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How Often Does Pinterest Update Monthly Viewers

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Reduce The Number Of Repins I Have Completely Changed My Repinning Strategy To Other Boards Now

10 MILLION MONTHLY VIEWERS ON PINTEREST! How to Get More Monthly Viewers on Pinterest?

It is fine to repin other peoples pins to your boards and group boards.

Because their pins dont affect the impressions and traffic you get to your own pins. Other peoples pins essentially dont affect the visibility of your own content.

But I would reduce repinning my own pins to other boards because organic monthly views no longer include impressions from saved pins.

To me, it sounds like repinning has a lower reach on Pinterests algorithm. The reason for this is that

But I do think being active in group boards still gets your pins seen by people following those boards too.

While saved pins and repins no longer contribute to monthly views, I believe content that is redistributed in a controlled and non-spammy manner will still reach a wider audience.

You want to pin only relevant pinsto your own boards and group boards.

We Started Pinning Great Content

The first thing we need to say about growing on Pinterest is thatits all about good taste. People use Pinterest for inspiration so make sure you build your boards to inspire.

As a couple that travels for a living, we usually save images we come across on Instagram for inspiration and for future reference. We organize them in folders by country in our Saved tab on Instagram and refer to them when planning trips or photoshoots. We had a massive library of photos saved there and were honestly struggling with them a bit as Instagram is not the best place to keep such resources.

Step : Pin A Mix Of Non

There are millions of quote posts already on Pinterest, and pinning the ones that you identify with to your new quotes board will cause an uptick in your repins and your views. However, to really get my monthly views to skyrocket, I found the most success by creating my own quote posts and pinning them to my board. I discovered this after I pinned the graphics I made using Canva for both my and . The results have been astounding, see for yourself!

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How To Find The Best Keywords

I find relevant keywords right on the Pinterest search. Simply go to the Pinterest search and type in possible keywords that you might use for a blog post title. For example, on Pinterest, I typed in the keywords How to Start Blogging and the Pinterest system populated other relevant keywords that I can use right in my pin description. This method makes it easy to find other popular keywords that you can in your pin description and also use for other posts.

Another awesome place online to find good keywords to add to your Pinterest pins and boards descriptions is Google keyword planner. Simply go to a Google search and type in Google Keyword Planner. When you get to the set up make sure to click on Skip the guided set up option since you only want to use the platform for the keyword planner.

X More Businesses Used Shopping Ads In Q4 2020

Why your Pinterest monthly viewers are decreasing (and ...

Shopping ad revenue once again grew faster than our overall business and we saw a 6x increase in the number of businesses that used the shopping ads format in Q4 .

This increase corresponded with 85% more engagement across shopping surfaces on Pinterest between April and October 2020.

The shopping ad format is currently only available in 28 countries in North America and Europe. Shopping is among Pinterests strategic priorities for 2021, so expect the format to be more widely available soon.

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Optimize Your Profile For Location

For instance, if I am looking for photographers for my wedding in upstate Texas. Specifically, Tyler. A profile that includes Tyler, Texas, and portfolios of photographers will more likely show up in results for me.

If you only list out what you do in your profile but not where you do it, youre not getting in front of your target potential prospects. This will ultimately lead to lesser leads.

Be A True Content Creator And Save Fresh Pins Regularly

Apparently, too many bloggers were repinning their own exactly the same pins too many times to multiple boards.

All platforms get more complicated algorithms over time as the competition between content creators promoting on these platforms grows. So if you are still on the fence about Pinterest traffic and think you can start later, I cant recommend you highly enough to . The longer you wait, the harder it gets for a beginner.

When you just save new images directly from your web pages, and SEO descriptions . This mean, all your new pins from the same page are targeting exactly the same keywords.

So whats the new solution?

Then you can upload the new image or if you saved it on the page, you can also retrieve the image from your site . The most important part here is changing your Rich Pins title and description. Try to think of some new keywords you havent used in your SEO title for this post or page.

This way, you will overwrite the Rich Pinss title that comes from your web page. The SEO description remains the same, but you can and should also use new keywords in the pin description :

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You Are Pinning A Lot To Group Boards That Are Not Quality Ones Or Spammy Boards

However, group boards come in all shapes and sizes. Some will be great for your account and traffic, others will be just spammy and not useful.

If you pin to lots of low quality group boards, your account might start decreasing slowly.

How can you tell if a group board is good?

A good group board to pin to will be a niche one and it will contain quality pins from real bloggers, it wont be full of spammy pins.

When you open the group board and browse through the pins you will likely be able to tell if its got quality pins or if its a random unhelpful one.

Here’s My Time Hack :

How To Get Unlimited Website Traffic From Pinterest 2 Million Traffic Per Month In 2021
  • When you create your new pin designs or videos for the month, try to get as many designs done ahead of time.

  • Upload your first Fresh Pin to Tailwind and select the board you want it to go to. If you are posting it on only one board, click the clock image on the bottom left and select the day/time to publish it. If you are posting the pin on multiple boards, select all the boards, then hit “Select Interval.” Select the day/time for the first Fresh Pin to be published, then the number of days you want in between the others .

  • Repeat step 2 for your other fresh pins, being sure that you space out the first Fresh Pin. For example, if you are uploading 4 unique Fresh Pins per month, then schedule one for that week, the next for the following week, and so on.

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    Nearly Half Of Total Ad Spend Used Automatic Bidding In Q4 2020

    Pinterest rolled out automatic bidding for shopping in October 2020. By the end of the year, thats how almost 50% of ad spend on the platform was being funneled.

    Pinterest also told investors that the majority of advertisers using automatic bidding increased their budget allocations on the platform, which suggests the process is effective.

    International Revenue More Than Doubled In Q4 2020

    Alongside international user growth, Pinterest gained a significant amount of ad momentum in international marketsespecially in Western Europe, said the company in a letter to shareholders.

    In the fourth quarter of 2020, the company earned $123 million in international revenue, compared with $50 million in Q4 2019.

    And were just getting started here, reads the letter. We plan to expand our presence in existing international markets and are excited to enter new geographies in Latin America in the first half of .

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    What Metrics Should You Look At Instead

    To measure the success of your Pinterest marketing efforts, look at your website traffic and conversions in Google Analytics.

    Within , you can look at how many clicks you’re getting each month, and which pins are the most clicked pins.

    Id also look at the number of saves because more saves mean your pins are resonating with your audience. The higher number of saves a pin has, the higher chance that it gets seen by more people and generates more clicks.

    Go to:

    Acquisition > > All Traffic > > Source/ Medium to look at how many sessions are coming from Pinterest vs other sources such as google traffic, direct, other social media channels, or 3rd party websites linking to your website. You can also see different Pinterest sources that are sending you traffic

    Acquisition > > Social > > Network Referrals to see how much traffic youre getting from each social network . This will help you decide which social media platforms are worth spending more time on.

    Behavior > > Site Content > > Landing Pages to view the list of the most popular pages on your website. Add Source as the Secondary Dimension to see where the views for these top pages are coming from.

    Step : Make A Quotes Board

    Family Budget: How Often Should You Update Your Budget?

    I read and something that she shared piqued my interest she said that making a Quotes board on Pinterest would increase monthly viewers/traffic. Curious, I tried it out. I created a Quotes board and started pinning inspirational quotes that I found on my Pinterest feed and by searching. I found that this did make a difference, but then I took it one step further

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    Be Consistent And Pin 25 Pins Per Day

    My account never really recovered but then again everything Im describing seems to be basically what you could call the perfect storm.

    I have no definite way of knowing if not posting anything for about a week really did have an impact on my monthly viewers declining so drastically. Nor whether it really does take a long time to recover.

    So keep up a good, consistent schedule with lots of pins and make them fresh pins, too! The Tailwind Communities feature is very helpful for giving you a pool of contant to draw from, with the content creators being in your exact niche.

    Plus, youll benefit from them organically sharing your own pins, too! Win-win!

    If youre wondering how you can possibly create the pin graphics to keep up with such a rigorous posting schedule, I completely have your back!

    Sign up for Canva

    and then watch this tutorial to get your Canva design game up!

    I promise you, it isnt difficult or time-consuming to create dozens of pin designs that you can then reuse over and over for each pin you make. Even if you consider yourself absolutely horrible at design!

    Adopt A Pinning Strategy

    All of the above steps are pretty simple but if you dont have a plan, its alll for nothing.

    It wasnt until I bought Carlys that everything changed for me.

    Carlys strategy was like nothing I had ever come across. She broke it down in a way that I could really understand and once I implemented these strategies my monthly views skyrocketed!

    You can check out Carlys amazing Pinteresting Strategies Course here.

    And there you have it!

    Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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    Followers Quality Over Quantity

    They used the term early engagement, which is also well-known in regards to the Instagram algorithm. If your content gets good engagement soon after publication, chances are this content might get an additional boost from the platforms algorithm.

    To quote Sarah from Pinterest : Thats the testing ground and it gets your content out much faster than Pinterest could ever do before. This is your most loyal audience they love your content.

    How To Calculate Marketing Metrics

    Pinterest Pin Design: My 6 Step System How to Design a Pin on Pinterest in Minutes (2020)
    • Save rate = Saves / Impressions
    • Engagement rate = / Impressions

    Identify the highest converting pins. Notice that pins that perform well are not necessarily those that get the highest number of impressions. Another interesting point to note is that for some pins the clickthrough rate is considerably higher than the save rate and vice versa.

    Possible Explanations

    • The image catches peoples attention, but content may not correspond to their expectations. The pinner decides not to save it. Or, perhaps the pinner was just curious and never really intended to save the pin. You may want to try modifying the message on your pin, so that there is no expectation mismatch.
    • Save rate is higher than Clickthrough rate: People are less tempted to click on this content. Instead, they save it. My guess is that this is inspirational content, where people are looking for ideas and collecting them for future reference, without necessarily clicking through to your website.

    Go to your Profiles Top Pin Impressions. Do you only see other peoples pins here? Take a closer look and try to identify why they are doing so well. Is it possible to apply this to your own pinning strategy?

    Are you using the right keywords, so that your pins turn up in the desired search results?

    You can also benchmark this type of data over a much longer period of historical data. Simply select a larger date range and export the data for further analysis:

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    Sign Up For A Business Account

    Image from Brewing Writer

    A Pinterest Business account is a professional account where it represents a brand or a commercial enterprise.

    Why Do You Need A Business Account?

    A business account tells Pinterest that you are

    Only business accounts have access to analytics and this is important to keep track of your

    How To Set Up Your Business Account?

    Pinterest business account is FREE. So make sure to

    More information on claiming accounts:

    Group Boards Will Be Losing Distribution Power

    Now, 1000-4000 contributors and no pinning limits cant end up in a good way. Spam eventually takes over these boards and the board is losing the focus on one topic.

    As a consequence, even legit pinners on those boards get low engagement scores for their pins and a confusing keyword context based on all the spam saved to the board previously.

    What should you do now?

  • If you are still relatively new and dont have many big group boards on your profile, you have two options. First, forget about group boards and work on your own boards. Second, if you still want to try to reach additional audiences with group boards, you might want to create or join only small group boards, very specifically targeted to a keyword or topic.
  • If you already joined many large group boards, especially generic boards which allow people from all niches to pin, its time to evaluate how efficient these boards are for your account. Learn how I do it from this post.
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    You Targeted A Trend Which Is No Longer Popular

    Trends come and go without warning. Whether you realized it or not, it might be that your pins matched a particular trend which is no longer being searched for as much.

    Dive into your analytics to have a better look at each one of your boards, so see if certain boards are suffering from less reach than they used to.

    Maybe look at ways of creating new blog posts and pins to revamp old topics and trends.

    A quick and easy way is to go to . It will show you a simple chart for every topic you can imagine , and how that has fluctuated over time.

    Blogging Resources I Love And Recommend:

    Why your Pinterest monthly viewers are decreasing (and ...

    SiteGround I have four sites hosted through SiteGround and Ive used them for years. Theyre cheap and their customer service is AMAZING very fast, very helpful. Learn more about SiteGround HERE.

    Tailwind Ive been working with Tailwind for about five years. They are the pin scheduler of choice and it is jam-packed with great features. If you havent already, sign up for a FREE month of Tailwind HERE.

    Legal Templates You are required by law to have a certain package of legalese on your blog. You need to have copyright notices, privacy policies, and various other terms and conditions to protect yourself from being sued. The package I recommend is created by Amira Law a lawyer who specializes in all aspects of blogging and internet business legalities. Learn more about these Legal Templates HERE.

    Pinterest is definitely my jam. I can do a personalized where I go over your account with a 30-point checklist and then set up a Zoom call with you to give you TONS of suggestions. Order the Pinterest Audit HERE.

    HIRE ME I make a full-time living taking great care of my blogger peeps. Ive done Pinterest Management for the last five years for dozens of clients. I set up mailing lists, automations and build pop-ups for people. I can also build you a simple website. To learn more go HERE.

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    Create Eye Catchy Pin Graphics

    Create beautiful, eye catchy and optimized pin graphics. Read that again. Your Pin graphics should capture the attention of the reader, include a keyword and at least a CTA. A properly optimized pin graphics tells the viewer what theyre getting before clicking and why they should click. Did you do a round up of 15 Easy & Healthy Winter Soup Recipes that theyll enjoy? Tell them.

    If you struggle with this, grab these at only $10.

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