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How Much Is Whatsapp Worth

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Microsoft Windows And Mac

How WhatsApp Makes Money: The INSANE Story of WhatsApp

On May 10, 2016, the messaging service was introduced for both Microsoft Windows and macOS operating systems. Recently, WhatsApp added support for video calls and voice calls from their desktop clients. Similar to the WhatsApp Web format, the app, which will be synced with a user’s mobile device, is available for download on the website. It supports OS versions of Windows 8 and OS X 10.10 and higher.

Whatsapp Countrywise User Statistics

WhatsApp is used in over 180 countries.

Interestingly enough, the US is not among the countries with the largest population or the highest market penetration. Chinese apps are strong contenders on the Chinese market, while WhatsApp rules supreme in Africa and Latin America in terms of nationwide market penetration.

India has the most WhatsApp users 400 million.

WhatsApp is wildly popular in India. WhatsApp users by country stats show us that numbers keep growing each day, especially now that mobile networks are spreading and smartphones are becoming available to more people. Brazil also has a lot of users 120 million. For a country with more than 211 million people, this is impressive.

The countries with the highest WhatsApp market penetration are Kenya , South Africa , Nigeria , and Argentina

African and South American markets tend to see the largest percentages of the population using WhatsApp at least once a month. In Malaysia, the number stands at 92%, and in Spain and Turkey, its 88%. Several other European countries also have WhatsApp usage numbers well above 80%, while the US sits at just around 20%.

81% of women and 74% of men in Germany use WhatsApp at least once per week.

Regardless of their gender, younger generations are much more active on WhatsApp, with 95% of those in the 14 to 29 age group using it at least once per week. The number drops to 87% for those aged 30 to 49, 76% for people between 50 and 69, and just 43% for people older than 70.

Where Is Whatsapp Most Used

You may think that this messaging service is most used in the US, but its not.

While its popular in the US, its more popular abroad in the UK, Finland, and Germany where it ranks the highest in popular social media networks.

The highest number of users is found in India with over 500,000 million users.

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Whatsapp Lost Millions Of Users In 2021

Its hard to imagine WhatsApp popularity going downhill. Yet, thanks to the poorly explained update in privacy, WhatsApp lost millions of users to Telegram and Signal.

There has been no official number from WhatsApp, but looking at Signal’s and Telegrams performance at the beginning of the year, WhatsApp took quite a hit.

At the beginning of the year, 25 million people worldwide joined Telegrams user base, while 7.5 million opted for Signal.

Whatsapp Revenue And Finance Statistics

13 applications to get more out of WhatsApp that are worth it

Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion in 2014.

Instagram, Chainspace, Oculus VR, OneChatthe list of Facebook acquisitions just keeps growing. WhatsApp statistics improved after Facebook acquired it, but one of the co-founders, Brian Acton, has regretted his decision to sell the company. I sold my users privacy to a larger benefit, Acton said to Forbes. I made a choice and a compromise. And I live with that every day.

WhatsApp used to charge a $1 yearly subscription fee.

In some countries, WhatsApp used to charge $1 a year, one year after joining. In others, it used to cost $1 just to download the app. At its peak, the subscription model had 700 million users worldwide, as most people didnt mind paying a single dollar to get a great app they could use to their hearts content. However, WhatsApp personal statistics show that usage really kicked off once the subscription model was dropped in 2016.

Since WhatsApp was monetized in a very limited manner, the owners decided that it wasnt generating any kind of meaningful long-term revenue. They dropped subscriptions, and the app became free to use. So the public came rushing in, and a new influx of subscribers flooded the market. This increased market penetration once a member of a social group downloads the app and starts using it, they inevitably encourage everyone else from the group to use it.

WhatsApp was generating about $12 per user by mid-2017.

In 2009, WhatsApp got $250,000 as its first investment.

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The Overall Impact Of Covid

  • In the early days of the pandemic, WhatsApp users worldwide logged a staggering 15 billion minutes of WhatsApp calls each day.
  • In June last year, WhatsApp said that its users spent 2 billion minutes on WhatsApp calls each day.
  • On average, Before the COVID-19 pandemic, users spent an approximated 195 minutes on the application every week.

Why Whatsapp Cant Make Money

A few social media specialists have pointed out that Facebook is a social networking website. So, it has more power to generate revenue than WhatsApp because WhatsApp is just a mobile app. So, this makes it very difficult to display ads. However, the real situation is different.

In fact, WhatsApp potentially has the ability to make money more than Facebook because users spend more time on WhatsApp than Facebook or any other social network. A Facebook users average time on Facebook is 16 minutes per day. But the average spending time for a WhatsApp user is much more than Facebook.

Displaying ads on mobile devices is very difficult. 67% of Facebooks revenue comes from the desktop or other big screen users. The remaining revenue comes from mobile, but 70% of Facebook users use their mobiles to open Facebook this just isnt representative.

So, you cant argue that WhatsApp is just a mobile app because many users are using WhatsApp on desktops and other big screens like tablets, large-screen smartphones, etc. So, big revenue is possible, just like Facebook.

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How To Get Started With Whatsapp Business

Leverage the potential of WhatsApp Business and upgrade your customer communication with the world’s most popular messaging app. A spot in your customers contact list automatically brings you closer to them, boosts your customer satisfaction and allows you to provide a smooth support experience.

The WhatsApp Business API is a powerful, GDPR-compliant solution that works for businesses of all sizes and industries. With Userlike, you can get access to the API for just $90 per month without any onboarding fees or additional costs per message. Signing up is simple so you can be up and running in 10 minutes.

Still, WhatsApp is not the only relevant messaging app. Thats why Userlike also provides access to more popular channels, such as website chat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Threema and SMS. All channels are combined in one business software, so you only need one platform for all your customer messaging activities.

Just reach out to us if youre interested . We look forward to hearing from you and guiding you as you get started with the WhatsApp Business API!

Tamina is a Marketing Manager at Userlike, passionate about personal growth and consumer behavior. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling to sunnier places, long hikes and yoga.

Whatsapp Business Api Pricing

GB WhatsApp: Is it worth the risk? Pros & Cons of WhatsApp clon App.

The WhatsApp API is an advanced solution that comes with a paid model. That said, there are many providers that enable affordable and simple access to the WhatsApp API for every business.

These are the most common costs you should keep an eye on when deciding on a WhatsApp API solution provider:

Monthly costs

While you can download and install the business app yourself, youll need to work with an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider if you want access to the API.

The costs can vary considerably depending on the provider, so it’s worth spending some time comparing. To give you a benchmark example, MessengerPeople starts at $499 per month. Userlike , meanwhile, offers the WhatsApp channel for just $90 per month starting from the Team plan.

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How Do Online Businesses Work

If WhatsApp is the most used app in the world, why is it still making huge losses? Why is its revenue so low? Can we then conclude that the app business is not as profitable as it should be?

Many economists and analysts all say the same thing: the app business has enormous potential, and its the next big thing. Is this even true? If the worlds biggest app is not getting enough profit, what about the smaller, lesser-known apps?

There are so many apps available right now, and you probably think theyre all going to go down in flames. Wrong. Technology-based businesses are the future. Sure, some have failed, but thats only because technology advances so quickly these days.

In the future, its safe to predict that the tech industry will have the most excellent profit range of any other industry. Currently, there are many apps making millions in net profits. So how do they do this despite most of these apps being free?

Like Google, Facebook is also making money from displaying ads. Every time a user clicks on an ad, Facebook gets the money. So if youre wondering how a free site or service manages to stay online, its usually through advertising.

Some apps straight-up ask you for payment if you want to use them. This may be in the form of yearly subscriptions or one-time fees. The best example of this is Microsoft Windows. You pay for the OS, and youre free to use it as long as you wish.

Then Why Isnt Whatsapp Making A Good Revenue While Some Apps Are Getting A Huge Net Profit

Whatsapp CEO, Jan Koum, told in one of his interviews that Whatsapp will concentrate only on expanding that is, they are concentrating only on increasing the user base and its current goal is not to make money. If you are not renewing your account by paying $1, dont worry it will automatically renew for you anyway . That means WhatsApp isnt trying to get more revenue and it is only focused on expanding its user base.

So, we can say clearly that WhatsApp is NOT making money. It is in a big loss, even though its users are growing exponentially.

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Whats The Big Deal About Whatsapp

WhatsApp was founded in 2009 by two former Yahoo employees, Brian Acton and Jan Koum.

Weve got lots of WhatsApp statistics for the web, but before we get into the numbers, heres a little history.

After leaving their Yahoo positions in 2007, Acton and Koum applied for jobs at Facebook but were rejected. They wandered around the job market, trying to figure out what they wanted to do. Their inspiration came once they purchased their first iPhones. They quickly grasped the potential of Apples app store, and they developed an idea they wanted to make a messaging app that would show peoples status next to their names. WhatsApp was launched in 2009, and a new era of instant messaging began.

WhatsApp is currently the worlds most popular messaging app, with over two billion active monthly users.

The active number of monthly Whatsapp users is higher than that of Facebook Messenger , WeChat , QQ , and Telegram . However, the recent changes in WhatsApps privacy policy are expected to drive more users away from the popular app in favor of Telegram and other software. The extent of the migration is yet to be seen.

WhatsApp has more than one billion daily active users.

WhatsApp is definitely not one of those apps you install and forget. With over a billion users logging in each day, it has become an irreplaceable tool for communication.

54% of millennials and just over a third of baby boomers use WhatsApp on a daily basis.

500 million people use WhatsApp Status daily.

Who Owns Whatsapp Now And How Does It Make Money

Whatsapp Worth

WhatsApp is a free social networking app. It allows users to send text and voice messages, make video and audio calls, and share documents, images, and user locations. The mobile app is available for Androids, iPhones, and desktops. Who owns WhatsApp now? How does the app work and make money?

Recently, WhatsApp announced that it’s updating its privacy policies starting on Feb. 8. The company has received major backlash from users. Many WhatsApp users have started choosing alternative apps like Telegram and Signal.

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Whatsapp Is The Most Important App Among Brits

In 2019 and 2020, WhatsApp ranked as the most important app for Brits according to an Audience Project study.

While it did not reach the top spot in the two years prior, it sat comfortably in second place just behind its parent company, Facebook.

The same study also mentions that WhatsApp ranks first for men and women . WhatsApp is also the most important app for every age bracket except for the 15 to 25-year-old demographic where Instagram takes the top position followed by WhatsApp .

WhatsApp also finished first in Germany and Finland.

Is Whatsapp Making Money

The simple answer is, yes. WhatsApp is making money.

WhatsApp is the worlds No.1 messaging App. It has been downloaded more than 2.5+ billion times. So now you may think, it is making a huge profit. Well, no. This is the very serious question because it shows a mirror of app business. You can make an App without investment and its management cost is also very low compared to other business industries, but the situation is different. Read on and you will understand slowly.

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Whatsapp Is Prohibited Or Restricted In Six Countries

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps of the 21st century, but have you ever wondered, where is WhatsApp not popular?

The messaging app is banned in China, the United Arab Emirates, Syria, Iran, North Korea, and Cuba.

The reasons behind the ban vary between political and security concernsexcept for Cuba, whose concerns are of economic nature.

Basically, the cost of accessing the internet in Cuba is so high that it exceeds the average wage of Cuban people. So, the local government restricted its usage.

Whatsapp Has A Digital Payment Service

WhatsApp Business API New Pricing Model 2022 | 120seconds SleekFlow

In an effort to capitalize on its success in certain regions, WhatsApp launched a digital payment service. The first stop was Brazil in 2020. The feature allowed users to send money to other users for free or make purchases from small businesses.

There were plans to eventually launch the same service in India, Mexico, and Indonesia.

You can look forward to seeing this feature rolled out should the testing show positive results.

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How Does Whatsapp Make Money Whatsapps Revenue Model

WhatsApp was developed by Jan Koum and Brian Acton in early months of 2009 as a status update application . It was further updated to Whatsapp 2.0 which transformed it into an Instant Messaging Application and started the real story.

This Facebook-owned IM Application now provides service to more than 1 Billion users all over the world. But the question of how does Whatsapp make money has been in the minds of everyone ever since the beginning as WhatsApp proudly expresses its views against native advertisements and hasnt been charging its users for a long time. There surely are some big plans in the minds of developers regarding its revenue model.

Whatsapp Business Api Limits And Pricing

Now that we have answered your âis WhatsApp business freeâ question, letâs move ahead. In this case, we will look at the WhatsApp business cost for the Business API. Understanding the billing gives you an insight into the limits and pricing of the API.

When using this service, remember the following:

  • Responses to client messages within the first 24-hours are free. Once this window period passes, you pay a fixed price for every message you send.
  • To check your invoices, visit âBusiness Managerâ and check âPaymentsâ under the âSettings icon.â
  • The cost of each message is dependent on the number of notifications it receives. WhatsApp considers market operations by viewing the country code of each recipient rather than the sender.
  • Country
  • Fees are likely to vary depending on location. Hereâs an example in the table below:
  • So what are the limits?

    Basically, limits are determined by how many clients you can send messages every day. This is regardless of the conversation channel, existing or new.

    The limits on the Business API are placed in a tier system. When you register your WhatsApp business number, you are on Tier 1. This places you at one thousand unique customers every 24-hours. Tier 2 gets you to ten thousand customers and Tier 3 gets you a hundred thousand customers every 24-hours.

  • Above-average quality ratings.
  • The number of users that receive your messages in a week is high.
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    The Web Version Of Whatsapp Now Has A Drawing Feature

    Internet users who prefer using the web version of WhatsApp can now use its Drawing Feature. This will allow users to edit their photos before sending them to others. You can even add stickers, text, and drawings whereas before, youd have to use a mobile device to do these things.

    This is a good move since not a lot of people have access to third-party photo editing tools.

    Will Whatsapp Ever Be Profitable

    Whatsapp may be worth more

    The task of monetising a messaging app is harder than most other tech ventures. However, similar apps, such as Chinas WeChat and Japans Line prove that it is possible.

    WeChat has been very successful. The popular service has added many new features, such as mobile games and price comparisons, which they use to make money.

    However, WeChats biggest earner is its mobile payment system. This allows users to transfer money between each other and pay for goods. They now process more than $500 billion in payments each year, with a small charge applied when users remove money from their WeChat wallet.

    However, WhatsApp are trying a different method. Instead, they plan to let companies contact users through the app. This would allow for real-time updates on things such as deliveries, delays or cancellations.

    WhatsApp will need to expand its money-making operations if it is to generate a decent return on the purchase price. However, as the worlds second biggest social network, WhatsApp has the user base to become profitable.

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