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How Much Pinterest Ads Cost

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Set Your Targeting Criteria

PINTEREST ADS TUTORIAL 2022// How To Advertise On Pinterest With Promoted Pins (Strategy & Tips)

When it comes to the actual targeting, you have several different options of how to proceed. You can focus on reconnecting with people whove already interacted with your brand, or instead seek to find new customers.

You also have the option to create Target Audiences, which work like . You can upload your entire email list , or create audiences based on recent site activity or users who interacted with a certain pin.

If you want to reach similar users to any of these audiences, you can create an actalike audience, which will show your ads to users with similar qualities.

In addition to this option, you can also use any combination of basic demographic criteria like location, language, gender, and more with interest targeting and keyword targeting.

Interest targeting will affect where your ad shows up for browsing placements when users are either browsing in certain categories or on their home feeds.

Keyword targeting will determine which searches your ads on Pinterest appear in, and this is the part of the campaign that I probably place the most importance on. Users who are searching, after all, are pretty far along in the buying cycle, and probably closer to actually purchasing.

While its easy to just go for the most obvious keywords, Ive had the best luck when I think outside the box and use a combination of broad and specific keywords.

Dont Set It And Forget It Always Be Optimizing

  • Changing Campaign Objective: Pinterest will optimize your campaign to match the campaign objective you select. If youre struggling to get views on your video ad, consider changing from brand awareness to video view. If conversions are slow to come by, but you want to increase the size of your remarketing audience, change from conversions to consideration.
  • Working Negative Keywords: if youre targeting based on search keywords, take a look at which words your ads are showing up for . Just like on , you may have to spend some time making negative keywords from search phrases that your ad is showing up too often on.
  • Re-allocating Budget to Best Performing Campaigns: when monitoring your campaign performance, make sure to take some time to move budget to the top performing campaigns. This will ensure a more favorable ROAS and overall results on your Pinterest ads.
  • Changing Creative: if youve been experiencing poor engagement on your ads, it may be time to look at changing out your creative approach. Consider ideas that will be naturally more engaging , or even try simple copy changes that will improve performance.

If youd like to hear additional ideas on optimizing your campaign, wed be happy to help. Reach out to connect with any of our digital strategists about how to improve your Pinterest ad results.

Adding Interactive Flavor To Idea Pin Ads

Netflix adds an element of interactivity to this Idea Pin ad featuring five frames to tap through. While all Idea Pins work this way, the ad gives the illusion of control by asking the viewer to tap a certain number of times to get to the type of show theyre interested in. Quick, clever and stands out.

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Bonus Format: Product Rich Pins

Rich Pins allow you to include much more detailed information than standard Pins. Anyone can use Rich Pins, but youll need to add some code to your website first.

There are three types: Product, Recipe and Article, but Im going to focus on Product Rich Pins.

Heres what a Product Rich Pin looks like. It shows price and stock availability as well as the title and description from your website. And, it even updates that information including price if your website content changes.

Wondering about the Promoted Pins in the example above? You cant pay to promote a Product Rich Pin, but your Shopping ads will show up here, too.

All it takes is adding a bit of code to your site to get your products listed here for free, with auto-updating information. Just do it.

Want to save even more time? Once you have Rich Pins set up on your website, you can schedule all your Pins, including Product ones for the Shop tab, easily with Hootsuite:

Install The Conversion Tag Onto Your Site

How Much Does Pinterest Advertising Cost?

will give you incredibly valuable information, telling you what actions users take on a site after theyve clicked on a Pinterest ad. Instead of just measuring the number of clicks, you can actually track how valuable that click was to you.

The conversion tag also lets you track activity on your site, period, so that you can set up retargeting campaigns.

Event codes are attached to the base code on pages where you want to track specific events, like conversions, add to carts, and sign-ups. You would add the checkout tag to the Thank you for your order page, which might only flag if users purchase, for example.

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Focus On Your Keywords

The more in-depth of an idea you have of your ideal customers, the more precisely you can choose your keywords, and you will know what your prospects are looking for. Accordingly, you can match their searches. Use diverse keywords, right from niche to board, so that you can cast the net to target people interested in your content.

Image Source: Elainetimms

Consider Your Target Audience

One way to target your audience when it comes to Pinterest advertising is demographics characteristics like location, gender, language, and device.

Another is to choose relevant keywords, as this will determine what searches your pin appears in. Although Pinterest allows up to 150 keywords per Promoted Pin, they recommend only using 20-30 keywords. Its also important to select a wide variety of keywords some specific, some more general to provide increased diversity and visibility.

A third method is to select different interests, which will help your Pinterest ad reach specific audiences while theyre browsing and in their home feeds. Since users see Promoted Pins based on what theyve saved, liked, or followed, they receive a highly personalized advertising experience.

Actalike Audiences

Pinterest also offers Actalike audience targeting, which is similar to Facebooks Lookalike feature and Googles Similar feature. A major difference, though, is that Actalike only requires an audience size of 100 users to create the audience, while Facebook and Google require much larger audiences. Also, with layering and variance of 1% to 10%, your Actalike audience closely resembles your pre-existing audience list, with similar engagement activity. This allows for personalized targeting of new, niche audiences.

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Faqs About Social Media Advertising Costs

If youre looking for some additional answers on how much social media advertising costs, read our FAQ:

1. What are the different bidding options for social media ads?

When you advertise on social media, you have access to several bidding options, including:

  • Cost-per-click : You pay every time someone clicks on your ad.
  • Cost-per-impressions : You pay for every 1000 ad impressions or views.

A few bidding options specific to different platforms include:

  • Cost-per-like : You pay for every Facebook like resulting from your ad.
  • Cost-per-action : You pay for every action generated from your Facebook ad.
  • Cost-per-view : You pay for every view on your YouTube ad.


  • Cost-per-send : You pay for every LinkedIn Sponsored mail sent.
  • Cost-per-open : You pay for every LinkedIn Sponsored mail opened.
  • Cost-per-engagement : You pay for every Twitter ad
  • Cost-per-follow : You pay for every follower resulting from your Twitter ad.
  • Cost-per-download : You pay for every download generated from your Twitter ad.

2. What is the difference between a budget and a bid?

To understand the difference between a budget and a bid, you need to know ad hierarchy.

When you advertise online, you have your campaign, which includes a set of ad groups. Each ad group contains ads. For example, you may have a campaign for red shoes, with an ad group for red sneakers and an ad group for red heels.

Keep in mind that your company doesnt always pay your full bid amount.

4. How does social media pricing work?

Choose Your Target Audience

I spent $1,000 on Pinterest Ads for my Small Business… Was it worth it?

Targeting allows you to reach people who are searching for your content and who are ready to actively engage. Targeting is an important part of promoted ads because, without it, you’ll have less interest.

  • Keywords show your ad to someone who is searching for that kind of content. If you set specific keywords like “tropical vacation” or “apple pie recipes”, your ads will target people searching for those things.
  • Interests target people based on the types of content they regularly engage with. Your apple pie recipe ads would most likely be served to people who have an interest in baking or preparing for Thanksgiving.
  • Expanded will provide you with additional interest and keywords based on your ad’s content and who you’re trying to reach.
  • Demographics allows you to select a specific location, language, device, or gender.
  • Placements gives you the option to choose where your ad is delivered. If you don’t want your promoted Pins to show up when someone is browsing, and only appear in search results, you can specify that here.

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Promoted Pin Ad Specs

In promoted pin ads, the recommended aspect ratio is 2:3, and size is 1000 x 1500 pixels. It supports one image in PNG or JPG format, you can add up to 100 characters for the title, and 500 characters are allowed in the description.

Note that promoted pins are required to be uploaded to a public board you own. It should not contain any copyrighted, third-party content. Also, you need to have a URL specified and ensure that there is no shortened URL added in the description field.

Launch Your Campaign And Start Tracking

As soon as you fill out all the information, you will launch your campaign. From the moment you launch it, you can monitor your campaigns performance to see how your promoted pin is doing.

There are many metrics you can monitor to track ad performance. This includes impressions, repins, clickthrough rate, and total spend. Its a great way to get insight into your campaign to see if its driving the results you desire.

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Choose Your Landing Page Carefully

If youve run PPC campaigns before on any platform, you know how important the landing page is. You should be sending users directly to the content that theyre expecting to see after they click on your pindont send them to your home page, or to a random lead offer or email subscriber page.

Instead, send them directly to the pages of the products or content youre promoting. If you dont, theyll get frustrated and click away, even if they were interested in buying before. This will lower the chance of them clicking on your ads again, so you dont want to blow your opportunity.

A New Look For An Old Brand

How much does it advertise on Pinterest cost?

This kind of variation on a theme keeps your Pins fresh without the need for an entirely new ad concept. It works best for multiple pitches for a brand, product, or piece of content with an established message.

Users planning their summer travel will get hungry on the road, so McDonalds created content to show up in their summer-themed feeds. Image source: Author

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Target You Wish To Hit On By Promoting Your Brand On This Platform Which Is Further Categorized Into Three Divisions:

  • Building Brand Awareness

Minimum General Bid: $2 CPM

  • Boosting Engagement

Engagement has an inevitable role to play when it comes to sharing, repinning, or liking pins. Among all other things, you can engage people with your content, provided that it profusesavant-garde information.

Minimum General Bid: $0.10 CPE

  • Driving Web Traffic

Obviously, your brand would be more acknowledged and fetch more leads only if the number of visitors to your website increases.

Minimum General Bid: $0.10 CPC

Make The Most Out Of Your Description

Your pins image will be what catches the users eye, but the description adds a lot of context. It really explains to users what the pin is and why they should click, so it can make all the difference.

Lets look at an example. The Pinterest ad below from Society6 tells users they have TONS of throw pillows to choose from. OK. Are they great quality? Quirky styles? Essential to me having that Pinterest-worthy living room? This ad doesnt really make me want to click, even if Id searched for throw pillows.

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Promoted Pin Ad Specs:

  • Aspect ratio: 2:3 recommended, 1000 x 1500 pixels
  • Format: 1 image
  • Copy: Up to 100 characters for title and up to 500 for description.
  • Additional requirements: Must be uploaded to a public board you own, not contain third party material, have a URL specified, and not contain a shortened URL in the description field.

Choose Your Cta Wisely

How to Run Low Cost Pinterest Search Ads Even as a Beginner

No matter what youre advertising and no matter what platform youre advertising on its essential to include a call-to-action to encourage your audience to take the next step. By simply adding Sign up, Learn more, or Visit site to your Pinterest ad, you can inspire users to take action. By doing so you can increase conversions by up to 80%!

To demonstrate, heres a Promoted Pin that uses a text overlay on the image to convey a CTA:

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% Of People Use Social Media When Making A Purchasing Decision

Make their decision easy with a stellar social media presence. See how your brand can level up by requesting a no-obligation proposal today.

One of our experts will be in touch within 24 hours!

1. Minimum ad budgets for social media

With social media advertising, many networks require a minimum daily budget. This rate varies by platform, with some basing their required budget on the bid type, like impressions, clicks, likes, or views. Many, however, offer low minimum budgets.

Learn about the lowest possible ad spend across the most popular social media networks:

Social Media Platform
$1 per day for impressions$5 per day for clicks, likes, or views$40 per day for app installs or offer claims
$1 per day for impressions$5 per day for clicks, likes, or views$40 per day for app installs or offer claims
$0.10 for clicks

Average CPC for social media ads

With social media advertising, your business can use several bidding options, like cost-per-like or cost-per-view . A universal bidding option, however, is cost-per-click or CPC. Thats why many companies, when looking at the cost of social media advertising, research CPC first.

Use the table below to explore the average CPC for the social media platforms in your ad campaign:

Social Media Platform
$1.50 per click

Average CPM for social media

Get a breakdown of social media advertising costs by CPM in the table below:

Social Media Platform

Tip #: Promote Your Pins With Video & Rich Pins

Pinterest recently released promoted video pins , which are targeted at mobile users. These pins feature an animated GIF and give the user access to the full video when they are clicked on. Tip: You can add up to six additional pins below your promoted video for no additional cost. These pins display in carousel format under the video, and they can be used to promote the video content or share additional information.

Though video pins send users to externals sites such as YouTube to actually view the video, Pinterest is currently developing its own native video player, which should be released soon. This will allow users and businesses to upload videos directly to Pinterest.

Similar to and open graphs, Rich Pins are a free feature that allows users to pin more than just an image. In addition, you can add information about your blog post, product or location directly in the pin. There are five variations of rich pins. Article pins that include the author and link and headline, product pins that feature availability and pricing details, film pins that feature crew and cast details and rating, recipe pins that feature ingredients and other related information and location pins that include maps and address.

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Pay Attention To Your Targeting Options & Segment Your Audience As Needed

  • Audience Targeting: where you can create an audience based on visitors who went to your site, customer lists you upload, previous pin engagers, or actalike audiences that behave similarly to your current audience.
  • Interest Targeting: where you can search from a variety of interests, or select preloaded interests like design, DIY and crafts, education, electronics, etc.
  • Keyword Targeting: where your ad has the ability to show based on specific keywords or phrases that are searched on Pinterest. More granularly, you can do broad match , phrase match or exact match , or negative match .
  • Demographic Targeting: where you can determine specific genders, ages, locations, languages, and devices.

Ultimately, youll want to layer in targeting based on what youre advertising and who you feel like it will appeal most to. Wed recommend keeping things relatively broad to begin with, outside of perhaps segmenting your campaigns based on two audiences: prospecting vs. retargeting.

Your prospecting audience is one who is in-market for your products or services but likely hasnt interacted with your brand yet. For this audience, rely heavily on the interest, demographic, and keyword options to reach them.Your remarketing audience may be previous engagers, site visitors, or customers. This is an audience that youll want to serve different creative to . Breaking out your audiences like this will allow your Pinterest ads to have more success when theyre serving.

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