply the winning formulas inside this eBook to build lasting relationships and close deals.;

    Always Connect With A Purpose

    If you are an eager networking beaver, then the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” LinkedIn feature is a simple feedback tool. So take a look into it to discover the reasons why people are coming to your LinkedIn profile, which could prove invaluable.

    This is just one of a number of LinkedIn features you’re probably not using, so keep your eyes peeled on MakeUseOf for more tips and tricks. We also suggest to stay-up-to-date on industry news and following these . It’s also important to learn;. Finally, make sure you .

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    Turn Off Linkedin Activity Broadcasts When You’re Job Hunting

    You don’t need to advertise the fact that you are job hunting, especially when you’re employed. When you are job searching and don’t want your employer to know that you’re updating your LinkedIn profile, it’s a good idea to turn off your activity broadcasts. Here’s how to set your account, so your updates don’t show in your feed:

    • ;Settings
    • Scroll down to the section, How others see your LinkedIn activity.
    • on Share job changes, education changes, and work anniversaries from profile.
    • Move the button from yes to no.

    Examine all the other viewing features on this page to see if you feel that any other privacy features apply.;

    How To Hide Your Activity On Linkedin

    Hide profile updates from your LinkedIn network

    LinkedIn is most favorite social media platform;among all the professionals all over the world.; Today almost all the professional whether the employer or employee use LinkedIn for finding better;opportunities and also as a medium of knowledge sharing. If you want to stay updated;with all the happenings of your field of interest, then let me tell you having a profile on LinkedIn and having a connection with people of similar interests, will definitely work for you.

    But LinkedIn works quite differently than other social media platforms. One of the important features of LinkedIn is that if you like or comment on someones post, then that activity can be seen by all your connections. In the same way, if someone else likes your post or comment on it, then all their connection can see your post. So posting something on LinkedIn has a high ability to reach many people.

    And because of this feature, many people out of your connection can get to know about you, and sometimes they also;visit your profile. By coming to your profile one can get every information of your which you have updated like your education, work experience, your connection details, and even your mail-id. On your profile, there is a section known as SHOW ACTIVITY. In this section, anyone can see all the activities of yours, like the post you have shared or the post you have liked or the comment you have done on someones post, etc. It also shows the articles if you have published any.;

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    How To Prevent Being Exposed

    If you browse a profile in the next 90 days that youve looked at while being in a private mode, they will see your past activity if they are members. So, dont browse the same profile you visited anonymously within this period. Otherwise, theres no point in using private mode.;

    If you have a basic account and you activate the private mode, you wont be able to see who has viewed your profile as well. Thats only possible if you have a premium account. But, even then, you wont be able to see the users whove chosen to stay anonymous.

    Quick Tip: How To Hide Your Activity On Linkedin

    As you know, I think LinkedIn is such an important part of any job search. Whether you are using it to research or follow companies, connect with people you know , join groups, or just keep a solid professional profile, it will be a huge asset for you. However,;youre probably not going to want all of this activity going public, especially if you are currently employed.

    Many people dont know this, but by default most of the activities you do on LinkedIn go straight into an activity feed. Things that could show up in someone elses activity feed include: updates to your profile, new companies you are following, showing connections youve recently made, and more.

    If youre in college and looking for your first job its probably not really a secret, so having any of those activities pop up in someone elses feed is probably no big deal.

    But for someone who has a job, its not ideal. Since many of us are connected to our colleagues and bosses at work through LinkedIn, these are probably not updates we want our network seeing. While profile updates, following companies, and new connections cant prove that youre looking for a job, it can definitely suggest that.;

    There is an easy fix for this

    First, go into your account settings and select Privacy & Settings

    Then, go to Turn on/off your activity broadcasts

    Youre going to want to uncheck Let people know when you change your profile, make recommendations, or follow companies.

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