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How Often To Post On Linkedin

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How Often To Post To Social Media In 2022

How Often Should I Post on LinkedIn?

The right posting frequency can help you keep your audience engaged but each platform has its own best practices.

Its the question that launched a thousand sleepless nights: How often should I post to social media?

Of course, theres much, much more to a successful social media strategy than just posting the optimal number of times: its not a magic formula, lets get that straight.

Still, theres a lot of pressure on to find that sweet spot of frequency. You dont want to overwhelm your followers or feel like youre spamming the news feed. You also dont want to be forgotten or miss opportunities for exposure.

But how much is too much? How much is too little?

Well, good news: you can stop your social posting panic spiral. Weve got all the info you need about exactly how often you should be posting to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to really optimize your reach without annoying your followers.

We dug into the research and grilled our own social media team for insights to discover the ideal number of times a day to post for each platform. Heres a quick summary of what we found, but read on for more in-depth details:

  • On, post between 3-7 timesper week.
  • On, post between 1 and 2 times a day.
  • On , post between 1 and 5 Tweets a day.
  • On LinkedIn, post between 1 and 5 times a day.

Bonus: Download our free, customizable social media calendar template to easily plan and schedule all your content in advance.

What Is The Worst Time To Post On Linkedin In 2021

The worst time to post on LinkedIn is after 5 PM, any day. For a majority of industries, posting after work hours doesnt prove to be fruitful because people dont tend to check LinkedIn after reaching their homes, as they are more inclined towards platforms like Instagram and FB for relaxation.

According to a survey, 95% of posts published after work hours have a lower engagement rate as compared to the ones posted during work hours. Also, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays are the worst times to post, until and unless youre in a weekend industry, such as food and beverage or sports.

On Mondays, people are generally catching up with the work left in the previous week, and are blending into the 9-5 routine. Similarly, when people finish with the workweek, LinkedIn activity drops too, as people arent receptive to new content.

How Often To Post On Linkedin

On LinkedIn, it is generally recommended to post at least once a day, and no more than 5x per day.

LinkedIn itself has seen brands that post once a month gain followers six times faster than those who keep a lower profile. That pattern continues with more frequent posting: companies that post weekly see twice the engagement, while bands that post daily gain even more traction.

Hootsuite tends to fall on the more-frequent end of that spectrum in fact, the social team increased their daily posting on LinkedIn in 2021: from two posts per day to three, and sometimes up to five depending on campaigns and events.

The increase in posting cadence has also meant an increase in engagement rate, says Iain Beable, social marketing strategist. This however is more reflective of the type of content we are creating. Generally, if you increase cadence, there is a good chance you may see a drop in engagement rate as there is more content. As we have seen an increase, it shows the content we are creating is more relevant to our audience and more engaging.

To make sure your posting strategy is aligned with your engagement goals, keep track of LinkedIn analytics with a social media management tool like Hootsuite.

Explore ideas for building your LinkedIn brand with .

Key LinkedIn statistics to keep in mind when posting:

Heres the full list of .

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How To Implement Your Best Linkedin Posting Times In Contentcal

Once youve discovered your optimum posting times, you can add these as Preset Times in the Setup area of ContentCal. This will make it easier to consistently publish to your social channels at times when youll get the most engagement. Heres how:

  • Head into Setup in the Publish area of ContentCal
  • Scroll down to the Preset Times area
  • Select + new preset time until all of your best publishing times have been added
  • Every time you create a new post within ContentCal, you can select the dropdown arrow beside the Publish Time field to select your Preset Times
  • Share Video And Visual Content

    How Often To Post On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ...

    Research shows that articles with images get 94% more total views. Its not just including images though, you can also add videos, slides, or podcasts to a post – or even documents, which .

    Documents can actually be turned into carousel posts on LinkedIn – if you upload a series of visuals as a document, LinkedIn will display that as a carousel which users can side-swipe through.

    When adding content, it is worth noting that LinkedIn prefers users to upload their content directly to their platform, rather than posting a link to another site that hosts it. For example, if you’re posting a video, it’s better to upload it to LinkedIn, rather than posting a YouTube link.

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    Posting More Than 1x A Day Wrecks Havoc On Engagement On Linkedin

    There are hundreds and hundreds of articles, some even as far back as 2014 yikes, thats like what, 100 years ago ? that claim to know THE magic formula for posting frequency on LinkedIn.


    There is NO magic formula.

    To figure out what your, and yours only, cadence should be we need to look past the numbers.

    Using Linkedin Pods Also Requires Timing

    Weve covered LinkedIn pods in the past, and we all know that its an effective way to generate buzz for the posts that you out.

    However, heres something that you have to understand about pods.

    They involve people, and there will be times where the members of your pod are or less active than usual.

    Heres what.

    Try to figure the time zone that most of the pod members are in. This influences what time you should post the link of the content that you want to drive engagement to.

    You cant expect your content to gain traction if its 3 a.m. for most people in the pod.

    How do you find if theyre awake?

    Two ways, you can ask them or you could simply pay attention to when people are most active.

    Heres another great thing about posting your link when theyre active, you get to see their links and help them out with their engagement as well.

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    What Is The Best Time To Post On Linkedin In 2022

    Knowing when to post on LinkedIn is essential information for any social media marketer. Keep reading to find out when is the best time to post in 2022.

    Kirsty20th October 2021

    LinkedIn has been steadily growing in popularity, especially due to some algorithm updates that have made it easier to build a strong presence on the platform. As one of the four most popular and powerful social media channels in the world, knowing when to post on LinkedIn in 2022 is essential information for any social media marketer.

    Lets get into the details

    • The following information applies to both LinkedIn company pages and LinkedIn personal profiles.

    How Often Should You Post

    Stop posting so often on LinkedIn! | How many posts to share on LinkedIn in a week

    VP, Marketing Consulting at LPL Financial

    How often should you write a blog or post on social media? This is a common question, and there are plenty of recommendations out there if you search Google for answers. Here are a few I found from credible sources:

    • Post to your Facebook Business Page 3-10 times per week
    • Tweet 5-10 times per day
    • Post 2-5 times per week on LinkedIn
    • Post a new blog article once or twice a week

    My advice?

    It really doesnt matter how often you post if your content isnt valuable.

    Your content needs to stand out in the news feed and add value in order to be noticed by your audience. Think about how you scroll through your own LinkedIn homepage. Do you stop and look at everything? Probably not. Most likely, you focus in on compelling images and relevant, interesting topics. The rest is just background noise, right?

    Background noise content is not memorable.

    The more often people stop and look at your content, the more often they perceive youre posting. In other words, you could post 20 background noise tweets a day, but if no one notices them, you wont be perceived as active on Twitter. On the other hand, imagine you tweet only once every couple of days, but youre tweeting interesting, relevant content that catches peoples eye in the news feed and gets a high volume of engagement . Thats memorable. People start to look forward to your content and they perceive you as more active.

    Perception is reality.

    Questions and Consultations

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    What Is The Overall Best Time To Post On Linkedin In 2021

    First of all, lets see the general best time to post on LinkedIn, which is based on typical work routines. Even though these posting times are generalized, they will prove to be a great start if you are new to the platform or are not much active. You can also as per these times to remain engaged with your audience.

    How Often Should You Be Posting On Linkedin

    At BAMF, I encourage everyone to be active on LinkedIn, but this doesnt mean that you should be consistently posting on the platform.

    You know that relative whos always posting stuff on Facebook?

    You dont want to be that person on the largest professional social media platform in the world.

    I find that its best to post three times a week, with an occasional post in the weekend for prospects that happen to check out their accounts.

    Why three?

    Simple really.

    Say youre running an outreach campaign thats based on LinkedIn and you send them a message on Monday, you dont want to do a follow-up until the next week because it will be too pushy.

    3 seems to be the magic number on LinkedIn. Compared to more frequent rates on other mediums such as Twitter or Facebook.

    You appear often enough to create brand recognition, but you dont oversaturate anyones headspace.

    Also, it takes about 24 hours for a post to go viral on LinkedIn, you can monitor your post and tweak it during this time while giving it enough time to blossom if it really is a share-worthy piece of content.

    If you’re running an outreach campaign, it gives you enough leeway to get prospects to see your material a couple of times before you hit them up with a follow-up message.

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    Linkedin Best Posting Times Help You Get Started

    The best times to post listed in this guide are an excellent place to start if you havent been publishing on LinkedIn and need some ideas to get you started.

    Using LinkedIn analytics and insights will help you narrow posting times to what works best for your audience and delivers the highest ROI for your company.

    Giving Kudos On Linkedin

    How Often To Post On Social Media: 2020 Success Guide

    The one other type of post that you can try on LinkedIn is Kudos. Unlike traditional post types, this is the one thing that you will have to publish organically as you cant schedule it.

    Basically, this type of post gives you the ability to give a specific shout-out to recognize someone that you have worked with for going above and beyond, innovation, and other traits.

    If you are an employer, this could be a meaningful way to recognize employees. You can also use it to thank partners or collaborators.

    Because this tags the person that you are connected to, it is a good relationship-building tool, and something fun to throw into your content mix from time to time. Like video posts, you will need to do this one manually from your LinkedIn account.

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    Native Content On Linkedin Is Rewarded

    It can be tempting to share content linking outside of LinkedIn to your audience.

    For example, you might want to link to a video on your YouTube account or share a webinar registration link.

    These 2 scenarios encourage people to leave LinkedIn and go to a new platform.

    Because LinkedIn wants its users to stay on the platform for as long as possible, the algorithm is less likely to show your post to more people if you do this.

    So what’s the solution when you have external content to share?

    Create “native” posts.

    A native post allows people to engage without leaving LinkedIn.

    Instead of linking out to another platform to show a video, embed the video you want to share on LinkedIn.

    Instead of posting the link to your upcoming webinar in the post, leave the link as a comment UNDER your post.

    The algorithm won’t penalize you for it.

    And youll get more bang for your buck!

    Growthrocks found that reach is 3x higher when leaving a link as a comment than using it in your post.

    How Often To Post On Twitter

    It is generally recommended to post 1-2 times per day, and no more than 3-5 times per day.

    Bonus: Download our free, customizable social media calendar template to easily plan and schedule all your content in advance.

    Of course, there are plenty of power users out there accounts posting 50 or 100 times a day. If youve got the time, were certainly not going to stop you.

    But to keep your brands presence active and engaged on Twitter, you really dont need to drop everything and commit to a FT gig Tweeting.

    Finding a typo in a post that’s already generated a ton of engagement too. The worst.

    For the team, thats more than enough to drive engagement and growth.

    Remember that, however frequently youre posting, the best practice is to follow the rule of thirds:

    • of tweets promote your business
    • share personal stories

    Check out our complete list of 2021

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    How Often To Post On Social Media

    During our many webinars and livestreams here at Constant Contact, we often see a trend small business owners recognize the benefit of using social media platforms for their marketing, but theyre not sure where to start or how often they should be posting.

    In fact, the most common comment we hear is Im not sure how often to post on social media, followed closely by, what should I be sharing on my business social media accounts?

    One: Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

    LinkedIn for Business. What Should I Post On My LinkedIn Business Page & How Often Should I Post?

    Can you post too infrequently?

    Well, yes.

    If your goal is to leverage LinkedIn but you only post once in a long while, dont expect results.

    If you are not able to commit to a consistent posting schedule e.g. once a week, or perhaps at minimum 2 x a month, theres really no need to post anything at all. There may be other things you can do to organically reach your people.

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    Encourage People To Engage

    The number one reason to post more content is to see more engagement, right? Thats what were all striving towards.

    However, sometimes youll have to prompt people into engaging with your post.

    Engage a few people you have relationships with in the comments of your post. Getting them to engage with your post will boost the performance of your posts to their audience. Says Steven J Wilson

    William Taylor of VelvetJobs recommends inviting your customers to join the conversation! If your selling pants, ask your customers what type of colors they prefer and make sure you take action! Shares Taylor.

    Kevin E Groh. of Cachi Life says, I think the best way to increase your engagement significantly is to make sure you are prompting your followers. Most commonly, this can be done by asking a question at the end of your post. Another great way is to post something that might be controversial. This will encourage discussion and increase the total amount of engagement amongst your followers.

    And if it is a round-up post, Rachael Bassey of Databox advises, do well to tag your contributors, any form of interaction will get your post to be seen by more people.

    Kineta Kelsall of Jellyfish Training explains, Conversation that generates discussion. For example, posts from users that share opinions relating to trending topics. Human tone of voice, not repurposing brand content/news articles.

    Use this social media dashboard to measure your post engagement rate in real-time.

    How To Post On Linkedin

    Written by Rivka Hodgkinson

    LinkedIn has added several new content options in the last year or so, and there are so many more ways to post on LinkedIn than there used to be.

    Each one has advantages in helping you reach a specific audience. Once you know how to post on LinkedIn, you can choose the options that will bring the most value to your business or career.

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    How To Know The Best Posting Frequency For Social Media

    As with all things social, finding the best frequency to post on any platform is going to require some trial and error.

    I personally have always found the topic of how many times per day should I post a little over-thought and definitely secondary to the quality of the content one is publishing, says Iian.

    Increase in key performance metrics such as clicks and high quality engagements is fundamentally due to whether a piece of content adds value to me as the reader.

    In a nutshell: The quality of content matters more than frequency. While posting more content may help to some extent, the more relevant and useful your content is to the audience, the better your social channels will perform.

    In a similar way to how organic search has pivoted from being focused on the keyword to the intent behind the keyword, the same can be said for social, adds Iian. Social algorithms are now placing emphasis on the types of content which will provide the user with value, rather than just showing the user everything that is published.

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